The First Years Disney Pixar Cars Rev and Go Potty System

The First Years Disney Pixar Cars Rev and Go Potty System

Disney/Pixar cars rev and go potty system makes toilet training easier and less intimidating for your toddler. The fun cars design and sounds encourage your toddler to use the potty as his or her first toilet. This product also becomes a trainer seat for your toilet, and the sturdy base converts to a handy step stool. The detachable potty seat has a soft cushion for your child’s comfort, and detaches to fit the family toilet.

Main features

  • Disney cars design and fun sounds encourage your toddler and make toilet training less intimidating
  • Detachable seat, with soft cushion, fits family toilet
  • Sturdy base converts to a handy step stool
  • Lift out pot for easy emptying and cleaning
  • Optional deflector built into reversible seat cushion

Verified reviews


My kid disarm it

It is a good price, nice colors, and my kid love it because it has mickey mouse in the drawings. But it tooh him 1 minute to put all the parts of the potty all over the room. The potty cannot be in one piece for a day, to easy for the kids to disarm it.

Berta Belzoni, MS

found one she will use

Our 20 month old granddaughter did not like any of the many potty’s we bought, she loves this one and potty training is now underway.

Dorthy Velpen, IN

Cute potty, horrible design

I have a 3 year old girl who loves Minnie and Pink. She loves this potty but I hate it. Everytime she pees on it, it leaks. So not only do I have to dump the potty and clean it up, I have to clean the floor. So disappointing. She loves the noise it makes when you potty. It had great potential. The fact that it turns into a stool is nice but It’s basically a $20 stool…

Brooke Greenwood, FL

Great Potty

I ordered this for my daughter because she is starting to want to sit on the big potty. I think it is great. I looked around for many potties and this is the one that we chose because it looks the most like a big potty and because of the soft seat. The potty is very cute and my daughter loves it. It is a little on the small size but that is not a problem at all, she fits perfectly on it. I also really like the magic sound it makes when you push the flush lever. My daughter likes to hear the sound. It comes apart really easily to dump out the contents. I also really like the fact that you can use it as a step stool when the seat is down. I have owned several other potties for my older daughter and this is by far the best one yet. All of the other potties are hard plastic and not very cute but this one has it all. I would definitely recommend it.

Lucinda Seiling, OK

Not worth the money!

We have this in the girly edition. I hate it. The padded ring has issues and flops around making it a total LEAKER! And if sat on for too long the darn thing comes off on your childs bottom (it gets stuck to the child). Again making a huge mess. The lid falls off constantly. Its rather short in stature and not made for taller toddlers learning to use the potty. We found the Fisher Price $12 potty to be a HUGE hit and so much easier to use!!

Sally Riddlesburg, PA

It could be a lot better.

To tell the truth, I thought the “gear shift” on the side that makes sound would be a great incentive for my son to use the potty. When you would go he could “flush” his potty and make car sounds. That never happened, it became a toy long before he decided to go potty. It would leak. No matter what we did, have him sit, stand, whatever it would get under the gray seat, go along the top of the bowl insert, and ultimately end up pooling over floor. The lid broke off so we ended up putting the lid under the potty to catch any urine that would leak under so I could wash that instead of the whole bathroom floor all day long. It also made it taller so it was easier for my son to sit down on it. As a step stool both my son and daughter use it all the time to get to the sink and wash their hands. It did fit great into the adult toilet. It locked in tight so that I didn’t have to worry about it coming out when my son got off of the big potty. I gave it a two star because of the leaking problem.I went and got the munchkin arm and hammer potty for my little girl, though she hasn’t gone potty in it yet, just looking at the design I now wish I had gotten that instead when my son was training. I would have saved some money on both another potty and all of the cleaner I had to use from cleaning up leaks.

Imogene Hopewell, NJ

Needs a splash guards

Cute potty but obviously designed by a someone who didn’t have a boy who was learning to sit and use the potty. I have boy and girl twins so I am starting out with both as sitters rather than trying to explain to 2 year olds their differences but nine times out of ten my son misses. I purchased the Minnie potty weeks before at Target for my daughter so we had to have Mickey for obvious reasons. I wish I would have done a better job at shopping the pros and cons before buying hers because now I made the commitment and suffering the consequences.

Freda Ruckersville, VA


So adorable! My granddaughter has the princess one at her house, but I wanted something more universal in case there are some grandsons in the future. She loves anything Disney, so this is a hit. It empties easily, too.

