The First Years Jet Stroller, Gray Dusk

The First Years Jet Stroller, Gray Dusk

The First Years Jet Stroller Easier for You More Comfortable for Your Baby Finally a stroller that is durable and yes it really will comfortably fit your little one up to 50 lbs The wider seat base means a more comfortable ride for your child which will keep them in their seat longer The larger wheels 6 diameter all eight of them allow your Jet stroller to glide over any surface Worried about keeping your little one in their seat The addition of the five point harness means your little one is securely seated For you the taller handles mean no more hitting the back side of the stroller or the wheels while you go for that afternoon walk or trip to the mall Sunny day No worries the fully adjustable and removable for those cloudy days canopy means your little one will always ride in the comfort of shade And if your little one starts to nod off during your long afternoon walk simply use the recline feature and they can comfortably snooze while you continue on your way The large upper storage console for you means your water bottle your keys your wallet and more are easy to access as you are out and about And the underneath storage provides plenty of room for your diaper bag and any other extras you bring or buy along the way And when you stop the rear wheel brakes will allow the stroller to stay in place The Jet stroller features an easy one hand fold and weighs only 11 lbs so it is easy to toss in your trunk in between trips The Jet stroller offers Durable frame rated for use to 50lbs Taller handles and multi position recline 5 point harness for a safer ride Large parent console and lower storage basket Easy one hand fold and weighs only 11lbs Dimensions 30 L x 19 W x 39 5 H

Main features

  • Durable frame rated for use to 50 pounds
  • Taller handles and multi position recline
  • 5 point harness for a safer ride
  • Large parent console and lower storage basket
  • Easy one hand fold and weighs only 11 pounds

Verified reviews


Perfect size, perfect price

I have been looking for a while for just this stroller. I was looking for something to put in the back of the car for mall and short grocery shopping. Also I didn’t want it to look cheap, it needed a sun shade and needed to fit my skinny one year old. And something under $40. Finally, this fits the bill.The stroller was tightly packaged and all the end parts were covered with foam. The 4 sets of wheels were easy to pop on, though I probably should have turned the lights on to see the direction arrow because I ended up putting the first one on upside down. No problem, though, it was easy to follow their instructions to push a button and pop it off. It took me 10 minutes to put together with a toddler crawling all over me and it, which I categorize as a success.Cons: the back is not breathable, so summers might be a little rough with back-sweat. Also, it claims to have recline, and although it does, it probably only reclines about 2 inches at best. I would not get this for that feature, it’s pretty lame actually.I got it in all black because I didn’t want it to look dirty after a while. The stroller is good for up to 50 pounds, though honestly if my child still wants to be in a stroller when he’s 7, we’ve got issues.

Alicia Collinsville, CT

Jet vs Ignite

I am posting this review because after receiving my jet I was disappointed that it was not more like my ignite even though the descriptions are the same and I got no decent response from the First years when I emailed!! I really wanted a boy blue stroller!I have both…….we have the pink dot ignite and navy jet……unfortunately I owned the igngite first, so I was spoiled. But the jet is a nice stroller and better than a small umbrella stroller or the evenflo xsport we had.The Ignite has much sturdier fabric overall and a more structured back to the seat, there is actually a metal x behind the fabric,(which makes it more flat back like your full size strollers) an inch wider seat base, almost 2 inch taller back of seat, relines 5 inches, and the locking front wheels for terrain… has one parent cup holder and a zippered pouch with 2 mesh pockets, but its shade does not rotate down, solid plastic grip handles, and 14 lb…I thought it was a great buy at $50 for the convenience of a big stroller in a small stroller. I HAVE NEVER KICKED THE BACK WHEELS!!! We LOVE IT!!!!The jet’s fabric feels much flimsier, the shade is smaller, but Does rotate down, seat is an inche smaller, it has 3 very visible vertical back of seat supports without the extra metal x support,(which makes a more rounded back like the umbrella strollers), only reclines a couple inches, the front wheels do NOT lock for terrain and don’t have as much of a “tread” on them, the parent tray does have 4 spots for drinks with a smaller zippered pouch and 4 small mesh pockets, foam covered handles, the handles at a little different angle and are not as far away from the wheels as the ignite so you may end up kicking it I have occasionally at 5’4″ and weighs 11 lbs………Both have the same under storage(little larger on the ignite), locking back wheels, 5 pt harness, and variable recline…….overall the ignite is just made better especially if you are looking for that 50lb!!!!As long as you don’t mind the shade not rotating down, I would go with the ignite! If you are looking for a stroller for a big kid….get the ignite not the jet.Another great buy that makes these stroller even better is a fisher price or safe fit snack pod (depends on where you buy BRU, walmart, target)……it fits perfectly on the side for the kids to have easy access to a snack and drink for $10-12.Back from vacation……we traveled with both strollers……I have to say both ran across gravel and grass very easy! I can say that the handles on the jet are a little closer together and i did kick it a few times….but I am used to pushing the ignite more often! The folding lock is much easier on the ignite…….I gave up and didn’t even lock the jet when folded!Happy Shopping!!

