The First Years Pooh Pacifier Attacher

The First Years Pooh Pacifier Attacher

Let baby’s friend Winnie the Pooh help hold onto the pacifier or teether–almost anywhere. The Pacifier Attacher can be easily tied onto any pacifier and clipped to baby’s clothing, blanket, car seat, or diaper bag. Easy to attach and to clean.

Main features

  • Winnie the Pooh Pacifier Attacher
  • Keeps pacifier in easy reach
  • Comfortable plastic clip
  • Machine washable
  • From The First Years

Verified reviews


color washed off

Color washed off within one month of use and its a little too bulky for a newborn. Recommend trying “Baby Buddy Bear Pacifier Holder” Love them.

Ruthie Coolin, ID

Dun like it

It looks cute but the wire is too short, the clip is big and hard which hurts my baby if he touches it.

Diana Round Rock, TX

Cute but doesn’t last

I bought this because my older daughter had one just like it about 9 years ago. This clip is being used only when we go on car rides, so baby doesn’t lose her pacifier. Well after about 4 months of occasional use the clip itself won’t close all the way, so it doesn’t secure to anything. Pacifier constantly falls onto the floor. Very disappointed as it’s a cute design and it fit in her pacifier holder. Now its only purpose is to take up space in a landfill. Junk, do not buy!

Fanny Fredericktown, OH

Love winnie the pooh, pacifier clip is just ok!

I love Winnie the Pool which is why I bought this. The pacifier is just ok. I don’t like these type of clips. It works but it doesn’t stay on as good as the Boogin Head Pacifier Clips. It’s super cute but I wouldn’t recommend this as a sturdy pacifier clip. If you are looking for a more sturd clip, then I would try the Boogin Head ones.

Amber Stanley, WI

Meh, for a pacifier clip

It is ok, but only works with certain kids of pacifiers. It does not work on gum drop brands.The clip doesn’t stay closed on most clothing.

Gracie West Orange, NJ

Easy to use

The product was cheap and easy to attach to my sons’ onesies. I liked that this was not a metal pacifier attacher.

Martha Falcon, MS

cute and useful

saves headaches looking for pacifiers that seem to always get lostplus it is cute and doesn’t tear clothing when it gets pulled off

Goldie Brogue, PA

Winnie the Pooh

Since my granddaughter loves Winnie the Pooh , this was just perfect.She plays with the Pooh clip and the strap hold the pacifier .

Jennie Montrose, WV