The First Years Natural Comfort Breast Pump

The First Years Natural Comfort Breast Pump

The Natural Comfort Breast Pump is comfortable and easy to use. It’s lightweight and ergonomically designed so you can pump with one hand. The comfort-fit shield gently massages and the suction control dial lets you adjust pumping pressure. Durable and discreet carrying case holds everything in your kit. Includes pump, carrying case, 4-oz. bottle, sealing disc and collar. Uses AC adapter or batteries. Imported.

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easy to use but did not last long

I used this pump once a day or less and it stopped working after about 6 weeks. While it was working it worked well and I liked being able to have one hand free while pumping.

Lindsey Juniata, NE


I used this pump after my husband went out and bought it for me. When I found out how much he spent on it, I thought to myself “this pump is gonna stink…you get what you pay for” Boy, was I WRONG. This pump was great. It provided varying amounts of suction to provide just the right amount that you required. It was quick, simple and VERY easy to use…included a AC adapter which I found provided more power than the battiers did. I only wish that it came with more bottles.

Monika Fieldale, VA


I absolutely hate this pump! I went through 3 of these because I wasn’t able to get my money back and could only exchange. The motor broke twice and one time it suctioned in and never released. Instead of exchanging it for a fourth time, I just threw the whole thing out. The part that attaches to the motor/handle and the piece that allows milk through are impossible to clean. Eventually, on all 3 that I went through, the milk builds up in the piece that attaches to the bottle (only takes a few pumps to fill this up) and you have to break suction for it to filter through. It continues to do this for as long as you’re pumping. If you don’t realize that the milk hasn’t gone through, the built up milk gets into the motor/handle and leaks out through the suction power control. The massage bubbles on the cup are uncomfortable and only irritate your breasts. The suction dies down almost immediately making pumping take so much longer. This pump is such a waste of money. Buyer beware!

Jade Linthicum Heights, MD

an O.K. pump

this pump was a life saver because i couldn’t get my daughter to latch on properly the first few days home. i’ve only used it a few times, but for some reason, it doesn’t suck anymore. it just makes a clicking sound. it is quite loud, too. i’m going to search for a better pump.

Ilene South Portsmouth, KY

How bad could it really be?

Honestly I bought this as a back up pump to use for emergencies and I hate it! It is the worst pump I have ever used! You would be better off getting a manual pump. It took me about 45 minutes to pump 3 oz. I would honestly not recommend this pump to anyone. I think they are a great company and I LOVE their bottles but this pump is horrible. There is a reason why it it $27, instead of the $100+ they originally valued it at!!

Alta Graham, TX

A real lifesaver

I bought this pump along with the medela manual pump after being let down by the Avent Isis and I am so happy with my decision. Although its a little loud all electric pumps are so I cant complain about that. The neck of the breast shield swivels so I can hold it direcly in front or to the side of my breast (whichever feels comfortable at the time). At times I wish the suction was a little stronger but but thats only when im trying to empty my breast fully. Then I use my manual pump but when it comes to expressing for the babies thsi pump gets great results for an even greater price.

Susanne Friars Point, MS