The First Year’s Newborn-To-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat

The First Year’s Newborn-To-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat

Your infant and toddler will be comfy and secure in their Newborn-to-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat. A great alternative to a high chair, this seat is easily portable and has eight adjustable positions so it can grow with your baby. Convenient press and slide reclining features allow you to feed your little one at the angle appropriate for their stage of development. As your child grows and learns to sit on their own, the seat can be used as a booster seat with two adjustable positions. The tray is removable and comes with a reversible mat that makes mealtime educational and fun.

Main features

  • Helps ensure you’re feeding your little one at the angle most appropriate for his or her stage of development
  • Converts to a booster seat with two height adjustment positions
  • Use with the tray that is included or pull it right up to the table
  • Full size pad for baby’s comfort and reversible tray mat that makes mealtime educational and fun

Verified reviews


Returning – too many cons

I bought this on a whim at a store (big mistake) and I have only had it a week but it’s getting returned. The material the seat cover is made with absorbs everything, so it’s already a mess. I don’t have patience (or time) to wash this in the washer all the time. My old bulky high chair had vinyl so it was a breeze to clean. This feels more like fabric, not vinyl. On either side of the seat there are big cracks for crumbs, liquid, you name it, to get stuck. Unless you undo the seat which is no walk in the park you cannot reach down there to clean anything. Honestly whatever is positive about the seat (fits a higher weight limit than a lot of boosters, cute place mat included for learning) is far outweighed by the negatives. Buy something else!

Bessie Grabill, IN

Horrible Chair- Do NOT purchase!!!

All I can say are cons about this chair.LIST OF CONS:1. Food gets stuck everywhere in and around the chair and in spots you can not get to as it NEVER comes apart again.2. To clean this chair you have to take it off of the chair you attach it to.3. You CAN NOT attach this to an arm chair. (I have a few wooden arm chairs that this DID NOT work with it at all.4. My child was taller and his head reached the chair it was attached to in less than 3 months of use.5. This chair will WRECK your expensive wooden furniture! TAKE CAUTION as this chair left indented marks on my wooden dining room chair.6. Child seemed uncomfortable in chair and was unable to use chair do to plastic item in the middle that is abrasive and to be honest may hurt a child. This is really horrible design and hard for a climbing child to climb in and out of (by a young toddler at our home said “The chair hurt me. That bumpy thing hurt me.”) We felt horrible.7. Child was able to take tray off of chair when he was only 6 months old.8. Had to purchase a new High Chair!

Julianne East Prospect, PA

Not what I expected at all

• It is a chair that straps onto a full size chair or sits on the Table.
• Middle Leg Divider keeps baby in seat.
• Seat bottom has two heights…although not the greatest or safest design for how it snaps in place.
• I’m retuning it and getting a Fisher-Price Space Saver.Cons:
• 3 Reclining positions, not 4.
• No ABC-123 mat as description states, only one 123 mat with English 123 on one side and Spanish on the other…I’m a little tired of Dora and everyone else thinking my kid needs to learn Spanish. I’d much rather have the ABC Mat as promised. Mat also does not stay in place and slides everywhere, so within 2 min my baby had it out flinging it around.
• Tray snaps on and doesn’t slide in and lock. I’m pretty sure with a little more time my baby can kick it off.
• Very cheap plastic all around, especially on the buckles where needed. Cheap buttons and poor placement make it very hard to change reclining positions too.
• Buckle straps to mount chair are one piece you have to feed through and are very long. Hard to adjust straps with it sliding around. Once adjusted there is a big long piece of strap you have to figure out what to do with too.
• The cushion has four elastic straps you stretch over hooks on the back. The top are fine, but the bottom are too close to the holes so they don’t hook. Pad seemed a little big too and puffed out at the bend causing the bottom to always come up since nothing hold it but the leg divider.

