The First Years Learning Curve First Keys Teether

The First Years Learning Curve First Keys Teether

The First Years Learning Curve First Keys Teether

Main features

  • Each one is a different shape, a different color; all have rounded edges that babies love to teethe on
  • A toy that’s truly a classic
  • Five brightly colored keys on a ring swing freely to make a lively click-clack sound
  • Five brightly colored keys
  • Lively click-clack sound
  • Each key is a different shape and color
  • Use them to teach colors, counting, and number recognition
  • Dishwasher-safe

Verified reviews


Better for older teethers

My baby is 3 months and, while they are fine for shaking, the keys are narrow and long so it is easy for him to shove them too far into his mouth and choke himself on them.

Avis Chatsworth, CA

Cute keys, poorer quality than they used to be

Plastic keys are a classic toy, and one that I like to get for all my pregnant friends. I was disappointed in these ones though, especially for $2.99 (I see them in stores sometimes for $0.99) The plastic is not as high-quality as ones from my youth, and there are fewer keys per chain now too. Even for today’s standards, I have seen better-quality keys for cheaper price. Still, I am sure the baby will enjoy them.

Adelaide Blanchester, OH

A simple, fun toy for babies

These are a very simple, fun baby toy. The keys are thin whick I like since I have bought two other types of teething keys that are too heavy and thick. These are thin and easy for a baby to manipulate. My daughter is 6 months old and likes to chew on these. They aren’t her favorite toy, but are in the top 10. I bought these for the car and "give her the car keys" when we get into the car. The price is great too.

Priscilla Clarkedale, AR

Simple and Fun

As crazy as it seems, this is one of my baby’s favorite toys. She first started paying attention to this key ring at around 2 mos. and now that she is 5 mos. old she still loves to play with these and these keep her interest for as long as her Lamaze toys, which are her other favorites. For me this is impressive, b/c these are so simple and easy to carry along.

Gabrielle Schererville, IN


One of my baby’s favorite toys ever since he could hold onto them (currently 8 1/2 months and still likes them).

Karin Brian Head, UT

Not the best teether, not the most fun toy.

Neither of my children liked/likes these keys. My now-toddler (29 months old) has loved all things keys for his entire life so far. Everything except these keys. Maybe they were too simple for him–I don’t know. I do know that he (and his eight-month-old brother) never chewed on them, even when they chewed on everything else. These keys are a good, simple representation of actual keys and so will be used for imaginative play later, I imagine.If you’re looking for good teether keys, tryIcybite Hard/Soft Teeting KeysorFun Keys Teether Ring.For an older or closely-supervised kid who just loves keys, try going to a hardware store and asking for some of their “mistake” keys. They’re often happy to give them to you. Or you could just buy some key blanks (fewer sharp edges than cut keys) and put them on a key ring.Bottom line: These cheap, colorful toy keys don’t really hit the “toy” or “teether” spots. Skip them.

Kate Chalk, TX

A Classic For A Reason

It’s such a simple toy, but my daughter ADORES her keys! For under $2 a pop it’s totally worth it to get a few extra sets to keep in the playpen, car, diaper bag, etc to make sure you always have some handy.

Bette Guasti, CA

serves its purpose

All the things a child loves. It has bright colors to stimulate there interest and makes noise which is a big plus with infants. The keys have no sharp edges making it easy to chew on from any angle. My daughter likes the fact that she is like mommy and daddy with her on set of keys. great product.

Simone Mc Donald, OH

Love these, very lightweight.

These lightweight keys are fun because baby can rattle them like crazy without the weight of some of the other toy keys (or the real ones) that I’ve seen. I bought this after my son seemed to enjoy our friend’s set so much. He loves to shake them to make noise.

Hester Margaret, AL

simple, basic, cheap, worth the money

its always nice to have a few extra toys around while your baby is teething. this comes with a link to easily attach to different things whenever wherever. so cheap how can you go wrong? i leave it on my diaper bag so no matter where i go, i never forget a toy.

Marissa Horatio, SC

Awesome Teether

This is my daughter’s favorite teether. I have a couple lying around the house so one is handy at all times. It’s hardy and easily washed. She can bang it on the floor, throw it across the room, and gnaw on it all she wants. And the keys are numbered so eventually she can use it to learn to count. Love this thing.

