The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White

The First Years Night Cravings Bottle Warmer & Cooler, Blue/White

In less than 5 minutes, The First Years Nursery Bottle Warmer warms any type of bottle. The removable insulated cooler keeps 2 bottles fresh for up to 8 hours and is completely portable. Measuring dispensers make it easy to fill accurately with water. A space-saving warming chamber with nightlight, readiness indicator, and auto shut off make this bottle warmer convenient for feeding time both day and night. This bottle warmer warms food jars as well.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • In less than 5 minutes, The First Years Nursery Bottle Warmer warms any type of bottle.
  • High Quality
  • American Red Cross licensed product
  • Removable cooler holds 2 bottles and stays cool overnight
  • Warms breast milk, formula and baby food jars
  • Auto shut-off for added safety
  • Works with most bottle systems – wide, narrow, angled, even disposables
  • Bottles not included

Verified reviews


Looking for a better mouse trap…

I’ve heard some say this is the best warmer available. If so, parents are S.O.L. Heating is SO inconsistent. Same amount of water with the same amount of milk will produce a different temperature every single time. Sometimes way too cold and sometimes way too hot. When the heating indicator light turns off you must be right there to pull the bottle out or it will continue to significantly warm the bottle without any water medium. Be sure to loosen your bottles cap during heating and check to see that the travel disc is not in place. Otherwise, the bottles (esp. Brown’s) will overflow. If that happens cleaning the inside of the warmer is a major hassle because the milk will have burned onto the heating plate. The carrier is too short for Mr. Brown 8oz. bottles or any other of similar height. The tubes provided to premeasure water are a joke. The caps are so hard to close and open you need two really strong hands and maybe multiple tools to shut or flip the tops open. Of course, you will likely be holding your crying and squirming baby in one arm while trying to do open the cap and not spill all the water. They tried to get fancy with the shape of the tubes and cap they forgot to make them easy to use.I just can’t believe that someone can’t design a better “mouse trap”.To add insult to injury, the taps on the handle that are supposed to hold the top of the bottle storage compartment just broke off…(picture provided by Amazon is not the current model. refer to the pictures posted by other shoppers)

Araceli Pell Lake, WI

This warmer saves my sleep

I can’t speak highly enough about this chiller/warmer. Every night I know I will not have to go downstairs to get a bottle, warm it, and bring it back up while baby is crying.Now, all I do is take the bottle from the chill compartment (complete with ice pack), and place it, with a capful of premeasured water, in the warming compartment and hit a button.While I change baby’s diaper, the bottle is warming, and I am ready to go. This equipment has been a godsend. Actually, I can’t think of any equipment that I could live without less.No complaints whatsoever about this great bottle warmer.

Amie Rockwood, MI

Nice for some but no longer necessary

This was nice to have when I was pumping. I’d wake up in the middle of the night and heat up my daughter’s bottle. Now that I’m formula feeding, it’s not necessary.

Tameka Belmont, NH

calentador de biberones excelente.

ahora la familia descansa mas gracias a este calentador de biberones ya que el tetero se mantiene caliente toda la noches o hasta que el bebe la necesite, no hay necesidad de prender la cocina, solo meterlo en la boca del bebe y a comerrr….

Meghan Guasti, CA

It’s a gift! BUT…

I used to work as a nanny while I was going to college and I am buying lot of baby products for my best friend (she was my "student loan" – and that’s how I am paying her back… buying the baby products, anyway)… she know I had over 7+y of experience taking care of babies and the items I’m buying for her are things I used during my sitter years and I know they’re practical and they work great.

Rosie North Richland Hills, TX

Works great if you use your own cup for putting in the water

I have been using this product for almost 7 months and yes, its true the little cups DO NOT WORK for warming bottles, I tried them for 1 week until I started using my own cup and I just pour the water in and now I know about how long it will take to warm, works great for me. I never had a problem with scalding my baby’s mouth because I always check the milk temperature on my hand BEFORE giving it to the baby. Overall, I live in a two-story house and this warmer is a lifesaver for those early am feedings, I definitely don’t want to go downstairs to warm a bottle, the product works consistently if you figure out how much water you need.

John Carman, IL


I kept thinking I must be doing something wrong. I’d read the directions again and try again. Another, stinking, melted bottle! And the milk would be scalding hot. If it didn’t melt the bottle, the milk would still be cold. I also had a problem with my playtex ventaire bottles leaking from the bottom into the warmer. Then I had the smell of burned formula in the kitchen. Oh! And it melted that bottle too!I’m going back to the old fashioned way. I’m going to heat water in the microwave and let the bottle soak in it. It is faster, less messy, and lots cheaper. Don’t waste your time and money.