Chelsey Palenville, NY

Urine on the floor

I think this potty is so very cute. My daughter was so excited to get home and start using it. I noticed when she goes a lot that there is urine on the floor. I am not sure if it is leaking through the top rim or where but everytime she uses it I have to mop the floor again. The sad thing is that is the only one she likes so I am afraid to get another one as she LOVES princesses. Very disappointed.

Janelle Stoutland, MO

Worst potty EVER

I bought this potty for my son to use and it is the worst thing ever purchased! It leaks without fail every time he uses it and the “cup” isn’t nearly high enough to contain everything. I am buying a new potty and chucking this one, it isn’t worth giving the problem to anyone else!

Cherry Rocky Ridge, MD

good product

soft seated, baby loves it…no issue so far but time will tell. Hope my 9 months baby will use it, so far not by much

Holly Canton Center, CT

Not great–too easy to pull up insert with lid, leaving your child unable to use it

Received the Toy Story version of this trainer from the in-laws and although my daughter likes pushing the lever to "Flush" it, the rest of it is awful. It’s awkward for her to get the thing open if the lid is down–the ENTIRE insert comes up with the lid (and does the same to us adults). Not what you need when time and dexterity is not on your side. Also, the need to lift the rubber rim to get to the receptacle below leaves a lot to be desired also. Not easy to pour the expelled waste from the receptacle into a toilet without adding more liquid–which is a challenge when the two year old declares "I help!" And proceeds to stick her hands in her own urine. Also, the lever is a major distraction as to what a toilet is all about–true, you want it to be fun, but a reward of stickers or an M&M is better than your child jumping up in mid-session just to hear clapping… Get something more simple and with less pieces. It’s not even sturdy enough as a step stool when your child is over 25 pounds (ours is 30lbs.). Get something cheaper before investing in this gimmicky Disney product.

Marylou Ebony, VA

Good potty training set

I bought it for $17 here at amazon. This was the most cheaper potty training set when I bought it. The product is nice and my son really likes it. It’s sturdy and very cute too. You will not get wrong on buying it I will definitely recommend it to a friend.

Claudine Lake George, CO

Three Stars

The sounds scared my toddler away from ever using it.

Amie Atalissa, IA

might as well teach them to pee on the floor

anyone who rated this potty higher than a one star rating either has a miniature child or is rating it on look alone. this potty functions horribly. The hold that collects the urine is too small and shaped incorrectly. My son is as wide as the entire seat, but has to sit further back than his knees can bend in order to be over the hole. As a result if he independently urinates (and we’d all agree this is the goal of potty training) 100% winds up on the floor. If you are there and can position him, at least 50% will wind up on the floor. There are several factors that contribute to that including an entirely ineffective guard and the overall construction. Most of the urine will wind up going though the many cracks no matter how carefully you aim for your son. The cushion ring also doesn’t attach-it just hovers. so if your son tries to reposition himself, this will move with him rendering the hole even smaller. If you decide to try to teach your son to stand, the urine will hit the back and then run through another crack to (you guessed it) the floor. My son is in love with his “ka’chow” potty-we bought another chair, but he won’t use it. He is basically trained at this point-which means we should have bought stock in paper towels. I am currently looking for another red potty and some cars stickers. I am hoping I can sway him with Mater. wish me luck-buy a different potty.

Ollie Altamont, KS

Stopped playing music after 2 days

We bought this chair at a local store and the handle which plays music, when pulled, stop playing music within two days of purchase. We changed the batteries that it came with to see if that made a difference. It didn’t. Going to take back to store since it hasn’t been “used”.

Michell Dunbar, NE

Bad bad bad

This seat is just awful! I wish I would have read reviews. The foam piece is flimsy and comes off easy, the beveled ‘lip’ doesn’t contain the pee and I have to hold my son’s peinis downward so it doesn’t go everywhere. And even then, I have pee all over the floor. Ugg. What a waste of $$.

Maryanne Delta City, MS


We love this potty! I bought two actually because they were so cute and also to maintain consistency for our granddaughter. Having one at her house and my house when babysitting gives her a sense of security and sameness. The potty is well-constructed, the flush noise is not that great but it doubles as a step-stool and can be used as a seat as well. I keep mine in the bathroom so when I am using the bathroom my granddaughter learns the same things with her special seat. The Cinderella design is very feminine and goes well with most colors and the design or the seat is cushy and comfy. Everything disassembles easily and nicely to wash and put back together. It was a great choice!

Isabella Eldorado Springs, CO

Why bother sitting on this potty when most of it goes on the floor?!

The one good thing about this potty is that my 19-month old will sit on it. However, he could just pee on the floor for as much as it leaks! After we empty the yellow bin together, I have to spend time to clean the rest of the parts of the toilet and the floor all around it. It’s a really cute potty chair but not functional at all.

