The First Years Newborn Pacifiers – 2 Pack

The First Years Newborn Pacifiers – 2 Pack

The First Years Soothie Newborn Pacifier, Packs of 2 (Pack of 4)

Main features

  • Over 1,000 hospitals nationwide give newborns The First Years Soothie pacifier
  • Comes in newborn and Super Soothie infant sizes
  • Made from medical-grade silicone
  • One-piece design for less germs
  • Soft, latex-free nipple

Verified reviews


My Son Doesn’t Like It

I can’t justifiably give the Soothies Newborn Pacifier a poor review for the simple fact that a child’s personal taste determines whether or not he or she will like a pacifier. Perhaps it’s the larger shape or the feel of the nipple in his mouth, but my son does not like this pacifier. I personally do not know anybody who uses these pacifiers, either. The hospital where my son was born uses Gerber Nuk pacifiers and he took to them right away (so did our daughter when she was a baby). They are smaller, visually nicer to look at (that’s not a big deal), and the small handle on them makes them a tad easier to clasp to a child’s pacifier keeper.In short, whatever pacifier your child prefers will be what’s best for the child. If Soothies works for you, great, but my personal experience has me leaning towards Gerber Nuks instead.

Fern Mahto, SD

Best pacifier for breastfeed baby

My daughter would only use this pacifier. This is the only pacifier that has a “natural” shaped nipple. Other pacifier’s nipple are short and wide. Babies who are breastfeed are typically not going to like pacifiers that do not feel like the mother’s breast. The soothie is the only pacifier with a long skinny nipple. Also I purchased a wubbanub and it has helped her put the paci back into her mouth and cuddle with the stuffed animal attached to the soothie!As for the other reviewer who’s baby stuck the entire pacifier in her mouth. This pacifier is HUGE and the top of the pacifier constantly hits her nose. I don’t know how big of a mouth the previous reviewer’s baby has but there is NO possible way my baby at 5 months could get this pacifier into her mouth. I think their experience was rare and not the norm!

Jordan Benson, AZ

Come Scented Too

Other parents told us about these, specifically the vanilla scented ones.Baby #1 was bottle fed and took to an Advent pacifier right away. But we used these scented soothies whenever we couldn’t get a bottle ready fast enough for her likes. Not sure if it was the shape of the soothie pacifier or the scent, but she always calmed down while we’d finish getting the bottle ready.Baby #2 was also bottle fed, but did not take to any pacifier right away. We tried these regular soothies as well as the vanilla ones and the Advent ones too. She eventually took to the Advent.It really is up to each baby what they will like. But these are definately worth trying. In addition to the regular and vanilla ones, there are also various sizes, including preemie, pacifiers attached to small stuffed animals that are easier for babies to find and put into their mouth…and also easier for Mom & Dad to find in the back of the car, the darkened bedroom, etc.

Louise Rainsville, AL

Only one my daughter will use!

My daughter refuses to eat more than an ounce or so every few hours, even when she was starving (been like that since she was born, she actually refused to eat the first 72 hours. Guess she never really caught onto the whole sucking thing) and would not accept any type of pacifier(like many parents we bought every pacifier on the market). That was until a friend told us they had a similar dilema and bought us a pack to try out. She absolutely loves them! They are perfect hold overs for until she really wants to eat.These pacifiers are one piece and without the plastic guard. The advantage to this is that it reduces the chances of nasties lurking in the seams/cracks of where the plastic joins the nipple from improper washing or not sterilizing. Unless you are disassembling your childs two piece pacifier(plastic from nipple) and cleaning it, you’re not cleaning it as well as your tell yourself.Some perhaps your child shouldn’t be using them. These are NEWBORN PACIFIERS as stated on the package. If your child is not a NEWBORN then it’s probably best to move onto other pacifiers more appropriately sized for your child. Everyone is different but I have a hard time believing a NEWBORN(as these are made for NEWBORNS) can swallow the entire pacifier. I’ve tried and had trouble myself.Other complaints about the lack of ‘bulbing’ at the tip of the pacifier which makes it difficult for the newborn to hold in it’s mouth is nothing more than laziness. Pay your child more attention. If your child is sucking her thumb(or mittens, sleeves, blankie, what have you) then she/he is either hungry or wants comfort. If you’re sticking a pacifier in a NEWBORNs mouth just so you don’t have to listen to them cry, it’s probably a good time to rethink your methods of raising a child. A pacifier is a great way to comfort or help increase her appetite(we used these to increase her appetite and get her in the habit of sucking so she would eat more) but should not be used simply as a distraction so you don’t have to deal with them.Lastly, people say these are ugly as sin. I agree, but your child doesn’t care:) Just like all the decorations or excessive amount of money you can spend on newborn clothing, your child does not care.If it works, it work. Every child is different. For our kid that had trouble grasping the ‘sucking’ motions for the first few months(whether it was breastfeeding or the Playtex slow flow latex wide nipples which are the absolute slowest nipples around!), these helped her become strong and healthy!