Faye Guilderland Center, NY

BE CAREFUL with this high chair

Be careful with this old model. It only has a THREE point harness. My 7 month old son fell on his head when he leaned over without the tray on. The right strap came undone, the left strap held him suspended for a second, and then he slipped out and fell on his head. We called 911 and went to the emergency room. Tomy has a newer model with a FIVE point harness. They should not be selling these old ones anymore when they know it is an inferior product. I sent Tomy and the CPSC an email about the fall. I will destroy the chair after they contact me. Also note that in 2007, this similar high chair was recalled because the straps came apart from the chair.FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEDecember 6, 2007Release #08-120Firm’s Recall Hotline: (866) 725-4407CPSC Recall Hotline: (800) 638-2772CPSC Media Contact: (301) 504-7908RC2 Recalls The First Years(tm) Children’s Feeding Seats Due to Fall HazardWASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with the firm named below, today announced a voluntary recall of the following consumer product. Consumers should stop using recalled products immediately unless otherwise instructed. It is illegal to resell or attempt to resell a recalled consumer product.Name of Product: The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Reclining Feeding SeatsUnits: About 100,000Importer/Distributor: RC2 Corp., of Oak Brook, Ill.Hazard: The restraining straps can pull out of the waist strap slots, posing a fall hazard to young children.Incidents/Injuries: RC2 has received 38 reports of straps pulling out or nearly pulling out of waist strap slots. There have been 12 reports of children falling out of the chairs.Description: The First Years Newborn-to-Toddler Reclining Feeding Seat can be adjusted between reclining and upright positions. The seat includes a tray, reversible cushion and a three-point safety belt. One side of the seat cushion has a sewn-in label at the top which says “the first years by Learning Curve.” This recall includes all feeding seats except those with an “R” stamped inside a raised circle located on the far left and right of the back of the seatback or those with waist strap slots that are nine inches apart.Manufactured in: United StatesSold at: Various retailers nationwide from November 2006 through October 2007 for about $30.Remedy: Consumers should stop using the feeding seat immediately and contact RC2 to obtain free replacement straps.

Eunice Florahome, FL

Great chair for a wide range of ages.

My mother-in-law has this chair at her house, which saves her from having a highchair for my son. He has used it since he was an infant, and he’s now 3 1/2. He still loves it. The vinyl pad is easily cleaned, and the base is solid (no cracks for food to go into). The tilt feature means you can use it from an early age. Just a great value.

Winifred Leonardtown, MD

OK… with reservations

The seat was easy to assemble. It is easy to clean and sturdy.The snap tabs that allow for adjustment of the angle of the seat are difficult to use, but I suspect that is so it doesn’t pop out on its own unintentionally. The only thing I don’t like about it is that the tray stays at a 90 degree angle with the seat so that when it is reclined the tray is not level…it moves up in the front with the seat. So to have a level tray the seat must be in the fully upright position. It is ok with an older child, but a small child less than 5 or 6 months is going to have no tray or keel over toward the front when seated upright.Other than that, the price is right, and I think for most people after the first 5 months it is an excellent choice for every day usage.

Caroline Jackson, NE

Nice but hard to change positions

This is nice but it is very hard to change the angle of the seat. I can’t do it myself–have to get my husband. Also, the base is so large, it does not fit in our chairs so I only use it when we are visiting family and it happens to fit in those chairs there. Also, the tray does not snap in very easily. i have to be careful to watch for my babies fingers as this rhing snaps on super tight (loud snap can be heard through out the house.There are better alternative.

Sherry Du Bois, IL

Good buy!

1 month – Taking this chair out of the box and setting up took around 15 minutes. Very simple directions to follow. Assembling the chair was mostly pressing the seat together with plastic latches. They seem very sturdy and likely to hold up well over time. Strapping the seat to a chair is what you would expect, a simple belt with latch for the bottom and back of the chair. The cover was very easy to put on and take off. It attaches to the plastic base with elastic bands. The tray is good size and the play mat is a nice bonus. My son likes to be in the chair so far. It fits him well.The only con I have so far is the reclining feature. There is a button on either side of the seat that must be pressed inward to allow for recline. These buttons are very hard to press in. It makes moving the chair to the desired position difficult. We do manage to get it, though it seems ridiculous to need two people to do so. I dinged it a star for that.UPDATE – 4th month – This chair is great! It has been very easy to clean. It has held together nicely and my son is comfortable. The only thing I would improve is the play mat. The play mat should attach somehow to the tray.I would recommend this chair to anyone with little room on a budget. It is comfortable, secure, and easy to clean.

Alma Pocasset, OK

Great Alternative and Space Saver!

