The First Years Disney Pooh Peek & Teethe Crinkle Book

The First Years Disney Pooh Peek & Teethe Crinkle Book

Learning Curve Disney children Peek & Crinkle Book Learning Curve Disney children Peek & Crinkle Book is perfect for curious tots. This soft quilted book can be easily attached to the crib or stroller. In fact, it has a soft and hard multi textured surface. So, while it’s easy to grasp this soft book in little fingers, it also makes a good teether. This vibrant colored children book introduces the children to characters like Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet, Tiger, and Eeyore. Why You’ll Love It: This book enables developmental learning through parent child interaction. Age: Newborn and up Features Has soft and hard multi textured surface Easy machine wash PVC free Phthalate free Polyvinyl chloride free Easy to clasp on crib

Main features

  • Macine Washable
  • PVC and Polyvinyl chloride and Phthalates free
  • Easily fastened to easily to a crib or stroller
  • Birth + Up

Verified reviews


Love this mini-book!

My 4 month old son loves all of his soft, crinkle books and mommy likes that this one can attach different places so that it does not fall to the ground. Adorable Pooh images and peek-a-boo windows. It is small, not much of a “book” really, but a young baby can manipulate it easily and that’s all that matters.

Lacey Alba, MI

Great for Teethers!

This is a great gift for new or expecting parents. Babies are going to chew and scrunch the pages of any book. Getting the hard cardboard like books is just a waste for really young children who are more interested in chewing than reading. If your really want to get a book for an infant then I would recommend this. The teething pieces are great for little mouths and kids will love the sound the pages make.

Hallie Cygnet, OH

Disney Crinkle Book

We have two of these. One for the car and the other is in the house. He loves this toy. Everyone should buy this if you have a baby.

Mabel Montezuma, IN

Babies LOVE this book!

We actually got this crinkle book as a gift from a Disney set (from Sam’s Club, I think) and our son LOVED it as a baby. It was one of two toys we always gave him when he was in the car seat. When he was really young (3-6 months or so) we would hang it from the car seat handle, and now that he’s older (6-13 months), we just hand it to him. We just love hearing the “crinkle crinkle” from the back seat when we’re out and about. He plays with it and chews on it and it still looks almost brand new. I agree with another reviewer that it’s more of a toy than a book, but I still can’t wait for him to be able to read it! I highly recommend this book.

Shawna Cecil, AR

Baby Loves It

It’s a simple, inexpensive teething crinkle book but my son loves it! It has colorful bright Pooh illustrations and a couple hidden surprises. Great for chewing on too so it’s perfect for the teething crowd.

Toni Mustang, OK

Could have done without it, but is very cute!

My grandaughter has two of these type of books and really doesn’t use them. This one is very cute, crinkles nicely and is a good size for baby hands and mouth! However they are not her favorite toy.

Harriet Solon Springs, WI

This is my baby’s favorite book!!

I am so glad I purchased this little book because my baby plays with it every single day. She is 6 months old and I bought this for her about a month ago. She loves touching it, flipping the soft pages and loves hearing the crinkly noise it makes. This is her favorite toy.

Margarita Plevna, MO