The First Years Manual Breast Pump BPA Free

The First Years Manual Breast Pump BPA Free

The First Years Manual Breast Pump provides for comfortable, quiet and efficient pumping. Adjustable swivel head, unique shield design, lightweight-compact design comes with two 5 oz bottles with sealing discs for storing. BPA-free.

Main features

  • Quiet and efficient pumping
  • Adjustable swivel head
  • Unique shield design
  • Includes 5 oz. bottles with sealing discs for storage
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


Waste of money

When I first used this product, I liked it better than my double electric pump. It started pumping my milk faster, didn’t take as long and was more comfortable & convient to use. Unfortunetly, after just 2 uses, it broke. I cared for it just how the manual explained, never dropped it, but it lost suction in the pump part. The next manual pump I buy, it will be a more reliable brand, even though they are more expensive. You get what you pay for

Eloise Albany, VT

Unless you have LOTS/Overflowing of Milk, this product does not work

I don’t have a lot of milk supply and have been using the Medela electric pump for daily pumping needs. I purchased this product for occasional on the go pumping; however, this product does not work at all. I mean the pump is very loose.. probably can only extract those milk supply that is overflowing and does not require much force to be extracted. Pretty disappointed.

Josefina Burlington, IN


This is perfect and easy. It takes longer to pump with the manual pump but that was expected. I just wanted one I could use at home so I don’t have to haul my double electric pump home every weekend, especially since I have forgotten to bring it back on Mondays twice. I found the instructions for this to be very clear and concise on how to clean and use it. Everything is cleanable if you read the directions it tells you how to disassemble and re-assemble it very clearly. And it works great. I discovered that I can even use it while I am a passenger in the car with a blanket for privacy of coarse. It is much easier to use than the electric one, less to set up and put away. The only concern that I have is the caps for the bottles are the kind that leak but, I have allot of the kind of caps that don’t leak. The caps that have "first years" within a circle, fit tight. The caps that have" first years with the first years logo of people" leak.

Elisabeth Newburg, WI

Useless-Do NOT buy

If ur like me you think “oh, so a couple people just got bum models. Mine wont be.” Well, maybe you will be one of the lucky ones but if you do open ur box and find the pump to be so weak after 5 minutes of pumping u get a couple drops, this item is NOT returnable! The sticker on the box when you open it says so. I still plan however on calling the manufacturer to raise hell. i will update this if anything changes. But for me, i was looking for a pump to use for making my own baby food when a recipe just calls for a tablespoon here or there or for pumping at night now that my infant is sleeping thru so i would not have to drag out electric pump. Maybe if your engorged it will work… so disappointed…

Candace Hardwick, VT

Any pump is better than this one

The phrase “you get what you pay for” comes to mind when looking at this pump. I’m a lactation consultant as well as an RN and I tell my clients to stay away from this pump. Thankfully you do not see it for sale in stores.I purchased one around 2004 and the design is the same. Pumping was a nightmare when it came to that pump. Many reported having sore breasts when using the pump. The suction is too strong. Also when using it the pump repeatedly falls apart and milk gets into the upper chambers where it shouldn’t be. I called customer service and instead of helping with the problem they simply told me and others how to put the pump back together.Dr. brown’s and of course Medela have manual breast pumps at great prices that work better than this one.

Estela Zebulon, GA