The First Years Everywhere Gate

The First Years Everywhere Gate

The First Years Everywhere Gate helps you protect your child while allowing her to explore her surroundings. We designed this gate with kid tough clear panels that are free of footholds to prevent toddlers from climbing over the gate. The two, double thick panels also provide a clear, unobstructed view, making it easier for curious toddlers to concentrate more on their play and less on what’s happening on the other side of the gate. All this, and the gate blends in with your home furnishings. Gate can be hardware or pressure mounted. Works great at the top of the stairs, too. Adjustable from 27 1/2 42 1/2. From 6 24 months.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Clear plastic panels
  • No footholds to help toddlers climb over
  • Unobstructed view makes it easier for toddlers to keep playing because they can still see everything
  • Can be hardware or pressure mounted

Verified reviews


Warning: NOT pressure-mounted

Unlike some other models (like the hands-free gates), you’ll need to bolt this to the wall. Otherwise, it’s a barrier, not a gate: it won’t open.

Autumn Hawkinsville, GA

Does not swing open!

The picture of this gate makes it seem as if it would be easy to get by it using one hand to open and close it. Not true. We are very disappointed. You can’t step over it and you can’t open it with one hand with a baby in your arms. It is only good for an opening that you don’t need to get past easily. But if you put it at the top of your stairs and you’re trying to get down the stairs with a child in one arm and one free arm, it is useless. I do not recommend it and can’t figure out why it got such good ratings.

Isabelle Doerun, GA

Eh, its OK for a TOP-of-STAIR gate

We purchased this gate for the top of the stairs. We live in a townhouse and have an unusal stairwell I suppose. Installing this gate was a great pain! We could not find a stud in the wall to match up with the areas we would need to install it at and had to purchase Toggle bolts to better secure the gate into the wall….so a toddler putting LOTS of force on it would not rip the gate-and the drywall out- thus tumbling down the stairs. ALSO, we have molding and while the gate does come with extenders to work around/over the molding, it didnt work for us. We had to install the gate ABOVE the molding thus leaving a 4 to 5 inch GAP from the floor to the gate. This is BAD! Our daughter has tried to squeeze her way under the gate to get down the stiars and almost managed to do this feet first. Luckily I am never out of view of her upstairs nor not upstairs with her (small townhouse!) and only purchased it for the safety of knowing she wont lose her balance at the top of the stairs. I have only used this gate for a top of stair gate so I have nothing else to compare it to. Hopefully it is only that I live in an oddly shaped home and it works great for most other folks.NOTE: It does take a lot of measuring up and making sure that every point matches up PERFECTLY or the gate will not operate properly or smoothly. I do however, like the top lift bar to open the gate and it is easy to unlock and lock back into place with two button ontop the lift bar handle. While I still had problems using it as a top of stair gate, I do think it would work very well as a doorway gate.

Latonya Fairview, KS

not flexible enough to accommodate baseboards

It just wouldn’t fit in our living room because the screws don’t extent out long enough to deal with baseboards. I consider that a serious design flaw. we returned it for that reason. it also didn’t strike me as totally sturdy compared to a more expensive Kidco gate that we settled on.

Lakisha Centertown, KY

Hmmm…. “Can be hardware or pressure mounted” NOT!!

we brought it for the space between kitchen and dinning room. We didn’t want to drill any holes therefore we choose this. It clearly said "Can be hardware or pressure mounted". Yes they are correct if you are NOT planning on using the door function to this gate. If you plan on opening the door part it will release pressure of the side of the gate. Therefore you need to remount the gate. I’m not 6 feet but only a petite person and it will be hard if I just climb across.Bottom line, it’s misleading when they said it can be pressure mounted! please note if you are using the door it will release the pressure mount side.

