The First Years Indigo Stroller, Red

The First Years Indigo Stroller, Red

The First Years Indigo Stroller.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Reversible seat for forward or rear facing positions
  • Euro styled, durable frame for use with children up to 50 lbs.
  • Taller handles for parent’s comfort
  • Accepts all The First Years Via, Disney Via, Lamaze Via and JJCole Newport infant seats
  • Universal attachment included for use with most competitive infant seats

Verified reviews


So versatile!

Pros: It collapses easily buy pushing in the buttons and twisting the bar simultaneously. And YES it does collapse with the seat facing forward, fully upright or the seat facing you fully inclined. It does stick out, unlike most umbrella strollers but I like how sturdy the seat is so I wouldn’t change that about this stroller.It’s not the lightest of strollers, but no so heavy that my 5’2″ self can’t handle itThe Indigo is great. I like gray and although it might show dirt more than others, it looks really nice.The bag underneath my stroller stores a backpack style diaper bag I purchased. It appears small, but holds quite a bit.I love that I can use the carseat with it or the seat it comes with. I love that baby can face me or away. So versatile!I purchased a snack holder to install on the side of the stroller since this doesn’t come with one.I get a lot of compliments on the convenience of it. I don’t have multiple strollers lying around.Cons:The storage bag for cell phones, keys, etc. is rather convenient but made out of cloth. It would be nice to have cup holder and plastic storage instead of cloth. I always like having drinks with me. They could make a cup holder with the cloth material- which would be better.It doesn’t have a kid tray for snacks or cup holder.The back wheels definitely squeak! As other reviewers said, I sprayed some silicone spray and it solves that problem. I spray some on when the squeaks come back.

Kayla Strongs, MI

5 star reviews are NUTS!

I bought this hoping I wouldn’t get a lemon with squeaky wheels. I wanted teh bassinet and forward facing options so much i risked it. The strolller is absolutely awful just awful. Others said it has easy maneuvering? easy what?!! This stroller is constantly being run into walls it’s sooo difficult to maneuver. My friends who have pushed my stroller confirmed that it is exceptionally hard to use. When i called customer service for 1st years they said all they could do is replace the wheels!!! What? replace the wheels that already don’t work? We routinely oil the wheels and have also bought graphite powder which the customer service agents recommended.please don’t buy this stroller. Don’t waste the money and just buy a nicer stroller. We bought this from Target because we recieved so many gift cerficiates. Too bad we didn’t use amazon their 1 year baby warranty is excellent.This looks white online but it’s actually grey. it has awful maneuverabilty. Just buy a snap and go while your baby’s 4months and younger and you’re using a car seat all the time. Then once you figure out your stroller needs (since you really don’t know how you’ll use a stroller until you have a baby) buy the stroller that fits your lifestyle. We ended up buying a nice jogging stroller with an infant car seat adapter. I thought that it would be better going for the 1st years since it seemed less bulky. Not true.I’d give this 1 star but it is useful as an over priced snap’n go.1. this stroller shade is USELESS.2. The color is grey not white as it is n the photo.3. the wheels are so squeaky (within 3 weeks of use)4. The stroller constantly runs into walls. it’s very hard to push.

Kim Peetz, CO

Great Stroller- Really squeaky Wheels!!

