The First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl with Lid, Colors May Vary

The First Years Meal Mates Toddler Suction Bowl with Lid, Colors May Vary

The first years meal mates toddler suction bowl with lid, colors may vary

Main features

  • Bowl with lid
  • Suction base keeps it in place
  • Textured handles for easy holding
  • Sure fit lid won’t leak
  • Colors May Vary, you will receive either a blue set or a pink set

Verified reviews


don’t bother

Haven’t received the order yet but luckily I read a lot of reviews before purchasing as the product description states 2 items and they mean item 1- bowl, item 2-lid. You do not get two bowls with lids. A set is equal to the bowl and the lid. I ordered 2 sets for 2 bowls with lids for my twin granddaughters in hopes they work cause I am tired of mopping the floor and picking up food and bowls after each meal I feed them. Will add to review once I get them and use them.UPDATE-4/18/11-Don’t bother to purchase these dishes-as the reviewers said they don’t stick well, the babies (15 months) rip them off their trays and the proceed to take off the suction portion. Also the rubber stains with any red sauces or even sweet potato mashies and the stains don’t come off in dishwasher or by hand. Terrible item.

Leola Ocheyedan, IA

worst suction bowl ever…

I am very disappointed in this bowl! All my 8 month old has to do is push down on one side of it and it pops off. Not to mention the suction part is removable so as soon as he un-sticks it the suction is off and in his mouth. So now it is a fun toy for him to play with. Not worth the money at all…but it is nice that it comes with a lid at least.

Catalina New Castle, PA


Weird that Amazon just sends you blue or pink without giving you a choice. Also, i ordered in a hurry and i thought i was getting 2 as per the picture, should have read closer but I think it is misleading. As for the bowl, it is ok. It sticks if you wet it, but baby can just pull it off the ring and then there’s the ring, stuck on the table or highchair- WHAT IS THE POINT? mmm….i guess the hunt for a good suction bowl continues…

Mellisa Gould, OK

Would be great except for the handles…

The suction on this bowl is very good. Better then any I have tried. Unfortunately, my super strong baby grabs the handles and pulls it off( he has to pull so hard that whatever is in the bowl then goes flying across the dining room.) If it did not have handles he would not be able to get such a good grip on the bowl. We have had other suction bowls with no handles that in general did not stick well even without someone pulling on it. This bowl sticks great and does require an amount of force to remove. Would be good for babies not interested in removing it, or babies of average strength.

Desiree Warwick, NY

Ordering a couple more…….

Bought for my 9-mo old grandgirl and it came a couple days ago. My son and DIL took it out to a restaurant last night they loved it. Plastic is soft, the lid fits snugly and the suction seal is strong. A great product over all. Will come back to update if it doesn’t hold up.Another item on my list of gifts for a baby shower.

Betsy Kimball, WV

Does not stick

Nice bowl, sticks for a while but then it can be pulled off. And it shrinks in hot water. I do not have a dish washer so i know it didn’t shrink because of that. Nice idea, keep trying.

Guadalupe Aptos, CA

Love the bowl, but suction isn’t great

The suction on this bowl is pretty worthless (I don’t even use the suction part anymore), but honestly I have yet to find a baby bowl that DOES have decent suction, so that’s not such a bad thing. The bowl itself is great, though: the little handles make it easy to hold and it’s the perfect size for a bowl of cereal mashed with banana in the morning. As long as you’re not too concerned about the suction cup actually working, it’s a great little bowl!

Amalia Fairmont, OK

Great Suction bowls

I purchased several suction bowls including the munchkin 3 suction bowl and the meal mates are by far the BEST I have used. They actually stay suctioned. My twins however have figured out how to pull them up, but I just push them back down again. Other bowls that I have tried have remained suctioned for a few seconds and then loosened. They are not very deep which has made it great to teach my twins to self feed using either their hands (preferred method) or spoon.

Fay Coffey, MO

2 years of use and abuse, and still sticking to the table

I have two boys, 1 & 3, and have used multiple "suction" cup bowls and plates. This is by far my favorite as the base maintained it’s suction, even after countless runs through the dishwasher, and it’s low enough that the boys can SEE what’s inside, and easily scoop it out. Other bows I tried were too high, and the kids could easily push them over/off the table or high-chair tray. Only down side is that I couldn’t choose my colors, and the last two I ordered were hot pink. Luckily, my boys don’t seem to care 🙂

Janet Mason City, IA

Really good suction

I got these bowls in blue (you get sent whichever they have) and they work as intended. I tried other brands (Boon bowls are terrible) and these are the most simple and work the best.

Tanisha Cottage Grove, TN