My mother purchased this one for us and we gave her the standard high chair since we have a small house/kitchen and need all the room we can get. This is a great alternative to a big bulky high chair. I set it up quickly and it was easy to assemble and strap to the chair. The only problem I had was with the elastic on the back of the seat cushion. You are supposed to pull it through two slots on the top and then two slots in the middle to secure the cushion in place on the chair. One of the elastic straps immediately broke when I pulled it and the ones in the middle have no holes to go through. I am not sure what happened there. I also wish the bottom of the cushion has something to secure to as it just seems to flap around. Otherwise, this is a great chair and our daughter is very comfortable in it.

Joni Wellfleet, NE

Only Pro: It Reclines

I needed a reclineable highchair because my baby has low muscle tone and is not able to sit upright yet at 6-months. I bought this feeding seat at the recommendation of his occupational therapist.Pro:-ReclinableCon:-Tray is not flat when chair is reclined.-Seat back cannot be adjusted while its attached to a chair and definitely not when the baby is sitting on it.-Front part of cover cannot be attached to plastic chair, so my baby’s shifting legs caused it to keep coming up.-Not a 5-point harness. This is probably irrelevant for a typical baby who can sit up straight on his/her own, but with my baby, the lack of a 5-point harness allowed him to flop to the sides too much. If my baby could sit up straight on his own, I wouldn’t need a reclinable chair.-After assembling the back of the chair in place, it cannot be removed. This is annoying for taking it out of the house because it makes it so bulky, but it also make it impossible to put back into its original box for the return.The Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair is much better and addresses most of the cons of this product.

Antionette High Bridge, WI

Did not hold up

To say my son is viscous when he doesn’t get what he wants is an understatement. This chair left our house after a few months is about 3 pieces, couldn’t hold up to the little guy. Not to mention the fact that I always felt nervous with him in it. I never left the room as it was so flimsy. After this broke I got a Fischer Price space saver, love it. Still using it. Strong enough to withstand a freak out from my son when I’m trying to wash food off his face.

Lana Bitely, MI


good i guess but Feeding Seat was so hard to recline The tabs on the side are hard to push in and then to adjust the seat was almost impossible very uneasy task its self.Once you assemble the product you cant take it apart and The Mat does not stay in place and slides everywhere.Very cheap plastic all around especially on the buckles where needed Cheap buttons and would not recommend!

Brooke Viburnum, MO

Don’t buy it

Wish I didn’t own this one. Am looking for something better to replace it with. The seat has 2 heights, but over time the plastic base stretched out and now neither height works, so it is low on the chair. I propped it up with 2 chunks of wood. The seat cover is nice that it comes off to clean. The straps are not easy on/off to clean and the actual plastic chair is terrible to clean with the nooks and crannies it has. Food gets stuck in it and under it between the chair and the booster. Do yourself a favor and look for something else, wish I would have.

Kris Winnebago, MN

A Must Have

We purchased this seat as an alternative to a bulky highchair and have not regretted it one bit. We used it for our daughter as an infant, and loved the reclining feature that made us feel that she was safely nestled into her seat. While the padding isn’t the most plush, it is sufficient. Then when she graduated to solid foods it fit her really well. I have never felt like the chair was too big or too small for her. At 19 months we are still using this chair and will use it for our second one that is on the way. The chair’s padding is completely machine washable. And while we have never done so, the tray and other parts of the seat are dishwasher safe. The chair is sturdy and has never given us a problem. I recommend this to all my friends either as their travel chair, ‘Grandma’s house’ chair or primary high chair, and for the price, you can’t find anything better!

Jillian Florala, AL

Great feeding seat!

We started using this seat in the recline position at 5mo, and at around a year, we switched it to full upright. It’s a great chair! It’s a little difficult to adjust recline positions, but we only did it twice, so it wasn’t a big deal. The cover comes off fairly easily for washing, and the plastic surface is easy to wipe down. It takes up almost no space at all, since it’s on a chair you probably already have, and your baby can sit right at the table with you, at your level, making it easy to feed them. Love it!I agree that the person who had the seat fall apart probably didn’t put it together properly. It was a pain to assemble, but once it was all snapped in well, it was very secure. It’s been used about 3 times a day for 9 months, removed for cleaning lots of times, including the cover to go in the wash, and we’ve had zero problems.