I bought this stroller because my 4-month old hates his car seat and hates strollers where he faces away from me.The stroller interior is a dark grey and the hood interior is turquoise. It was very easy to put together- took me under 5 minutes. It only fits Graco car seats- fyi.Cons:-The wheels are fingernails on a chalkboard squeaky and that started about 2 days after receiving the stroller. WD-40 will fix it-but you’ll need to apply it weekly. I didn’t think the squeak would bother me (after reading other reviews mentioning it) but I mean they have this loud squeak that would wake the neighbors type thing.-The wheels are also very cheap and look very worn after about 5 walks (walks just down the street and back).- The handle bar is too flimsy to hold a diaper bag- but the diaper bag can fit below.-Stinks when it comes out of the box- we had to let it air out for 2 days before use.-Stroller shade is UNBELIEVABLY small/short. I mean it barely covers anything- so if you’re out alot during the day you’ll need a shade extender or something.Pros:-Stroller looks more expensive then it is.-You can flip the seat to face you (the only way my son will use it) or to face out.-The seat has 3 angles- straight up, kinds reclined, and all the way down. My son loves it to be all the way down. Perfect for newborns!-It comes with like a fanny pack on the handle bars- I love it!!! It has tons of compartments. When going to the mall i can fit my wallet, keys, cell phone, lip gloss, tissues, baby wipes, pacifier, and water bottle in the compartments!!!-Bottom storage is large- but since you can’t fit your diaper bag on handles you have to use that space below. I find I can fit my diaper bags and 2 small-medium shopping bags. My diaper bags also have stroller clips- so I clip it to the sides of the stroller below for extra security.-Stroller colors are great and perfect for a boy. Sorry girls.-Easy to take apart and fold up. It does require that you remove the seat and then fold stroller- so you have two pieces.For the price- you can’t go wrong! Just grab some WD-40 and your set. I would recommend this to any mom- especially moms who have fussy car seat babies.Also my son is 4-months, 16 pounds, and 26 inches long- he fits fine. He can probably fit comfortably up to 20 pounds.

Aileen Mountain Home, TX

Hate this stroller with a PASSION!!!

My Mom bought be this stroller and I was super excited. I wanted a stroller where when my son got older he could still face me while we took walks but when he wanted to see the world i could turn him around without an issue. Within the first maybe 2 weeks the rubber on the handle bars started coming off. Its completely gone now. 4 weeks ago the rubber to click the car seat in is completely breaking off. I have to carry WD-40 with me everywhere i go because the wheels are so stiff its not even funny. I have to grease the wheels all the time to get a smooth ride. And on top of that my son doesn’t even fit in the seat because the shoulder straps are not positioned right and i can’t re position them. i have to fold blankets and make a sort of booster seat for him to sit in the stroller. Wish i could return this 1. ugh my 1st bad review 🙁

Ashleigh Liberty, TX

I wanted to love this stroller

I bought it despite all the bad reviews about the wheels squeaking and being sucky. Sucky is correct, sometimes the stroller will not move. It’s so squeaky that people tell me it is loud! I wanted to love it bc of the features and I really can not afford a buggaboo. I had to settle for a city mini which does not have a parent facing seat… Me very sad

Luella Saint Joseph, MO


Squeaky wheel! And it’s not just a little bit of a squeak, it’s a loud screeching squeal of a squeak. It’s so loud, that my husband and I were so embarrassed about it we actually used cooking spray while in the grocery store to spray the wheel to keep it from squeaking so badly. That solved the problem right then, but it keeps coming back no matter what I do and I keep having to spray it.I like that its tall, and not too bulky. It’s the happy medium between umbrella stroller and full size. A lot of people commented about it being too tall for a short person, but I think that’s a matter of preference. I’m 4’11” and I LOVE the height of it. I feel like I have to lean over with an umbrella stroller, which is why I hate them. I do also love the parent facing feature, it was a major factor in my purchase. I do hate that you can’t really fold the stroller up with the seat attached. Definitely a pain in the butt when it’s raining and you’re trying to do it quickly. I do also like the adjustable seat position. I lay my son all the way back when he falls asleep and also can change his diaper there instead of having to worry about using a nasty public changing table.In total, I do love this stroller, for the price especially since similar ones are so mcuh more expensive. I would still buy this one all over again.

Susanna Surrey, ND


This is JUNK! Do not buy this stroller. They sent me a new frame and wheels and it’s still junk. The wheels are squeaking and sticking once again and the material is ripping. It’s made terrible.