Elsa Hoxie, AR

Easy and Safe Gate

We have only had this gate installed about a week, but we are quite pleased with it. The gate we used prior to this was a metal gate, hard mounted with bars. We specifically looked for a gate w/o bars because a time or two our duaghter, who was learning to stand and pull herself up, fell and her arms went through the bars and were a little stuck. With this gate, she walks over to it and looks through the clear gate, but can’t get through.We did hard mount the gate – which we like and went well with one exception. The kit provides extension pieces for the top mount, but not the bottom and that is where we felt like we needed it. Also, we did use the “optional” pieces to hold the other side in place. We can’t really imagine that it would work well w/o it. Note that even with the hard mount, it still uses pressure to seal the lock. It’s just that you can use it to swing open and close with the hard mount.The way you open and close the gate with the top piece is not difficult for an adult (like some of the foot opening ones), but a toddler couldn’t figure it out.We currently use this for a door way, but it will more than expand to fit our stairway as well. Now that we have tested it out, we plan on ordering another one for other places in our home.

Flora Paradise Valley, NV

Great gate!

We purchased one of these a few months back. We love the see through panel. The gate itself works better if hardware mounted.

Sophia Vicco, KY

Best gate ever!

In my opinion, this is one of the best baby gates on the market. I purchased 2 of these 3.5 years ago and just purchased another one. We have them hardware mounted and they are very sturdy. These are the ONLY gates that my 3.5 year old son can’t get out of. He has a toddler bed in his bedroom and if he gets up before I do, he creates all kind of disasters around the house. We purchased several cheaper hardware mounted gates, to try to keep him in his room. He figured them out and was out of his room in less than 10 minutes. This is the only gate that can keep him in there and SAFE! We also have this mounted at the top of the stairs and its very sturdy. Its extremely easy for parents to operate. The gate swings nicely and there is an audible snap, so you know the handle has locked the gate into position. I also love the clear plates. You can see right through and see what your child is doing. Its unobtrusive and just an attractive gate. Its also very reasonably priced compared to those other metal looking gates. This is just a fantastic overall gate. I’d recommend it to anyone with a child, especially a sneaky toddler that can escape other gates.

Kristine Portersville, PA

Does the job

*WARNING: I did almost lock myself inside his room once the first day I installed it. I had the gate handle in open position and swung out. But we closed the room door. The gate must have swung back towards his room door but with gate handle still up. I did not know that when the gate handle is up, it blocks his regular room door handle (it’s a lever one). So I could not push down on the room door handle lever, it’s like if a chair was under it. Luckily the gate has these small footholds which I remembered so I used a clothes hanger and stuck the hanger thru the gap under the room door and pushed the gate away from the door…phew we were able to get out. Now I just always make sure the gate handle is always in down position even if not locked closed.But it does the job I wanted it to do. It is blocking off my son’s nursery doorway.The clear panel gets kinda gross from hand grease I guess since my son’s always putting his hands in his mouth. But easier to clean than rails I would say.Handle is hard to open but that’s a good thing for little curious minds. Same with the latches that allow the gate to extend.I screwed the hinge side in and pressure mount the other side. I’m not sure if I installed it wrong but the bottom bracket on the hinge side is not flush with the side of the doorway. The bracket is a little loose but the screws stay in place though. Gate only came with spacers for the top bracket and not the bottom. Why is that? The screws are drilled as far as they can go in though so that is the only thing keeping that bracket in place.I like that it swings both ways. My son can climb up to stand but cannot climb over it because no rails and he’s not tall enough. He pats his hands on it often and still stays in place so far. I installed it so that his real door can still close when not in use. When not in use, I just keep the gate open and close the door.

Vivian Seaside Park, NJ

Great product

This was a breeze for my hubby to install. My toddler loves peering at us while we are in the kitchen through the clear window. It is also easy to wipe down. Best yet, it is tough- it has survived hundreds/thousands of openings and a 7 year old jumping over it and banging into it at least 20 times. I’m getting another one for another doorway.

Gussie Stanchfield, MN

Very happy

I bought 2 of these and am very happy with them. I have one up using the pressure mounted. That one stays up most of the time and is not moved often. I have the other one installed. It swings like a door and locks into place when closed. That one is opened and closed all the time. I have had no issues with them. I like the fact that she can’t climb up them either.

