The First Years Hands Free Gate Extension

The First Years Hands Free Gate Extension

Our Hands Free Gate is more versatile than ever with this 5″ extension. Use one or two extensions on our Hands Free Gate to accommodate any doorway or hallway up to 44″.

Main features

  • Metal
  • Perfect for oversized doorways
  • Pressure mounted
  • 6 Mos 24 Mos

Verified reviews


It does its job

It does its job. No issues with the connector. Our doorway was too wide and this worked out perfectly. Great.

Lilian Louisville, MS

Fits and works great

This extension fit our first years hands free gate perfectly. I was concerned that adding an extension would make the gate more wobbly, but once it is clipped in it is just as sturdy as the original gate by itself.

Ila Encino, NM

Easy to add, and very secure

I was worried that the extension would be loose, or threaten the integrity and safety of the gate itself. But it isn’t, and doesn’t, and took literally seconds to snap onto the gate. Yahoo!

Sasha Sabula, IA


It is just perfect. This extension is great. It works. It just slides right into the gate. No assembly required.

Janet Niobrara, NE

just what we needed

This is just what we needed to get our gate to fit in our large doorway. It fits fine into the gate and the quality seems to be good, specifically that it feels to be heavy duty.

Bridgett Nunda, SD

Still not quite the right size

We have a doorway between the front room and kitchen that must be a non-standard width, because the gate alone is a smidge too small, but when we added the extension, the whole unit wouldn’t fit in the doorway. It would be better design if there was an overlap of about 1/2″ between the two sizes.

Pansy Indianapolis, IN

Easy, and a must have

Unfortunately, if you have the gate… you will probably have to buy the extension.The extension itself, is very easy to install… it pretty much just side in on either side of the gate. So 5 stars for an easy install.Not much to say but it’s most likely a must have product, because an average size hallway will need this extension.

Joy Fosters, AL

Works as promised

My neighbor gave me 3 First Years Hands Free Gates that were from when her 5 year old daughter was young, but they needed the extensions, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get them since the gates were older. These fit perfectly. They don’t compromise the sturdiness of the gate at all, and blend in nicely with the rest of the gate.

Marisa Tobyhanna, PA

Works great

We needed these for both our baby gates which don’t seem to come wide enough to cover a normal hallway, but this extension works perfectly and we haven’t had any problems with it in over a year of everyday use. My daughter even grabs the rails and shakes them everyday and it has held up without becoming loose.

Deirdre Lake, MI

Great addition for my triplets gate!

We bought two of these extensions for the Hands Free Gate that we use for our triplets that just turned a year old. This gate including extensions are a lifesaver! You can read my review on the gate as well, lol. The extensions are very easy to add and very sturday. Adding them does not make the gate weaker by extending it out like some gates do. It is just what it states, an extension. It keeps it just as strong as sturdy! Worth the money!

Cathleen Kill Devil Hills, NC

just right

This fit just perfectly in our stairway space. Did order the larger one and realized it was a tad too big. Quick shipping as well.

Tammie North Troy, VT


Made nice just like the gate. Once you put it on there you will forget it’s an attachment and just think the gate was made that way.

Georgina Emory, TX

works ok

This work ok… I didn’t like how it fits and it should be included in the gate. Overall this gate wasn’t a good one for me.. I was much happier with the Summer Extra Tall Gate

Melisa Nashville, OH

Works Fine For Us

We had to buy this with the Hands Free Gate because our stairway was just a smidge to wide for the gate itself. The only issue we have come across is that the bottom bar on the gate and the extension bowed a little, we believe it is because of our shoe molding and the way our walls are, we fixed it by putting 2 little pieces of wood under the bottom bar and so far that has fixed our issue. Other than that the extension is great. I don’t recommend using more than 1 though.

Mercedes Wilsondale, WV

does it’s job to a T

I have the older style hands free First Years gate and was a little concerned if this would fit but it fits perfectly and my gosh it really makes a difference. The gate fit our hallway before the extension but the supports were almost all the way extended so when we saw that the extension was only 15.00 we decided to give it a go.I do not know how we lived without it. It used to be kinda wobbly and I found myself tightening it every few days. I have not had to tighten it since we bought this extension. I is sooooooooooooooooo much sturdier.

Alana Wilson, WI