Alyce Mableton, GA

I personally do not recommend this stroller

I was so excited about this stroller! It has the rear facing feature which was a MAJOR requirement in my new stroller purchase. Well that’s about the only good thing about the stroller. Oh well the fact that it has a bassinet feature as its called was awesome! It laid 100% flat, that was great when my daughter fell asleep… But here’s the stuff that made me return the stroller… The front wheels don’t roll over anything other than a perfectly flat surface ie the slightest pebble made the stroller jerk. And they squeak REALLY loud! I pushed it through walmart for 10 minutes and it slowly but surely started squeaking… it started out quiet by by the time I finished my 30 minute shopping trip the wheels were so loud I was honestly embarrassed cuz I could here people making comments… after research i bought silicone spray and sprayed the wheel… worked like a charm! (of course that was another 4 dollars tho!) Anyway… The canopy is tiny! It didn’t matter if my 1 year old was forward facing, rear facing, reclined, sitting up, etc… The sun hit her face directly! I took her to the fair and as I was walking the front wheel fell off! I had set up the stroller according to the directions but apparently there was a piece either missing that comes assembled on the front wheel (the clip that keeps the wheel on) or it came off (which if thats the case was WAY too easy to fall off), regardless I couldn’t use the stroller from that point on because there was no way to keep the wheel on! It is a cute stroller but honestly even tho it is inexpensive it is not even worth that price!

Francesca Chest Springs, PA

Thought it was great at first…

The first week I had this stroller my husband and I loved it. I even recommended it to friends. After using the stroller for about two weeks of light use the wheels started squeaking. No big deal. You can WD40 them. But one day while my husband was folding the stroller we heard a loud crack. He was gently folding the stroller like normal. When we next used he stroller we noticed the seat was completely broken in half from the frame making the stroller unusable. It’s a great design, but you get what you pay for. Spend a few more dollars and get a stroller that will actually hold up.

Marcia Highland, KS

All was great.. At first

This stroller is exactly what I was looking for. I loved that my newborn could ride in it and I could see her, or turn it around the other way. The print is super cute, too! Folding out and up is really easy. But after about 5 uses, the wheels in front were stubborn. They don’t turn and get all jammed which makes the stroller very difficult to maneuver. Silicone spray didn’t solve this problem.

Essie Central Islip, NY

very smooth, but hard to store

We have this stroller as well as a Wisp Travel System (that includes a Via carseat). I love that our carseat snaps right onto this stroller as well as the travel system stroller (it comes with an adapter for some other carseats). The travel system stroller is actually more compact (for our particular system), but this stroller has a nicer “ride.” So I keep the travel system stroller in my car and this one in the house to use for our walks around the block. I’d also use this one if we were going to a theme park or something where we’d be using the stroller all day. I have only used it in bassinet mode and carseat snap-in mode so far, as our baby is only 7 weeks old.PROS:- Very nice ride – easy to maneuver and smooth for baby- roomy bassinet – nice to take a walk and allow baby to lay down instead of sitting- sunshade feels very sturdy (some feel like they’ll break so easily!)- Nice fabric that will wipe off easily- bassinet snaps off easily and bottom portion folds up easily- 360 spins very easily (not so useful for bassinet mode, but good for sit up mode later when you may want baby to face you or outwards- handle gets nice and tall or very short – great for my tall hubby!- storage space underneath is useful and relatively easy to get to- one steering bar makes one-handed pushing easierCONS:- It’s BIG. We have a small house, so this is kind of a pain in the butt to store in baby’s closet.- Maybe I’m missing something, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to lock it in the folded up position. This makes it harder to store, as it tends to want to roll out into the open position.- The bassinet does not fold up – another storing pain.- Bassinet cannot be used off of the stroller (the sides aren’t rigid, so they collapse down). That would have been a nice feature.

Natalie Reddell, LA

Was a great stroller, until I actually used it!

