The First Years Disney Take & Toss Sippy, 10 Ounce, 3 Pack Princess

The First Years Disney Take & Toss Sippy, 10 Ounce, 3 Pack Princess

First Years Y9014 10 Oz Assorted Disney Princesses Sippy Cup. Dishwasher safe. Includes 3 cups and 3 lids. 10 oz. Assorted designs. Made in China.

Main features

  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes 3 cups and 3 lids
  • Assorted designs

Verified reviews


Not so great

The price for the Princess Take & Toss Sippy Cups when down to a couple bucks so I purchased a pack. I was excited to see that it comes with a snap on “travel cover” that covers the mouth piece of the top and helps avoid spills. But I was disappointed that when my daughter was trying to drink from them it seemed like she was having a difficult time getting the liquid out. I tried it and you have to suck really hard to get any out. I really prefer the Gerber Sippy Cups – those seem to be the best. But for Take & Toss these were alright.

Amie Crooked Creek, AK

We love Buzz and Woody, this was a no brainer

All of our kids love the Toy Story movies and we love these cups, so it was pretty clear to purchase these! They are fantastic. They don’t leak, easy to clean, and no extra pieces to mess with. Just the cup and lid. Super easy, love them!

Jerri Klamath Falls, OR

Works pretty good for us!

As all us parents know, sippy cups are a very personal purchase. Each kid seems to have his or her favorite brand / style. My guy always liked Nuby, but he does fine with these as well, for the most part.Pros:-Easy to clean (machine washable)-Spills kept to a minimum-Lightweight-$5 for 4 – nice price!-My just-turned-3 year old likes these cups a lot-Withstands gnawing pretty well (much better than soft spout sippies)-Fits well in standard cup holders-Cute designsCons:-Top does not screw on, just presses on – so my guy can get the top off and then the liquid spills everywhere-Top can also pop off if thrown in a bag, so just be careful

Berta Hereford, TX

Good cups

Decent designs that stay on through many dishwasher cycles. Lids stay on when dropped. Our family and our couches thank you!

Latanya Langley, KY

works for my picky baby!

i have bought so many different sippy cups looking for the “magical” one i can use to replace my daughters bottles. and these seem to be her favorite! like others have said, they will leak when on the side or upside down. but i think for the price, its a small issue. we’ve lost a few here and there, but since they are so cheap i really dont mind. she learned how to use these in about a day and she is 11 months old.

Tammi Chatham, IL

Great Cup for Some, Not So Much for Others

My kids are 2.5 years and 1.25 years respectively, and both enjoy using these Take and Toss cups. The lids stay on tightly and the liquid inside is easy enough for kids to drink out of. There are no valves to clean, the cup itself is easy to clean, and the optional caps are great for capping the cup while in a bag. This cup, however is not completely leak proof when on its side, and if you have kids who shake the cup while it’s upside down, you will have drops of liquid coming out of the cup. Thankfully for us, our kids keep the cups upright and are beyond the cup gnawing phase; these cups are perfect for our family. Having Mickey Mouse and friends on the cup is an added bonus; our kids will drink anything out of these cups as long as Mickey Mouse in on it! ^_^That said, this cup is probably not the best for beginning cup users or kids who still like to throw cups around, but are great for those who are just trying to learn how to walk around with a drink, or who are transitioning from a sippy cup to a conventional cup.

Beverly Cannelton, IN

Cute cups

Have held up great in the dishwasher and images have not worn off like other brands. Will buy them again if I need more.

Merle Belk, AL

Save the lids!

These are great. Cost efficient, last a long time, don’t leak, etc. The only thing is that the liquid ports on the lids can get “closed” if your child bites them. If they say that no liquid is coming out, DON’T THROW THE LIDS OUT!!To allow liquid to come back out of the lids, it is very easy to just poke the holes with something moderately sharp and narrow, like a kebab stick, or tooth pick, and then the lids are good again – allowing once again for liquid to come out. The plastic material of the lid is very soft, which means they can be bit closed too easily, but the advantage of the soft material is that you can poke through it very easily to reopen and save the lids.I wish you could buy the lids separately because the cup last forever, but the lids become clogged can be bit and easily shut, so don’t throw out the lids, just poke the holes back open.Compared to the Nuby cups, i think these are slightly better. The lids of the Nuby cups are harder plastic, so don’t close as easy; but those cups have slightly rounded bases so they don’t sit flat.

Jeanette Orange City, FL

Great sippy cups

Delivered as promised. Not toss away cups. Easy to wash and reuse! Still using them and condition is still good. Dish washer safe

Josie Forsyth, GA

Best Sippy cups we could find

My son is 2.5 years old and after experimenting with countless sippy cup designs, this was by far the best of them all.The lid holds very firmly, even when held upside down or even dropped countless times. We do not even use the optional cap feature shown in the picture. It doesn’t really drip, even when held upside down. Just be aware though that if it is shaken alot upside down or held upside down where the bottom has contact with a surface, a small amount may dribble out, but even this is extremely rare. This makes it an excellent cup for the transition from bottle to cup and has worked extremely well for us.It is BY FAR the easiest and quickest sippy cup to clean as it doesn’t have the straws or other contraptions to take apart. you basically just take off the lid, scrub both sides, and wash the cup as normal.The other great thing about this cup is of course the Disney cars decoration which makes my son like to use these cups even more.Overall, really well designed, yet simple sippy cup. Sometimes keeping it simple is better.

Melisa Rensselaer Falls, NY

Best cups for both, mom and baby =)

What I like:* Easy to wash/clean* Small enough to have them on the purse, on the go.(but still can hold 10oz) =)* Material and design* Even though they’re not completely spill proof, my 18m old son can handle them without making a mess.* Stackable for storage.* SON LOVES THEM (He wouldn’t drink from a sippy cup until I introduce these because liquids come out fluently)**Please consider this*** Even though the cup itself isn’t 100% spill proof, the spout does the job very well when you’re on the go. My baby always had a hard time drinking from cups with internal plastic valvs or spout, and when I tried to drink from those cups, even for me was hard. I’ll rather have some drops here and there (because this is only what you have, tiny drops) than giving my baby a hard time with those “hard to drink from” cups.

Kristie Skytop, PA

Great product!!!

My son is one year old and we are just starting to give him juice in sippy cups. We bought these for convenience and because my son absolutely LOVES Mickey Mouse!! The price was right and I got them to use during outings, and if they happened to get dirty then it would be ok to throw them away. I have used them multiple times now and they have lasted. The color is still on them after different washings.If they tip onto their side the juice doesn’t leak out and I like how they come with a covering to put on the spout. We used these to introduce our son to sippy cups and so far it has been working well!!

Bettye Quitman, TX