Nancy Hendricks, MN


I really wanted to LOVE this stroller. If it wasn’t for the problem I had with the front left wheel wobbling every time I would go over a crack in a sidewalk when I first purchased it, I would have been a very happy camper.I will say this…their customer service is excellent. I called and they offered to send a replacement wheel. Strangely, by the time it arrived the stroller had miraculously fixed itself. Perhaps I had not snapped it in enough? Sometimes though when I back the stroller up and then try to go forward it takes me a few tries before the wheels properly align so that I can move forward. I never experienced this before.The only other issue I have is with the length of the straps for the upper part of the five point harness. My son is 2 1/2 years old and it is too snug on him. I expected more from a stroller that claims it has a 50 lb requirement. The reason I sold my Chicco Capri was because of this very reason, the straps were too snug for him. That aside, the bottom part of the strap, the three point harness is a good size and width so it is sufficient.Now the pros….now that the wheels are working it really is a smooth ride. I used to have a Maclaren and hated it because of how bumpy the ride was going over crevices in the sidewalk, etc. So I’m really pleased with this. Also the built in parent console is awesome. I don’t mind that the size of the canopy is fairly small because I have a sun visor that I slip on it and I get full coverage. Don’t expect much from the basket…it’s really small.Overall not bad for the price you pay and my son seems very comfortable in it. It’s also nice and light which is what I needed.I would recommend this to my friends, with a little warning about the wheels. Not everyone experiences this issue, but I do know a couple of other reviewers who did. The excellent customer service compensates for this issue though.

Katheryn Andover, SD

Worked good – but then it got mildewy

We used to use this a lot. But we left it sitting on our back porch over the summer. It became covered in mildew and there is no way to clean it so we had to throw it out.

Vilma Readfield, ME

Jet vs Volo vs Chicco C6 vs BRU “Deluxe Umbrella”

We wanted a very light second stroller for the car, 11 lbs or under. I folded and lifted many strollers between 10 and 16 lbs and those few extra pounds really make a difference when you have a chunky toddler on your hip. I strongly considered a $20 Kolcraft umbrella stroller (only 7 lbs!) but then decided that I really wanted a sun canopy and a basket (even if small) and wanted our 36-lb 4-old year old to be able to use it in a pinch.After a ton of online research and several hours in 3 big box baby stores testing strollers with the help of my 4-year-old, I settled on the Jet. At the risk of repeating the existing reviews, I’ll try to summarize my findings in case they can be helpful:Jet: Good height and maneuverability. Love that it comes with a parent organizer. Compact fold and light weight. The seat back stopped short of my daughter’s head but she said it was comfy anyway and showed me that she could rest by leaning her head to the side. Not a huge issue for me as my 1-year-old will be the primary occupant and he very seldom naps in strollers. As others have said, the canopy is a joke but it sounds like many have had success with the inexpensive Summer Infant canopy extender so I’ll likely give that a try. Fold locking mechanism is stiff and annoying, and the basket is definitely not easy to access but I can live with those minor inconveniences. I am a little concerned about durability based on the reviews, but at this price, that’s a chance I am willing to take.C6: By far the most comfortable and substantial seat with nice padding on the straps, and love that it comes with a carrying bag, but compared to the Jet, it felt flimsy. Way too much flex in the frame when pushing my 4-year-old. (I would note that the one I tested at Burlington Coat Factory must have been an older model because the crotch strap was at the edge of the seat, not the middle as many have noted with newer models. The harness fit her very comfortably. I also looked at the current model with the crotch strap fixed in the middle of the seat and it appears that it would be nearly impossible to squeeze a larger baby/toddler in).Volo: Clearly a superior product in every way. What sets the Volo apart from the others I tested: quality fabric, removable/washable seat, better canopy, step on/step off linked brakes, much easier to operate the fold locking feature, better basket access, attached carrying strap. Lightest of the bunch–8.8 lbs, they say. Note, though, that the Volo seat is exactly the same height as the Jet’s. The Volo was also by far the tippiest of the strollers I tried. As in, you lay a finger on the handle of the empty stroller and the thing starts to tip back. I think this is because the handles are angled back further which decreases your chance of kicking the wheels–so it’s a trade off. If I were going to be using my lightweight stroller frequently and taking it on/off public transportation, I’d definitely go with the Volo or, finances permitting, an Uppababy G-Lite.BRU Deluxe Umbrella: seems to fit in this class of strollers, although it’s a little heavier at about 13 lbs. It had some nice features like a pretty good canopy and nice padding on the harness, but the seat back seemed flimsy and to offer very little support. Like the Jet, the “recline” is only a inch or two. Handles were shorter than the Jet/Volo. The folding release levers are at hand level, right beneath the handles. Not sure whether that’s good or bad, just different from the others.Happy strolling!

