The First Years Nature Sensations Lullaby Player

The First Years Nature Sensations Lullaby Player

This lullaby player will soothe Baby to sleep with the calming sounds of nature and the sweet melody of lullabies. The 4 sound options include a heartbeat, gentle rainfall, ocean waves and 3 popular lullabies. Also features a comforting night-light, parent-controlled voice activation, 15-minute shutoff timer or continuous play, child-resistant control panel and volume control. Attaches to the crib rail or sits on a table. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included). Imported. 4-1/4Hx4Wx7D”

Main features

  • safe for baby

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A Waste of Money

The only good thing about this is the night light function. The waves and water sound horrible and my son never liked listening to the music or the heartbeat sound.

Marquita Trumbull, CT

We tried others, but stuck to this one.

The voice activated feature is great!!And for what it offers, the price is very attractive.Four sounds, light, etc. – you will be glad you bought it.Our daughter can’t sleep without it now 🙂

Tara Antwerp, NY

Good while it works!

Good while it worked! My baby really liked the sounds and the night light was great for midnight feedings. I only had it for three weeks when it stop working. I changed batteries thinking that was the problem but the next day it stop working again. It didn’t play music and light would not turn off. I am really disappointed. Buyer beware!

Tina Spruce Pine, AL

Great for newborns!!!

This item was a LIFESAVER when I brought my son home from the hospital. The sounds were so soothing they helped him to sleep longer at night. For anyone who has read Dr. Harvey Karp’s book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, they will understand. The only thing is this is better for smaller babies. Once my son was bigger, I bought the Fisher Price Aquarium and that works well for older babies.

Mamie Saint Francisville, LA

Much needed

We have really enjoyed having this since my son was born. We do not use the heartbeat or music setting, but he seems to like the other two settings which are more ‘nature oriented.’ I love the automatic shut-off and the voice-activated modes.We have gone through one set of batteries already, but it took seven weeks to do so. (That includes a few nights/naps that I forgot to press the automatic shut-off) Overall this is a great product and very useful.

Annette Symsonia, KY

Great soother overall

My daughter is now 11 weeks old, and we have used this since she was born. We usually use the ocean sound, but once or twice we used the rainfall and she seemed to like that, too. It’s true that the lullabies sound mechanical, so we just don’t use it. We didn’t buy it for music, anyway. We wanted white noise to soothe her and block out other noises.We always use the voice-activated mode, and when we first put her down, we just go “shh” into it or snap fingers to start it, when it begins to play for about 15 minutes, and then whenever she cries. It does take a pretty decent sound from her to set it off, but that’s okay — her softer noises are usually in her sleep anyway. She only sets it off a couple of times a night — I think!The biggest drawback is batteries. Despite only using it on voice activate mode, when it’s only on for 15 minutes at a time, we seem to have to change batteries about every two weeks. We switched to rechargeables, and they seem to die even sooner — but at least we can recharge them. The unit runs through batteries even quicker if you use the night light — even for only a few seconds to check on the baby. This is hard for me to fathom, considering that our swing runs much more, and since our daughter was born, we have NEVER had to replace the batteries!

Staci Vanzant, MO

Probably didn’t need it

I wouldn’t rate this as a baby necessity. It was nice to have at times, but our baby was never really addicted to it. I used the sounds as background noise when she was an infant, but not all the time. I was afraid she would get hooked on sleeping with white noise and wouldn’t sleep any other way. The light was very helpful. I used that all the time for middle-of-the-night nursing sessions. It is very dim, so it is not bright enough to realy wake up baby (or you!) but you can see enough to avoid fumbling around.

Sandra Sanborn, NY

Can be used on infant car seat too!!!

When I first had this product, I used it on my daughter’s crib like it is intended. Then I realized it could also be placed on the side of the carrying handle on most infant car seats. I found it worked great if my daughter was fussy in the car. She loved the soft sounds and musical melodies. It helped lull her to sleep. The added light is also a great feature to peak on her rather than turning on the bright overhead light in my car. Just make sure it is placed securely on the side of the handle to prevent it from falling.

Blanca Bristol, VT