The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier

For more than 60 years, The First Years family has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do. Making helpful, innovative products for your parenting journey is what motivates us every day.

Main features

  • Trusted by hospitals
  • Unique silicone design stays clear of baby’s button nose
  • Easily works with most pacifier attachers
  • Convenient five-pack so you’ll have a clean spare
  • BPA free, Latex free, Phthalate free

Verified reviews


Good pacifier for breastfeed baby.

We got one of these pacifiers at the hospital. I was hesitant to give my newborn a pacifier since we were exclusively nursing but it helps him because he likes to comfort nurse for 20 minutes beyond feeding. We’ve had no issues with nipple confusion, the pacifiers are sturdy, and the lip on them helps with cleaning and retrieving without touch the part that goes in the baby’s mouth.

Nellie Woodbine, NJ

Two children…

I have had two children and neither one of my kids have liked or even accepted or taken these kinds of pacifiers. Not the brand just the style. My husband bought these not knowing. (Not having been there during the earliest months of our first.)

Laurie Wyandanch, NY


You get what you pay for! Baby hates these. They are so hard and too short under the lip so baby can’t even auck properly on these. Soothies are the way to go!

Chasity Monetta, SC

She won’t give this up!

My daughter has become a pacifier snob. She is not happy unless she has a Gumdrop pacifier. I have tried other pacifiers that I was given as gifts, but she won’t accept them.

Shelly Red Devil, AK

Great for twins!

Noticed right away that the plastic pacifiers that are common after a baby outgrows the hospital ones left a mark on the face. Basically a big red outline of the pacifier. I could see it causing a problem after awhile, so before that happened we switched to these. Presto – problem solved! I like that it is one piece as well, because the others seemed to get water trapped inside occasionally. Doesn’t seem very hygienic – but you don’t run into that issue at all with these.Binky WIN!

Elena Cape Elizabeth, ME

Great product

These were recommended to me by a nurse and they are great – they are smaller and nicer on my daughter’s face! They hold up wonderfully and the six pack is perfect!

Vicki Alexis, NC

Gumdrop is her favorite!

These are the best pacifiers for the best price. She started using these shortly after she was born. They have a hole at the bottom that we can use to put a pacifier hook/string on. She likes to put her fingers in the holes. These are the best. There is no need to spend more money on the expensive pacifiers. Our little 13 month old just started to bite through her pacifiers (she has 15 teeth) so we are replacing them now.

Martina Denver, NY

My kid loves them

These are my kid’s favorite binkie – we have about 50 of them around the house! They last a long time and wear very well. Highly recommend.

Natalie Callaway, MN

Good Quality

We started out with these in intensive care for 9 weeks with premmie twin girls, have tried to use others, they won’t have a bar of it.These are of really good quality, solidly made, well thought through with bthe design. I am happy to recommend this product and would definitely purchase again.

Carissa Mount Joy, PA

The only kind she’ll use

We bought every cute pacifier under the sun for our daughter but she will only take the First Years GunDrops. Good thing they come in a bunch of colors and we just accessorize with paci straps. This six pack is a total steal and now we don’t have to worry that we’ll ever find outselves without one in case the dog eats one or one gets left at grandmas or whatever just seems to happen with babies and pacifiers. Do yourself a favor and get a bunch to have on hand!

Brenda Needham, MA

great for preemies

My twin boys were born at 34 weeks and these worked great for their small mouths. Now that they are 2.5 months old the one prefers the soothers with bigger nipples. The other will still use them but he is not a big soother user.

Sylvia Vermilion, OH

Life savers

Our babies love these. They get lost easily, so order a few! They are easy to wash. Fun colors too.

Tanisha Holley, NY

Favorite Paci

These are my daughters favorite pacifiers! We have three dogs who love to steal them so I am constantly buying new ones. I have the best luck with prices on AMAZON!

Catherine Newton, AL

I wish I would have known about these with our first baby, as they would have been all we’d have used!!

I use only the Gumdrop pacifiers with our current baby, mainly for safety, as all she ever wants to do with them is bite on them while teething. Gumdrop ones are all one piece, so there is nothing to accidentally choke on, since there are no pieces to break apart.With our other babies, we used NUK and MAM, which I also love, but we’ve discovered this brand with our baby and LOVE it! She can stick her finger inside the nipple part and bite down without actually hurting herself…we do this for her as well, without getting bit, and she can gnaw to her heart’s content…the are nice colours, and I like that they have changed the design to be curved under the nose, instead of round like the original ones that used to cover over babies’ noses…

Maryanne Lannon, WI

The best

These are the best binkis around. My daughter is breast fed exclusively and she has been taking these binks since she was about two months and has never wanted any other kind. We have tons of them now and they clean easily. We bought a cheap clevamama microwave sterilizer for binks from this site and they fit right on the branches inside it and clean up beautifully.

