The First Years Double Electric Breast Pump, MI Pump

The First Years Double Electric Breast Pump, MI Pump

The First Years miPump is compact and sleek without sacrificing strength. The compact design makes it easy to bring on-the-go in a stylish tote for discrete travel. Designed to help you breastfeed longer, miPump is simple, quiet, quick, and efficient. Best of all, the comfortable, flexi-fit breast shields ensure soft, proper fit and eight suction pressure levels with LED display ensures your comfort as you pump. The miPump Double Breast Pump includes a unique handle which allows you to pump with only one hand, giving you the freedom to multi-task while pumping. The miPump is simple to assemble and to use. Electric or battery operated and uses 4AA batteries which are not included.

Main features

  • Comfortable flexi-fit breast shield ensures soft, proper fit
  • Simple to assemble and use, unique handle gives you a free hand to multi-task while pumping
  • Quiet only you will know you’re pumping
  • Efficient quick cycle time, adjustable suction levels with LED display
  • Compact so small it’s easy to bring on-the-go, stylish tote for discrete travel

Verified reviews


Great pump and great customer service everytime! Quit complaining and call for help!

Wow I can’t believe how many people just love to complain instead of using their brains to solve problems. This is a great pump! easy to handle at home or on the go. I pump 4 times and get an average of 35oz per day. In fact, i’m pumping right now while writing this. I even pumped in the car once (while my hubby did the drving and I was covered, of course). Our son drinks 6, sometimes 7 5oz bottles a day! I’ve got it for about 5 months when the tubes got moldy due to milk getting inside. I CALLED CUSTOMER SERVICE, and not only the lady offered to send me new tubes, she also offered me a new pump in fear that the milk might’ve gotten into the motor and affected its performance. I got it in 3 days, no charges, not even shipping, it was as easy as that. I see a lot of people complained about losing suction, it happened to me right out of the box, you might want to check the valves! Take the bottle off and hold the valve closed while the pump is on to see if there’s any suction! If not, always remember to CALL before writing negative reviews or it’s you who throw your money away. I love that I don’t even have to pay for any replacement parts so if your valves or tube get dirty or your shields are too small, just give them a call and a few days later your stuffs will be at your doorstep!

Kathleen Ashaway, RI

Absolutely the best pump out there!

I have been using this pump religiously for the last 7 1/2 months since I had my daughter, and it is wonderful! When I first tried pumping at the hospital with the pump they provided, it hurt so bad I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it. My friend had given me the single miPump, and I reluctantly tried it when I got home….and was shocked when I didn’t experience any pain while pumping! I was the parts by hand with theOXO Tot Bottle Brush with Nipple Cleaner, Green, and for the smaller parts I use theOXO Tot Straw and Sippy Cup Top Cleaning Set, Aqua. The straw and sippy cup cleaning set is phenomenal and lets me get in all the little cracks and crevices 🙂 I just recently noticed that there is some moisture inside the tubing, which I was really concerned about because I’ve read you cannot purchase replacement parts for the pump anywhere…which is true. The reason you cannot find them for sale is because all you have to do is call the customer service line at (800) 704-8697, speak to one of their super friendly representatives, and they will send you out a replacement part FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!! I literally just got off the phone with them, and after explaining the problem she took my info and simply said that she would mail me out the new tubing! I am shocked! I will use this pump exclusively for the rest of the time I breastfeed my daughter, as well as for our future children! Do not pass this pump up… is truly amazing!

Sybil Fairfield, WA

Waste of money. Broke after 2 month

I started using thepump in January and I used it once a day at most( not even every day). After a month one pump stop working, and month later the second bump stop working. The company gives only 90 days limited warranty and since I bought it in advance, the 90 days had already passed. I bought it because it was the cheapest one, but it definitively does not worth the money.Update:I contacted the company and they shipped me a new motor and tubes and extended my warranty until the babies first birthday. So the customer service is good after all. However, would not recommend buying it if you need to pump a lot. Buy a more expensive unit that will work longer.