Cornelia Hubbardston, MI


This is an awesome product! Once you get used to using this product, it is a huge timesaver. It took us three tries to get the amount of water right so the bottle would be the right temperature (not too hot, not too cold). Before going to bed every night, we put two bottles and the ice pack in the cooler section. When the baby woke up, we transferred one bottle to the warmer. It was usually done warming before we finished changing a diaper! You may want to order an additional ice pack so you’ll always have one ready in the freezer. This bottle cooler/warmer makes it easier at night when you want to get back to sleep as soon as possible!

Jennifer Springdale, WA

Doesn’t work as advertised

Ehh, I bought this product to avoid my MIL using the microwave to heat bottles. The thing is that it really depends on the amount of milk and size of bottle. The warmer starts right away and creates a lot of steam. What i found is that a cold bottle from fridge would heat up a lot on the outside but a couple shakes and it would still be cold. I didnt find it evenly heated it through.Its still best to just sit it in hot water for a couple mins. :)But we will use this to keep cool bottles in the freezer pack in the back (remember to freeze the ice pack)-Overall, save your money and use the traditional method.

Jaime College Grove, TN

Works O.K. but not Wowed!

I’ve never used the bottle cooler part, so I can’t comment on that. I think if you kept this unit in your bedroom or the babies room where you’d want to store some bottles in the cooler instead of having to go to the refridgerator to get them, it would serve a good purpose. But I always go out to the kitchen to use this, so it’s easier to just grab a bottle from the fridge.The little test-tube-looking water containers that you fill up and then pour into the unit to steam the bottles are a bit of a pain. The little caps that go on them are difficult to snap on and off with one hand when you have a screaming, hungry baby in the other arm! And it’s hard to fill them up to the accurate measurement line under the faucet….basically, you constantly have to pour a little water out–Oh, wait, that was too much—fill it back up under the faucet–Oh, wait, that was too much…you see where I’m going with this. So, the water test-tube things aren’t very user friendly.The other thing is that the little basket and the container itself that the bottle goes into gets grungy pretty quickly. It leaves a brownish film on the basket and inside the hole where the basket goes into, so you have to clean it out frequently. And I’ve definately found that the amount of water they say to put in the steamer according to the size and temp. of the bottle isn’t quite right. You really have to play with the amount of water it takes to appropriately warm the bottle up. Scrap the instructions!! Thankfully, my baby isn’t very temperature-sensitive when it comes to taking her bottle.On the positive side, I think using this thing is probably easier than running the bottle under warm tap water or putting it in a pan of boiling water because it does heat the bottle up rather quickly.

Selina Stanton, NJ

Great Product but…

I can honestly say I love this bottle warmer because it is very convenient for those in a 2-story house. We loved being able to keep the bottle cool and save the trip downstairs in the middle of the night. Even when my son was sleeping through the night we still kept his morning bottle in his room and used this warmer to keep it cool. But…I was very disappointed that my Dr. Brown’s bottles were too wide for the warmer. The taller Dr. Brown’s bottle fit in the warmer but were too tall to fit in the cooler. I ended up still using the cooler but storing the Dr. Brown’s bottles in there without the nipple and cap on so they would fit. My only suggestion would be to make the warmer wider so all bottles can fit.

Marquita Rio Rancho, NM


I loved this product from the moment I got it. It works wonders with drop ins, And Avent bottles fit into and heat up nicely…. Sometimes that is. We have been using this with ourDr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcherand it was a life saver for awhile. Now All i can smell on our bottles is burnt milk from the heating plate…. Now I am not quite sure how the milk could possibly be getting onto it but it does apparently. We have been using it for about 3 months now almost every day, four- five times a day a most and it has considerably started to take longer and longer to heat up.. Before it was done and cooled off by the time the diaper change was over. Now we find ourselves sitting and waiting another minute or two for it to finish. The instructions are basically nonexistent. All in all it still works but I can slowly start to see it go down hill in its heating capabilities.