Tracey Faywood, NM

Quality, safe, washable

These are the best pacis I’ve found. They’re one piece, so I feel safe giving them to the baby. They also stay in way better than the round ones from the hospital. And I run them through the dishwasher on "sanitize" to clean them. No issues there. Great price.

Shanna Norwich, CT

Keeps My Baby Quiet:)

My son loves these pacifiers. It’s so much cheaper than buying from Toys R Us as he seems to always lose one or two, well usually most all of them. It’s similar to the hospital, but has a curve at the top, which is enough room for the nose. I bought "boogin head" pacifier holder from Amazon as well, which really works with these pacifiers. Since then, I haven’t had to purchase as many pacifiers:)

Gale Hye, TX

Baby Loves Them

These pacifiers are just as good as the popular Soothie pacifiers. They have pretty much the same nipple design, but the gumdrops have more of an oval shape over the mouth instead of a circle. My baby takes both and there isn’t a lot of difference between the two, but I just think these are a little cuter. I like being able to buy them in 6 count instead of just 2 at a time. Stock up because pacifiers have a way of just disappearing it seems!

Dolores Athol, KS

the best

these are so cute…my baby loves them. We have tried others and came back to these….thats all, but its making me write more words.

Lizzie Bucyrus, MO

Great Buy

My newborn baby loved these! And I loved them since they are super easy to wash. My baby has now moved onto the Avent paci’s and with the Avents, water can sometimes get trapped in the nipples whereas, these do not. These are sold as a 2 pack at Target for around $5 so this is definitely a great buy!

Rachel Buckingham, IL

My son loooooves these!

I ordered these because my preemie baby loved pacifiers but I hated that they covered his nose. These don’t, and he loves them. He’s 4 months old and still uses them. I gave them 4 stars because it’s a great value and I like that his nose wasn’t covered by them, but they’re a rubbery material that everything sticks to. I have 2 dogs and I’m constantly picking dog hair and other random fuzzies off of them. That material just attracts everything. But overall, I love them!

Grace Williston Park, NY

Baby loves it, great quality

My 3mo old is not really into pacis or her thumb, but this is the only one that seems to soothe her and almost instantly put her to sleep. We are happy with the quality, and we recommend the product.

Roxie Roper, NC

Good Construction

I bought these because my older children loved the "soothie" pacifiers and these appeared to be the same thing with a cut-out for around the nose. I love that there is only one piece of plastic, which seems safer, and that it comes in lots of colors. We purchased the pink/purple set.

Herminia Lapel, IN

great product, durable, and bite proof

Our 21 month old son still sleeps with a pacifier. When we had daughter 10 weeks ago he decided he liked her soft pacifiers. Unfortunately, he has teeth and chews on his pacifiers to sooth his two year molars coming through. He’s had these for a month and they are still in tact. Great buy!

Rachel Sparks, GA

have been using it for two years

we have been using this brand and kind for two years since my baby was born. these are good. slicon doesnt hurt her face. soft and colors are good. after they were off, we get new ones.

Vonda Malinta, OH

good product

I only rated 4 starts as my daughter does prefer the hawaii brand gumdrop they are softer but these are still a great product. And a bargain price for me in australia compared to the authorised sellers here.

Antionette Colonial Beach, VA

My favorite pacifiers!

These are my favorite pacifiers because unlike the advent ones they don’t seem to fall out of the baby’s mouth as easily. Plus now that he is teething he chews on them! I order a new set every 6 weeks (that’s the recommended time for replacement by the doctor) so that I can have one in the crib, one in the car seat, one in the play pen, one in the pack n play, a couple in the diaper bag… well you get the idea 😉

Cortney Docena, AL

Great Value

I paid almost 7 dollars for two of them locally, and was so happy that I found this deal. I love these pacifiers and they’re the only ones my daughter will use. It’s unfortunate that my dog also likes them, if she can get ahold of them, so I need a lot on hand. It’s also nice to have in case you lose them or they’re being sterilized, etc. Good quality. Very happy with the purchase.

Ivy Edward, NC