The First Years – Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads 30 ct.

The First Years – Lanolin Disposable Breast Pads 30 ct.

Ultra-Absorbent with Soothing Lanolin Contoured for a more discreet fit Lanolin treated to soothe Baby-safe medical grade 30 individually wrapped Designed in consultation with lactation experts There’s a little something extra inside The First Years disposable nursing pads that can go a long way towards enhancing your breast-feeding experience: It’s Lanolin. With Lanolin Treated Disposable Nursing Pads you’ll receive soothing comfort and discreet protection all in one disposable nursing pad. Our contoured shaped nursing pads provide the soothing comfort and moisturizing power of Lanolin without the mess of having to apply it. Each pad is lightly treated with Lanolin, which helps prevent and soothe dry, sore nipples. Since Lanolin is safe for your baby, there’s no need to wash it away prior to breast-feeding. Sealed rim prevents side leakage Stay-dry lining keeps moisture away from tender skin Hypo-allergenic Lanolin applied to pad center, where you need it most Breathable layers provide airflow Ultra-absorbent material for confident leak protection Non-slip backing helps prevent slippage without adhesive Leak-resistant barrier helps keep clothing dry Note: Lanolin is naturally golden in color, giving the Lanolin Treated Disposable Nursing Pads a slightly yellow appearance. The Lanolin used in this product is medical grade, USP modified Lanolin. Join Our Parents Council, 1-800-704-8697 Our goal is to make the best possible products for you and your baby. We listen to the members of our worldwide Parents Council, who are real parents, just like you. Share your opinions with us! Become a member of our Parents Council today! Actual product colors and styling may vary. Questions? Comments? Contact Consumer Care 1-800-704-8697 Made in China

Main features

  • Disposable breast pads offer soothing lanolin comfort to help heal sore, cracked nipples
  • Discreet protection with leak-proof, ultra-absorbent material
  • Special lining to keep moisture away from the skin
  • Lanolin is safe for baby – no need to remove it prior to breastfeeding
  • Include thirty (30) disposable pads

Verified reviews


Amazing, comfortable nursing pads

These nursing pads are amazing, they’re the only ones I’ve found that are pre-coated with lanolin nipple cream, are very comfortable, don’t slide around, and don’t show under clothing. What more can I say? No complaints.

Ma Kanawha Falls, WV

Cheapest, but my favorite

I bought these because they were one of the cheaper versions. However, these turned out to my favorite. I’ve had the ones in the purple box and another cheap box from the store. These are so soft and curve slightly to form a cup.

Violet Crewe, VA

Love the lanolin

I really like these pads. The only thing I don’t care for is how thin they are. They are still really absorbent I just like the feel of a thicker pad. The lanolin is great though. I still use them for every other pad change just to get the lanolin. Would buy again.UPDATE: Ok the above was my original review with 4 stars. I felt the need to change it since these are by far the only pads I will use now. I’ve even tried putting lanolin on cheaper pads and its not the same. These don’t bunch or roll. These are the BEST!!

Heidi Clarion, PA

A little irritating

I liked the convienece of these pads with the lanolin built in but the pads irritated my skin a little. The edges of the pads were not soft. I wouldn’t purchase these again. I’m going back to the Johnson and Johnson pads.

Minnie Mc Cool Junction, NE

A Must for Breastfeeding Moms

These are the only ones I will use – absolutely. I would pay twice the cost of these w/o a doubt! They’re the perfect size, thin, contoured, absorbant, and the lanolin is comfortable. I would recommend these to every breastfeeding/pumping mom out there! I only wish they came in a larger quantity and were a part of the subscribe and save program.

Christina Maybrook, NY

Almost perfect with one big exception…

I bought these, J & J, and Lansinoh shields to see which I liked best, and most days these are the ones I grab. Here’s a comparison:THICKNESS & ABSORBENCY: J&J; are the thickest – great for under thin shirts or working out. They’re also the cheapest so great when you’re going to wear them for a few hours then toss them. BUT thickness does not equal absorbency – the gel in the First Years can take me from dinner to breakfast. The Lansinoh are in between, about as good as FY, but all are pretty good – in 4 months never exceeded their capacity. If you’re looking for even further “enhancement,” go with the J&J; – they add almost a cup when I wear them, though this is not my goal.DISCRETION: The First Years are the most discrete under moderately thick clothes, but tend to crinkle a bit at times and may show “folds” through thinner clothes. The J&J; & Lansinoh hold their shape a bit better.MOISTURE: If cracked nipples are your problem – these are your cure. No brainer – never have to remember the lanolin. I’ve never encountered one w/o the lanolin (as another reviewer complained) but I’m only on my 4th box. HOWEVER, if you’re dealing with Thrush(which I was for a while) then I’d suggest the Lansinoh – change every 3-4 hours – to minimize moisture against the breast and discourage yeast growth.COMFORT: I’d go w/the J&J; and Lansinoh (new & improved) as these FY have a crimped edge that can get really scratchy! THIS IS THE BIG PROBLEM. If it weren’t for these scratchy crinkled edges, I’d never buy the others. But after a rough day of them rubbing I just need to grab the other brands. I prefer the Lansinoh for overnight as I find the new ones the softest and like the gel – it keeps me feeling dryer. I can often feel the wetness from the J&J.;CONCLUSION: These are great if you have less sensitive breasts and are prone to dry nipples, or want the convenience of pre-wrapped pads with a low profile. But buy one box first and see if the crinkled edges bother you before committing solely to these.

Tamra Hazel Green, WI

Best pads I have tried

I have tried many pads before settling on these. I just ordered 2 packs. They are soft, the lanolin treatment does make a difference and they hold leaking quite well!

Isabel Plainville, KS

LOVE the Lanolin

The lanolin really does come off onto your nips and helps with soreness. They are worth more $$ than the regular ones.

Susanna North Kingstown, RI

Great Value… but itchy!!!

I purchased these mainly b/c of the price piont and liked the fact that they are lanolin treated(definetly a plus) BUT,I have to say… they are very itchy or maybe my skin is just very sensitive post pregnacy.The design is contoured to fit very well in to nursing bra and they hold in moisture…although Im not sure if I will place another order for them again.For the price they are worth a try!

Brooke Rogers, AR

Best Disposable Pads I’ve Found!

I have tried a few different kinds and these are my favorite disposable. I mainly use the Bamboobies washable pads, but if I forget to do laundry these are great to have around.

Della Rockwood, MI