Lolita Kyles Ford, TN

Prodcut defective and returned

I purchsed this product because of the cooling capabilities as it was perfect for night feedings instead of running downstairs to make a bottle in the middle of the night. We loved it for the first month we had it. BUT, after just about a month of use (warming 3 or 4 bottles per day) the warmer started over heating the bottles and sent milk pouring out of the top. I use a variety of types of bottles and specifically the Dr. Browns and the First Years Breastflow bottles were overheated and thus overflowed in this warmer. (The Advent bottles did not overflow but were so hot to the touch I couldn’t take them out with my bare hands and thus was NOT going to put the bottle near my infant until it cooled down which tool 5 or more minutes.) We played with the amount of water we were using, thinking we were putting too much in (even though we were following the recommended water usage in the instructions). That didn’t help. After having the product for less than 2 months we are returning it to the vendor where it was purchsed. I would not recommend gettin this product. First Years needs to go back to the drawing board on this one and come out with a product that actually works.

Marci Chatham, NY


This thing stinks. The on off switch never worked so we always had to plug and unplug it. Plus you can easily over heat your bottles in this. We did like the cooler on the back for travel but overall this thing stinks

Arline Burt Lake, MI

Pretty good!

I got 2 of these at my baby shower (one for upstairs and one for downstairs) and I absolutely love them! They steam pretty quick and I like how you can keep pre-measured water on it. When baby’s hungry I just grab the bottle from the fridge, grab the little flask of water that’s attached, pour it in, and press the button. I’ve had to warm bottles twice sometimes but it’s still faster than warming water on the stove or running the bottle under the faucet. Oh, I only do 2 oz. bottles for now.

Louise Hart, TX

Great warmer – just not for bottles with inserts

I have to say I have not been disappointed with this warmer, other than it should not be used with the Playtex inserts bottles (which is why it gets 4 stars) as it cannot sense the heat properly and makes them way too hot and doesn’t shut off. My best advice? Read the directions! I was shocked at how little water it uses and thought I was reading it wrong. Do not use more water than the directions say for your bottle size! It is correct, and when followed it heats the bottle perfectly every time. All of the water disappeared and the light turns off when it’s done. I honestly cannot understand how people could say they read the directions and it still didn’t work, but hey that’s just me. Definitely recommend! If you have the inserts, you can always use a plastic bottle and pour it in. A must have for when baby is home with daddy, grandma, or anyone else that doesn’t have a ton of experience with properly heating a bottle (esp. breastmilk).

Nadine Florence, TX

perfetc for a new born

My wife love this botles.Is for a better way of feeding our new born.I cant wait to use them.

Dale Showell, MD


I think this product was a waste of money our daughter will not wait for bottle to heat up in this and its just easier and faster to make a fresh bottle.

Malinda West Stewartstown, NH

very useful, esp for TWINS

Our nursery is on a different floor as the kitchen, so having this has been great for night feeding of twins. The little ice bottle is kind of lame, it really should be Blue Ice which stays frozen longer. Otherwise great product, easy to use, easy to clean.

Fannie El Dorado, CA

Handy and As Reliable as Anyone Can Expect

A dedicated steam warmer is definitely better than any other option such as a pan of water on the stove (takes too long) or the microwave (danger of uneven heating; robs contents of nutrients).We have ours in a second-story nursery and have been pleased with it. The only problem is that the results can be unpredictable – sometimes one capful of water will do the trick just fine, sometimes the bottle feels hot but the milk inside still cold, and sometimes it just goes to town and overheats the contents. Nonetheless, I figure any heating process will be unpredictable, so I can’t fault this model.The unit comes with adapters to hold any standard 4- or 9-oz. bottle; we’ve used Avent with no problems.

Marylou Hadley, KY

Better Than Most

We have tried many bottle warmers and this is the one we currently use. I liked it because it had a section to keep bottles cold as well. This feature sounds good, but in real life, doesn’t work as well as it sounds.The bottle warmer works ok but the heating action is inconsistent even if you get the water level on the meniscus the same everytime. This isn’t good for breast milk. Also the heating plate accumulates gunk from time to time.It includes a jar food holder to heat food, but we have never tried it.All in all a decent bottle warmer, but you have have to compensate with a re-heat or cold water sometimes.

Mitzi Kirbyville, TX

Wish I had bought one with my first son!

This is a lifesaver for late night feelings. We just pop a bottle or two in the cooler before bed, and within 5 minutes of baby waking in the middle of the night bottle is ready to go. We keep in it in the bedroom so we don’t have to even leave our room for late night feelings.

Rocio De Smet, SD


This is one of my favorite products I have purchased as a new mommy. I love it. It warms the Avent bottles great. It took some trials to determine how much water to add but now I have it down great. You can over heat and then you will burn yourself if your not careful. It is not like the negative reviews if you pay attention and use the right amount of water. It DOES NOT warm the Playtex Ventair bottles. I guess because of the vent but I preferred the Avent bottles anyway. The cooler DOES keep bottles cold for up to 8 hours if you remember to freeze the freezer pack each day. We have a 2 story house and this helped us so much. I have the other First year single warmer also and it is in my kitchen and it is great as well. This is definitly worth the money!

