The First Years Expandable Mesh Dishwasher Basket

The First Years Expandable Mesh Dishwasher Basket

The first and only dishwasheter basket that truly works with all bottle nipples, sippy valves and straws. Elasticized mesh stretches to hold items tightly, and protects small items from falling out. Narrow design is more versatile in the dishwasher–can be placed over pegs, or in between or straight up to work aorund other household items. 2-pack. UPC: 071463044085 Unit Dimensions: 9.0″ x 1.5″ x 8.0″

Main features

  • Works with all bottles, nipples, valves, and straws
  • Elasticized mesh
  • Versatile in dishwasher
  • 2-pack

Verified reviews


Doesn’t hold in place

I ended up throwing these out. The mesh is too stretchy and doesn’t hold the items very tightly. As a result, they move around during the wash cycle and don’t get clean.

Luella Mount Victory, OH

The Hinge Rusts

Well, I have had this set for a several months. I generally use them every night in the dishwasher, but I’ll be throwing them out soon. There is a metal rod in the hinge that is rusting on the large mesh rack. The small one has the same rod but for whatever reason, it is doing fine.Also, these lie flat in the dishwasher, taking up much room. I prefer the Munchkin brand of dishwasher basket. It is tall, and allows better use of space. It also holds a lot more, and has no metal pieces whatsoever.

Brandie Chase City, VA

Great idea

These are amazing we use these for all the odd shaped baby items that would normally take up way to much room in a basket or come out of the basket- medicine droppers- straws for sippy cups- lids- bottle collars

Daisy Leaf River, IL


These are great! I don’t use them lying down but sitting up in my dishwasher. Even though sometimes the stuff is all together, goeverything gets clean. I also wash some of my breastpump stuff with these and so far nothing has gotten lost!

Chris Trenton, TX

So happy with them, I bought more!!!

I picked up a set of these just to try them out because they were so inexpensive. I was so happy with them that I went to the store to buy another set and ended up buying two more sets (the only two the store had or I would have bought three!). They are great for so many things, not just baby stuff. I also use them for the things that are too small for the dishwasher that I normally have to wash and dry by hand. I just wish the manufacturers had included instructions on how to get them open. It took a little experimenting to figure out how the closures worked. I am sure the people who are having trouble getting them to stay shut are the ones that forcefully “yanked” them open. Just slide the two tabs towards each other and pull gently. It is a little harder than this to get them out of the packaging, but be patient and don’t force them. I cut the plastic bands to make them easier to free from the packaging.

Nichole Dunn, NC

Excellent supplement to the traditional dishwasher basket

This is a good supplement to theMunchkin Deluxe Dishwasher Basket, Assortedor any other hard plastic dishwasher basket – but will not replace it. This is good for odd shaped items that need to stay in a certain position when being run in the dishwasher, like baby bottle caps. If I put caps into the Munchkin, they would flip over and collect water during the wash. If I didn’t put the caps into anything and ran them through the dishwasher, they would either flip over or end up at the bottom of the dishwasher. Both outcomes are undesirable for anh OCD clean freak like me. This thing comes in handy to make sure these items stay in their proper and optimal cleaning position. Does the job, and doesn’t cost too much.

Dawn Weirton, WV