Corine Wolftown, VA

Back it goes.

I have to send this stroller back, because of major problems I had with it.Firsts of all my 7 month old son fills the sit and he is 28 inches tall and 19 lb.Secondly sun shade is a joke! Doesn’t give much protection and when I adjust it to the front it falls down but itself. I also purchased the additional shade, but here it goes third flow- it is ok for me to push stroller, I am 5’6″. My husband is 5’11” and he hits the back wheels with every step he takes, because they not spaced far enough apart (seriously- only 8 3/4″ space between the back wheels).Overall stroller seems durable, but I better spend more money and go something we both can use.

Catalina Groveland, FL

Perfect on the go stroller. solution to the wheels sticking.

This stroller really is a great on the go Umbrella stroller, lightweight, folds up nice and small, parent tray is great. basket is small but does the job if you just want to take a couple items with you. Definitely better than your standard umbrella stroller! Now onto the wheels issue. I saw a lot of reviews about this, and it concerned before I purchased mine, but overall felt the stroller was a great value. when I received it and got it set up, sure enough the wheels would stick and not go straight or turn to the side and get stuck. It was really frustrating. However I had a thought to take the 2 front wheels off put some WD-40 on the plastic that the wheel snaps onto. and it worked!! wheels are great now! Hope this helps anyone else having this issue. I definitely recommend this stroller:)

Michaela Maryville, MO

Second one!

We bought another one to stay at our parents’ and the newer model seems to be roomier. Found it to be excellent value. We didn’t want to spend much but wanted a good quality umbrella that we can use for hopefully as long as the kids need (not just one summer). We’ve brought our old one on several plane rides and countless long road trips. It’s our go to stroller and we’ve used it for at least 2.5 years.The only complaint is that the handle grips eventually wear out. We have replacement ones on them and that’s ok but still not as good as the nice snug grips it came with.Easy to fold up and fairly light weight for a petite mom (5’3″). Wheels don’t seem to get stuck in a position like I find some of the other umbrellas do. Canopy doesn’t exactly block much sun but is extremely useful for using a rain cover on (use generic Jolly Jumper one). I just use regular clips on the bottom pockets to hold the rain cover in place so it doesn’t flap around or smush my babe’s face. Enough room in the basket for a few groceries and diaper changing pad. Can clip massive diaper bag on, just make sure you weight the bottom too, otherwise when kid jumps out, down goes your stroller!

