The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat

The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat


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  • Plastic

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The Good, Bad, and the ugly truth.

I wish I would have NEVER bought this chair. I will explain the good, the bad, and the ugly truth of this high chair. I wish I could return it!THE GOODIt’s been working for 5 months. (tray has not though)The First Years did tell me that this high chair is BPA free!It does recline, I don’t have the strength to recline it but my husband can for me.THE BADIf your dining room set has arm rest do NOT buy this chair. The chair will not work!The fabric is scratchy and my child seems uncomfortable being in it. I have washed the cover multiple times and tried to get it to be less scratchy.THE UGLYFood gets stuck everywhere! I mean everywhere, there are tons of nooks and cranny’s for food to get stuck. This chair is by far the most impossible ones to clean.Only 3 point harness not good for little ones at all! (NEEDS A 5 POINT)Because you use your own wooden chair you have to clean your wooden chair every other week because food gets stuck on a persons nice dining room chair. The food gets stuck under it and you have to take it off your wooden dining room chair and clean that along with cleaning this chair too.Also my nine month old is getting to tall for this high chair. I have to buy another one as his head is almost touching where the dining room chair is.At six months of age my child could take OFF the tray. YUP! At six months of age I stopped using this high chair.My child’s arms got stuck. I have used other high chairs where this does not happen.My child used to walk over to it and rip out the attachment on the back of the chair and play with the very long straps it has on it. CHOKING HAZARD!!!! (This is the strap that attaches to the back of the chair)Assembly for this chair took a while and not fun to put together at all. Once put together you CAN NOT take it apart!I am unable to use this unsafe chair. If anyone has a recommendation for a different one let me know! I was thinking of getting the boon one instead with a 50 pound weight limit and wheels!

Ida Leesburg, VA

Good idea

My mother in law has one of these, originally for my niece, but she also uses it as a booster for our 4 year old. It is great for my neice, not so much for our toddler. It simply is too low for her to be able to reach the table easily. We use aKids II Booster Seat – Pinkat home and at my mothers and it puts her at just the right height. They also sell them at w-mart (probably cheaper as well), which is where we picked up ours and they come in blue as well.For a baby that is not seated at the table, it works very well, though my niece has no love for being restrained, so doesn’t use it much. It has belts so you can use it with or with out the tray.However I wouldn’t really call it portable, nor the other seat I mentioned. You can move them, but the straps that hold them to the chair are difficult to tighten properly, so once it’s in place we generally do not move them.

Terra Randall, IA

Love it!

We bought this seat because of the space saving advantages, and we love it. Now with baby #2 we are getting a second one because our baby #1 (2 yrs) is still using her’s. We love that it is entirely dishwasher safe, no more trying to get little particles of food out from beneath the seat or in the cracks. Simply take it apart, pop it in the dishwasher and it’s like brand new! The pad on ours has been washed countless times but still looks great. It is also comfortable, more than some of the other seat pads out there that are plastic. The little tray insert was a thow-away for us, our little one would rather throw it on the floor than look at it. The reclining infant feature is also nice for having family meals. I would highly recommend this seat for any parent weather you are looking to save space or not.

Violet Maplewood, OH

Awesome chair, best out there!

We bought this chair 6 months ago when our son started eating cereal. I do home childcare, so we’ve seen alot of highchairs & boosters in my 9 years of doing this.This seat is nice because it’s small but very roomy. Has few parts that will break. Is made well. Reclines. Has a machine washable seat pad. Dishwasher safe tray with big sides to help retain “windshield wiper” kid hands. I love this seat and can’t recommend highly enough. I’d say the only thing missing is a 1-hand release button for the tray. But in my prior experiences, that & the seat pad are the first things that break.

Autumn Spring Lake, MN

Perfect Feeding Chair – Not Booster

We got this booster for our son when he started eating solids (four months?) and he still sits in it at almost four! The seat straps were just fine for attaching to our metal bistro chairs even with the extra pad on, and he was a good height for our glass table. It’s not a good height at my parent’s wooden table though. He still uses it with the tray to eat in the living room, since he’s not allowed to walk around or stand with food. The adjustable tray has grown with him, and the seat can be raised and lowered for different sized legs. We’re going to get another for our new baby when he starts solids.

Sharron Grantsdale, MT

I like everything I’ve bought so far from The First Years

This seat is great, and works in any regular compact space. We have it strapped to a chair at the kitchen table, and it’s comfortable and works well for our 5 month old. It’s inexpensive enough that we can buy an extra one for each set of grandparents.The First Years makes great bottles for breastfed babies and a wonderful co-sleeper, as well (both are designs that no one else has anything like).

Selma Folsom, CA