The First Years Miswivel Feeding Chair, Owl

The First Years Miswivel Feeding Chair, Owl

The new miSwivel Feeding Chair from The First Years was designed to make feeding your little one easier and more comfortable – from birth to four years old. miSwivel can swivel from side to side and quickly lock into 7 different positions, so you don’t need to move or re-position the entire chair. miSwivel can recline into five different positions, so you can easily feed your newborn. miSwivel has a 5 point harness for safety, and you can convert the infant feeding seat into a booster seat easily. With easy cleaning in mind, miSwivel was designed to avoid the “crumb cracks” of other feeding chairs. miSwivel comes with a sturdy tray and a convenient second insert tray, both of which are dishwasher safe. miSwivel’s fabric is reversible, easy to clean, and safe to go in your washing machine for deeper cleaning. miSwivel also has 2 height adjustments. An incredible feeding chair.

Main features

  • Complete feeding chair from birth to four years old
  • 7 swivel positions, the ultimate comfort for you and baby
  • Wipe able, washable, reversible pad
  • Includes 2 trays, both dishwasher safe
  • Feeding chair converts to complete padded booster

Verified reviews


First high chair experience

I bought this because I saw a fisher price version at my parents and it worked well. What I like most is the swivel option, it works well & is effortless. However, the recline is not smooth or easy to use. The recline lever is in the back…if this seat is attached to a chair (that’s what its made for), you have to swivel the chair so you can reach the recline lever in the back. Granted not all chairs are equal and you may not have this problem if your chair doesn’t cover the lever…but why can’t both these mechanisms be in the front? My biggest gripe is with the child sitting in the chair, reclining the seat takes great energy to pull the lever far enough for it to recline. To move the seat upright again takes even more energy & again is not smooth. While the FP model doesn’t have the swivel, its reclining feature is far superior and the lever is in the front. This model, however, wins points over FP for its tray design. it is easy to remove but takes a bit to find the lock points, but the top portion of the tray fits in the dishwasher & is easy to clean.I plan to return this (if my time hasn’t run out) for a full-size collapsible model (for storage) with wheels. That’s my other sticking point…I realized how benefitial it would be to have wheels so baby can easily be moved from one room to another or into my line of sight while I’m cooking.

Juanita West Harrison, IN

Perfect 4 travel

My sister in law and I were both looking for high chairs online at the same time. I bought this one, she boughtFisher-Price Space Saver High Chair. The miswivel reclines, swivels, the back comes off for use as a booster, the tray clicks on instead of slides so it’s easily done with one hand plus it has a removable tray insert, and it travels very easily from home to grandmas, and sometimes to work with me. The fisher price is HUGE,about the size of a small car seat, does not swivel, and she has a hard time lugging it around with her. I LOVE MY SEAT!!!!One thing I would fix…..The shoulder straps get in the way a lot, and I had a hard time getting carrots out of them. In my opinion, all high chairs should have dark colored straps. Heck, just make them all orange….LOL7/3/11…..I still love my Seat! Baby will be 1 next week and is learning to feed himself. This chair wipes soooo easy, or just throw the pad in the washer. Straps too! My straps go in with the whites so they get bleached…..white straps are still a pain, but they are easy enough to remove and replace after washing. Still looks like new! Took the shoulder straps out months ago. He hated them anyway. I have put the whole tray in the dishwasher. Oh and it went on vacation with us. Took it 600 miles so I wouldn’t have to use ANY other highchairs!

Tonia Rew, PA

Dot to Dot

Just got this chair this week from Toys/Babies R Us and it is GREAT! My daughter is a little over 15lbs and she fits nicely. The straps are super easy to put on her and pop off and out of the way when released. The straps are white but a bib should cut down on the likelihood of stains settling. Some reviews complained about it being difficult to adjust with the baby in it, maybe it depends on the weight but so far I have had NO trouble at all. It reclines and slides around very smoothly (with her in it) I think that is one of the greatest features compared to all other boosters I have researched. I’ve read another review that stated only the Dot to Dot and Owl pattern come with the extra tray, so be cautious of that if you want the clip on tray. The owl is super cute but is difficult to find and is marked up at places that carry it. This pattern is not bad, it’s cuter than I thought it would be and it does have the clip on tray, which I really like. The material is nice, it’s not a porous fabric but it’s not super plastic-like either, wipes clean easily and is slightly padded. You do need to use both hands to clip the tray on and it’s a little difficult when holding a baby. The tray has three settings that can adjust very close to even a small baby so there’s no worries about a big gap that food can fall through. I am very happy with this purchase, it is way easier than the bouncer that we were making due with and it keeps our baby girl focused on eating instead of playing. She also looks pretty comfy in it, which I like over the other hard plastic boosters with no head support and no padding.

Kristie Tuba City, AZ

Love it

We got a new booster for our 3rd daughter, after determining that our old one should be retired. This one has some nice features over our old one and others on the market.-love the swivel so that I do not have to move the kitchen chair around-NO holes for crumbs/hunks of food to get trapped in. This was a HUGE factor in my choosing of this seat, as I hated fishing food out of the cracks of our old one.-washable straps- another big plus- I like that the pad is easily removable/washable and that the top and bottom sections can be removed separately.-the owl print is cute and a nice change from some of the other baby prints. It is subtle.The only slight downside, is that the base is quite large. We were concerned about it making the chair front heavy and tipping, but my husband tested it by putting hand weights and pressure on the front of the tray, and we could not make it tip, so deemed it to work fine with our chairs.

Carmen Troy, VA


This is a wonderful high chair – takes up very little space and is very comfortable for our daughter. I just washed the covers for the first time and they held up really well – look like new. The turning action is a great addition.

Ashleigh Elmore, AL


Great option for booster chairs…. and also if you just want your infant to be at the dinner table with you. I bought this when my daughter was 2-3 months old and wanting to sit up more but can’t hold herself up. She loves the view from the booster and enjoys spending mealtime with us. I also like how it is portable and that we can use it for quite some time yet. There are two straps that secure it to any seat with a backing and seems to be a tight hold. I was going to buy a fancy wooden high chair, but after seeing this I found it preferable and was a safer option than the Bumbo as well since it harnesses.

Mavis Cope, CO

Great Item!

So far this chair is awesome! Works well for us and I love that it is so light weight that we can carry into whatever room we want to feed him in! I just love it! Swivels and reclines easily! Is easily washed and reversible pattern! Awesome chair!

Gracie Harriet, AR