Adeline Gould, OK

Great second stroller! Excellent for quick errands and travel

I give this stroller a five-star as a second stroller. As a main stroller, this would be like a 2-star stroller. It is a simple, affordable, umbrella stroller and doesn’t have all the luxury of a more expensive stroller, but I just wanted something light and simple for a second stroller and this is perfect. (I also have a video review on this stroller […])PROS:-Light-weight (11 lbs).-Very easy to open and fold.-Folds very compact. Fits any trunk.-Pretty easy to maneuver.-Does not tip over when I hang my diaper bag from the handle. (If you put enough weight, it will tip over.)-Five point harness.(This was an important feature to me that cheaper umbrella strollers didn’t have. My baby’s 7-month and still kind of wobbly when sitting up, so 3-point harness just didn’t seem safe.)-Parents storage for cups and small items like keys, cell phone, and wallet.-Small basket underneath (Cannot hold a full-size diaper bag, but can hold some stuff like a couple of water bottles, light blanket, and a jacket.)-Tall handles for an umbrella stroller. No hunching over.-High weight capacity of 50lbs. Although the seat back is pretty short.CONS:-Canopy does not provide a lot of shade (More about the canopy below)-Front wheels do not lock straight-Seat recline is minimum (You could say it’s non-existent)-No baby bumper bar-Manual lock instead of automatic lock for keeping it folded.-Baby’s feet dangle in the air (There is a foot rest for a toddler)Obviously, this is not a good stroller if you want your child to nap in it, or want to go on bumpy roads. And you will probably need a canopy extension like Protect-a-bub or Ray Shade if you’re going to be out in the sun for a long time. Also, because it doesn’t recline much at all and does not accept an infant car seat, you can’t use it for a young baby who can’t support their upper body yet.But I bought this as a second stroller to always keep in my trunk to use for quick trips, and this does the job very well. We also plan to use this one for air travel because last time we flew with United, we gate-checked our main stroller (Zooper Waltz 2011) and it got dirty and scratched up.A lot of people are complaining about the canopy being useless. I agree that it is a pretty small canopy, but I found that if you attach it really low on the frame, you can actually get a pretty decent shade for smaller babies too. The canopy has two clips that go on the frame and velcro straps to attach the back, and you can attach it to pretty much anywhere on the frame. For my 7-month-old, I attached it way down low so that the clips go right above the red plastic piece to lock the stroller folded. It’s still not enough a lot of times, but it’s not completely useless. Even when the canopy is attached all the way down like that, I can still fold the stroller no problem. I tried attaching it at different heights and some heights make it hard to fold the stroller, but it works pretty well at most points.Also, some people are complaining that you can’t fold the stroller with the canopy on. I think they must have forgotten to retract the canopy.I got this for $40 on Amazon and I think that’s a great price for the value. It totally beats Maclaren Volo which is pretty much the same thing and costs over $100.

Joy Nenzel, NE

Had to return…

I loved the ‘extras’ of this stroller (reclines, padded, extra room, canopy, taller, 5 pt harness, etc.) but unfortunately it came damaged. The canopy was bent and curved to the left, and one of the wheels had a broken piece inside of it, resulting in an annoying sound as the wheel turned over and over. Not fun. They are however, sending me a new one with free return shipping. Hopefully the 2nd one will be fully functional. If so, I’m sure it’s a great stroller.

Harriett Mount Pleasant, MI

A piece of garbage albeit cute

I thought that I was jaded against this stroller because my other stroller was a BOB Stroller Strides $599 stroller. My mom bought a cheap umbrella stroller to use at her house out of town for $10 less than we paid for this one:DK Innovations Inc Heavenly Strollercalled the heavenly stroller also sold on amazon. Buy the Heavenly Stroller. Don’t buy this one.So we read the reviews on how this First Year’s stroller was great for tall parents. It’s okay…but steering it is almost impossible. Forget steering it with one hand. Forget navigating city streets. You may as well start crying now if you think you’re going to navigate a dog on a leash and your kid in this stroller. This is not a viable lightweight alternative to a running stroller. It’s truly a really cute looking piece of garbage. I’m either going to give this or throw this away.So the Heavenly Stroller is fantastic for tall parents. It turns easily, with one hand and navigates city streets, including old brick sidewalks and slate sidewalks very well–or as well as can be expected without a suspension system. It is a little fuss, no muss stroller that we all prefer (Mom, Dad, Nanny). I wish the Heavenly Stroller came in cute prints…but it’s perfect otherwise, especially for the price.

Pamala Kalaupapa, HI

If you’re looking for really nice lightweight umbrella stroller, this is it!

