The First Years Gumdrop Pacifier Attacher, Colors May Vary

The First Years Gumdrop Pacifier Attacher, Colors May Vary

For more than 60 years, The First Years family has been applying that same creative thinking to everything we do. Making helpful, innovative products for your parenting journey is what motivates us every day.

Main features

  • Pacifier attacher
  • Keeps pacifier clean and safe
  • Strong clasp won’t pull off
  • Gentle on clothing
  • Works with most pacifiers
  • Pacifier clip attaches to baby’s clothing
  • Strong clasp won’t pull off, but is gentle on clothing
  • Fun “dot ” designs
  • Age Grade: Birth and up

Verified reviews


better ones out there

These pacifier attachers are ok…but there are better ones out there. My son never used a pacifier so we have these to help keep his toys attached to the car seat, high chair or stroller. The end that grabs the toy/pacifier works great (good length), but the clip end is very large. It is fairly easy to operate so my son is able to take it off already by himself (10 months old). I can’t imagine we will be able to use them for very long.

Selina Eighty Eight, KY

Doesn’t work well

I use this with gumdrop pacifiers. The clip is physically large but the actual teeth of it are tiny and will only grip about 1/2cm of fabric. It flings off my immobile 2 month old all the time. Just a little swinging motion is enough to do it! I also think the clip is rather bulky, especially considering how little it hold on to…

Liz Englewood, KS

BEST Paci straps

I have tried pretty much all types of paci straps and this is by far our favorite. The clip is easy to use and stays well, even when baby pulls on it. The other end is just a loop and works on all pacis that have a ring. Only bummer is it doesn’t work on the newer fancy pacis that don’t have rings. We just don’t take that kind out of the house, so we don’t need it.

Vonda Webb, IA

Be careful

This is a nice pacifier attacher, but you don’t get to choose a color. I’m expecting a boy and recieved a purple and pink item. Thankfully, I know someone having a girl, it’s not worth the shipping costs to send it back. Buy at the store if you want this particular item.

Felicia Represa, CA

Works with soothies

This clip works well with the soothies as well. It’s a bit bulky is my only complaint. I don’t like the ones with the metal clips, so this is a nice alternative.

Lara Broaddus, TX

Love these!!

It was hard trying to find these in a store without paying over $5 for each one. I was excited when I saw these on Amazon and at such a great price! When I got them, they were even nicer than I thought. The ones that are at stores are cheaply made and break very easily. These are very heavy duty and stay put when they are clipped onto to things.

Kate Mazama, WA

can’t wait to attach the binker’s to them!

i love these cute same color binkie holder’s i’m just waiting for the binkie’s to get here to conect them. they have big enough clips to clip onto clothes or carseat or just about anything. i only thought i was getting one for 5.00 i thought that was crazy talk from other’s reviews. but i got two and are very happy with the quality of them.

Althea Kilauea, HI

I should have read the reviews….

Omg! Why was it dirty??? I couldn’t believe it looked so funky! And, it really didn’t look anything like the picture. Very disappointing. It’s not even worth trying to return it…I wish I could give NO stars!

Isabel Aubrey, TX


I like her PB & J clips better. This one just falls off. She barely has to pull on it. Heck, sometimes it falls off just from my picking her up. It was a dud in my book. Also, you can’t pick the color, so of course my girl got blue.

Cornelia Gadsden, TN

Good clip

I bought this clip for my son and want to get another. I’ve had it since he was born and he’s soon to be 6 months and it still works, hasn’t come apart and hasn’t ruined clothes. I don’t always clip it but often just has on it so I can easily find it. I clip to him or his blanket in the car too. I like that he can easily grab it so he can put the bink in his mouth to chew on (he likes to chew on the ribbon part too) he’s rolled with it, swung it, chewed on it, etc and has yet to be hurt. I’d reccomend it.

Nola North Chili, NY

Too short

The tether could be longer it was pretty much unusable for me because it was so short. The clip was nice but that was the only plus

Lashonda Cory, IN

Got a dirty one!..

I understand that they say colors may vary but, I thought it would be one of the three colors pictured! No! It was a totally different one and was dirty like it had been sitting on the floor. Not happy with this purchase.

Ebony Melba, ID

Does what it says.

Does what is needed to do and is good quality however, once again, you cannot choose the color. Doesnt bother me but might bother mothers of boys who could receive any color. (also the color I received: a baby blue, isnt even shown here).

Millicent Kipling, OH

Love it!

I found one in a local store – they are very difficult to find, and my son hasn’t lost a binkie since! I clip it to his shoulder, and he’s able to find it easily. No issues with him rolling over on it, since its always out of the way. Cute, and perfect for keeping binkie close at hand.

Gussie Addison, MI

Works for us

Absolutely love these clips. We haven’t had any issues. We clip it to the shoulder of our child’s shirt. They are hard to find in stock in the stores.

Lynn Cokercreek, TN