I did hours of research on strollers… contemplating between the First Years Indigo and theBumbleride Flyer Reversible Handle Stroller with 7″ Wheels, Seagrass. I finally settled on the Indigo stroller because the price was right and the features I wanted were all there. I purchased the stroller and matchingThe First Years Via Infant Car Seat, Abstract O’scar seat. My son was born in the winter and I didn’t use the Indigo stroller regularly until about two months ago. For the first week, the stroller was wonderful. What I had initially liked most about the stroller was that I could easily attach the matching First Years Via car seat. In addition, the ride was smooth, quiet, and comfy. The stroller was a breeze to fold. Then, about two weeks into regular use, I started to notice the quality of the stroller diminish quickly. Here is what started to happen:(1) SQUEAKY WHEELS. The wheels started squeaking terribly. I’d oil them and within a few days the stroller was squeaking again! I’d be in a store and people would turn there heads to see who had the annoyingly loud stroller.(2) VIA CAR SEAT WOULD GET CAUGHT. This is what really bothered me. I could live with the squeaking, but this I could not. My son is 6 months old and we still use the infant car seat regularly. One day the car seat began to get stuck inside the left car seat stroller locking mechanism. We thought maybe it was our son’s weight causing the problem, so we took him out of the car seat and tried again. No luck! We still couldn’t get the car seat out. After fidgeting with the stroller and car seat for nearly 30minutes, we finally got the car seat unstuck! To test things out to see whether or not it was the stroller or car seat causing the problem, we decided to attached seat that came with the stroller. That too would get stuck and we wrestled around with it until it miraculously came unstuck.Unfortunately, this stroller just had to be returned (thank goodness for Amazon’s 365 day return policy on baby items). As much as I liked its other features, I couldn’t put up with its defective qualities. Perhaps I received a defective stroller AND car seat but I find that really hard to believe.In addition to it being defective, here is what else I didn’t like about the stroller.(1) BULKY. I knew when I purchased this stroller that it would be a standard size stroller but I still feel it was unnecessarily bulky. In order to fold it up, you have to remove the seat and then fold up the frame. Before I had my son I didn’t think this was a big deal. Now I know better. I’d recommend you find a one piece fold-up stroller like the Bumbleride Flyer.(2) NO CUPHOLDERS. There are no cup holders for the child or adult using the stroller. At the time I purchased the stroller, there were also no accessories available that could attach to the stroller. I think this is the huge oversight.(3) SEAT HAD TO BE REMOVED. I really found it annoying that I had to remove the seat in order to collapse the stroller or switch the stroller from back to forward facing. As I said earlier, I initially thought this was a frivolous disadvantage but I now think otherwise. Other strollers that have the same back to forward facing option allow you to simply switch the direction of the handles without having to remove the seat. If First Years ever redesigns this stroller, they should include that option in their redesign.Even though I decided to return the stroller, there are still some qualities that I liked about this stroller. Here is what I liked:(1) BACK AND FORWARD FACING. I loved that I could face my son towards me when he was an infant and away from me when he gets old enough that he wanted to explore.(2) EASY TO COLLAPSE. Although the stroller was bulky, the stroller was still a breeze to collapse.(3) EUROPEAN STYLING. In addition the practicality, I was looking for a European styled stroller. This is the most affordable stroller that is also stylish.After I returned the First Years Indigo Stroller, I went ahead and purchased theBumbleride Flyer Reversible Handle Stroller with 7″ Wheels, Seagrass. I will update this review in the near future with a comparison of the two after I get more use of theBumbleride Flyer Reversible Handle Stroller with 7″ Wheels, Seagrass. If you can afford to splurge on the Bumbleride Flyer, I would highly recommend it.

Geneva Harbinger, NC

Good Stroller BUT Could Be Better!

This stroller is really very nice. It rides smoothly and folds easily. The only issue I have with it is the fact that you Cannot fold the stroller when the seat is facing the parent. You have to remove your child and turn the seat to face away from you before you can fold the stroller down. Otherwise this is a really great stroller. I’m 5’8″ tall and it’s perfect for my walking stride, no kicking the stroller at all and the basket below the seat has plenty of space. The strollers 5 point harness is easy to operate and it’s a very comfy ride for your child all in all. If you could fold the stroller with the seat facing the parent without having to turn it facing away from the parent I would have given it the full 5 stars. It’s a GREAT stroller for those of us who can’t afford to spend the extra hundreds for a Bugaboo, etc.

