The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

It’s the middle of the night and baby wants his bottle NOW! The compact Quick Serve Bottle Warmer can heat bottles quickly-including straight, angled, wide-necked, even disposables. The measuring vials helps you anticipate warming duration and this bottle warmer features an auto shut-off for added safety. It can also be used to warm a jar of baby food or sanitize up to two pacifiers in the included basket. We’re all about multi-tasking!

Main features

  • Plastic
  • Imported
  • Warms breast milk, formula and baby food jars in minutes
  • Auto shut-off for added safety
  • Works with most wide, narrow, angled, even disposable bottles
  • Bottle not included
  • BPA Free

Verified reviews


great value

I have not used this product yet but the price was right, the quality of the product looks good, and I am looking forward to seeing the result of its use.

Mercedes Glen White, WV

Not at all useful or up to par

I bought this in hopes that I could avoid standing over a pot of boiling water in the middle of the night to heat my newborn’s bottle. She is impatient when it comes to waiting so I thought this little unit would do the trick. NO SUCH LUCK. The product review says it’s stylish but who cares? What we really need is functionality and usability and this warmer is neither. It claims to heat up the bottle in 4 minutes but the milk is unevenly heated, the top of the bottle is cold and the base is scalding. The milk then needs to be shaken to even out the temperature…a real time sucker when you’re in a hurry to feed a wailing baby. I tried to vary the amount of water I poured into the heating base but this didn’t help. I’m lucky I didn’t throw away my trusty little pot since I’m back to warming up the old fashioned way on the stove.

Luisa Rockbridge, OH

Difficult to use

I am a breastfeeder. But, every now and again, my husband gives our baby a bottle of breastmilk. We are past the point of sleep deprivation, so I don’t blame the use of this product on not enough sleep – it really is very confusing to use.The directions are quite unclear and the chart used to tell you how much water to put in is even more unclear. Several times, we have put too much water in, and the bottle gets way too hot, which is dangerous!This is only my opinion and I do not believe has anything to do with lack of intelligence.

Brooke Tunkhannock, PA

Worth the money

This bottle warmer is easy to use and works quickly. We’ve been using it for a month and haven’t had a single issue with it.

Rosario Glasgow, KY

I’d say it’s okay for the price

I got this warmer as a shower gift. It does warm the bottle to the perfect temperature. It has drawbacks, though. I took us 6 minutes to heat up a bottle that we had in the fridge. It also developed some brown crusty looking stuff in the bottom of it, and all the numbers rubbed off the measuring tube. We barely even use it anymore because it it not too convenient when you have a hungry baby waiting for her bottle.

Jessica Tippo, MS

Save your money

I have tried 3 different bottle warmers. This one is the 2nd best. It DOES allow the bottle to overheat and when your little one is demanding food – NOW – it is inconvenient to wait 10-15 minutes for it to cool down. When I used this I stood beside it and tested the temperature of the formula about every 3 minutes or so. Major pain since I like to change my baby while his bottle is warming. If you absolutely have to have a bottle warmer – the Baby Tec by One Step Ahead is MUCH better!!!

Cassandra Deer Park, NY

Why even bother?

This bottle warmer was horrible. If you are formula-feeding, just use the microwave. Really. It takes so much less time, and all you have to do is shake the bottle really well to eliminate hotspots.This bottle warmer never heated bottles evenly. Sometimes they would be scalding hot, sometimes ice cold (and then you have to wait until it’s completely cooled down before it will allow you to heat it again!). Not only that, but it always took a minimum of 5 minutes to heat the bottle. Meanwhile, my baby is screaming because he’s hungry and wants that bottle!! The microwave only takes 30 seconds and it’s the same temperature EVERY time.If you’re heating expressed breastmilk I can see why someone would need a bottle warmer.Otherwise, what is the point??

Natalia Norris City, IL

excellent for breastmilk

With all the restrictions on how you can warm breastmilk, this was the best thing. Works great everytime and never too hot. Love it. Works better then others we have tried. Very quick and easy.

Marcy Knob Lick, MO

Small, fast, convenient — once you figure out the water

This really is a great product. It heats up 4 oz of refrigerated breast milk within a couple of minutes. It’s small enough to stick in a diaper bag if you’re going out, too, and since the water vial has a cap, you can pre-fill it. The only trouble was that the recommended amount of water did not heat the milk beyond a cool temperature — not even to room temp. After experimenting, I learned that I had to fill it about a half inch ABOVE the highest number marking (10) in order for the milk to be about as warm as it is from the breast. And I checked my fridge — it’s the normal temp, about 37 degrees, so it’s not because the bottles were colder than normal. So, I guess I’m a little concerned about what’ll happen when we need to give 8 oz instead of 4!*UPDATE* I now use this with the 8-oz size Dr. Brown’s bottles (heating with inner parts removed), with 6 oz of milk, and they seem to heat up with less water. They are also a harder plastic than the bottles we used to use (Medela bottles), so I think perhaps the harder plastic conducts heat better. Keep this in mind when experimenting with water amounts. Just a theory.