Johnnie Macon, MO

Infant Loves It

My god daughter LOVES this, and it’s made my best friend’s life much easier than mine when I had my son who would not take a pacifier. Her hospital trained her on it when she arrived, and it soothes her beautifully until she falls asleep and then it falls out when she stops sucking. Several people have told me this is the only pacifier their child responded to and and plan on using it for my new baby when she arrives. I will be updating my review with my personal experience then!

Susana Rexford, MT

My baby did not like this

I started out trying to give my newborn daughter this pacifier. She sucked it a few times and then rejected it. I was hopeful she would take it b/c I heard such good things about it and how it is supposed to be the best pacifier for breast-fed babies to avoid nipple confusion. In the end, my daughter took the Gerber NUK for about a month and then refused all pacifiers all together. Just as well since they say to wean them off around 4-6 months anyway.

Abbie Adamsville, RI

baby hates these

I bought these because so many babies love them but my son hates these. Not to mention that they are huge on his little face.

Judy Lafayette, IN

not great not terrible

My son wouldn’t take these until we were weaning.I think the nipple is too small, however he did enjoy playing with them.

Hilda Hunt, NY

Hospitals choose Soothie

“There’s a reason hospitals use these! Adult finger fits inside nipple, so you can gently encourage baby to start sucking to lull themselves to sleep. Natural and healthy, easy to clean.”

Clare Cantil, CA

Perfect for newborns

My baby loves these pacifiers. This is only type she will keep in her mouth. If you are looking for a pacifier to use when breastfeeding I would recommend these.

Tracey Kansas, IL

Not for use with babies with nipple confusion/preference, no cover

My son was two weeks early (38 weeks) and as I wasn’t informed, allowed him to use this in the hospital. He took it it, though later would prefer Avent paci’s but this along with other artificial nipples added to problems I would have breastfeeding him. Trips to laction consultants later and I found a way, and left this soothie behind. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security believing that using this won’t interfere with early breastfeeding. Nipple confusion is very real and disruptive to breastfeeding moms who encounter it.The soothie has no cover, transporting this requires a paci holder pod, which to me is a waste of money if you buy binkys that have covers on their own. So okay binky. My son liked it, but it’s not a fail proof soother for breastfed babies in the beginning.

Abbie Talbot, IN

Not Orthodontic, Better Options Out There

On the one hand, whatever is comforting to the baby is a winner, and I like that now you can get the Soothie in a color other than the typical green.However, as far as pacifiers go, the Soothies are my least favorite. First, they are nearly impossible to stay in baby’s mouth without assistance. There are a few Soothie holders out there, like the Wubbanub, but who designs a $15-$20 pacifier holder that doesn’t detatch from the pacifier? (For washing/replacing purposes…).Second, these seem to be the worst option for long-term use from a dental perspective. The nipple is about as anti-orthodontic as you can get….just take a look at the difference in shape between these and a NUK. From an oral development perspective, a baby may as well suck their thumb….they’ll have the same shaped teeth. If my babies are going to use a pacifier, I’d much rather it be an orthodontic design that puts less pressure on the gums/incoming teeth.Third, as other reviewers have noted, the non-nipple part of the Soothie leaves no room for a tiny newborn’s nose, which can make it hard to breathe when their face is close to the pacifier (like when being cuddled close to your body).Fourth, when these pacifiers drop, they bounce and roll to all corner of the earth. Like bouncy balls that pick up dirt and lint and god-knows-what with each bounce.That said, of my 3 kids, both daughters seemed to go through a “Soothie Phase” as newborns. When it comes to soothing a little one, I go with what works. For long term use, however, I was able to re-introduce orthodontic pacifiers to both my girls at about 3 months (the youngest seems to prefer the Avent orthodontic design, my oldest stuck with the NUK).Every baby seems to have it’s own preferences, so I’ve held on to our Soothies for each of our kids, but if I could choose a pacifier to get “hooked on,” it would be the NUK. My suggestion is that if you have a baby that already likes an orthodontic design, stick with that!

Jewel Astatula, FL

Our Boy’s First Choice.

