The First Years Massaging Action Teether

The First Years Massaging Action Teether

This teether will be the “star” of your collection, with chewable star points that produce a safe, soothing vibration whenever baby bites down on them. Powered by a small long-life battery that’s sealed inside, this playful teether features an easy-grasp ring handle with spin feature for added fun. Your teething star will love it!

Main features

  • Gentle vibrations begin instantly when baby bites down on star points
  • Ring handle with spin feature is designed for little hands to grasp
  • Multi-textured tips offer a variety of comforting surfaces
  • Powered by a small long-life battery that’s sealed inside
  • Ages 6 months and up

Verified reviews


Torn about this one.

I had this very teether for my twin boys 8 years ago and they absolutely loved it. So, when my new baby started teething, I sought out the same teether. I was surprised when it arrived and the packaging stated that the product is, “safety tested” for BPA, lead, and phthalates. It does not state ANYWHERE on the package that it is BPA free. As a former regulator (of medical devices) I am very sensitive about company labeling and statements. Perhaps too much so. But, I would rather err on the side of caution where my child is concerned, and the lack of clear “BPA free” labeling on this product gives me pause. Specifically, when they test it for BPA, lead, and phthalates, is there an acceptable amount allowed?! If not, why wouldn’t the company simply label the product as BPA, lead, and phthalate free?Eight years ago, when I gave this toy to my sons, no one had ever heard of BPA. My boys put all manner of plastic toys in their mouths, and I’m sure it was all riddled with BPA. But, in this day and age, when BPA is strongly suspected of being dangerous, I cannot in good conscience allow my new baby to chew on anything that MAY contain it. And, though someone on this site indicated that a representative from the company TOLD them it was BPA free, I’m still skeptical. Again, why not label it as such? Most companies proudly label their products with that simple language that cannot be confused.

Hester Fabens, TX

Could be great

My friend recommended this teether because her daughter loves it. However, my daughter loves throwing it on the floor. Hopefully, it will work better for you.

Patty Mabel, MN

Great little teether

The teether just arrived for my ten month old who seems to be cutting his second tooth.He’s already figured out how to activate the vibration. It is soft, yet has some ridges and bumps that he is pulling with his teeth and gums. I think baby gives it 5 stars!!!There were contradictory reviews on whether the batteries were replaceable or not- the packing says they are NOT. So unless whoever said they were replaceable is just handier than the rest of us, they do not appear to be replaceable.

Norma Dayton, MT

Baby seems to like it

At first my 7 month old could not initiate the vibrating on her own. However after only a day or two she figured it out and seems to enjoy it but still seems to prefer Sophie over anything else. Actually her favorite thing to chew on (she’s just now getting her first tooth) is my little coach wallet- I guess she likes the leather or something but she is quite obsessed with it! This massaging teether does keep her busy in the car seat though.

Minnie Corydon, IN

Waste of money!

Don’t waste your money, my son would rather suck on his fingers than to use this messaging corn teether. The massager really has to be squeezed in order to work. 🙁

Gale Alpharetta, GA

Cute, colorful but more of a toy then a teething soother

Bought for 1yr old son bc his molars were coming in – it’s cute, colorful but my son didn’t seem to like it.

Kristie Ute Park, NM

teething 8 month old loves this!

My son loves to chew on things and is still awaiting his first tooth. His older brother had the strawberry vibrating teether but I prefer this one because it doesn’t look so feminine and it is also less expensive.

Traci Eustis, ME

Ridiculous design

This teether is ridiculous. It’s huge, it’s hard to clamp down on, and my daughter had no idea what was going on when it started vibrating in her mouth.It’s just too big, awkward, and hard to push down on. Not worth the money, in my opinion.

Lynnette Eureka, MO

Great Product

My son loves this. It took him a few tries to get the hang of it but its real simple for him to use. When he bites it and it vibrates, he starts laughing and the tears disappear.

Candy Saint Lucas, IA

Awesome for Teething

While I sort of wish I could change the batteries in these things instead of buying a new one when it dies (my little guy HAS to have it vibrate), this was a life saver for me when both my kids (one 4 years and one 6 months) were/are teething. And for my youngest, it’s just about the only thing that works.

Georgina Three Rivers, TX

still loves it!

This was a favorite as soon as my son figured out that when he would bite it, it would vibrate. It either is really soothing or he just likes how it feels or something because hes 10mo old now and he still loves it…! Handle is great to put links around also to attach it to stroller or carseat!

Meagan Campbell, MO

Nice buy

My daughter likes this one. She especially loves the rattle at the end and the vibrating motion. I believe this is for babies that are a little more older. I gave this to her when she was 4 months since she keeps on sticking items in her mouth.

Tori Armstrong, MO

baby likes

my 5mth old daughter really likes this teething toy. it has just the right amount of vibration and it triggered easily enough where she can activate it herself with little effort. i like that the 3 sides of the star have different ribbing so it feels different on her gums. great product for the money and a must have for a teething baby.

