The First Years Essentials Care Kit

The First Years Essentials Care Kit

This kit for newborns contains high-quality health care products for parents and baby. All the necessities come neatly stored in a handy zippered travel case. The kit includes a Flex-tip digital thermometer for fast and accurate readings, a travel medicine dropper, a hospital-style aspirator, baby nail clippers for trimming tiny nails, and four emery boards. As a bonus, you also get a Shake and See rattle to keep baby stimulated and entertained. Complete instructions, parenting tips, and how-to suggestions are also included. –N. Mered

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The bulb makes it all worth it!

I really like how organized this set is. The one thing that I absolutely love is the bulb because there is no way to stick it in too far and it cleans easily by opening the top and then rinsing the inside with soap and water. There are alot of emory boards for filing baby nails and the clippers are absolutly safe. I have not yet used the other things but really, the bulb is the greatest thing in the world. Even if the other stuff ends up being worthless, I’d just go out and buy a better model to put in it’s place. The case is pretty useful, you can even fit a small bottle of medicine in it.

Olga Bend, TX

great set

I really like this set. It is small and fits nicely into the diaper bag. I bring it with me because babies always seem to get snags in their nails or a stuffy nose at all the wrong moments. This set has it all. When I travel I am comfortable with it because it has it all. A rattle to play, a thermometer, a ball syringe. I love it. That ball syringe is the best thing for a baby with a stuffy nose. This is great because you don’t need a separate grooming set and separate first aid type things. It is all in one pack.

Carlene Hebron, ME

My Other Wallet

I use this little zipper bag as a sort of gadget purse for baby health things. Even with everything in it I can find room for a Desitin tube, a bottle of Mylicon drops, a bottle of Baby Tylenol, Q-tips, and a little sample bottle of Eucerin cream for baby’s exema. On the side is a net pocket where I keep my pediatrician’s appointment cards and medicine instructions. Also, on the inside are a couple of pockets where phone numbers are kept on a provided card; I keep a pocket-sized record of baby’s immunizations (that my nurse gave me) in there as well. Very handy.

Juliette Ookala, HI

Diaper bag must-have

I got this for the diaper bag and absolutely love it. I found a few other First Years items (grooming kit, medicine tote, bottle tote) that match in color and are just nice to have.The clippers are invaluable. Not just for baby, but for me as well. I can clip a nail on a teeny-weeny hand or I can clip a jagged edge on my own nail. The files really come in handy for this. Definitely get some of those separately so you can have extras.The thermometer is great. I have about 3 different "under the tongue/arm" ones that I’m always using. Results aren’t really fast, but considering the price and the fact that most people can’t afford an ear thermometer for the diaper bag, it works well enough.The rattle is pretty good. I got a similar rattle with Winnie-the-Pooh, just to add some variety.The aspirator is good for travel, but get a preemie nasal aspirator for home. However, I like how you can open this one up and clean it out. Most that I’ve seen don’t have that feature.The medicine dropper is pretty good. About average for what you’re going to find. I also have one from the First Years with Big Bird on it. It doesn’t have an end cap, but it works just as well as the one that comes with this set.You can’t go wrong with this set, or one like it. Whether you use it at home or in the diaper bag, just having these little tools all right there is nice.

Elva Lafferty, OH

great case!

I love this case, it has everything you need in ine handy case. The nose sucky is the best one we have including better than the hospital one, it always works without repeated effort, which is very important when you have a squirming infant!

Dorthy Springvale, ME

Must Have!!!

This is a must have for all moms and dads. I have used everything in this little kit so far, except for the dropper. I keep it in my diaper bag at all times!

Daisy Hardin, MO