When our boy was born, the hospital provided us with a few items, one of which was a “Newborn Soothie Pacifier.” My wife had already purchased a few Juicy Couture Pacifiers, which she regards as the Lexus of pacifiers, I supplied a Billy Bob Teeth pacifier for the little tyke and several others were gifts. Well, guess which one the baby likes best? I’d say it was the free ‘Smoothie” model provided by the hospital. Go figure. When the baby is cranky and I’m looking around for a pacifier, that’s the one I’ll choose.Gary Peterson

Keisha Seaton, IL

Same as the one used in hospital

I got one of this from hospital. My daughter likes it. I also did some research, the one piece pacifier is much safer to baby and this pacifier is big enough for young infant to suck on. It has been a life saver for quite a long time. At the first 4 month, whenever my daughter is showing signs of going to sleep, we gave this pacifier to her, then she will fall into sleep by herself. I guess this really works to soothe the baby. We wean her from the pacifier when she is a little over 4 month old. Not a hard transition at all.

Tori Leroy, AL

The only pacifier my son would take

My son was a little fussy for the first 2 1/2 months. About 3 weeks after birth I tried many different pacifiers. The soothie wasn’t my first choice because I thought it looked weird. Eventually I gave in and bought it and my son loved it. Once he hit 3 months he no longer wanted a pacifier and he is a happy baby. I would definitely recommend this product.

Hollie Bridgeport, NY

Worked great for us, well worth a try at their inexpensive cost.

I didn’t want to give my baby a pacifier AT ALL. I was paranoid that since I was breastfeeding, that any pacifier was going to ruin things… but we were at the hospital for a test and the baby was fussing a bit and the nurse asked if we had a pacifier and I said no. She reached into the cupboard and pulled out one of these, saying they were highly recommended. We took it from her, thanked her, and threw it in the diaper bag. (We didn’t try it right then because, as I mentioned, I did NOT want my baby to use a pacifier.)And then came a time when he was really fussy. And we had just watched The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and learned that Sucking is something that, ironically, PACIFIES a baby and calms them down… so I gave the baby the Soothie…and he loved it! LOVED IT! I immediately went out and bought two more 2-packs (from Target and Babies R Us). I also bought the next-stage pacifiers (one step up from newborn).Of course if he is super agitated (or hungry) then it won’t stay in his mouth, but if he is somewhat calm already, then it’s enough to keep him calm. I never thought the pacifier was too heavy, as another reviewer thought, claiming that was why it wouldn’t stay in the baby’s mouth. I also never thought the pacifier holder was too big. I didn’t have any pacifier attachers yet, so I just bought the ones made for this pacifier and it worked just fine.As far as the breastfeeding worries, I continued breastfeeding for a few weeks after the introduction of the Soothie with no ill effect.

Dianne Desoto, TX

The only paci my daughter will take.

Our daughter is very stubborn about pacifiers. She wouldn’t take one at all until about 3 months old. She still does not like them, but out of the 7 different types we bought, this is the only one she’s accepted.

Gabriela Egg Harbor City, NJ

great product

this is the only paci my daughter would use in the 1st months. very easy to clean. may not be the cutest looking but does a great job.

Jaclyn Garden, MI

A bit of trouble, but worth it to me.

My lactation consultant recommends this pacifier because, as she says, “It’s round. Your nipple is round, and I want your nipple to stay that way.”I’m having a LOT of nipple issues in my breastfeeding, so when my daughter started wanting to suck for soothing, I decided to go with my lactation consultant’s recommendation and use the soothie.I had some of the same falling-out issues that other parents are reporting, but I got around them with a few days of practicing the following:1) Tickle her nose to get her to open up wide for a latch2) Hold the pacifier in place until she really latches on well3) Once she’s got a good grip, tug gently and steadily on the pacifier to get her to suck harder and fight your pull. It’s pacifier tug-of-war and it trains her to keep it in her mouth through suction alone.When she falls asleep, it still falls out, but by then she doesn’t care.I agree with some of the negative reviews:This pacifier is ugly. It makes her look like a fish! (I think it’s funny, but it definitely isn’t my daughter at her prettiest.)It really does roll into far-off places when it falls on the floor.It takes a bit of investment. It’s not the easiest pacifier out there.On the other hand, if it helps her to keep her tongue down and treat my poor, cracked, sore nipples gently, then I’m all for it. I wouldn’t risk a flatter pacifier with my breastfeeding problems.

Isabel Osage, OK

Great for a newborn

Works well with a newborn. This pacifier was recommended by my baby 411 book because it is similar to a woman’s nipple. Our 3wk old had no problem going between the nipple and the pacifier and seems to enjoy it for soothing.

Lea Bighill, KY

Great, just lacking smaller attacher

After trying several pacifiers including the binky, my 2 month old loved the soothie. While other pacifiers seemed to allow air to be sucked in, the soothie makes a tight seal. I also love that there is no nipple air pocket that seems to look grungy very quickly. The only change I would make would be an smaller attachment system. I have avoided buying the attachment because it looks so big! I might give it a try…

Margarita Riverton, CT

Soothie is soothing.

