The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

The First Years Power of Steam Electric Steam Sterilizer

Be a germ-killing superhero with the Electric Steam Sterilizer, which destroys common household bacteria on bottles, pacifiers and small toys. The Steam Tower Technology individually directs steam inside each bottle to sterilize it inside and out, for a truly “super” clean. Now all you need is a cape.

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Trusted, hospital-distributed brand
  • Destroys common household bacteria on bottles, pacifiers and small toys
  • Unique design directs steam deep into bottles for better sterilization
  • Trays can be removed to air-dry sterilized items
  • Simple to use and clean
  • Steam Tower Technology individually directs steam inside each bottle
  • Built-in drying rack
  • Sterilize completely, inside and out
  • BPA free

Verified reviews


I guess I won’t be buying it

I was going to buy this sterilizer, but after reading many reviews saying the unit broke down right after the 90 day warrenty, or before it was a year old, I now don’t be getting it. For over $50 bucks it had damn well better work for over a year!Oh well. Back to searching….

Blanca Middlefield, OH

Fast way to clean but wish it dried as well

We bought this sterilizer system as I did not want a Microwave sterilizer and after the 4th day, we were tired of washing and dumping bottle stuff into hot water. This is such an easy tool and assures you the cleanest bottles for your lil one. It comes with a base to hold 5 bottles and three plates that can be arranged. depending on the items, its hard to fit 2 plates.. so we use the bottom bottle base and one plate to hold the nipples and caps. it is really easy to use and takes no time to get done.My only regret about this is that the water collects in the bottles, as in its still wet when done. Well, I would love it if it had some dry air thing to dry out these bottles so we can avoid that step. Trying to dry a wet bottle at 2 am with a screaming baby– thats not so fun!Other than that, great product!

Selma Lyman, WA

If you don’t have, BUY!

This is great for sterilizing all those bottles and small parts it comes with. I use the Dr. Brown bottles and this sterilizer has been great. I am on my second one but the first one lasted over 2 years. It started to shut down before finishing the cycle but after using it multiple times a day for 2 years I figured it had a good life and bought a new one. So far the new one is great and I probably should have bought it sooner. It does get harder to clean after a lot of usage but a good scrub and its ready to go again. I only use the top tray and took out the middle one as I clean bottles on the bottom and stick the parts in the top section. 5 bottles and all its parts packed in and 12 minutes later nice sterilized bottles. They are pretty hot right after the cycle finishes so I wait a couple of minutes before taking them out and letting them air dry on my bottle rack. I feel much better about the bottles being sterilized after I wash them and I am very satisfied with this product.

Stephanie Comstock, TX

Works, But can be better

Messy and difficult to dump the water when done.The rack has 2 usable levels. Bottom level for bottle; top level for nipples and caps. When it is complete, water accumulate on the bottom rack and base unit. So you have to dump the water on the bottom rack (usually half of this water end up on my kitchen countertop when I do this). Then you have to dump the water that accumulate on the base unit. Note to manufacturer: Make some holes on the bottom rack so the water drops down to the base unit; so water only collects in 1 place and I can clean up in 1 step.The unit is designed with 3 levels, which only works with all small parts. You cannot use 3 levels with bottles.And it is difficult to add/remove this 3rd level.

Colleen Maxwell, CA

I don’t like it at all

If you are using Dr. Brown’s long bottles, this is NOT the sterilizer for you. And for other bottles, you have to be really patient to work with the adjustable middle racks. This thing frustrates me to no end, I can’t wait to get another one. This was a baby shower gift.

Melinda Honeydew, CA

Easy to use

Works really well to fit lot of different kinds of things. I am using it to sterilize bottles ( dr brown and born free), pump parts, and storage bottles for breast milk. With multiple racks that can be used in combination, it provides a lot of flexibility. I like not having to sterilize in the kitchen (e.g. Microwave, dishwasher) due to lack of space.

Rosanna Summit Lake, WI

Could Be Better

Its a great idea but needs improvement.Dont use this to clean breast flow bottle nipples…they will start to melt.Hard to clean but fits many many things to clean.