I first bought a $15 Costco stroller and realized it was far too cheap for what I wanted… it had no cup holders, basket, or shade, and the harness was just around the babies waist and he could throw himself out of it. Then I bought a little nice Jeep umbrella stroller so I could have a shade for the baby; and it also came with a little clip on cup holder and tiny basket. But the harness was still just around the waist and the way it pushed felt flimsy.I ordered this stroller hoping for a little nicer product and it turned out to be totally worth the money! For the amount of money I wasted on the first two strollers I could’ve just bought the First Years Jet Stroller and gotten everything I wanted. It has a 5 point harness so the baby is leaning forward and falling out of it, it has a really nice double cup holder and pocket for other items, it has a fairly large basket underneath, and it just feels much sturdier than the other umbrella strollers I’ve tried. Plus, I think the baby has a little more room to lean back in it, making him feel more comfortable as well.I would 100% recommend this product to anyone wanting an umbrella stroller!

Carly Pocahontas, IL

ok for the price,but a few issues with the product

I bought this a year ago and honestly now I wish I had invested a little more on an umbrella stroller.Pros:1.Reasonable price2.Not so flimsy and cheap like some of the others i have seen.Its reasonably heavy.3.I’ve taken it through different kind of terrains-grass,uneven concrete surfaces etc. and its served me well.4.Doesn’t take up much space when folded up.5.The belts are good to keep my baby back and so I could use it right from when he was 5 months and now he is almost 1and half years old.Cons:1.Sunshade is useless.So I cant even put the weather shield on it to protect my baby on windy days(I then have to take the bigger heavy Graco out).2.Cupholder is not reliable.3.Storage space is not very usable because of the bar in front of it that blocks it.4.The cushion material on the handles have worn off.5.Doesn’t recline much so my baby’s head would flop forward when he’d fall asleep.Overall, I say its not too bad as it has served me for so long without too many serious issues.

Mina Rupert, GA

Sturdy and light!

We had purchased another light stroller (See my review for the Cosco umbrella stroller) before an international trip. 2 days before the trip we tested it and realized that the darn wheels kept locking on it. At the last minute, we relied on good old Amazon with its its awesome reviewers, and we purchased the First Years Jet stroller. Turned out to be a great buy. Very sturdy. At 11lbs or so, not super light, but whats the point of an 7lb stroller that doesnt work?Also, its basket, and the parent console are very handy for storing a few small items when you are out on a walk.

Arlene Koyukuk, AK

wonderful on-the-go stroller

Like most reviewers, I bought this stroller mainly because I was trying to stay away from those cheap looking umbrella stroller. We needed it for our trip to Disneyland for Christmas eve/day (by the way, I highly do not recommend doing that…it’s insanely crowded). It did put this stroller through it’s paces though.Assembly:Very easy. I was able to do it in 10 minutes and no tools are needed. You just fit the pieces together. They snap together and if you make a mistake you can snap them apart again.Ease of use:This thing folds down quickly. This was the best feature of all. We needed to quickly go from car, fold the stroller as we go down the escalator, unfold it while we stroll to the tram, then refold as we ride the tram, and finally unfold for the park. It can get hectic when you have what seems about a million people walking all around you trying to get into the park as well but this thing didn’t give us any trouble and worked beautifullyDurability and other feature:When you have 1 stroller and 6 adults somehow all the coats, drinks, little nicknacks ends up being slung around the stroller. This is when the undercarriage compartment comes in handy along with the cup holder/pocket on top. All 4 cup holders had water bottles in them, bottom compartment was stuffed with blankets/coats and around the handles were purses and backpack. Who knew the stroller was going to be used mostly by the adults rather than the baby? The stroller worked very well even being burden in unexpected places.Baby:My 19 mo. old daughter loves this stroller. When I first put it together she wanted to get on it for a ride around the house. By the way this is the first time I’ve used a lightweight stroller and love how it can turn on a dime. During our vacation boot camp she fell asleep in it several times. The back of the seat hugs her and caves around her weight so her head didn’t really roll over too much and hit the metal frame (my fear). She was able to nap over an hour and a half in this thing while we were moving about so I can only assume she was pretty comfortable.I now use this stroller for quick trips when running errands. It is so convenient and a great buy. I highly recommend this stroller.