Beverly Turpin, OK


I thought my daughter would LOVE this product, but not the is made well..But you have to bite down REALLY hard to make the vibration work 🙁 She does however like the toy at the bottom of it!

Lorie Many, LA

Requires a strong jaw

Our teething little five month old girl can’t really make it vibrate, but the eight month boy grandchild does. He likes it OK.

Ursula Cleo Springs, OK

Fun chew toy

It is a great toy for them to chew and play with, but it is a bit harder for smaller babies to chew on. The vibration was a bit stronger than I was expecting, but it does not seem to bother my son a bit.

Mari Gulfport, MS

I love it!

Great teething ring and toy.My 6 mth loves it, its so much fun.he loves the vibration, the little color wheel to the other end he loves to spin.something fun to bite on for his aching gum.I recommend it!

Chandra Sherwood, WI

Great for teething babies

My son loved this toy form the time he was teething until well after the time he got his teeth in. I plan on buying this for my daughter who is now 3 months even though she is not teething yet, she loves putting things in her mouth.

Lea Deale, MD

My 11mo loves this!

Great toy for teething! My daughter finds this very interesting especially when it gently vibrates and massages her gums. It didn’t take her long to press down with her front teeth to activate the massaging action. She’s enjoyed this just about everyday since we got it about 3 months ago. No issues with it! I sent one to a friend who just had her baby for when she starts teething.

Jenna Nanuet, NY

Your baby needs to be old enough…

I have a 6.5mo old who loves when we tap on toys when he has them in his mouth, yes sounds weird. Husband is a drummer and got him obsessed with the tapping even when he is drinking out of his bottle my baby will try to tap the bottle with his hands to feel the vibration. He has a mini dodge ball and he sticks his face/mouth on the ball and all you have to do is tap the ball and he’s a happy baby. I also bought an infant gum massager electric toothbrush because he was always interested when I brush my teeth. He loves that as well but has to be supervised so he doesn’t choke, you think for long skinny objects made for babies that they would make a guard block to prevent any type of choking.This teether will be better if it had an on/ off button, my baby not able to bite down hard enough to turn it on and once again we have to hold it for him to turn it on. I was trying to find a teether with vibrations he can use by himself.

Essie Swartswood, NJ


I am so glad we invested in this product….at the time the baby was teething like a feind and this was a life saver!!!

Traci Shelbyville, KY

good idea

thought would be a great idea for my almost 1 y/o…however, she really doesn’t like it. perhaps if i knew about it/introduced it to her when she was smaller she would be more apt to use it…she does like the rattle aspect of it and i vibrate her tummy, lol. so it’s not a complete waste

Marsha Desert Hot Springs, CA

He loves it

A must in addition to all the teething toys. Next to Sophie the giraffe this is his favorite. I. Don’t really know if the vibration massages. His gums, but he does enjoy biting into it a lot!

Ava Cresbard, SD

Great teether

This is a great teether. It is very easy for the little one to stimulate the vibrating action, making it a huge hit!

Eunice Waverly, SD

Save your money!

This product sucks. My little boy LOVES to chew on things while he’s teething – and he bites down hard. He was never able to bite hard enough to get this dumb thing to vibrate. Very disappointing.

Marion Moorefield, WV

a little big for such little hands and mouths.

I got this as a shower gift but could not use it for awhile. The handle is kinda big and the chewing surface kinda wide. It also takes a lot of force to get it to vibrate and that took a while for my daugher to figure out, at first I had to hold down one of the corners for her while she chewed on the other. Once she got a little bigger it was a much better toy for her. But don’t get me wrong she loved it when she was itty bitty she just needed a little help from mommy.

Grace Columbus, KY

good idea

I like this product a lot, but was very excited to receive it to apply on my 5 month old who is starting the whole teething process… the product vibrates great, the colors are attractive to her, and as soon as she sees it its the first thing she wants to grab. However, its a little heavy for her and in order to make it vibrate I have to hold it because it requires more strength than her tiny mouth has at the moment. Hopefully as she becomes stronger she can use this product better. But overall I really like it.

Suzette New Troy, MI

Both kids loved it while teething

The yellow part vibrates once little gums/teeth chomp down on it. easy to hold on to, can easily hook (Via rings or carabiner) to a diaper bag etc. Both my kids loved it while teething.

Lauri Ontario, NY


Our son’s occupational therapist recommended this for our aggressive teether. She thought he was using teething as a way to stimulate and calm himself. He liked playing with it more than he liked teething on it.

Magdalena Brookeville, MD

Good toy to have in teething collection…

I have two of these teethers and both see variable use as my little guy goes through teething spurts.In between, he actually likes sitting or kneeling on the star to get it to vibrate.But as soon as his gums start hurting, he goes straight for this toy.Also, it’s a smart packaging extra to have the ‘free ring’ on top which clearly doubles for hanging purposes.

Erma Piqua, KS