The First Years: Easy Store & Thaw Milk Organizer

The First Years: Easy Store & Thaw Milk Organizer

Keep track of milk storage with ease. This milk tracker/organizer from The First Years holds up to 12 bags upright and its space-efficient slim design can be stored side-by-side or stacked atop one another. It fits all breast milk storage bags and its retractable lid protects and separates milk from spoilage by other foods. Made of high-impact polystyrene. Wash in warm water, using mild liquid soap; rinse thoroughly with clear water. Made in USA. 6-1/2Hx4Wx13-1/4L”.

Main features

  • Space saving way to keep your breastmilk organized
  • For use with most types of breastmilk storage bags
  • Each tray measures 6.5″ x 4″ x 13.25″.

Verified reviews


Save Your Money!

Have to agree with the other reviews – wish I’d looked before I bought this. I think this is a pretty new product and when I saw it at BRU it seemed like a good idea. BUT, it DOES NOT hold what it says it does. I’ve found the same thing other reviewers did – that you can only get about 12 bags in there.I’m very disapointed because I’ve generally liked the First Years products. The drying rack and the bottle warmer are great. This is the first that will be going back!

Savannah Riverside, OR

Great idea, but lacks in research

Everything everyone else said PLUS:Previously frozen packs cannot be put into the compartemnts as they didn’t freeze in the proper shape.And yes, rotating is a pain.

Lucy Mahaska, KS

Great for organization and freshness

I’m surprised to see that people do not like this product. I love mine. The only downside is that I wish it would hold more bags. Each drawer/tray holds 6 bags (6 oz ea). That means you can store a total of 12 bags. I don’t know how people bought this and didn’t know that ahead of time though! Not only is it clearly labled, but you can easily count on your own by looking at the photo!When I purchased this I bought two. That way I could store 24 bags (Thats’ a lot!) They are stackable so I put two side by side and stack two on top of those. They will fit almost any type of freezer storage bag so I’m not sure why people are complaining that they don’t. Make sure you put the bag in the tray BEFORE its frozen. Liquids will mold to any shape, so you won’t have a problem. If you try shoving a bag in after its frozen, sure you’ll have issues!There are 2 things I love about this product.1) It keeps my breastmilk away from all the other foods in my freezer. Its nice that its in a bag and also in this nice sturdy plastic tray. It keeps it from absorbing any smells from the other frozen foods2) I can organize my milk by date and I never have to go searching through a pile of milk bags. I open the tray and pull out the oldest milk in line. I rotate when a tray empties. I NEVER have to wonder if I’m missing a bag. For any extra milk I have around (beyond the 24 bags I store using 2 units) I keep it that in a plastic grocery bag and when I empty a tray I go through and put in the next 6 oldest bags. I’m always organized! I love that.Personally I LOVE the medela Pump and Save breastmilk freezer bags. They hold 6 oz, have a zip-lock top, and a place to write down the name, date, and amount of oz in the bag. ALL freezer bags are inacurate with their markings because they are BAGS. Squeeze the bag, alter its shape, and the milk shifts, there’s no way to know the exact ounces! It doesn’t matter the brand! Plus, liquid expands when frozen. The best bet is to collect your milk in a marked BOTTLE first. Note the ounces then write them down in the provided spot on the Medela pump and save freezer bags. That way you and your caregiver knows EXACTLY what is in the bag. Don’t try and guess!I recommend this product if you want a nice way to organize your milk and keep it fresh and protected. I wish they could hold a few more bags, but 2 units (4 total trays) has been working out for me and I’ve been breastfeeding my little one for almost 6 months.

Joy Kenai, AK

It works for me

I use this to store milk for when I’m not home. Not for “freezing” milk as others have done (I think it is just easier to freeze bags by laying them flat in the freezer). I like it a lot because the milk is contained in one area and its easy to find in the fridge. Yeah it can be a pain to have to shuffle the milk as you add new milk, but I don’t let it upset me. Sure it only holds 12 bags of milk, but exactly how much milk should it hold? Would there ever be a # that satisfied everyone, I doubt it. Breastmilk only lasts up to 8 days in the refrigerator and with constant rotation 12 bags works just fine. Don’t be discouraged by some other reviews, it works just fine as long as you’re not expecting it to feed the baby for you.

Kaye Utica, MN

Great Item. A must have.

I have pumped exclusivly for two childeren now. I bought these with my first and have used them for both. They mold your frozen milk into a very easy to stack shape. I put my fresh bags in these and then when they get full, I transfer them into a big plastic storage box. They fit so much better in there frozen into these blocks than they do anyother way I have tried. I love them!

Kate Oakley, ID

Wonderful for milk storage

I had these 6 years ago with my first son and bought them again for my newborn. I love that you can have the milk upright and on the top of the container is a handy milk guide. I keep one in the fridge and one in the freezer.

Clarice Centertown, MO

good idea, bad concept

I got this as a gift and I wish I had a gift receipt to return it…I takes up too much space in the freezer and only holds 12 bags. Before I got this organizer, I used a tall rectangular snapware container with a lid; it held more bags and took less space in my freezer. I’m definitely going back to my good old container, I hope to find another use for this.

Sherrie Harvey, AR