The First Years Nature Sensations Dreams In Sight Mobile

The First Years Nature Sensations Dreams In Sight Mobile

The Dreams-in-Sight Mobile not only will keep your baby intrigued, but helps develop her visual tracking skills with a unique rotating canopy. The canopy projects soft moons and stars directly above, while the light projection ball moves in the other direction for a truly compelling light show. Your baby will love the four nature friends and the soothing music selections, which include classical, lullaby, soothing spa and nature sounds. The unit has a remote control, allowing parents to activate the music and motion without disturbing their baby. And to save battery life, it automatically shuts off after ten minutes. When your baby gets older and begins to pull up in the crib (at around 5 months or so), the arm and canopy detach from the music box and the music box remains in the crib for Baby to enjoy. Its large, bright-colored buttons are easy for Baby to activate in the crib. Requires 3 “AAA” batteries (not included).

Main features

  • Made of a lightweight cotton-weave
  • Projects soft moons and stars directly above your baby
  • Canopy moves in one direction, the light projection ball in the other
  • Mobile plays 4 soothing music selections
  • Hi-low volume control allows you to adjust the volume to your desired setting

Verified reviews


Our Son Loves It!

I got this mobile for our son when he was a few months old. He’s now 11 months old and loves to reach up and press the large, brightly-colored buttons. He seems to prefer the night mode with the moon and stars. The moon and stars look different than in the picture because it seems like the picture portrays them as being different colors when, in reality, they’re all the same color.We like how it has a volume control, a day/night mode, and the ability to swivel out of the way when we’re reaching into the crib. The music, like with many baby-related things, can get annoying after a while but the nature sounds are nice (the leaf button). We often play the music and have the Sleep Sheep running rain or ocean sounds at the same time as background. The remote hasn’t gotten a lot of use because our baby is usually asleep before it’s through with the music, but we have noticed that the TV remote can turn it on and off.Most importantly, the baby loves it.

Adela Williamstown, MA

OMG my LO loves it!

my 2 mo old LO loves to look at it! she follows the little animals with her eyes and loves to stare at the stars!!!!! great product! also it’s easy to assemble… although my husband is the one who did it… he gets easily frustrated with assembly, but no frustration with this one!

Laurel Steeleville, IL

Baby loves it

Our 2 month old loves looking at the mobile go round and round. Tihe mobile is well made and easy to assemble. There are four different musical sounds and the night light show is great.One complain is that the battery runs out pretty fast – so if you want to see the night lights you have to change them within a month or so.

Jillian Serafina, NM

Great mobile!

This has been a wonderful mobile. I haven’t had any of the problems that other reviewers mention (no grinding, no random turning-on of the mobile, no sucking of the batteries).We bought this mobile when my daughter first started tracking objects/people with her eyes. She is now four months old and still loves it! I usually put her under the mobile first thing in the morning so she can kick and shriek (happily) and I can make coffee and have some breakfast.I can see that she enjoys watching both the insects and the projected stars and moons. By the way, the room doesn’t have to be very dark at all for the projection to appear. I usually just turn down the light or turn it off if it’s daytime. No need to draw the shades or anything.My one complaint, and the reason why I didn’t give this mobile 5 stars, is the noise. I wish I could just turn it on without it having to play some sort of sound. Three of the four buttons to operate the mobile play music- but it’s only a few chords and it’s very, very repetitive. The “Hush Little Baby” song is maddening and will not get out of your head. I usually turn it on with the one button that just plays nature sounds (crickets chirping, frogs croaking). There are only two volume levels, so I can’t turn the volume all the way down. I’d rather play some music in her room than have to listen to the mechanical-sounding and repetitive tunes of this mobile. Luckily, the nature sounds option exists.

Rosalind Hargill, TX


She’s 7 months and the batteries have just now needed replacing. She can turn it on all by herself now by kicking the huge buttons or if i give her the remote. And it’s so high there is no way she can get herself tangled in it, so it is not a hazard! At first I thought it was too stimulating for her but now it is just what she needs to entertain herself while I get 30 minutes more sleep

Penelope Tranquillity, CA

Broke in one day

While my daughter liked this, the lights broke the first day, and by the third day the motor was make grinding noises even with new batteries. It is very poor quality and I would never buy something from The First Years again.

