The First Years MiSwivel Feeding Seat, Dot to Dot

The First Years MiSwivel Feeding Seat, Dot to Dot

The miSwivel Feeding Chair from The First Years was designed to make feeding your little one easier and more comfortable – from birth to four years old. miSwivel can swivel from side to side and quickly lock into 7 different positions, so you don’t need to move or re-position the entire chair. miSwivel can recline into five different positions, so you can easily feed your newborn. miSwivel has a 5 point harness for safety, and you can convert the infant feeding seat into a booster seat easily. With easy cleaning in mind, miSwivel was designed to avoid the “crumb cracks” of other feeding chairs. miSwivel comes with a sturdy, dishwasher safe tray. miSwivel’s fabric is reversible, easy to clean, and safe to go in your washing machine for deeper cleaning. miSwivel also has 2 height adjustments. An incredible feeding chair.

Main features

  • Complete feeding chair from birth to four years old
  • 7 swivel positions, the ultimate comfort for you and baby
  • Wipe able, washable, reversible pad
  • Dishwasher safe tray
  • Feeding chair converts to complete padded booster

Verified reviews


received old product

Love that it reclines and doesn’t take up extra room in the kitchen but the chair we received from Amazon had been manufactured two years before being shipped to us, so because of that I would only give it three stars and caution anyone else to check manufacture date before opening.

Cheri Tyndall, SD

I love this booster seat!

I recently bought this booster seat at the military exchange a week ago (same price as amazon but I priced matched Walmart $46). The print I have is a safari with sage on the reverse side. I researched for awhile and set my sights on this one. It was easy to put together (only in 3 pieces), it reclines easily, it also swivels side to side easily, the tray pops on and off with ease, it has a five-point harness and it is sturdy. What else could you want? My little one loves it too. I’m glad it adapts with the growth of your child too. Great product!

Sonia Kimberling City, MO

Nap inducer

I bought this for my 4 month old to feed her and sit her in the kitchen while i’m cooking. LOVE THIS HIGHCHAIR!!! It’s easy to attach to the chair and is super sturdy. I love that you can rotate the highchair and absolutely love the maneuverability. It has 5 different sitting positions that i’v already used and the tray is easy to put on/off. The design is cute and complements any decor. It saves space and you don’t have to move around a bulky stationary chair. It’s inexpensive too. My daughter likes sitting in it and it’s comfortable for her. It also has a 3 point harness that keeps her in the chair. I tend to buy things that will grow with her so that i can get more use from the product. I would HIGHLY recommend this highchair to anyone. You’ll love it as much as i have. =0)

Bettie Ullin, IL


This is the best highchair ever! If I need to take my daughter to her aunt’s or grandmother’s, the highchair is portable and can fit on most seats with a back. Easy to wash and clean. The only thing I dont like is the bottom pad is not in there very securely so it bunches down. Other than that, this thing is awesome. Especially the recline feature. My daughter has fallen asleep in this thing a few times.

Cortney Bay Center, WA

A practical, intelligent seat that grows with the child

I was a little nervous about buying this item given the fact that it’s impossible to find in the stores and that this mediocre brand cost much more than many other similar products. But after using it, I have to say that I am really impressed with this chair! This is a great space saver seat that works well provided you have a chair with a wide seat and base. The whole thing minimizes into a padded booster seat once the child is older. The design is functional, practical and it performs wonderfully. The seat has a number of adjustments: 2 height positions, it rotates along the base with ease and also has 5 recline positions, which are not necessary for us since our baby is older than 6 months. Sitting in this chair, my baby is comfortable and supported(unlike the Fisher Price healthy care booster seat where she was very slouchy). I was debating between this chair and the Fisher Price space saver chair, which offers more cute patterns and has more user reviews, but miSwivel won me over on the ease of cleanup. The one piece molded seat is a breeze to clean as it doesn’t have any seams or nooks to trap food and grime. The padded cover feels nice to the touch and is machine washable, but even after several weeks of use I still haven’t needed to launder it because it wipes down pretty readily. The cover is reversible: one side has an wipeable material and the other has a softer fabric material (which I’m assuming doesn’t wipe down but that part was not explained in the manual). Also the harness straps can be removed for washing and the whole seat can be pretty much disassembled for thorough cleaning. I love how easy it is to remove the tray because of the large springy handles (dishwasher safe). The harness snaps and unsnaps easily as well. I was hoping to find a more pleasing pattern, but couldn’t find other colors in stock anywhere. While it’s smaller than conventional high chairs, it’s not really portable. My only complaints are that the plastic tray scratches easily, the harness straps are made from cheap nylon webbing and the dot to dot unisex pattern is meh.

