The First Years Meal Mates Infant Sectioned Bowl with Spoon

The First Years Meal Mates Infant Sectioned Bowl with Spoon

This divided bowl and spoon set is ideal for those first feedings. Sculpted handle allows parent or caregiver to hold bowl securely with only one hand, while the non skid base helps keep the bowl in place.

Main features

  • Divided Bowl
  • Sculpted handle allows parent to hold bowl securely with only one hand
  • Non skid base
  • Spoon included
  • Colors May Vary, you will receive either a green set or a purple set

Verified reviews


Good quality

The bowl itself it great but I dislike the spoon. It might be a bit small for bigger babies but as mentioned this is the first stage bowl which is the perfect size for babies first starting solids.

Pauline Craig, AK


Very practical, very sturdy, the spoon is very friendly to an infant’s mouth. I recommend it. And it is cute, too.

Jo Saline, MI

Great bowls, perfect for tiny eaters

These are made out of a nice durable plastic and have a good division for a fruit/veggie or veggie/meat, combo. These hold about 2oz in each section, which is a nice amount (they fit 2 ice cubes of homemade food or 1 jar, which is where my approximation comes from).The spoons were a bit shallow, but I like the curved handle. We did not use them much.The silicone bottom kept this from being scooted around and the handle is perfect for mom or dad. Would love to see more colors, but that’s a minor point.I agree this is only good until maybe 1 year (probably earlier). Once an infant starts playing with table food, you will find yourself not using this much at all. However it’s great prior to that time!

Clarice Sidney, NE

Wish it had a cover

I purchased 2 of these for my 4 month old grandson. Tried it out yesterday and the spoon is great; compartment adequate. The only down side is I wish it had a cover.

Carrie Booker, TX

Nice, but it’s only ONE BOWL

Honestly, I would not have paid the cost I did for ONE bowl. You look at the photo and see two bowls, you assume that there are two bowls!! It’s no one’s fault but my own for not checking more thoroughly, but I’m here to warn anyone who might look passed the tiny details like I did.The bowl is a nice size and I like how it’s sectioned off for two foods. Each side is 2 oz. The spoon is a good size for first time tiny eaters. My 6 month old laughed at the spoon.

Jan West Bethel, ME