Rosemary Poplar Ridge, NY

Great gate

Everything about this gate is good. It fits, it’s adjustable, easy to install, easy to use, and my baby can see me in the kitchen through it. I wish it came in a taller size cause my dog hops over it. That’s expected though since she’s a fence jumper.

Sara Pony, MT

Great Gate!

I love this gate! It can be mounted into the wood or used held by pressure. We use ours w/the pressure and it even stays in place with the door closed! it’s very easy to use and durable. The cat hasn’t tried to jump it & can’t get thru it unless it’s open and the 80lb dog hasn’t tried to jump it either (which was very questionable). I definitely recommend this gate!

Casandra Firestone, CO

best of 5

I’ve set up five different gates in the last month, trying different models in different locations. This one is the best I’ve tried. There are latches on the side to adjust the width which are snug yet reasonably easy to operate. In compression mode it feels solid, and is not too awkward to set up. Some gates require so much tension that you have to work to force it into the opening before even engaging the lock. This one has enough travel in the lock mechanism that you can position it one handed with ease. It gets even better when it is screwed to the wall. The operation is smooth and easy. My one complaint would be that the thumb latch to operate the handle is a smooth plastic that is very hard to operate with wet, even damp, fingers – making it a bit tough right by the kitchen. Overall though, a great gate. There are not many which hinge at the very edge, thus giving you a full with useable doorway, and this is the best I’ve found. Those others that have a narrow gate opening within a doorway width fence are pretty ridiculous, IMAO.

Carlene Heidelberg, KY

Using at bottom of stairs

This is a great baby gate and works perfect for what we need. The only issue we have had with it is that after a while of banging it back and forth going up and down stairs, it has started to twist a little.

Krista Bound Brook, NJ

Used this gate for two babies, works perfectly

Item arrived fast and in perfect condition. This gate is perfect for the top of our stairs. We purchased this gate in 2006 for our second baby, but we did not keep it. So when baby #3 came along, I purchased another gate. The gate is screwed into our bannister on one side. The other side is our wall which has molding at the bottom, so we had to put up a 2×4 so the gate would be secure. I think my husband used longer screws than what came with the gate.

Dale Belmont, WV

Better than many, but with design (and safety) flaws

After watching my one-year-old tumble down the entire staircase (no real injury, thank God!), I’ve decided the design flaws in this gate are severe enough to note in an online review.First, I must note that the hardware-mounted gate was open when the fall occurred. But, since she is capable of climbing down the stairs safely, this is not unusual. We retain the gate to block off the upstairs / downstairs when needed, not purely for safety any longer.What happened, though, is that she stood up and pushed against the gate which swung Through its catch, out over the stairway. Unsurprisingly she overbalanced and went with it.This is my analysis of the design flaws:1) The mounted catches – little cup-shaped socket dohickeys designed to mate with the rubber-tipped and adjustable pressure extensions on the gate – are designed to be “sort of” one way. That is, you mount them such that the lip is a little lower on the side where you want the gate to swing, and a little higher on the side where you don’t. Solution: In my opinion, they should be designed to be far more one-directional, which a much higher lip on the “no-swing” side. Any potential benefit of a dual-swing gate is more than offset by the safety problem introduced. I cannot think of scenarios in which you’d want to both hardware mount the thing and really need it to swing both ways anyway.2) The exact fit of the gate is adjustable both by macro adjustments to the sliding panels, and micro adjustments to the aforementioned rubber extensions at the top and bottom. These guys are finger-adjusted by a screw-rod, which my eldest had learned how to mess with rather before his first birthday. In other words, they’re frequently out of whack and must be fixed by an adult before the gate will latch at all. When too much slack is allowed, the swing-through problem occurs as described above – but it isn’t intensely obvious it will happen, because that narrow little lip on the socket Usually catches the thing. Solution: Redesign adjustment mechanism to be more child-proof. These shouldn’t have to be re-adjusted with any frequency, and again the safety flaw introduced outweighs any reduction in convenience.On top of the two more serious flaws, we did have a lot of trouble with installation when it went up 18 months ago. As others have mentioned, it came with a drilling template that should have made it a snap. And it would have, if it had been more accurate! I had to drill multiple holes, in other words.Secondly, others have also mentioned that it comes with little spacers to help you work around baseboards. Indeed it does, but for my home (a 8 or 10 year old tract-built box in the ‘burbs) the spacers were completely inadequate. My baseboards were too wide, and I ended up having to appeal to my father for custom ones made from wood. Frankly, having the top and bottom tension rods at different extensions to compensate for the baseboard width is a real pain – it’s always been a bit crooked and out of true, and usually either top or bottom is maladjusted and will swing through. I’m not sure what the manufacturer can do about this – houses are different, of course! – but moving the bottom socket and extension up about 2 inches would be a major help. I don’t think you’d have to move it nearly high enough to present a fall-under risk – not one that isn’t already there by the fact the silly tension rods extend something like 3-4 inches!So, overall, we’re not looking to replace this gate now that it’s purchased and in place and both kids are walking. But I am almost wishing we’d spent just a little more on a better model that addresses the above issues. Assuming one exists, of course!