Shelby Hearne, TX


I have only used this pump about 10 times but it seems to work really well and get all of my milk out.. I would trust a Medela more though, I am currectly renting a medela and just use this FirstYears pump as a back up.UPDATE: I had returned the medela pump that i was renting because it was too expensive. I started using this miPump and it worked well. On the highest setting, got enough milk out. I only used it two to three times a day.. After each pump, I would let the pump stay on and detach the tubing so that it could dry out and pump all the moisture out into the air. One side stopped working after a month, the other side stopped working after about 6 weeks. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!! I tried everything to fix it.. Cleaned it, put everything back together correctly. I highly suggest buying a Medela or a really good pump because this is only going to last you a very little while. I am a working mom and this is extremely frustrating that my breasts are engorged as I am waiting for the manufacturer to call me back and let me know if they can replace the parts..

Silvia New Carlisle, IN

Cheap pump=bad pump

I bought this because I had to go back to school after my baby was born. I found that pumping with this pump significantly reduced my milk supply. It takes a long time to get the milk I need, it has no quick cycle in the beginning to induce letdown, and I’m going back to using my manual pump which is a pain but it works much better than this pump. I’ll be saving up to buy one that actually works.

Beryl Linefork, KY

it works

the bottle size is large, so if you use any other bottles you have to transfer the milk to them. it came with two different size breast shields which isn’t bad if think you’ll need a different size. the shields are rubber so they bend easy, but they also fall off where it attaches too if you bump them the right way, I use them with a hands free bra since it’s about the only time I get to have my hands free some days.

Jerry Pocahontas, AR

For the price, not bad.

If you can get all your boob juices out without hospital-grade strength, this is a very good product for the price. However, due to the fact that the highest setting is like a low-medium on an expensive HG pump, it often left me feeling very unsatisfied, and I think I definitely could have gotten a lot more milk out of each session with a higher grade pump.

Rebecca Woodsboro, MD

It Works

For the price, the pump works. When I was at the hospital I was told by the lactation specialist that my pump ‘wasn’t a very good one’ I guess because it wasn’t like their pricey one. I tried it anyways and my milk did come in and I can pump about 4 oz per 20 minutes – the reason I’m only giving it 2 stars is because there are no replacement parts made for this pump. One of the breast shields does not fit snugly on the pump tube so I must hold it every time I pump. I called the manufacturer but they could not help me and told me I would have to buy a whole pump since they do not manufacture replacement parts. I looked on Ebay and while the same pump sells for about $20 less, no new parts were available.In short, sure you could pump faster with a pricier one but this one does get the job done for the price.

Susanna Boyceville, WI

Not bad for the price

I used this pump throughout the first year of my sons life every single day. That’s a bummer with any pump. However, some things about this pump really got under my skin. But first, the positives. The pumps strength was decent. I never used it on the highest setting and it did work. I loved the handle. I bought a Medela for my second baby and I really missed having that convenient handle so that I could pump both breasts at one time and still have a hand free. The cups were good quality and I liked having the measurement lines on the side. Downsides were: 1. The suction cup part came off way too easily. I would be pumping away, feel some lack of suction and see that the suction cup just fell off as I was pumping. Then I would have to try and hold the suction cup onto the rest of it instead of holding onto the handle and would need two hands just to hold the darn thing together and finish pumping. 2. It was difficult to clean. After a while, I could see a milk build up in the impossible to reach spots, but couldn’t do anything about it. I tried soaking and buying little reacher scrubbers, but could never reach some of the spots to clean it.

Kimberly Walker, KY

Can you use any brand bottles to screw on for milk storage?

Can you use any brand bottles to screw on for milk storage? The reviews have been very helpful and I have this item on my wish list.

Gena New Century, KS

Works great

Totally perfect and gets the job done. Easy to clean too. I never ended up using both at once because I often was holding my son in the other arm but this was a perfect breast pump set!

Lenore Hawley, MN

OK for price.