Lori Newfane, NY

AMAZING chair, good for small infants, grows and swivels! WOW

This is such a great chair in so many ways!It swivels easilyIt’s comfortableI like the color- I think it’s gender neutral. I have a girl and bought this blue dot to dot, it’s fineSuper easy to cleanGood for smaller infants or larger babies, it works well for bothHas an “extension” back for larger babies (ie: 9 mo old)Straps baby in securely with straps that adjust smoothlyMaterial is not harsh on baby skin and not tacky like cheap vinylStraps easily to a chairEasy to feed baby with this angleSpace Saver!Great price and lightweightCons: NONEHELLLLOOO!! Why didn’t I buy this when the baby was really small, like 5 months ago! If you have a small baby and want to feed them and need a chair that can support a little one, this is IT!I love this chair and so does the baby! I wish this was around ten years ago when I had my first- if it was I never saw one like it. It’s innovative, built well, and it’s not a big bulky eye sore in the dining area like the traditional high chairs. Compact is great, whether or not you have a lot of room. I saw the pink and the colors were just too much. This color is much easier to look at. It was real easy to put together. whoever came up with the design is a genius! The swivel feature is priceless. Restaurants should carry these…

Evangeline Coon Valley, WI

Zero complaints or suggestions on this one

We are on our second child and have been through about 5 different seats between the two of them. For a non-portable solution this thing is great. We don’t use the swivel feature very much, that’s the only thing we don’t take advantage of. The cover is easy to take off and either sponge off or throw in the washing machine. We’ve even stopped using the cover at times as we don’t even need it. The tray is easy to take off, the 5-point harness is extremely helpful. If you’re looking for something specifically to be portable, look elsewhere as this would be too bulky, but high recommended.

Jodi Charleston Afb, SC

Great buy!

I would certainly recommend this to anyone with a little girl. It was delivered well before it was expected, already assembled. The base was a tad bigger than I thought but it straps very securely to our kitchen chair. The butterfly cover and straps machine wash great. They’re very easy to take off and put back on too. I let it air dry for fear of shrinkage. I hate that the straps are white but as I said they come clean so that’s a minor issue. It reclines and swivels just like it says. It appears very comfortable and my 7 month old loves it. I’d gladly have paid more.

Alexis Humnoke, AR

Great Highchair!

I looked around for high chairs and this one was so cheap and it was the only one that had only positive reviews now I see why!!! It’s great, my baby loves it and so do I!She eats sitting there, also she can sit at the table with us when we have dinner, it’s great I just strap her in give her some toys and cook. The fabric is really cute, I love that I don’t have to have a high chair taking up space in my dining room, and she can use this for four years! That for me is awesome!!!Don’t hesitate to buy this you won’t regret it.

Kimberlee Changewater, NJ

Worth the wait!!!

I had to wait a FEW WEEKS to get this chair (in this day and age, that’s like a lifetime), but it is very much worth it. The chair is nice and sturdy, I’m not worried about breaking the plastic (yes, it’s still plastic) base, and it swivels and tilts so smoothly. The straps are easy to remove and replace for cleaning, the tray wipes off like a dream, the seat covers/cushions are washable and reversible (get one more use out of them before washing!), and my little dude LOVES it. I put him in it sometimes just to hang out with me while I cook. Seems big enough that he’ll be able to use it for a nice long while, and I also like that it attaches to one of my own dining room chairs so that it almost doesn’t make my WHOLE home look like a baby store. This model was recommended to me from Lucie’s List, a been-there mom who writes about her favorite things and I was worried it would be discontinued or something since it had been a couple years. Glad it wasn’t. NEVER DISCONTINUE THIS! It’s amazing.