Kate Schooleys Mountain, NJ

Easy To Open, Works Great

First of all, this gate was very easy to install. It took my husband about 15 minutes. That alone was a major plus. (We’d already bought separately and installed the Kidco banister kit since one side of the gate would otherwise have had to be drilled into the banister. If you haven’t done this and need to, it will add extra time). We installed the gate at the top of the stairs using the hardware method, not the pressure method. Everything was pretty straightforward, although as others have said, we had to use different screws than the ones that came with the kit. In our case the screws were too long, though.Opening and closing the gate is a breeze…for the adults. You can easily slide the button on the top and lift the handle with one hand and very little effort, and it snaps back down to the locked position just as easily. No yanking on it, no jamming your thumbs, no leaning into it to close it like with many other gates. My only reservation about the opening/closing mechanism is that my 5 and 6 year olds haven’t managed to learn to open it yet. The thumb sliding part is too hard for their little fingers thus far. That means I’m having to open and close the gate for them all day long since their rooms are downstairs. Hopefully they’ll get the hang of it soon (we’ve only had it up a few days) or that’s going to get very annoying very fast. However, if you have a toddler you’re using the gate for, that’s good news, right? I doubt any toddler could manage to open this gate.The gate swings open both ways, which is nice when company comes or the kids have playdates and there is a lot of traffic up and down the stairs–we can swing it all the way back against the banister and it’s completely out of the way.I didn’t know if I would like the clear plastic instead of bars, but it actually has a better aesthetic to it-less like a jail in your living room. I’m not sure how it’ll look once it’s all finger printed up. Our baby is just barely beginning to crawl and isn’t that interested in the gate yet.The gate does feel sturdy, and I don’t worry about her putting pressure on it or leaning on it. (Again, we installed the hardware and are not just relying on pressure to keep it in place). But there is a problem with the gate lining up to both the top and bottom latches properly. Although we used a level to install both female parts exactly plumb, the bottom male end doesn’t line up to its female latch unless we push it forward with our feet as we’re closing it. It still feels very sturdy even with only the top latch in place, but as the baby gets older and heavier this will be more of an issue and we’ll have to make sure our older kids get both parts in place. Not sure why they’re not lining up right. It’s as if the gate is slightly bowed or something.My last comment is that it’s nice that the gate comes with a few plastic pieces that work sort of like a shim–if you have walls that are not straight up and down or if you have molding at the bottom that would make the two female hardware pieces not even, the little oval shims can be installed under the female latch parts to line the top and bottom up exactly. (Unfortnately, we didn’t realize it came with these until after my husband had cut exactly such a piece out of wood with a ban saw! Oh well.)Overall, I’d give this gate a very high rating, with my only reasons for 4 stars being that my bigger children can’t open the gate and that the bottom male end doesn’t line up right with the female end unless we maneuver it into place with our feet. But I do feel it’s a sturdy, well-made gate and was very easy to install. Most importantly, it’s very easy for me to open and close without force or injury, which I can’t say about very many other gates I’ve seen or owned.