Sharlene East Longmeadow, MA

Fabulous stroller for the price!

I’ve only had this stroller for a couple of days, but I love it so far. A reversible stroller, that can also be used as a snap-n-go for a car seat– for this price, you can’t beat it!Pros:The assembly was super easy.Includes parent console/cupholder and belly bumper bar.Seat sits very upright, which my 10 month old likes a lot.Pushes and handles really well, inside and outdoors.Fabric seems waterproof and very durable (kind of nylon-ish)Of course, the versatility of the seat positions– front facing, rear facing, and fully reclined, it becomes more like a bassinet.Has leg extender so child’s legs don’t dangle in the air, more comfortable.Huge basket.Easy to recline, move seat, and fold.Cons:Only comes in gray or red (so far anyway)Handlebar may be a little high for short people. (I’m 5’3″ and its manageable). I wish the handlebar was adjustable.You have to take the seat off to get a good fold. With the seat on, its bulky.Doesn’t have a very tall seatback, wouldn’t be good for older, tall kids. I’d say its a good stroller from birth to 2 yrs, maybe 3 yrs, depending on height.Overall, this is a great stroller. You are getting a lot for your money, and its great for young babies. I wish it had come out a year ago!

Tabitha Georgetown, MS

great stroller

This is a very good stroller.. especially for the price.We live in NYC so we have to walk everywhere. This stroller is performing great on the uneven and cracked/snow-piled sidewalks and streets. The wheels seem to be very good and the swivel option is very convenient. I also love loove the way it looks as well:). I love the little pouch and pockets, great for stuff like burp cloths, bottles or the parent’s drink, etc. One of the best things about this stroller is that it is reversible so the baby can face you or the street in front. Another thing is that it works for infants(we used it when my daughter was 3 days old) and kids up to 50lbs so technically, this should be the only stroller you need for your baby. The stroller itself is not too heavy(and I am not good at lifting things..)Now, for the negatives..I feel like the shade could have been just a little bigger, I feel like we will need to buy an extender for the Summer because the existing shade will not cover the baby at all. Another thing.. I feel like the seat could have been just a little bit wider for when the baby is sitting up. The basket underneath is not as good as it could have been, it says you should not place more than 5 lbs in it. And last but not least.. a big negative for me is the fact that you need to detact the seat before you can collapse the stroller. If you have a car that shouldn’t be a big deal but it is really inconvenient if you have to lug the stroller on the subway or you live in a walkup.

Christi Ellicottville, NY

Like pushing a box through sand

I tried this stroller in the store and loved everything about it – the size of the seat (could have been a little deeper but it was nice and tall), the size of the basket, the parent console, the way the harness worked. A little sticky to get the seat to turn around but for the price not a problem. But there was something about the front wheels. Pushing straight was OK but turning and steering it felt like pushing a box through sand. Took my chances and bought one anyway hoping just the display was not up to snuff but nope, same problem. Took it back. I have an 8 year old Graco that pushes just fine so it’s not like you have to buy high-end to not struggle to steer. It’s a shame about the push because otherwise this stroller is great, but what good is a stroller that’s miserable to push? After returning mine, I tried the same stroller at another store – empty and with my almost 4 year old girls in it – since it says rated to 50 pounds – it is seriously like pushing a box through sand. If the floor model won’t hold up to abuse, YOUR model won’t hold up to abuse, either. I wish this was an awesome stroller – for the price it seems amazing – but it is simply too good to be true.

Marilyn Kirby, OH

Love it overall

We wanted to get a smaller stroller than our jogging stroller and overall we are very happy with this stroller. I loved that you can have the child facing you or out and being able to adjust the angle is really nice. The foam is already starting to show some wear and tear and we have had this stroller for under 6 months. Also the wheels do get squeeky from time to time, but a little WD40 fixes that. The footrest has to be out for the stroller to fold up when the seat is on. Overall I would probably buy again.