Emilie Cobb Island, MD

happily switched out a more expensive high chair for this gem!

I’ve used this high chair for two children for the last year (age 6 months to 18 months) and LOVE it! I’ve happily switched out my much more expensive high chair for this one (and have friends that have done the same). Why do I love this chair??Cover comes off easily and washes up wellChair can be used without the cover (while you are washing it)Tray easily fits in my dishwasherI’ve experienced no problems with tipping or unstability (an initial concern when I looked at this chair)Small footprint – doesn’t take a huge amount of floor spaceNo tripping on huge support legs (happened frequently on my bigger chair)The only negative (also with my previous high chairs) is that safety straps don’t come off and this makes it difficult to get them really clean. After a year, they’re starting to look a little dirty, despite cleaning with a washcloth each day.

Rosemary Mansfield, OH

Saves Space

This feeding seat saves space and works well with the tray or without. My 17 month old boy still fits in it well. You do need to make sure the back of your chair is wide and flat because rounded backs will not work.

Ines Kermit, WV

Good seat, terrible seat belt

The seat belt was so hard to undo on this seat that I had my husband replace it with a push button seat belt like the kind on our Graco Swing. Otherwise the seat is pretty good. The tray doesn’t sit fully level even at the most upright position, which is a little weird. If I had it do over I would go with a different seat.

Melisa Ashville, PA

Great purchase for the design/price

This "feeding seat" serves the purpose it was designed for but there are some design flaws. The cushion/ removable pad are difficult to clean when baby gets messy with the food. We ended up taking it off completely and do not use it because it is a pain to throw it in the laundry every time our son eats. The tray also has a place mat that is removable and a distraction to kids, so we don’t use that either. It works perfectly fine without the cushion and the place mat and we are happy with it. It is much easier to clean with a wet wash cloth or some disposable disinfecting wipes, than having to wash the cushion each time there is a meal. The seat has two height settings and almost always will fall out of place if not carefully placed together. It is almost tedious to make sure everything is lined up. It was a great purchase for the price, but we occasionally wish we had bought something better. Oh well, it does the job.

Brandi White Cottage, OH

Great space saver

This chair is great for my baby. It’s convenient and just the right size. He’s comfortable in it and it will grow with him.

Cynthia Ellerbe, NC

very happy

We have one for our house and one for my parents. This is a great chair that allows the baby to sit at the table with us without spending lots of money on a whole seat that may or may not be stable. As long as you have a free stable chair you can use something you already have. It works great for us. It’s a little hard to change angle settings but honestly how often are you going to need to do that.

Brandie Wagner, SD

Easy Feeding

Product is great space saving and very convenient my son loves to move around this provides him the flexibility to do so yet keep him in a position to be feed without great difficulty love that you can adjust to recline for younger infants

Rosalie Minneapolis, MN

Can replace a standard high chair, and so convenient!

We bought this just because we didn’t want to invest in a standsrd high chair for our youngest child (our original chair got lost in a move). We have been pleasantly surprised by its sturdiness and portability, and we think it’s actually better and more versatile than a standard high chair!Don’t let the small size and plastic construction throw you off– once you have this thing securely tethered to a wood or metal kitchen chair, using the straps it comes with, it will not be wobbly or unstable at all. It’s easy to put on a chair, easy to take off; so we don’t hesitate to bring it with us on trips. It takes less than a minute to install.The pad is also incredibly stain-resistant and easy to remove and clean. It’s fabric, so we just toss it in the washer with other launndry and it comes out clean as a whistle. East to put back on, too.The reason I took off one star is that the tray can be easily up-ended by an active toddler if it’s the least bit crooked. Like most high chairs, this one has a tray that “locks” in place to prevent overturned meals, but at times I’ve had trouble getting it aligned exactly right. And my son is quick to show me, by sending his waffles and fruit to the floor. I don’t think this is a design flaw, per se, but it does take some jiggling and adjusting to get the tray on right.However, this is a minor and occasional problem, and I still stand by this chair as the perfect space-saving alternative to a standard high chair. But I have to say, $57 on Amazon is a ripoff! They sell these at Target for half the price!