Brianna Magee, MS

Sturdy and easy to use

Have really like this gate. We did have some trouble mounting it, but only because (apparently) our walls aren’t the same distance apart at the bottom and top of the gate. Only negative part on the design is that my two do find it fun to bang on the plexiglass window.

Kimberley Surveyor, WV

Great gate for top of the stairs

I generally like the look/function of metal gates better than plastic ones. However, when it came time to select one to install in our living room at the top of our stairs, I didn’t want one that had a metal “trip bar” along the bottom of the opening, as most metal gates have which enable them to be pressure mounted. I selected this one because it had good reviews, no bar across the bottom of the opening that can be a tripping hazard, and we were familiar with the style, as there is one at our son’s day care that is very similar.We installed this gate at the top of our railing – with a hardware mounted install and a newel mounting kit – and so far, are happy with it. One advantage of this gate I have recently discovered is it can be left open with the door swung to the side and out of the way, enabling free/easy access to the opening at the top of the stairs, for those times when we don’t need the opening secured. Though not as flawlessly easy to use as a metal gate, the open/close mechanism is not very difficult to operate and seems very secure. You do need to put a small amount of effort into pushing in the button to pop up the handle when opening the gate, and making sure the feet line up correctly when closing it. Our 13 month old has gone up to the gate and pulled himself up on it several times, and it has shown no signs of being dangerous or unstable. The plastic paneling is very susceptible to fingerprints. We have only had the gate for a little over a week, and I already see a number of them. I am sure the panel could be easily cleaned.Overall, I am very happy with this gate and would recommend it to anyone worried about the “trip hazard” of a metal gate at the top of stairs. I also highly recommend a newel mounting kit for anyone with non-square newels which allows this (or any other hardware mounted gate) to be easily installed.

Latonya Goshen, NJ

Great Gate

We did a lot of research looking for gates. After comparing many, we decided to go with this one. After using it for a few months, we love it. We have it at the top of the stairs, and it is stable, and very easy to use. One part that we love is that it can be removed very quickly and easily, so if we want it out of the way we can quickly do that.

Marisa Imnaha, OR

Love it – I have two

I do in-home child care. I bought one for the hallway on our main floor to block off the bedrooms to the kids. This product is high quality. I like it so much, I bought a second for our lower level to put at the bottom of the stairs.

Jasmine Frannie, WY

Great Gate for Babies and Toddlers!

We have two of these gates and have been using them for almost 2.5 years. We bought these when our LO was about 4 months old and have been using them ever since. We’ve never had any problems. We’ve used them both pressure mounted and installed as a swinging gate. Both ways have worked fabulously.They don’t go on mouldings really well so we just kept the gate lifted up over the mouldings. That actually worked out well for us because our cats can go under the gate to get where they need to go, but LO is too big to go under. And since that makes the gate even higher, she is still too short to climb over.The plastic is see through but sturdy. So you and LO can see each other through it. When I am cooking I can play peek a boo or other games, and see LO clearly. Her favorite thing is to smoosh her face to the plastic and make silly faces at me. I keep the plastic clean the same way I clean my mirrors, with a glass cleaner and newspaper or coffee filters. We haven’t had any issues with discoloration or streaking. She has banged on the plastic and even kicked it while having a tantrum and the plastic is still strong. It doesn’t even have dents in it. When they are clean they still look brand new after 2.5 years.The gates are pretty tall, and the latch would definitely be waaay too hard for a toddler to use. I could see a 7-8 year old opening it, but probably not a younger kid. However, a 4-6 year old would probably be smart enough to grab a stool or chair and stand on it in order to get over the gate. I am 5’3 and I can easily step over it without needing to move it when its pressure mounted. LO can grab it and try to pull with all her weight and she can’t budge it. I can lean against it and it won’t move. These things are really, really stuck in place when installed correctly.They are pretty long. On its shortest setting it fits an average doorway. When its mounted to swing back and forth its got a bit more length due to the mounts. I really love it and I recommend them to my pregnant friends. When people come over they always ask me where I got my baby gates.