I have the Medela Pump In Style and this pump. I have been breastfeeding for 5.5 months and when I realized it would be easier to leave my PIS at work, I got this pump to use at home for occasional use. I also have a Medela handpump (Harmony).I do not recommend this pump. It takes much longer to get half as much. The suction is just not the same mechanism and very very different from the PIS. It is a lot of plastic and parts and am impressed that you can get so much stuff for this price. However, I think that I am better off just using my hand pump. I just pumped and I don’t really feel empty and think I’m going to use the hand pump to do it again.I think that this pump can be detrimental to your supply because it doesn’t really empty you. In my case, I guess I MIGHT use it again if I need to because I have already made it to 5.5 months and if my supply goes down slightly it is OK but if this is your only pump or you are trying to build up your supply because you are just starting out, this is absolutely the wrong pump for you.Some mothers just sneeze and milk comes out. I’m not one of those moms. I suspect many of the moms here who like this pump are one of those people who don’t have to pump that hard to get lots of milk. If you aren’t sure of your supply or know that you need to depend on this pump regularly, don’t waste your money on it.*************UPDATE- I changed from 2 stars to 4 stars. I just started using this thing and I don’t know if I just got used to it or what but I think it does the job. I still don’t think it is as good as my Medela but I didn’t pay nearly as much and for what I paid, I think it has good value. My baby is 10 months now and I’m not as concerned about my supply anymore. I have this one at home and the Medela at work and for the once or twice a week times when I need this, it does the job. I wish it had an option to just pump one side but you must always pump both sides.

Fay Harrisonville, MO

Awesome Pump for the Price! ! !

After our baby was born I used a hospital grade Hygeia rental. . .nothing beats a good hospital grade pump!BUT, once my supply was established and I realized that yes, I wanted to actually *own* a pump, I went looking for something cost effective that worked. As much as I would have loved to shell out the cash for the Medela pump, I can’t justify $130-$250 or more for something I wouldn’t be using that much.I am a stay-at-home mom and pump so my husband can feed our baby, and also for a freezer stash – so I use this pump once a day on average. I bought another brand that was in a slightly higher price point (rhymes with Schmlaytex) and returned it because it was absolutely terrible – took a gamble on this one and I’m SO glad I did! ! !You seriously can’t beat the price for how well this pump works. Yes, it’s noisy. Yes, it makes a stupid clicking sound. Yes, it has 8 speeds but only the highest two speeds are worth anything.It’s less than $100. You can’t exactly expect it to stand up to more expensive pumps. . .BUT, I’ll tell you, this pump is strong enough that I can easily get 4-6 ounces in less than 10 minutes. And that says a LOT for a pump in this price range!The parts are much higher quality than other pumps I have looked at in this price range, and I have to say I’m pretty darn impressed with it.Go for the double version – it’s not that much more than the single and if you can pump both sides at once it’s so much faster!I would recommend this pump for anybody needing something inexpensive for occasional pumping. If you are using it daily for work, etc. than I would say go for something a bit beefier.

Susanna Sterling, IL

Small, Portable, Simple

I bought this as my second pump for when I go back to work. Mainly I was attracted because of the portability, but also the price. I found mine for about $58 and it was totally worth it. The assembly is so simple, and the only small part is the filter. The flanges are soft and comfy, very important for sore breast. One tube whether you use it as a single or double pump. The suction is weaker than my other pump, but for me that doesn’t make a difference because the highest setting is still to uncomfortable to use. Only comes with two bottles, so you have to order more if you don’t have extra storage. Runs of a plug or 4 AA batteries. I use the batteries when I’m busy around the house to multitask and when I’m out at work or running errands. I simply LOVE it.

Johanna Walnut Hill, IL

Double breast pump

This has had plenty of use the last couple of months after our child was born. It does run down fairly quick in battery mode. It lasted about a week with using it multiple times a day. So it could be quite expensive if you have to constantly use on battery mode. Also my wife has had to use it on the full power mode to get it to pull the milk out. At first this bothered her since the strength of the machine. she has to use it about 30 minutes to get two ounces but flows better when the baby is nursing.Works better then some of the more expensive machines that the hospital had my wife try after birth. It has lasted about two months.

Christian Island City, KY

Great for the price!