Eliza Oilville, VA

Great stroller for heavy kids

I bought this when my cheap-o umbrella stroller became to hard to push as my preschoolers and toddler surpassed 30 pounds. This stroller rolls well even with a 40 pound child in it and can be steered with 1 hand (but needs 2 for tight turns). Wheels are heavy duty and have not warped or gotten flat sides in nearly a year of use.

Sylvia Crawfordsville, IA

Excellent, light weight stroller!

I absolutely love this product. It is by far the easiest light weight stroller to use. It is still insanely effective–it gives my daughter the independence she hoped for once she turned a year old and is still great to have as a toddler (she’s now 18 months). It is extremely easy to put together when it arrives (and to use and breakdown after use), easily stored (very thin when folded), and has great storage available underneath and up top for drinks and snacks when in use. The canopy is okay (it’s not the best), but expected for such a small stroller–literally the only complaint I have!

Zelda Comfort, WV

A great stroller

My wife and I got this because we were tired of going to the mall or another store with our travel system stroller that was really big and too difficult to navigate. We got this when our son was about 5 months as he was able to sit up on for longer periods of time and didn’t need to be in a car seat attached to the stroller.The travel system stroller was too bulky for my wife and it was very annoying and difficult to navigate with in many stores as there is just not enough room between clothes racks or aisles with other people. So we were looking at strollers like this and saw a bunch that were $20-$30 but felt they were low quality and cheap. So we ordered this for our son and he loves it, and more than that, we love it. It is a really nice product, and it uses quality materials that after a whole summer of use, none of the threading came undone, no dents in the metal, and the wheels are still working perfectly, even with us using it on regular roads on evening walks.I would recommend paying a bit more for this compared to cheaper alternatives as this is a product that can be used for a few years. It looks great, has good color choices for both boys and girls, and it is a great ride for the baby strapped in. I’ll admit I like to move pretty quickly and let the wind blow through my son’s hair and face and give him a great ride and never once do I really worry about this stroller breaking.

Dana Rowe, MA

Great stroller, except for 2 things…

We held onto this for a week or so, and used it briefly. And, I’ve finally decided to return it for 2 reasons: 1) it’s too short. I’m 5’8" and I am often kicking the wheels, even walking barefoot, slowly. This is a bummer. And, 2) it’s impossible to fold the stroller up with the canopy attached. What a nuisance, having to have the canopy separate and haul it around.Aside from these things, this seems to be a pretty decent stroller, especially for the price. But, I’m returning it and then I’ll buy the First Years Ignite Stroller, based on reviews I’ve read indicating it’s features.

Regina Shady Grove, FL

Light and fabulous

The hubs and I were looking for a stroller to replace (or supplement) the Graco travel system we have. The Graco’s seat did support our son fully and we wanted something that would allow him to relax, yet sit up nicely.This umbrella style stroller definitely does that. The seat is deep, allowing baby to sit back, but it’s upright enough that the child can easily relax back and still fill as though they’re sitting up and seeing the world.There’s “some assembly required” when it comes out of the box, but my husband did the putting together in approximately 2 minutes. The frame is sturdy, but the stroller is light. I can easily (even with horrible back and hip issues) carry the stroller down our stairs to get it outside. The basket underneath is perfect for storing a purse or other not-huge items, and there’s a nylon compartment for keys, phones, bottles, what-have-you suspended between the handles that is incredibly useful.Added to all that, the price is right (hey, it’s only $25 more than simpler, wobblier versions at a certain Baby Store).We love it.

Dora Rogers, ND

Excellent light weight stroller

Easy to use, heavy duty and light weight. The five point harness was a must. Can lift folded into my trunk with one hand.

Candace Union Hill, NY

Well made umbrella stroller

There are some cheaply made umbrella strollers out there. This stroller is not one of them. The First Years stroller has nice size plastic tires on it. A lot of the other umbrella strollers have ity bity tires that make it hard to maneuver. This stroller is easy to push. It just glides. It is easy to open and close, and it has a lock that is very convenient. Both tires can be locked also. The stroller is very light. I use it at the airport all of the time. The shade can be snapped on pretty much where ever you want it. My 10 month old needs the shade to be placed closer to her head to provide sun protection. I like that it can be moved and is not stationary. There are 4 cup holders and a zippered bag attached to the top of the stroller. There is a small area for storage underneath. I would buy it again.