Latasha Spreckels, CA


We just received a new tiny puppy and I needed a way to keep her out of my studio because it could be dangerous for her

Mable Orient, SD

Perfect for babies, cats, and parents!

I needed a gate that would effectively keep my toddler out, but allow free access for my cats. I had purchased one that had a cat door built in but it didn’t allow for swinging, and stepping over it became a hassle. So I got this, installed it four inches from the floor, and it’s perfect! I have a pretty chubby cat but she can fit through the gap with ease. My son likes it because he can see us through the screen, we like it because it is effective, easy to use, and allows for swinging both ways. It was pretty easy to install – took about fifteen minutes. Highly recommended!

Reyna Webster, IN

works once you get it set up

It took me a little while to align the gait on both sides of the wall so i could screw it in. Very stable once its set up. My 2 year old husky cannot even break it down. Works well to keep my crawling baby from going down the stairs.

Lily Point Comfort, TX

Easy, One Hand Operation

This gate has been great for the doorway to a room that we are in and out of constantly. I initially purchased theSummer Infant Sure and Secure Extra Tall Walk-Thru Gate, White, but I had trouble with the latch staying closed, not something you want with an ambitious baby around! Sure, it is more difficult to step over this gate, but it will never come ‘unlocked’ to allow a child to break loose. It is easy to take down anytime you need with one hand, easy to carry around, and the plastic does not mar the door frame or paint on the wall I lean it against for storage when not in use. The gate can be left on the door frame when the door is closed.For us, the Summer Infant door will not close with the gate up (lever handle, not a knob on the door), so for naptime and bedtime, the gate had to be taken off. This involves unscrewing all four pressure-mount posts, using two hands to carry the gate (one on the door part, one on the frame) and finding a place to put it where the metal would not damage walls or furniture. I think it would be more appropriate for a place where removal was not often necessary. And the noise! A baby grabbing the bars and shaking can make quite a racket!

Ingrid Riley, OR

cant say enough

this is so so so worth the cost. it is soo easy to install. totally clear. super strong. baby even likes to look through it so he doesn’t cry when I walk to kitchen!!! comes with measuriong strip to show how far apart to put hinges. great

Florence Nichols, FL

A bit too much flex

The gate flexes slightly when opening and closing which can make the gate difficult to close safely. It works well and looks good but you have to be paying attention. It helps to support the bottom with a foot while closing the top so everything lines up properly.

Chelsea Catasauqua, PA

What you need to know before purchase

I was really excited about this gate until we tried installing it. My husband and I are both pretty handy, so we thought it wouldn’t be a problem.The template for mounting was a nice addition, especially if you’ve tried mounting a Regalo gate to the wall–those things are impossible to align perfectly and quickly.Here’s what you need to know before purchasing, if you intend to mount AT THE TOP OF STAIRS:1) The opening must be between 27.5″ and 42.5″ wide2) The hardware MUST be screwed into wood or studs, not drywall or anything else. You may need a stud finder to locate the studs.3) The hardware has to be AT LEAST 6 inches from the stairs. Make sure your walls extend a ways beyond the steps.4) You need a drill with a 1/8″ bit5) You need a Phillips screwdriver6) This won’t work with short baseboards OR curved baseboards that are shorter than 5 inches7) If you have baseboards that aren’t COMPLETELY flat, (e.g. If you have trim at the bottom), then you will have to do some creative problem solving, either filling up gaps with wood or removing trim.If you have tall, flat baseboards, then you can use the handy-dandy extenders they include for you on the top of the hinge.I’d give this 5 stars for pressure mounting, 4 for top of stairs use, but about 3 for the unexpected complications. I reviewed the information before purchasing, but I wish I had known 1-7 above before making my purchase.

Irene Venturia, ND