This pump works very well for the price. I wouldn’t recommend it for a working mom who pumps more than once a day, but it works wonderful for the occasional user.I pump enough to have milk in the freezer and for when I go out, and this works very well for that purpose. It isn’t as nice as the Medela I rented, but it also doesn’t have the price tag of the Medela either! The pump action feels ‘rough’ compared to the Medela, but again, I am not using this every day.

Alicia Commiskey, IN

Great pump

I don’t know why there are ao many negative reviews, i used this pump when i had my son and had to go back to work. I feel it worked wonderfully. Could have used some larger bottles with it at times but other than that i have nothing bad to say about this pump, you can adjust the pump pressure and have it suck harder or softer if you need it to. i would recomend this pump to anyone.

Hillary Glenn, MI

Surprisingly good – awesome customer service

I purchased this pump at a different retailer over two years ago for a friend’s baby shower. She never used it. Fast forward to this year when I had my baby and needed a pump for back to work. She gave me the pump and I’ve been using it every weekday for the past 5 months twice a day. I understand it’s an open system pump and all that but this is the only pump that helps my letdown (2-3 times per pump session) because of the vibration. I owned a medela years ago and have now an ameda double and it just doesn’t work for me. It could be my body is used to the first years pump. Whichever the case may be I just really like this one and meets my needs. Their customer service is great too. I have emailed them on two separate occasions to request a replacement hose and valves and no questions asked in a couple of days they are in the mail. Yes it does collect moisture in the tubing but it has not developed mold in my case. If I had to purchase another pump I would buy this one because of the great personal experience. In the end, the most important thing is my baby is still breastfeeding at 8 months and this pump helps make it possible.

Ernestine Emery, SD



Pamala Hooper Bay, AK

Love it- forget the expensive pumps

I love this pump. My baby is 2 months old and I pump at least 2x a day. I am so glad I did not waste my money on an expensive pump. This one works just great and I have had no issues with it.

Irene Lincoln, MT

Good suction, too many parts, great short-term solution.

I own a higher quality breastpump that I like but it needed replacement parts and I couldn’t use the pump for over a week because of it. In the meantime I tried the manual Evenflo pumps but after two days I got sore hands and rushed to the store to get this pump. I knew not to expect too much for $71 (bought it elsewhere because I needed it fast), but I’m pretty pleased with the suction and the fact that I can use batteries too which makes it a great travel pump.HOWEVER: could they possibly come up with more parts to deal with? The bottles alone have three parts and that’s not counting the lids, rings and nipples. It would be great if the flange part would be less work too:four parts each to assemble and disassemble but there probably is a reason for it, who knows.When you have pumped and set the bottles down, be careful because the flanges are so heavy that the bottles could easily tip over.This pump is a great temporary solution but I’m glad when I can use my regular pump again.

Manuela Uncle Sam, LA

doesn’t work well

I originally thought I really liked this pump. After using it for almost 5 months I had some issues. First off, I was pumping for 20-30 min and only getting 1oz total from both sides, and my breast were still firm. I was worried that I might have to start supplementing because I could not build a stock. My nipples started to bleed, the breast shields are to big and it’s much louder than stated. Luckily I was given a Medela. After trying the Medela I noticed a difference immediately. I pumped out 9oz in my first session, having to change bottles in between, in about 5 min. Now I’m building a stock and I’m no longer worried that I may have to supplement. I know I’m emptying my breasts now. It doesn’t hurt anymore when I pump, breast shields come in different sizes and it’s much more quiet. In terms of breast pumps, don’t go cheap, you truely get what you pay for. For those who are not aware, as I was not at time of purchase, health insurance now covers breast pumps. Just call your insurance co. and have your doctor write you a prescription for one. You have to do this before you deliver though. Good luck!

Roberta Westgate, IA

Compared to evenflo single electric breast pump.

