The First Years Nursing Care Instant Relief System

The First Years Nursing Care Instant Relief System

The First Years Nursing Comfort Instant Relief System First Years Nursing Comfort Instant Relief System are ultra soft treatment sleeves to relieve soreness of the nipples. Nipples swell up due to constant breast feeding: these sleeves, when used with cooling gel pads, provide instant relief from swelling and irritation. Specifically formulated with natural milk proteins and glycerin ingredients to soothe your nipple, prevent problems while feeding. Why You’ll Love It: This nipple cream heals so that you can continue feeding your baby without worry. Features 30 refill treatment sleeves Get instant relief from sore nipples Sleeves are treated with natural milk proteins and glycerin Designed for parents and baby

Main features

  • 2 gel pads, 20 treatment sleeves
  • Instant relief from breastfeeding pain
  • Heals sore, cracked nipples whiles soothing engorgement and inflammation pain
  • Safe and natural for mom and baby
  • Advanced healing with essential milk proteins

Verified reviews


Not bad …

I only used this product once, honestly, because the gel in the case (I think) is too little to really cool down and comfort when a woman is really engorged. The sleeves were ok, but I’m not really sure if it helped. In the end, I just used plain old hand towel and cold water and a hot shower.The nipple butter was lovely though. I love it and it gave me relief.

Alba Perryopolis, PA

Great for Moms!

A friend of mine had been looking for a product like this and hadn’t been having much luck. I came across this and sent it her way and she decided to try it out. She had been trying to avoid the healing/soothing creams as she was nervous about putting anything where her baby’s mouth would be. She has been thrilled with the results and raves about this. The ice packs alone that fit in a bra are a brilliant idea.

Lakeisha Putnam, TX


Works well.. but doesn’t last long even after I put it in the freezer for 2 days. But It’s okay. I wouldn’t buy it again though.

Barbra Williamson, GA


Great product for breastfeeding moms. Has been very helpful for nipple pain while nursing my daughter. Would definitely buy again.

Laura Hindsboro, IL

I would just buy regular ice packs

Nothing special here, the protein sleeves were not particularly soothing and the ice packs look cheap. I would have just bought regular ice packs or used my kids boo boo buddy.

Mamie Mount Tremper, NY

Don’t know if it works but it feels good

I have a horrible time with sore and blistered nipples from nursing and pumping. I am very sensitive and this system provides cooling relief that is desperately needed. I don’t know if it provides the medical healing relief that it claims, but they are worth the price just for the ice packs that fit in my bra. The little sheets at a minimum provide some catch for leakage. In my experience the cooling products get sticky and gross because milk leaks on them. Then it gets on the bra too, which is annoying. I haven’t had that problem with this product. Worth the money.

Lizzie Warrendale, PA

Good for those who are allergic to Lanolin

I used the Lanolin cream religiously when I first breast feed by DD; but I had rashes and it itches and didn’t understand why. It was suppose to help but it made the condition worse. Then I read about there is substance of wool in Lanolin then I know what’s wrong. I am allergic to Wool. So I searched for something that is not a cream, which works bad with my sensitive skin, but still does the job. One friend gave me this, and man, did it make a difference. I had been using it until I don’t experience pain breastfeeding anymore. The treatment sleeves did work but I have problem with the stickiness that left behind, so every other time, I just use a gentle washcloth and wrap the gel pads to relieve the pain, which works perfectly. Afterall, very satisfied.

Lily Winigan, MO

great relief for sore nips!

This is a great kit for a nursing/pumping mom. The gel packs and sleeves offer amazing relief if you have sore or cracked nipples. My only complaint is that the tube of lanolin is tiny and does not last long. Other than that I would recommend this for soothing relief and it is more affordable and less messy than some of the alternatives. I like that the gel packs go inside a disposable sleeve rather than having tobwash and dry the gel pack before and after each use since every extra convenience is valuable with a newborn:)

Haley Hoodsport, WA

Gel pads were like inflated pillows.

So, I purchased this after reading the reviews and when it arrived the gel pads were hugely inflated with air and hardly any gel. Not sure if in transit the pads became inflated pillows with elevation change, but it rendered the product completely useless. I returned the product and bought another breast pad:I bought “Gerber Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief 2 Reusable Packs by Nuk” and they have been such a better purchase. They are covered in a light fabric, and not plastic like other pads. You can also keep them cool or microwave them to get them hot. 🙂

Carole Northfield, CT