Kari Southington, CT

Son loves it

My son has had this for almost 2 years and loves it. He won’t sleep without it, it’s a great buy, and the remote means that you don’t have to go into the room to turn it back on. The first one was awesome, the 2 nd one I bought to have at my dads has a pretty loud motor though

Angeline Welch, TX

Works Great!

This is a great mobile! I got this for a friend’s newborn and they have had nothing but good things to say about it. The soft light and music work great to sooth babies and the colorful bugs are a nice distraction and give baby something to reach for.

Chelsea Center Ossipee, NH

Calming and Soothing!

We’ve had this mobile for about 2 weeks now…no battery changes needed and it is working just fine! This mobile is calming & soothing. We started with another mobile–the Tiny Love Musical Symphony. However, it was really loud and honestly just kept my son awake since it was so stimulating! When I put him in his crib, my hope is that he’ll fall asleep and this First Years mobile does just that!The remote is also a great feature so I don’t have to come into the room while he is about to fall asleep.And finally…I love that this can be used at night! We tried the other mobile at night, but he really couldn’t see it–even with a night light. It just made noise. This one has nice music (ok…it is not the best music ever, but he’s a baby and it is calming enough) and the screen makes lovely light pictures for him to look at.So far…this mobile has been great! And I highly recommend it.

Angelique Rollinsville, CO

Nice mobile

I did like the mobile and music/light was great. It will stop automatically after a bit too. It’s just for my daughter the mobile excited her rather than calm her down. She just wanted to talk to her "friends" instead of going to sleep

Ethel Wheatland, OK

Baby Loves It and So Do We!

This mobile is adorable and made well. Far superior to the Fisher Price models. It also has pleasant piano music and nature sound selections. The remote control works well (although we don’t really use it).

Kelsey Elliston, VA

Cute but gets jammed

This mobile is very cute,and is one of the few with lights, which is what my 5 month old son likes best about it. The songs are soothing, and it’s nice to have a few to choose from so you don’t get sick of listening to them.The problem I have is that it had a problem with getting jammed since the day I bought it. We keep tightening the screws, and it will work for a few days, but then start jamming up again. When it jams it makes a really irritating clicking sound, which is definitely not soothing!

Adeline Buchanan, ND

This mobile is adorable!

This mobile is so cute. It has a little ball at the top that shines moons and starts onto the mobile. The mobile has a little frog, butterfly, snail, and bee that spin around. There are four different music buttons, and one of them plays nature sounds. It comes with a little remote that hooks easily onto a door handle. This is very helpful because I can just press the button, and my baby relaxes and goes back to sleep. I don’t even have to get out of the bed. This mobile is great! I would recommend it to anyone.

Angela Coronado, CA

Great Mobile!

After having to return two mobiles for not fitting my daughters crib, I purchased this one praying I would not have to return it. The crib’s rails are not “conventional” and are rather thick. I was ecstatic and relieved that this mobile fit! My almost 3 month old loves this mobile. Instead of staring at the ceiling fan in the nursery, she becomes enthralled now with this mobile! I will place her in the crib and turn on the mobile during the day to take a shower and she does not once cry. At night when she is sometimes inconsolable, I will place her in her darkened room and the projection, movement, and varying music choices soothe her. The only downside is that it will only stay on for 10 minutes. There is a remote that will start it once it stops, as to not disturb baby if she has fallen asleep. She has not once fallen asleep to it yet, but we are not quite at that stage. I am very happy I purchased this mobile and highly recommend it.

Addie Isabel, SD

Great mobile

This mobile is an excellent choice. It has two setting- day and night. The day setting allows the canopy to spin to four very different “songs” and the night setting has the day features with the added light show. It projects onto the canopy and spins in the opposite direction of the toys hanging from the canopy. It is very soothing for my 1 month old daughter. One of the best features of this mobile is the remote control for parents. The music and lights will play for around 10 minutes. If your child is not to sleep yet and needs more music to lull them to sleep, simply press the button on the remote (hanging on your child’s door knob) and the mobile starts up again. It is fantastic. They don’t even have to know you are checking on them! There is one other feature I forgot to mention. There is a volume button with two settings. I use both. This product is sturdy and very well made. The assembly was not difficult and I would definitely recommend it. By the way, there is no winding involved with this mobile. Just press a button and it’s spinning!

Christie Saint Simons Island, GA

Soothing music

The mobile was very easy to put together and the remote is a wonderful perk. The lighted hood is also very entertaining for the baby in a darkened room. The music is very gentle and soothing. Love it!