Ma Oceola, OH

High chairs are for amateurs

With our first kid we bought the most expensive high chair at the big box baby store — it was called a Blossom something or other. It was a total piece of junk. It started falling apart before our daughter was two. It was hard to clean and it sucked up loads of room. They try and suck you in by saying the high chair transitions to a big kid chair down the road. Newsflash: your kid is gonna want to sit in a REGULAR chair like everybody else when they get big enough to climb into one. You will find splat mats and wipeable placemats are the name of the game before the high chair peddlers can say “gotcha”. Besides — the high chair would not fit snuggly to the side of the table for us as a big kid chair and food was getting everywhere. We have a huge kitchen so space isn’t the problem for us with a high chair nor is a budget issue. We just hated that beast of a chair and wanted an alternative. We went with this feeding chair and we’re thrilled. To begin, this was less than 1/4 the price of that big flashy high chair. We can buy one of these feeding chairs for our house and one for grandma’s and still come out way ahead. Beyond the price are many other benefits. I’m a short person and reaching the high chair from my own chair at dinner was no fun. This chair allows my daughter to sit eye-level at the table with the rest of the family, in her own chair — not exiled off next to the table in a different contraption. I could immediately see how thrilled my daughter was to take her place at our table the first time we used it at four months. We are big believers in family meals and how that impacts eating habits and provides a sense of cohesiveness and belonging. We credit family meals with our first daughter’s early & astounding language skills because she listened to my husband and I talk to each other and to her at mealtime. This chair helps to improve that family meal experience for a little one. The chair is easy to use, it straps tightly under our very wide chairs and around the seat back as well. It isn’t going anywhere. The tray fits on nicely. The straps are easy to use. The swivel is great because you can turn the chair sideways (without turning your dining room/kitchen chair) to easily feed baby while you eat at the table. My only complaint would be how hard the seat is and the fact that the back slopes in an odd place making it look uncomfortable. I put a blanket under the seat cover to cushion it a bit but I wish I didn’t have to do that. I wish it came with some padding. That’s about the only complaint we have. We’re thrilled we did not get the big high chair. You really do learn so so much with child #1 and you learn to make smarter, cheaper choices the second time around. 🙂 UPDATE: WE HAVE SINCE PURCHASED A FISHER-PRICE FEEDING CHAIR/SEAT AND LIKE IT BEST. WE SENT THIS ONE TO OUR SCREENED-IN PORCH TO HAVE MEALS OUT THERE WITHOUT MOVING THE EVERYDAY CHAIR. THE FISHER-PRICE CHAIR IS A FLAT SEAT AND BACK AND EVEN WITHOUT A CUSHION MY DAUGHTER IS UNDOUBTEDLY MORE COMFORTABLE IN THE NEW FEEDING SEAT. I STAND FIRM THAT THESE FEEDING CHAIRS/SEATS ARE FAR BETTER THAN THE HIGH CHAIRS.

Alison Ludowici, GA

so far so GREAT!

sooo easy to clean, from the tray to the harness! simple to install to your chair. we should have bought this sooner 🙂

Myrna Blair, SC

GREAT Product…one of our Best baby purchaseses yet!

This product does exactly what is says in the product description.It is SOO nice & durable…fits so nicley on our chair…Tray is SUPER EASY to put on & take off! LOVE the dot pattern….perfect for my son.He seems very comfortable in it…stays put….food does seem to make its way down the sides of him LOL…but the clean up is SUPER easy! tray cleans up nice & easy as well.Im so glad I purchased this….Excellent quality for the price!

Kelley Whitelaw, WI

We love this chair – easy to clean and comfortable for my daughter

We originally had a hand-me-down standalone high chair for our daughter. I hated it – but it gave me an idea about what I really wanted in a chair, and I feel that this MiSwivel fits the bill exactly. I love that it utilizes a dining chair – it just seems like it’s not in the way like the other one was. I did worry about my daughter falling forward, since the seat seems to sit very far to the front of the chair, but she seems stable and we’ve had no problems.Pros:1) The padding and straps are easy to clean. We throw them in the wash about once a week, and air dry them (once my husband put the padding in the dryer, and it seemed to shrink. It still fits, but a little tighter than before). It doesn’t take long at all for them to dry.2) The tray is very smooth to operate – snaps right into place and is easy to remove. My daughter has not been able to pop it off with her knees, either, despite a lot of squirming and kicking.3) The tray is easy to clean – I have never put it in the dishwasher, but usually use a little dishsoap and the sprayer on my sink.4) The tray is big enough to keep her food contained (less mess on the floor), and now that she’s 14 months old she can reach the cup holder. But it’s also not gigantic like the tray on our old chair, which means that it’s easier to manage and doesn’t take up as much counter space while waiting for a wash.5) The swivel feature is convenient, but wouldn’t have been a deal-breaker for us. We do use it on occasion and it’s nice to have.Cons:1) We got the pink because it was on sale (and we do have a girl) but it’s obnoxious and does not blend into our decor.2) There are several “joints” in the seat where it comes together to swivel, etc., and food does get into these crevices. It takes a little scrubbing to get it completely clean.3) The pads come in 2 pieces – top and seat. Because of this, sometimes the seat cushion slides around, making it difficult to get my daughter strapped in.4) The cup holders look like they are sized to accommodate trainer cups that have handles on both sides, but none of my trainer cups actually fit into the cup holder. If she’s using a cup with handles, we usually set it on the table and put her chair within reach. Usually she drops it in the middle of her food and eats around it, so she doesn’t mind.The cons are minor in my opinion, but I wanted to list them in case they were a deal breaker for someone else. We are very happy with this chair and my daughter loves it!