Colette Guadalupita, NM

It’s okay

Putting it together was weird. I am a person that can put things together just by looking at the picture. This did not have too many pieces and I had a hard time with reading instructions. At the end I kept saying, "wow…that was strangely easy." Anyway, it took me about 35 minutes when it should have taken 10 minutes. Gave it 3 stars because it works when you need it to. I can strap my Princess on the chair to feed her and if she get tired of swing, play station, etc. Now for the bad…I guess because it is plastic there are issues associated with it (looking for reasoning or excuses). The chair is hard to transition. The buttons get stuck if you press to hard and does not move if you press softly. I just take a butter knife to transition. Right now she is in the newborn position. She loves that half way tilt. The safety belt is easy to close but take some pressure and skill to open (maybe I am weak). I am not the kind of girl who enjoys mailing stuff back so its a keeper for me.

Becky Moose Pass, AK

quality and function

Thick plastic, nicely made reversable paded cover, easily washable, the only thing which is hard to do is to retract the chair. but we use it in one position, so it’s not a big deal. easily and secure attaches to the chair,steady and the child has a seat belt too. good product for the price. I would pay even more for it.

Brandy Brightwaters, NY

Works fine for babies

Works just fine for babies, but I can’t get it to raise up to get my toddler to the table. You push it in and with simple hand pressure, it falls sloping forward. I guess I could put a book in it, but I’m not going to do that.But it worked great for the baby and if I wanted to continue to use it with the tray, it would continue to work great. Easy to pull apart to clean. We stopped using the silly cover about a year ago and just wipe it down between uses. The seat comes out to clean as well. No problems putting it together.but I cannot figure out how to raise the seat properly to use it at the table.

Verna Portia, AR

feeding seat

Pros: save space, cheaper than a high chair, easy to bring aloneCons: still too many parts, after several use, I use water hose to spray on it.

Zelma North Waterford, ME

This is NOT the Cadillac Booster Seat

I bought this seat because my daughter is a preemie and other booster highchairs in this price range seemed to have a very low back, thus zero head support.Overall, this chair has worked wonderfully for us…however after reading some other reviews, I realized they had very valid points:1. As your child gets older, they can kick the tray off if they like to curl their little toes underneath the tray. My daughter has done this–what a mess.2. It really is hard to recline. I could never do it and the task was assigned to the hubby.3. It gets dirty really easily and it is a pain to remove the cover! They have these little loops you have to feed through a very narrow opening…but I will say, just when you think the cover is permanently stained, the thing comes out of the wash clean as a whistle. I don’t know how they do it.3.That little mat with the picture is really cute but that thing hasn’t stayed on for more than 5 seconds before *whoosh* on the floor. I forgot we had it until now.For me personally, I really like it and would buy it again. However, my main reason for buying it is because I think buying anything but a booster high chair is a waste of money and space.I don’t think this is an item you will buy and say “Why did I do this” but there are nicer, more expensive chairs out there.

Laverne Craigmont, ID

Good for the price

We have had 3 different high chairs with our kids and this one has worked the best. It doesn’t take up extra room like big bulky ones and our LO likes it. We haven’t needed the booster position yet, so I can’t rate how that will work. The chair is lightweight but not flimsy. It was easy to put together and secures to the chair. I gave it 4 out of 5 because the tray lifts slightly in the front when snapped on. It hasn’t affected feeding but the LO can push it up with her knees/legs. I;m not sure how it will work when she can self-feed. Overall, we are happy with the chair and the price.

Staci Udall, MO

Better than a full high chair in my opinion

This is an innovative product. My baby likes to imitate us which is true for all babies and likes to sit where we sit. So, I figured she would not want to sit in a high chair ans I did not want another expensive piece of furniture for her which we were never going to use. So, I got this instead as this can be strapped to a regular chair.We strap her in this chair and pull her up to the dining table and she eats in it. Other times she just enjoys watching us.We got Bionic green color which was a lot cheaper than others. Its better in person than it seems in the pictures.The tray table that comes with it has a great wipe-able mat that is very engaging and has colorful pictures and numbers on it. The chair was very easy to assemble. The cloth cover is very easy to remove and is made of very soft and fluffy fabric.I wash the cloth cover almost every day and it still looks great after about a month of daily use. I wipe the rest of the chair clean with a wet wash rag.Brilliant product in all.

Tessa Semmes, AL