Chris Martin City, MT

Not for Boys

Let me start with the pros:- Strudy- Seat is soft- easy to clean- great foot stool- My son loves the designWith all those pros you would think that I would give it more then 2 stars. This potty is not for boys. I know it is geared toward boys, but the splash gard doesn’t even come close to covering. When my son sits on it NOTHING Is covered. Because nothing is covered there is no point to the potty.I would not suggest anyone buy this seat.

Michell Ferndale, FL

Cute but annoying

This is one of the few items I bought because it was cute without reading reviews beforehand. Well, it IS cute….but the little foam-like rim that sits on top is annoying. It slides around and my little one is more interested in grabbing it off the potty than using the potty. It seems to be functional but it doesn’t work for us. It is also not the most comfortable training potty out there.

Pamela Cotopaxi, CO

Child falls backwards: DO NOT BUY

We just purchased this potty and our daughter was very excited about the characters on it. First she stood and the cushion stayed on her butt. And now she overturned backwards while sitting on it. She tried to lean backwards and fell with her back on the lid. She is now pointing at the potty, crying and saying "boo boo". We will certainly be returning this product.

Zelda La Crescenta, CA

LEAKS!!! But customer service will send a new gray insert…

The positive side of this potty is that my son LOVES it and will only go to the potty in his Lightening McQueen potty chair… however the negative side is that is leaks horribly. It is a terrible design, with the pee guard too low, and no prevention of pee going in between the gray cushioned insert and over the lip of the yellow bowl and straight to the floor and all over the inside of the potty!! I ended up putting a tupperware on the floor to catch some of the pee, as well as putting it on paper towels (luckily we were using it on hard wood floors and not carpet!).I called customer service at TOMY/First Year’s and complained. They gave me no hassle at all and actually had great customer service. The rep said they now have a new gray cushioned insert that has a higher pee guard and part of it goes down into the bowl to prevent the pee from going over the lip of the yellow bowl and onto the floor. It will arrive in 5-10 business days. I will repost with an update to confirm if it fixes the problem.***UPDATE*** The company did send me the modified gray insert, which has a higher urine guard than the original, and the rubber goes down a little bit into the bowl to prevent the pee from going to the floor. For the most part, this has stopped all major leaks. I still position a paper towel and a small tupperware inside of the bowl to catch some pee that gets through, but it has been minimal. My son LOVES LOVES LOVES his Lightening McQueen potty chair, and it is all he will use when he goes potty. I am happy with the purchase, and happy with the company’s response and how fast they shipped the new insert to me. I have modified my rating to 4 stars.

Dona Kennard, TX

Very happy with this potty!

After trying for many months to potty train my son using a padded seat that sits on our toilet, I finally gave in and decided to get him his own little potty. He just refused to sit on ours, maybe too big and intimidating. I had him pick out the one he wanted online, and he chose the Mickey Mouse potty. We talked over and over about how he would use it when it arrived. When we got it, he was very excited and wanted to sit on it right away. Yes, it is a bit smaller than I expected and the first time he actually went on it, it went all over the floor, but that was because he didn’t yet know how to sit forward and aim down. Once he got the hang of it, no more leaking problems! He is a big boy, almost 3 years old and tall for his age. But again, it just takes showing him how to sit properly and aim, and it is fine. He loves it and especially likes to push the arm down and hear "Hip hip hooray!". This is a nice touch. I’m glad that eventually we can use the pieces separately to transfer him onto the big toilet when he is ready, giving him the padded seat and step stool. I’m just so happy that he is finally on his way to being potty trained! He has already gone many times and seems to have the hang of it after just one day! I am thrilled!

Young Stockton, MD

Very colorful and sturdy!

This is a good height, very colorful and the addition of the hand flusher that makes a happy noise when pushed, makes it a useful and enjoyable learning tool. My great-grandson actually peed in it the first time I sat him in it (just by coincidence, I’m sure, but it was cute.) I have him sit on it while I go to help him understand the process. Very well made.

Coleen Virden, IL

Disney Princess Magical Sounds Potty System

I have to say that this thing does work, now I wish my little one would just use it. She uses it a few times, but now has gone to just using the big toilet and it might be that she doesn’t think it’s a “real” toilet. When she flushed it, she asked me why doesn’t it sound like the big toilet . . . oh well, it’s a good product, easy to clean, and “cute” as my daughter would say. I would have returned it since she isn’t using it that much, but c’mon, returning it would be a little gross, lol.

Lacey Taylor, LA