Randi Piscataway, NJ

I love it

This is the best stroller it not only is a very compact size it holds and supports our baby so well with the shoulder harness. It is a wonderful price and a great quality. The front wheel was a bit off till it got broke a bit, but works wonderful now.

Natasha Summertown, TN

Love This Stroller!

We have the bid exspensive travel system and a light weight cheap umbrella stroller… the travel system is big bulky and heavy and the umbrella stroller does not have a canopy/visor and is to low for me to push without hurting my back. This is just right, the weight is not to light or heavy, it’s not to low or high and it folds up to be compact! the only down side is the basket underneith noed not hold much. Well worth the $!!!

Jill Elba, AL

Front wheels always stuck, impossible to steer

There’s so many things I liked about this stroller (the size, color options, 5 point harness, parent console, etc), but ultimately I can’t stand this stroller. If I turn the stroller (which seems reasonable), the front wheels just drag. They get stuck, and I’m basically just pushing the stuck wheels across the floor. It’s impossible to steer, period…let alone with one hand, which is often a need. I wish I hadn’t bought this stroller. I pushed around a cheapo umbrella stroller the other day and it was so easy to steer. I should probably just get a $20 stroller and rip the parent console off this one and somehow attach it to a cheapo one.

Cristina Rushville, MO

Great Stroller- HEAVY DUTY –

Tough stroller, well built, light, opens and closes easily!!! Well recommended for the price. Not the Walmart $25. quality, this one is sturdier and feels stronger and safer. Wheels work perfect on grass, sidewalk and rougher terrain too! You get your monies worth for the additional few dollars.

Jerry Hardburly, KY

Ok so far

It is a nice stroller for shopping and other indoor activities. We have red/black version. It folds fairly easily, has a parent tray. The basket underneath is pretty much useless, maybe you can squeeze a baby jacket in there. We have a large canvas bag with a single wide shoulder strap that hangs over the bars kind of in the way diaper bags are usually attached to strollers, and fits diaper bag plus other stuff.There was a bunch of these strollers on Amazon, with slightly varying prices. As I found out later, the difference is not only in color. Some of the strollers are newer models and have some improvements compared to the red and black model which is older. For example, newer ones have a cup holder, shoulder strap to carry the stroller. We don’t. So research before you buy. No regrets for us – we like the red color for our baby girl.

Pearlie Richton, MS

Great stroller, not that rugged. Still my favorite.

Out of the 1,2,3,4,5,6 strollers that I own, this one is my favorite. My go-to stroller, the one that I keep with me at all times.We got it for a vacation that was going to involve some public transportation use. I was attracted to the price and the reviews.It is light, and comfortable.However, the cup holder/organizer has begun to unravel. I just need to take it inside and stitch it closed. It should be a simple repair.I gave it 3 stars instead of 5 because of the stitching need. Also, because my friend got the same stroller and the entire side came un-stitched and does not look like it will be an easy repair.

Leeann Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA

Great travel stroller…for 2 years…

I bought this as a travel stroller two years ago, to save room in the car when traveling/running errand. It worked great! It has many miles on it. Compact fold, reclines just enough for child to nap in. It has a great parent “bag” by the handle, that zips. The under neath storage is useless. The wheels did squeak about 6m after I started using it, I was told to use lithium grease, and it took the squeak away. My biggest complaint is, ours broke while away on vacation. The rivet gave away on the bottom “X” fold of stroller. I contacted company, (they have fast and friendly service) they told me there is only a one year warranty on it. So I decided to run a screw through it to hold it together, I hope we are able to use it for a little while longer. I really like this stroller.

Addie Kansas, OH

wobbly wheels

This is good for taller people in that the handles are high. However, I still had a problem with kicking the wheels as I walked. You absolutely have to have both hands on the handles to steer it, which makes it hard going through doors, etc. Plus, I took this brand new to Paris. After 4 days of cobblestone streets, bumps and stairs, the wheels got very wobbly and it got to be much harder to steer. So in summary, I think this will probably work well if you’re not going to take it over too many bumps. I kind of think you get what you pay for. I recently got a used MacLaren Volo which is way more expensive that this — but it also works much better, is a smooth ride, has tall handles and I don’t kick the wheels when walking.

Estella Luther, OK