Margaret Saint Simons Island, GA

Awesome for late night feedings

We have two of these – one for upstairs and downstairs. We’ve been using this for a month and it works ok. The warmer is a bit of a crap shoot as far as the bottle temperatures… but it’s never under-heated a bottle. At worst some bottles come out too hot. That’s easily remedied by running the bottles under cool water for a minute or two. Also – when I first got the bottles I would heat my plastic bottles in there. They seemed fine and didn’t melt but I quickly switched to using only glass bottles in the warmer. It just doesn’t seem right to be heating plastic on a heat source!Now the only down side to this is the cooler. It does keep things cool – but it’s not impressive. It will keep things cool for up to 8 hours – but don’t mistake this for being refrigerated cool. My medela breast pump tote came with a better ice pack – and that’s what we’re using to keep the bottles cold at night. One other trick… keep the cooler portion away from the heating portion if you want things to stay cool all night. If you keep it on the unit your bottles will warm up.All in all – this is definitely a good purchase and I’m not sorry I bought this.

Terra Innis, LA

Very satisfied

We are using this every night since we bought it. It takes some trial and error to figure out the water requirement but that’s OK. It’s easy to use, look good and works great! I use to warm breastmilk. Cleaning/descaling is the only issue.

Corina Torrington, WY

bottle warmer

We love it. Once we figured out how to use it for bottles and bottles of baby food. Very convenient.

Bessie Center Point, IA

Use it everyday

I use this everyday to heat up bottles.. I like how you can keep the frozen ice pack in with bottles to store and keep cool then just pour a little water into the front part to boil the water. The directions are a little confusing with how much water to use, so i just have kind of learned how much water we need to use and just keep the bottle in there for 4-5 minutes.. you learn by trial and error. Or if you want to save your money you can always just boil/microwave water and put the bottle in that. I got this as a gift at my babyshower and I’m happy with it.

Courtney Witter, AR

Makes life so much easier!

If you are pumping breast milk or formula feeding this thing is a lifesaver. We’ve used this warmer for 2 of our babies and love it. It’s super convenient to have 2 bottles nice and chilled. If you read the instructions the warming is pretty much fool-proof but on occasion I’ve been sleepy and overwarmed a bottle. As I rule I always test the temperature anyway so it’s never been a real problem. Make sure your lids are off or loosened when you warm the bottles (especially Dr. Brown’s) or the milk will come out of the top and make breast milk caramel all over the heating element. 🙂

Lashonda Souris, ND

A life saver but it takes practice

When we first got it I thought it was complicated…but it really isn’t. You freeze the ice pack and when you’re ready to head to bed, you just bring the ice pack and two bottles, place them in the cooler and fill the two measuring water holders and slide them on the side. When your baby wakes up take the water holder off the side and pour into the warmer, place the bottle and then press the button in front to warm. While you’re changing your baby the bottle will warm up and be ready by the time you’re done.It takes practice, at first you’ll probably either overfill the water holder or not fill it enough. For a 4oz warm Dr Browns bottle we usually filled it to the 6 line, 2 months later we’re filling it to the 7 line. 5oz bottles vary between the 7-8 line. It seems this warmer gets weaker with use and requires more water. You also have to be careful not to spill formula/bm on the warmer or it will get sticky and won’t warm the bottle as well. Oh and if you move the bottle more towards the front of the warmer it will warm up quicker.If you put too much water, the bottle will be too hot so if you’re not sure start out with the 5-6 line and go from there.There is no nightlight and they shouldn’t list it as a feature, the ‘nightlight’ is the button that glows orange when you press it to warm a bottle. It shuts off after a couple of minutes when the bottle is done.I love this thing because it makes night time feedings almost a breeze but it does have it’s quirks. If you have two floors definitely get a bottle warmer, and if you’re on a budget this is the best.

Imelda Washington, NH

A plus for those night feedings!

I purchased this bottle warmer for my second baby because it was a life saver for my daughter. It stores 2 bottles in the compartment and comes with a small ice pack. Do not store milk with this ice pack for more than eight hours. The pack is fairly small and does not cool the milk for long. I use a freezer pack and store one bottle at a time. I would add a time chart just to know approximately how much time it takes to heat up a bottle.

Susie Sun Prairie, WI