Eula Shenandoah Junction, WV

a perfect item for baby bottle sterilizing

we have twins and this sterilizer works very good for all there stuff. takes approx 15 minutes and then cools and everything is perfect.

Leslie Mitchells, VA

Spacious but weak steam

This sterilizer is larger than I thought, which is good; but the steam is so weak it does not fully sterilize the accessories on top rack.

Mary Union City, TN

Easy to use- a great buy!

I love this sterilizer. It fits a lot- bottles, breast pump shields and valves, nipples…Its so easy to use you put in some water and press the machine on. Its easy to clean too, just dump the water out and rinse. I say this is a great purchase and totally worth the money. Highly recommended.

Esperanza Bath, NY

I love it.

It is convenient and cheaper than avent. It is safer than a microwavable sterilzer. one that I don’t like is the unit is too bulky but if you do not have a space issue, it won,t hurt you.

Marquita Weston, TX

roomy sterilizer

All my baby bottles and breast pumps, nipples can fit into it. Need to change water each time so that the metal part won’t get rusty. It’s huge so you need some counter space reserved for it. I like it cuz it’s so roomy with two racks on.

Angeline Lawrence, NE

One of My “Must Haves”

I got this bottle sterilizer at my baby shower. It was very easy to set up. I honestly have used it everyday and sometimes more than once a day and it sterlizes all my bottles and pacifiers. It is such a great product, I don’t know what I would do without it. All you have to do is wash the bottles out and put them in the sterilizer, and press down a button and they are clean in about 13 minutes. I would recommend this product to all moms and moms to be.

Cortney Cassadaga, FL

Love It! Easy to use.

Love it. Easy to use and clean. Lot of space and maintain the bottles inside free of bugs. Good price.

Anna Warbranch, KY

Steaming Plate on Bottom Gets Nasty Build-Up Hard to Clean Off

The plate that makes the water turn into steam at the bottom of this unit gets nasty white build-up on it. That being said, I usually just used regular tap water (I think it’s best to use distiller water) but still AND it’s very hard to clean it off and the steaming plate has some type of black coating over it, maybe that is why it collected build-up. I ended up returning this and getting the Munchkin Steam Guard Electric Sterilizer which has a metal plate and has not collected build-up. The only thing I actually like about this sterilizer is that there are places to put the bottles on the bottom where the steam goes up and directly goes into the bottle.

Roslyn Hartland, ME

Works but designed poorly

This thing gets the job done but the design is flawed. The racks are annoying to maneuver. Water collects on the lid from condensation and pours all over when you take it off when finished. It also has a spot for 5 bottles on the bottom rack. Unfortunately depending on the bottles you can’t always fill them in. Medelas fit fine but Tommee Tippee or Avents are wider and you can’t fit 5. Just something to keep in mind.

Lenora Lewis, CO

Does the job

It is huge so hope you have space if you decide to buy it. It is on the counter just fine though. Tall not wide. To use you have to take the whole rack out to pour water in which is kind of a hassle. But a minor issue. Also there is brown stuff in the water after using occasionally but I don’t see rust. You’d have to open it to see that. I’m not worried. It goes away when cleaned. Cleans easily. I take care of it and clean it at least weekly.

Sarah Knotts Island, NC

awesome sterilizer

This sterilizer is awesome. I have used mine every day for 2 years and only now bought a new one to replace it, also because I have a second baby. It is really simple to use and takes in a decent amount of stuff. I love it! Much better than boiling bottles.

Monika North Concord, VT

Greatest Baby Product Ever!!

I have purchased two of these and have recommended it to everyone I know. It is a simple and fast way to sterilize your baby products. It has a customizable set of trays for all your needs. Easy to use and easy to clean.

Gina Faxon, OK

This is a “Must to have” item

I don’t know what I would have done without this sterilizer. It makes my life a whole lot easier – it holds all the bottles I have to clean from day-care, and it holds the parts from the pump, and in 10 minutes, everything is clean and ready to be used again. Easy, with only one touch of the button! Must have!

Mitzi Riverhead, NY