Ernestine Harrison, NE

Great toy for the price

My little girl loves these. She enjoys shaking them and chewing on them as well. A great investment on my part.

Natasha Kewanna, IN

A simple, well-loved toy

Our nine-month-old likes colorful toys with moving parts, and this fits the bill. The key ring is easy for her to grasp and to chew on. She also likes to shake the toy to hear all of the keys rattling together. I like to keep this toy in the diaper bag because it doesn’t take up much space and because it is easy to fully sanitize since it is all plastic.

Dionne Columbia City, OR

A fun light weight toy

The keys are really a lot of fun can be perfect for “on the go” to restaurants and stores. The keys are like rattles so you can bang them together for a small noise and kids love the colors. I think everyone should have this toy….

Robert Poquoson, VA

Every baby needs keys!

Every baby needs keys! Use them all time they are must for the diaper bag. Loves chewing on them as well as shaking them to make noise!

Ruth Staffordsville, KY

The best!

My baby loves these! I searched for something like this specifically. Not every toy needs a battery!! These are perfectly simple. I usually keep them in my purse for her to play with when we are out and about if she gets bored. They have always been easy for her to handle. Now that she is walking she carrys them around the house too.

Jenifer Kensal, ND


I looked everywhere for these keys. My children had them when they were small and I wanted to get them for our foster babies. They enjoy pretending to use them on their ride-on car.

Olive Sarasota, FL

Chew toys for babies!!!

Great little set if keys!The keys are plastic but the color does NOT wear !!Little bite marks happen! But that’s what it’s for !Perfect size for a baby!!My daughter loved these..just bought another pair as a baby shower gift!!Definitely recommend !!!!!!!!!

Tasha Laurel, IN

great colorful teether

Bought it for my 5 month old that’s been teething, he loves it! He grabs it from me every time I show it to him.

Sheryl Alston, GA

Great toy & can’t beat the price!

My son is 9.5 months & has grown 8 teeth in & is working on 2 molars. Someone gave this to me as part of a baby shower gift & he LOVES it. Unlike another set of keys I got him, these are all plastic (I was worried about him chewing on metal). And when he isn’t chewing on them, he loves to play with them. He waves them in the air, rattles them, bangs them on other toys – they’re so simple & entertaining for him. And although I didn’t buy them, wow – can’t beat the price listed on here!

Kara Littlefield, TX

One of the most favorite toys

I noticed that my son likes this toy in the daycare, so I bought one for him. The baby enjoys shaking and gnawing this toy. He rarely likes some toys too much, but these keys are favorite.

Kristie Aurora, IL

My son love them

My song loves these. he likes to bang them around because they make a lot of noise and there are several options of how to grasp them.

Virgie Springfield Gardens, NY

You can’t go wrong with rattling keys…

She loves them. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this toy. Portable, just the right amount of rattle and easy to clean.

Terry Dividing Creek, NJ

These are awesome

My boy LOVES these keys. He loves keys in general, and he was trying to grab mine, so now we each have our own 🙂 I tend to keep a close eye on all the items I let my son play with, and these keys seem durable, chewable and safe.

Camille Harrah, WA


These are great. I couldn’t tell from the picture, but the keys also have numbers on them. My daughter loves them.

Gilda Lamoure, ND

great toy

My granddaughter loved her grandpa’s keys, so we got her some of her very own….. she really loves the racket this makes for her too. Very cute, not too noisy.

Claudette Animas, NM

Son loves it, but I am not too crazy,

I guess the most important part is that my son loves these little keys, however, they’re not worth the $4 I paid for them. I honestly could have gotten better quality at the dollar tree, or even cheaper at a Big Lots or Dollar General store. Just flimsy.

Dolly Harrisville, RI

Loving it

Got them for my first born. After they were stored away for 4 years she adores them all over again. She pretends they are her car keys when we go out. I think my new baby will have hard time taking them away from his big sister.

Erica Scott Air Force Base, IL

Grandson Loved Them

My grandson loved these, however I found them for less money at WalMart. Next time I guess I should take the time to shop first.

Ginger Richfield, PA

Great Baby Products

I use these for baby wreaths and I have yet to receive any complaints from new parents. They often get dragged off by my animals and have made it through safely. Not to mention everyone needs their first set of keys.

Laverne Hulbert, OK