Billie Granville, ND

Poor Steering

I want to give this 5 stars because there are so many things I love (the front/rear-facing seat, the big storage basket, the parent cargo bag) but it steers so terribly that I find myself angry every time I use it. In addition, this thing takes up a lot of trunk space. The seat does not collapse so you have the frame and the seat to try to stow. That plus a diaper bag only leaves me room for about 4 grocery bags in my generously sized Volvo trunk.

Abigail Kingmont, WV

Love this stroller!

My dad bought me this stroller because the one we originally got is a beast – the Jeep Liberty All-Terrain one (it will be great when our son is older – but right now it’s just huge for him!) and he wanted to take him out for walks when he was watching him without having to use such a massive stroller. So he bought this & then let me take it home to use as well – and I love it.The Pros:-Seat is completely adjustable: faces forward or backwards – multiple reclining options depending on how old your child is (or if he/she is napping) – and even the little foot rest is adjustable.-It also comes with a kit to use the stroller with your infant car seat – so you can take just the stroller frame & click your infant car seat in – I have no idea how well that works as I have never used it, but I imagine there are those who would.-Really easy to fold down – just remove the seat by pushing a button then twist the handle & it folds down nicely.-The handle (which is of course easily removable) is perfect for attaching toys to – I always have a rattle attached to the handle for him to fidget with when he gets distracted.-Lots of storage on the handle bar (which is removable) and below the seat.-Much lighter than the Jeep stroller we have – MUCH lighter!The cons:-Not nearly as maneuverable as a 3-wheel stroller.-It’s not super compact – since the seat doesn’t fold down with the stroller, it doesn’t end up being as compact when folded as the massive Jeep Liberty stroller we have.I’m not using this for big long walks daily – I take a 20 minute walk every other day with him on paved roads (not very well paved – but paved none-the-less). We live at the beach and I can tell this stroller would never make it on the sand – but that’s why we have the all-terrain one. I doubt it would stand up too well to rugged use.Had I understood what was needed with an infant when I first bought everything I would’ve bought this stroller instead of a stroller more suitable for an older child – but I’m so glad my dad decided to get it b/c I know I wouldn’t be nearly as inclined to take the walks I do without it.

Cecilia Big Rock, TN


I’ve had this stroller for about 5 months now, and I’ve used it with both infant carrier seat and stroller seat. After reading many reviews, I was prepared for the wheels to start squealing soon, which they did. One reviewer said silicone lubricant worked wonders on theirs, and I intend to try that but haven’t yet. I’d expected white cloth on the stroller, but it’s actually ash-grey; maybe a matter of my monitor, or maybe the product photo. Oddly, the lining of the black sun canopy is metallic aqua, which is nice for me but may not fit the "Urban Life" look for some people.+ works with infant carrier car seat (adapter included) or you can use the stroller seat (5-point harness!)+ face baby forward or backward with either seat+ switching between seats and between front/rear-facing is very quick and easy+ easy open/close (good idea to lock the rear wheels before closing, it helps keep the joints from slamming into the pavement as it collapses)+ lightweight, fits easily into a Camry trunk along with groceries and winter emergency coats for a two-plus-baby household+ easy one-handed steering+ storage underneath is quite roomy, holding diaper bag, purse (mine is fairly small), light jacket, and a small bag of minor items from a store- ends of rear axle just snap into wheels, no bearings or anything to help with rotation, and the socket on the wheel is plastic; I’m sure any sand that gets in there will grind and wear down the sockets, as will the metal axle ends- horizontal handlebar gets uncomfortable after a little while- tires are hollow plastic

Dawn Bridgeport, CT

Love this Stroller!

