The First Years Fast Heating Travel Warmer

The First Years Fast Heating Travel Warmer

Provides parents with unique ounce selector which ensures accurate warming on-the-go.

Main features

  • Faster, safer way to warm bottles on the go!
  • New safety features eliminate possibility of mom error or overheating
  • Unique push-button settings for accurate warming.
  • Works with all bottle types and sizes
  • Range 0 Mos. – Up

Verified reviews


Doesn’t work!

I registered for this item and received it as a gift, why, I don’t know. I never really even travel by car too often. I decided to try it out the one time I did travel, my son was 4 months old.. I plugged it in and waited and waited and waited and the item never ever heated up. It just remained cold. I tried to take it back to Babies R Us but the return time had already passed so they wouldn’t take it back. My advice on this item is, don’t buy it, even if it does work, you will probably never use it.

Debora North Smithfield, RI

Life saver!

I was a little weary when I bought this because of all the bad reviews but needed something for the road. This bottle warmer works great! We used it for about 5 months and never had a problem with it. It does take about 15 to 20 min to heat a 6 oz bottle but we just planned ahead and started heating the bottle before it was time to eat. This was a total life saver and we will use it with our next child.

Kathleen Brainerd, MN

takes too long

I liked the product for its purpose, but it does take 15-20 mins for an 8 oz bottle to warm up mildly.So if they would of made it heat up in faster time, I would give this 5 stars. But it does the job! Just make sure you prepare the bottle ahead of time..not while baby is crying wanting bottle NOW!

Melba Chaska, MN

Awesome product!!! LIFE SAVER***

This works wonderfully and the safety feature w/ automatic shut off makes me rest easier. This is a must for anyone needing to heat a bottle while out or traveling. When we started formula feeding we realized all to quickly that many new stores and gas stations have automatic faucets that you are unable to control the temp of making it nearly impossible to heat a bottle while out. It makes you not want to go anywhere or becomes exhausting having to stop at 10 different places with two upset children before you can find somewhere that can accomidate. And, by that time your child is much to irrate and hungry that he/she is basically to upset to even realize the bottle is ready! This item warms bottle to perfect temp in approx 5 min and you can continue driving the entire time making life much much easier.A MUST HAVE FOR ANY PARENT!!!

Eloise Hillsboro, WI

Great for long car trips

We bought this when my son was about 6 months old for a 16 hour car trip. It takes about 20 minutes for it to warm up the bottle (water at room temperature), but we knew what time the baby would eat, so we planned ahead and the bottles were ready when we needed them. Had we waited till the kid was screaming, that would have been a veeeerrrryyyy long 20 minutes.Make sure you read the instructions before using, so you know how to power it up.Also, watch out that it is wrapped around the bottle properly (so the coils are coming into contact with parts of the bottle that have liquid in them). A few times we wrapped a bottle, then put it in the cup holder…the plastic bottle started to melt where the coil was touching and there was nothing inside to warm up. I think also, since we used Nuk bottles, which have a strange shape, that contributed to this minor setback.I was really happy with this purchase and would recommend it.

Virginia Hutchinson, MN

Great for on-the-go parents, slow heating

This is a great product, works as advertised, but is pretty slow heating. This product works best if you’re going out with a cold bottle and know when you’re going to feed your child. For example, our town is 25-30 minutes away, so we start warming the bottle in the car on the way to town so that it is finally ready once we get to our destination.

Sandy Burrel, CA

Great Warmer at a Great Price

We have used this warmer only a few times on road trips it does take a little bit of time – about 5-6 minutes to get the bottle warmed up as hot as our daughter likes it, but it works great. Time shoudl not be a problem if you know that baby will be wanting to eat soon and get prepared early!

Delores Calais, VT

Great and handy tool when traveling, a bit slow

We love this. Although it is a bit slow (about 15 minutes), it is very valuable when traveling.We bought this when on a roadtrip and have had no regrets.

Lorraine Timber Lake, SD

Didn’t really work

Only used once, it took way to long to heat the bottle. Seems like it would be useful if it worked better.

Mariana Newton Grove, NC