The First Years Disney/Pixar Slim-Line Sippy Cup Cars

The First Years Disney/Pixar Slim-Line Sippy Cup Cars

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Main features

  • Stackable cups and lids
  • Easy-to-clean One Piece Lid with no small parts to lose
  • Interchangeable lids fit all The First Years reusable cups with One Piece Lid
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA Free, Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


Mickey Mouse sippy cup

My son did not like this cup at all! I am stuck now with a cute cup he does not like…I ended up buying the Tommie tippy cups, he loved those.

Denice Dousman, WI

very cute

it does sip a little but i don’t bug me he still drinks from it . will buy more ..

Patty Wildwood, FL

decent cup

this is a fairly decent cup, it does spill a little bit but not as bad as others I have purchased.

Melody Elgin, ND

Best sippy cup

My husband and I LOVE these cups! No spills AND no extra pieces to clean, just a cup and a cover! Impressive that they don’t spill without all the little gadgets inside. Easier to clean since there’s no extra pieces that have hard to reach spots wear mold can grow! This is the third one we have purchased and they all work great. The juice comes out pretty slow but my son doesn’t care. Will be buying more soon!

Hilary East Montpelier, VT

Cute but leaks

My daughter loves it because it’s Tinkerbell, but beware it does leak! Not fun to see chocolate milk or oj flying everywhere once they figure that out!

Kaye Tilly, AR

Leaked immediately

My daughter is 8 months and is just learning to use sippy cups. This one has a hard top and you basically have to suck the liquid out, as opposed to all of the other sippy cups we have that have rubbery tops that you bite to get liquid out. Because of that, she didn’t have much luck with this.That having been said, my biggest complaint is that it leaked the very first time I used it. It’s a hard plastic lid on a hard plastic cup. There’s no rubber seal or anything between the two and water just leaks out between them. Threw it right in the trash.

Benita Ivins, UT