Marisa Painter, VA

Great size, little one is safe, easy to keep clean, nice value

I’ve been very pleased with this feeding seat. The pattern isn’t my favorite, but that’s not a huge deal at all.The smaller scale is great- I actually use this seat on our large couch. I never leave my baby’s side while he’s in it, but I do feel that he’s secure in the straps.The fabric is really easy to wipe off. I wash the tray in the sink after each feeding. There aren’t any little crevices for food to get stuck in.It’s also small enough that we can take it with us on car trips to see family.I am pleased with both the quality/price and would definitely recommend it to others.

Helena Irwinville, GA

MiSwivel Feeding Seat by The First Years

I bought this seat approx 1.5 yrs ago for 1st grand-daughter, was used early when she was just couple of mos. with many recline positions and until she outgrew the size, it was her favorite. She never got fidgety in it rather, loved being in it.Eventhough the seat cover isn’t the cutest, the useful features when I compared to others are what convinced me to purchase this one. Best buy ever, comfortable, my son and daughter-in-law used it constantly because it was so easy to:- move location even with baby in it- position the baby- clean- place, move and remove tray- swivel- reposition several recline to upright positions- play with toys, books, feed in perfect tray size- wash and dry fabric cover (which is more comfortable than sticky vinyl, baby sweats when hot, also gets cold)Liked chair so much bought another for 2nd son’s future babies (in case design got discontinued, would have regretted not buying another).Super value for cost, excellent choice as gift.

Mellisa Auxvasse, MO

Love it

Bought this for my 2yr old who had a big bulky high chair wanted something with less room so I choose this wish I got it when she was way younger love the fabric color and butterflies she still fits in the 5point harness to but we jus use it as 3point she loves this seat I also like that it turns into a booster seat I don’t use it like that yet tho like that the tray goes up to her stomach so theres no food on her lap

Ora Tulsa, OK

Great little seat

What I like best about this seat is that it can be used for a very young baby and it sits quite upright. It does NOT fully recline. My baby is very comfortable in it and it seams sturdy. My baby had GERD and had to be upright a lot at a very young age, so this seat was great. I didn’t use the food part.

Gayle Erlanger, KY

Great for babies & young toddlers – will not fit under table

We really have enjoyed this feeding seat. It has an easy to attach/detach tray with ample room to keep food on the tray as well as two cup holder slots. Very easy to clean tray and air-dries in just a couple hours (ready for each meal our daughter needs!). The adjustments on the chair are very easy, yet the chair is nice and secure with all the straps to ensure safety. Love the adjust-ability as baby moved into young toddler-hood. We were able to remove the upper portion of the seat back and all the padding, so the chair easily wipes clean. I will say the straps clean easily in the washing machine, however, we have one strap that is very difficult to remove from the back. Since the straps are white, we live with icky looking straps more often than I would like… I probably could get a replacement from the manufacturer but haven’t bothered to try. My biggest issue with this chair, now that my toddler is 20 months and ready to eat from the table instead of the tray, is that the chair won’t fit under our table. Even on the lowest setting it’s not even close. So, we are in search of a new chair that will allow her to stay strapped to the dining room chair for safety yet will be able to be under that table so she can eat off of the table like a ‘big girl’. Besides my strap cleaning gripe and the bigger issue (for us) of the chair not sliding under the table, this has absolutely been a solid investment and will be kept for use when baby #2 comes along!

Carmen Asheville, NC

Perfect Feeding Chair!

This is the perfect feeding chair!I love the butterfly print!I love that it can be used from birth-4 years of age! I was relieved to see that it fit my small dining chairs! The seat is nicely padded! I defiantly recommend this feeding chair!

Ophelia Banner, MS