Jeannine Wittenberg, WI

My baby love the night light

When I turned it on, the beautiful night light caught my baby’s attention right away. She loves watching the light. Sometimes she watched it for too long, got overtired, and then cried :)HOWEVER, there was a big problem with this product. It cannot fit to my baby’s crib!!! Just like what the other reviewer said, if you have a slightly more expensive crib, this unit may not fit to the rail. But since my baby seems to love this unit, so I filed flat the top of the thread screw of this unit (I needed to remove about 4mm from it). Now I can fit it to the crib. Hopefully it won’t break down or else I may have problem returning it.

Alissa Lott, TX

Great product – perfect Mobile!

I have to disagree with some of the bad reviews in here. The negative qualities about the wind up mobiles totally outweigh the negative qualities about this mobile.. I mean, what more do people want? This mobile is battery operated, which is a plus because those wind up mobiles are a pain because you have to keep going in and winding the thing every 5 minutes, and distracting your baby who is almost asleep. This mobile also comes with a remote.. which allows cracking the door and turning it back on without any distractions at all. I love that feature. Sure, the batteries wear because the item is being used! Unfortunately, there is no such thing as forever batteries, if there were, the battery corporations would be out of business. I find that most baby items that require batteries seem to drain them at a faster rate, but it’s most likely because the items are being used more often. This mobile seems to be the only battery operated mobile around. It’s a little more expensive, but well worth the extra money. I registered for a wind up.. but returned it after a few uses.. let alone the pain of winding it up, it was also cheaply made and not too sturdy. This mobile is VERY sturdy.. and you can rotate the top so it isn’t hanging over your baby all night, if it makes you feel more at ease. This mobile also has a wonderful light show.. my son loves watching it and it puts him to sleep. I like the music, as well. The only drawback I found was.. the support screw scratched my crib.. but some padded heavy construction tape placed on the side that screws on took care of this problem. Highly recommended item and worth the extra money!

Wendy Portland, OR

Pretty cute

I like the rotating light show. Music could be better so I use the nature sounds. I wish it wasn’t so big and plasticy so I took off one star.

Lauri Calypso, NC

One and Only Mobile!!!

I had this on my baby registry and didn’t know much about it except I liked the projection. Once I received it and put it to use I instantly fell in love with it. Besides being cute, it certainly did the job with my newborn. She loved watching the lights and shapes rotating on the canopy. She could stare at it for quite some time before falling asleep. The music selections are tranquil and calming. The highest volume setting was loud so we kept it at the second level which was just perfect. The remote control is a lifesaver!! My daughter is now 7 months and she still uses it but with only the music since she grabs at the actual mobile. The only thing I can say bad about this mobile is the batteries it requires. But with all babies toys you have to replace it frequently depending on how much you use it. We loved this mobile so much we recommended it to family and they also bought it and loved it.

Carly Elberta, AL

Love this mobile

I received this mobile as a hand-me-down and it has been great so far. I really like the sound quality of the music and animal noises. I also like the light projection of the stars and moons on the underneath of the mobile on the night setting; it can even be seen during the day with the blinds and curtains closed in the room. My 10 week old son seems very interested in this mobile and helps soothe him to sleep when other methods are not cutting it. I haven’t had to replace the batteries yet. The mobile is detachable for when babies start pulling up but you can still use the base. I know my friend’s daughter enjoyed the music on the base as she grew older and could hit the buttons herself. Also, the remote will turn the mobile both on and off.

Josie Port Ludlow, WA

Was great, until…

So, I got this mobile for my shower after reading reviews. I loved it, my son loved it. It was so adorable and kept him engaged and happy in his crib, which was great because he otherwise hated being in the crib. As most of these toys do, the batteries eventually died and it was time to change them. The battery changing was fine, but as soon as I put it back onto my LO’s crib, all of a sudden the mobile didn’t spin anymore. Music played, lights went on, but it just didn’t move at all!! What is the point????So, if this hadn’t happened I would have given this 5 stars, but I can’t seem to figure out how to fix this problem and now it’s rather pointless. My son still likes it because of the music and the lights (at night), but he no longer coos at the little stuffed characters going around.has anyone else had this issue? Is there a solution?? It seems like the motor that turns it just died.

Francisca Prue, OK