The First Years Massaging Action Teether

The First Years Massaging Action Teether

Playful and child-friendly, this teether offers a different kind of comfort. The textured chewable star points produce a safe, soothing vibration whenever the child bites down on them. It’s powered by a small long-life battery that’s sealed inside.

Main features

  • Massaging Teether
  • Soothing vibration when child bites down
  • Small long-life battery that’s sealed inside

Verified reviews


Good purchase

My 6 1/2 mth old daugher really likes this teething toy. It is actually the one we turn to when her teeth are really bothering her. Since it takes some force to activate the vibration we usually have to squeeze it for her and place it on her gums. Sometimes she’ll bite it just right but most of the time its all on us. I imagine in the next month or so she’ll be able to use it all on her own. The vibration seems to be very helpful with the pain. I also like that each corner of the star has different ridges so it has a different feel depending on which end she chews. She also really likes the spin wheel on the bottom handle. This is definitely a must have for babies who have pain from teething.

Marian Janesville, WI

Every kid is different, but mine liked this

This was nice for the teething period – my son loved it but my daughter could care less. It took him a bit to get the hang of biting on it to create the vibration, so we’d often pinch it down as we put it in his mouth for him.

Nannie Quilcene, WA

Finally, a teether that works

This is the first teething product that our son will use. I think it is because he gets a positive response when he bites down, while everything else is just another something that can be stuck in the mouth (and because we WANT him to stick teethers in his mouth instead of, for example, small plastic pieces from age inappropriate toys or daddy’s shoulder, he refuses). It is nice to see that there are other vibrating teethers on the market, and we may buy another although the star shape seems to be pretty effective.I should mention that we did NOT buy this from Amazon, we got it from a supermarket, but it is nearly identical (the color of the completely pointless spinning part at the bottom is different). I am leaving this review because I just left negative reviews for two other teethers that I did purchase from Amazon and I recommended this product instead.

Dawn Harwich Port, MA

An Inexpensive Little Massaging Teether!

A teething baby is an unhappy baby. An unhappy usually makes for tired parents who are searching for answers. While the “The First Year Massaging Action Teether” does not solve the problem it does see to offer our daughter a little relief.The pros– Inexpensive – really, how much do you stand to lose if this does not work?- Our daughter seems to enjoy the massaging action, although she rarely uses it for more than a minute.- The massaging section is shaped so that it can be “bitten” in a variety of directions. This helps make it effective for the front/back and left/right sides of the mouth.- The little spinner on the end always seems to catch my daughters eye.- It is pretty quietOther things to consider- While it is not a “negative” it is impossible to access the batteries. Once the batteries die the whole thing goes into the garbage. While this seems to be a negative – I really don’t mind that my daughter mouth does NOT have any type of access to batteris. Call me old-fashioned like that ;o)Final Verdict – I would not consider this a “must-have” but for the price it is well worth the investment of a few dollars.4 stars

Marcella North Waterboro, ME

good teether

my baby loves it. we start using this from when he was 4mo. He was throwing up while he was biting it so I only gave him after his stomach was settle down. He is 7 mo. now and he still enjoy this teether.I recommend this to everyone.

Carole Tunica, MS

Awesome product

I got a hand-me-down star teether from my sister, and after 8 years, it finally died. I was thrilled to see that they still made these, and promptly bought one! When nothing else seems to soothe my poor teething babe, this product would give him some relief. He also likes to spin around the little rattle part.

Amy Redwood Estates, CA

Life saver!

My son is now 7 months old and has two teeth. He loves this teething toy! At first I had to squeeze it for him to make it vibrate but he soon caught on and does it all on his own now. We take this toy everywhere with us because it keeps his attention and it is quiet enough for church. I highly recommend this toy for your teething baby.

Young Clarence, NY