UPDATE 10/19/13 changed from 5 to 2 starsAs of yesterday, one side of the pumps topped working. II was using it regularly when I first go it for about a week or so, then stopped to try to regulate my supply because I had an oversupply. 2 days ago I started to pump again and it was working just as fine as the day I got it. (Was expecting it to because I only used it a few times) and Out of nowhere yesterday one side just didn’t get suction anymore. No matter how high the setting. I don’t understand how it can work perfect one day and then just die out.(ORIGINAL REVIEW)This pump is amazing! I was pumping to up my supply and had been previously using the evenflo single electric breast pump and I loved that one. It was my first pump after all, and being a first time mom on a budget I bought it. It was loud and took a while to get the job done, but beats a manual any day. So after it broke when my son was barely 3 months old, I went searching for a new pump and found this.Now back to this pump, this thing is AMAZING! I don’t know why it got got bad reviews. Maybe because I only been using it for a day. I’d update it of it breaks or I have issues. So far so good. No problems. It was easy to put together. At first I thought the tubing process would be complicated so I was nervous. (the evenflo pump I was using did not have any tubing) but my goodness there is a BIG difference.Pros=1. Soft rubber like material. (evenflo had hard plastic that was hard hard to adjust over breast)2. It comes with a bag to put your pump in.3. Its COMFORTABLE4. The different suction strength is AMAZING5. Its NOT painful, on level one (or whatever it’s called) it feels like when a baby has fallen asleep on your breast and is sucking in their sleep6. I got more milk in less time then I did with evenflo7. It’s quiet. (compared to my evenflo) .8. I it came with storage bags (but I don’t know how to use them9. It came with clear instructions with pictures that matchCons=1. It took me a while to take out of packaging. I had to cut things and was afraid I might damage the pump doing2. The bag it comes with is SMALL. It looks big in the picture but it is actually like a tiny purse.3. It makes an annoying ticking sound when pumping. It doesn’t bother me (yet) but may get on someone’s nerves so I thought I’d warn you.4. It didn’t give instructions on how to use the storage bags

Summer Johnstown, NE

Mi Pump Rocks

I always enjoyed using the First Years breast pump. I recommend it to anyone who plans to breast feed. The MiPump is new and improved. I felt that it did not need improving until now. I love the fact I can use one hand or no hands with the proper bra. Before. I was immobile (sit and pump). It is EXTREMELY quiet. I pump at work and no one knows unless they see me doing it. I pump at level 5. As always it does the job. My nipples are not sore from pumping. I express between 2-4 ounces every time I pump without saying, “ouch.” It is easy to clean also. Now for the negative: The bag looks bigger than the picture. It does not fit everything in it. No ice pack for the milk. THAT’S IT!! The bag and icepack, no problem. I got those when I discharged from the hospital from Enfamil.

Kathi Jefferson, NY

Get a Medela

On paper this pump looks like a winner. Double pump with one hand? In actual use it fails though. It is very difficult to get both breasts positioned properly at the same time and the pump action is weak.It is easy to clean and the carrying bag holds the pump and all its accessories. But the pump has subpar performance.Do yourself a favor and just get a Medla.

Jana Durhamville, NY

Does the job

Two months in and pumping strong for use approx 5 times per week. Some air noise occasionally but it doesn’t seem to affect performance. I wish there was an option to only pump one side when desired. (I have twins)

Kay Houghton, MI

Didn’t work for me

I was really disappointed in this pump. It is really weak and then of course I was stuck with it…contacted the company who sent me a new motor part, but it was still weak. Got a medela one and it was so much better. Definitely worth spending more on a pump so it works well!

Alyce Kaneville, IL

good value

I got this for my sister in law and she seems to like it the suction is a little week she thinks but it does the job and has a cute case!!

Marcella Light Street, PA

Splurge and get yourself something better.

A breast pump is definitely an investment, and you shouldn’t go cheap. I wish I had bought one of the more expensive ones. As my son is getting older, he’s sucking harder, and this just doesn’t give me the power I need, even on the highest setting.

Minnie Cadyville, NY

Having a suction issue

I’ve been using this pump for about 4 weeks now. I’ve only been using it as a single pump for now, as one of the tubes that connects to the bottle has a loss of suction issue. Otherwise, easy to clean, not super loud (but definitely able to hear its clicking) and easy to use.

Robbie Fargo, GA