This is the pacifier the hospital gave my daughter when she was born. She took to it quick and is still sucking on them. They’re easier to keep clean. Only downfall is you can’t attach a binky holder. And I wish they came in a wider range of colors.For the perfect pacifier, go for the gumdrop. Same nipple as the soothie, just a better shape.

Katy Monmouth, IA

Can’t get my son to use these

Now that my son has his front set of teeth I was hoping to move him over to the harder pacifiers for safety purposes. The search continues but this one definitely is not the one. He puts it in his mouth and spits it right back out. The softer soothies work like a charm though.

Brianna Marcus, WA

crack for babies

When I was prego I bought EVERY kind of ortho pacifiers for my soon to be baby boy. Little did I know that the hospital would stick a binkie in my baby’s mouth as soon as he came out to the world.At first (my son’s a preemie) they had to cut a portion of the paci so it didn’t block his airway – this thing was almost 1/2 the size of his head. I tried switching him to other pacis, useless, either he couldn’t grip it, or he’d spit it out.We didn’t have any problems (like other parents) with him latching to the paci, only to breastfeed – but if you do have problems – try tickling/stroking their chin/jawline. It made my kiddo open up to feed, but with this paci, i think he could smell it a mile away.I can TOTALLY see why he’d like this, the nipple is shaped like a real nipple. It’s easy for them to use and get full suction/grip on it.It comes in a variety of colors, but for some reason, the blue ones were way harder/thicker than the green ones. My son won’t use any of them other than the green ones. There’s also a paci holder – it’s really cute, it turns the paci into a “smiley face” and it snaps on to a penguin or a flower. Super adorable.What I Don’t like:After we left the hospital – (we only snagged 3 of these pacis) – they were hard to find. Every chain/grocery store were sold out, and what we did find, we bought all of. As soon as we lost one or couldn’t give one to my son when he needed it, the world literally would end. This was a peace offering to calm a very tyrannical baby. So i’m glad that Amazon carries it. We no longer have to keep track of pacis like our car keys and wallet. PHEW!Soothie also makes bottles. If your baby has a hard time drinking out of them (or just wouldn’t latch (like my son did – avent, maam, medela, gerber, nuk) then get their bottles. Same nipple shape and comes in 2 different sizes.TEETH:My son is almost 2 now and I was scared that because these were ortho pacis, that he’d have buck teeth or just out of line. I’m wrong. Kid has straight teeth. He still uses his paci in the morning and to fall asleep.

Janie Midland, MD

I’m sure it is great for some, didn’t work for us

We started out with this pacifier as our doula recommended it and said it was the most compatible with breast feeding. My son took it and it certainly helped in those early days where he wanted to suck 24-7. He never could keep it in his mouth though which I chalked up to being so little and perhaps not convinced that he loved the pacifier. I wasn’t convinced I wanted him to love it so that was OK.Then at 1 month he would scream whenever we gave it to him so we quit. At 3 months though he started sucking on everything and we broke out the pacifier again. He could hold it in his mouth for a little while but without careful attention it gets pushed out. Now at 3.5 months we need a pacifier so that my husband might have a chance of putting the baby to bed when I’m not here to nurse him down. The soothie falls out so fast that there is no chance it could work to do anything but comfort him when he is really upset.With some experimentation we have discovered that he needsa) the shield that is molded to the face. The soothie shield (and the natursuttenNatursutten All-Natural Rubber Orthodontic Pacifier, 0-6 monthsthat we tried) bumps up against his nose and gravity makes it more likely to fall out.b) a more shaped nipple. The orthodontic ones work but so does the MAMSassy Mam Mini Trends Silicone Pacifier – Size 1 – 0-6 months – boy colorsnipple (which is shaped like a bulb but theoretically compresses to an orthodontic shape, though it doesn’t really when I tried it. ) The bulb shape of the MAM seems to be enough to keep it behind his gums which seems to help it stay in too.We just tried out the MAM and he kept it in his mouth for 30 minutes before pushing it out with his tongue (while playing)! It also has no top/bottom like the soothie so it is easier to get in his mouth in the dark.Pacifiers are cheap (except for the Natursutten) so it isn’t a big deal to try a few different ones–just because one baby does well with one doesn’t mean another one will or won’t. But for us, the MAM worked much better. I’m wondering if we should have tried it earlier–perhaps it would have been helpful in those fussy early months where he wouldn’t take the soothie.

Marta Olar, SC

My baby loves it

I tried this pacifier and the gerber ones. She wouldn’t take the gerber ones, but loves this one. The nipple is basically the same as the bottle while the gerber one was shorter and slanted.

Diane Jadwin, MO

Great pacifier

My son has been using these since he was born and is still using them at 11 months. He’ll chew on them when he’s teething as well so they serve a dual purpose.

Jerry Ochlocknee, GA