Edit to clarify: You do NOT need to remove the seat to fold this stroller, like some reviewers said…what you DO need to do is just put the seat into the full recline position FIRST to make it easy to fold (I have folded it in the half-recline position too with the only problem being that it catches on the parent console).~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Original Review:I bought this stroller in Sept 2010 shortly after my preemie was born (he didn’t come home until Jan). I love love love(d) it and am looking to buy another after,erm, the husband managed to break it (it was not the poor stroller’s fault – after grocery shopping and a day at the mall, hubby shoved it and the groceries in the trunk and pushed, pushed, pushed on the trunk lid until it closed…the next day, we found the seat part of the stroller broke right in half…doh!).I used it first with my preemie right in our home – it was literally his bed for about 2 weeks, as he could sleep inside when it was laid flat (he didn’t need the leg/footrest!). Then we kept it in the apartment for a while (baby was medically housebound) as an easy way for me to cook, shower, do laundry – all while having the baby with me, just roll him along in the stroller! I kept his current bottle and a bottle of baby powder in the canvas console, wipes and diaper came along in the storage compartment below! I also kept an extra blanket and change of baby clothes in the compartment, just to be handy!Fast forward to outings – the first outings, I used it only in the full-recline position and facing me (and managed many a public diaper changes right in it!) and loved that the canvas console had the zipper to put my phone, keys and wallet in for safe keeping. In the 4 console pockets, I usually had a bottle of water, my camera, baby bottle, and tissues. Diaper bag was full and in the storage compartment below (the product says like 5 lb or so limit, but I know my bag is more than that, plus I always show some shopping down there – never ripped nor dragged on the ground). Got lots of compliments on the stroller, especially that the switching from parent to front facing, it wasn’t flipping the stroller (thereby needing to adjust the console or cup holders).I love that there were a variety of adjustments and options. I never sat my baby up beyond the full recline for until Feb because he was so small, the straps were too big. Once he had a bit of head control and was a little taller, I put him with the mid-point recline (still facing me) and he was fine. It was only in March that i used the car-seat adapter, and I know I will get some flame for this, but I didn’t use an “approved” infant seat, but a Britax Asis that we had received as a gift. It has little notches on the bottom which we lined up on the frame, and it has a strap to securely lash the car seat on – before putting the baby in it, I put the seat on, strapped it on, and literally shook and jiggled the stroller like crazy – the seat didn’t move (and hasn’t since using with baby). I usually prefer for longer stroller trips to use the regular seat, as baby is sitting in the car seat during the ride to the location and will be on the way back, so I like him to be more comfortable by changing seats/positions.We finally started facing baby forward (in both the infant seat mode, and regular seat) and he is loving it! We have had no problems with the stroller ourselves, but will say, we are city dwellers and I can see that the plastic wheels would not be too great for all-terrain travel.As for the folding/storage, some people mentioned having to remove the seat to fold it – You don’t have to, you just need the seat to be in the full-recline position (or at least, that makes it easy as can be!). I never removed the seat until we started switching between it and the car seat frame.And, now that the regular seat is broken in half, I am glad that we can still use the car-seat mode while I looked around at strollers, and see that what I really want is the same one again.Oh, and yes, my wheels started squeaking a bit about a month ago, but it was never that big of a deal for me. I was planning on having the hubby grease the wheels, but maybe he just wanted a new stroller! LOL!

Lynn Lewis Run, PA

So versitile!

I’ve had this stroller for about 3 months now and love it. So far I’ve used it without the seat and have inserted my Chico car seat instead. Fast and easy to use. Is really high up compared with my travel system, so this is the stroller I keep in my car.I plan on using the reverse seat tomorrow for the first time. Looking forward to having my six month old facing me, but not in her car seat. Should be a good ride. She’s a heavy girl at almost 20lbs and getting her and the car seat in and out of the car is getting annoying. I know she’d prefer to be sitting up.My only complaints so far is that I wish is would stand up when folded. Having to lie it down on the ground is kind of gross.Second, while it’s true the wheels squeak, I used silicone spray (easily found at Home Depot) and they are silent. WD40 didn’t do the job.Highly recommend buying the Indigo. I tell everyone about it.

Madge Kingsbury, TX