Rowena Avenal, CA

Very good bottle warmer

I don’t use a whole bunch of bottles since I nurse, but occasionally I thaw out some breast milk for when my daughter and I are going to be out in very public places for a long period of time. This works great. I just put the milk in the warmer and in about four minutes it is done. Sometimes however, when I have a 7 ounce pack it takes a few times through it to get it all the way warmed. Since I am using this for when I am out it isn’t a big deal that it takes awhile, especially because you have to wait for the warmer to cool all the way down before you can use it again. However, when I use it to heat milk from the frig so my husband can feed her, it works great. I wouldn’t suggest walking away from it because sometimes it gets too hot when the whole four minutes is given to heat. Walking away while heating a bottle is not wise anyway, so it really isn’t a problem standing there for it and it is a whole lot quicker than boiling water.

Dina Hartwell, GA

not working! returned it

totally not working! returned it. you had to add hot water to heat the bottle while it does not work.

Helen Denton, MT

Warms great

I like that the unit doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s light weight and only needs a small amount of water to warm the bottle. It accommodates every size bottle I’ve tried so far (Gerber, Playtex Drop-ins and Dr. Brown). I didn’t completely read all of the directions and didn’t realize I had to let the machine completely cool down before you can heat it again…I thought it was broken! It warms the milk well but I keep a cloth next to it to dry the bottle off before using and also cool the plastic on the bottle before using.

Enid Hillman, MN

Not helpful!

I was lucky to have a baby who did not need a bottle that was perfectly warm, but using this warmer was a waste of time. I packed it away after only using it a few times because it rarely warmed the bottle enough. If I added a little more water than the directions suggested, it was way too hot. I stick my daughter’s bottle in a mug of hot water and it warms up much more quickly and does not take up counter space.

Jeannine Ivanhoe, CA

A warm meal soothes a fussy baby!

I am one of those moms who has a “lazy nurser”. Wanting to exclusively breastfeed for at least the first year, I was devastated that my sweet little girl would not latch on properly and that when she did, she was unable to empty me completely. Therefore, we are stuck with frequent breastfeedings followed by supplemental bottle feedings.My husband and I had purchased this bottle warmer planning to use it after I returned to work to heat up breastmilk bottles. I have to tell you, this warmer is terrific! It works equally well with breastmilk and formula. It is quick, and as long as you follow the directions, it heats to utter perfection. We have never had an overheated bottle, and my daughter loves the temperature. She sucks it right down! We have tried both Gerber and Avent bottles, and they both work well in this warmer.Also, the size is really convenient. It doesn’t take up much space in the kitchen (not to be totally vain, but it WOULD be nice if it came in black or ecru for better matching capabilities).I liked it so much that I sent one to my husband’s expectant cousin. I strongly recommend this product.

Evelyn Barnard, MO

Very Fast!

When our son decides he’s hungry, he does not want to wait for the traditional method of placing the bottle in a bowl of warm water. This warmer is so fast! It’s ready in less than 4 minutes (we allow for it to cool a bit before taking it out). Once you figure out how much water you need to fill for your type of bottle/milk, it works like a charm! We use Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck bottles and they fit just fine (as long as we remember to remove the straw first, otherwise the milk rised out).

Willa Fort Gay, WV

Pointless item

It may be my son only but he doesn’t care if his bottles are cold or warm and I use water that is in gallon containers which sit on the counter so his bottles are generally at room temperature anyway. This product did work, however, for my standard size Playtex Vent Air bottles but did not heat up my friend’s wide mouth bottles when she tried to use it. All in all, this was a pointless purchase on my part; but the return of the item was easy cheesy!

Marcie Centerville, MA

great for bottles and food

Works great! I use it to heat up her bottle and her frozen homemade baby food. I definitely recommend. I even thought about using this when my husband and I go camping to heat up our adult food. We could just plug it into our car adapter.

Harriet Houma, LA

Works as expected, but could be better!

Overall this product works as documented/expected. The only reason for not giving a full 5 star rating is that the heating is not consistent. Even if you use the amount of water as recommended in the documentation, the heating is not consistent. The milk will be too hot or too cold occasionally. I wish they had perfected the heating time based on actual temperature of the contents.

Claudia Lochgelly, WV

Great warmer

This warmer works great! It’s one of the few that you can put the bottles with liners in. I use the Playtex Nursers, and this works perfect for them. The only draw back I was concerned with was that you can’t heat right after you’ve heated…you have to wait about 5 minutes (most say that anyway). That is not a problem if you know how much water to put in it the first time. It is fast too! We got the first couple bottles too hot, but after that it was easy. There are little lines on the side of the measuring cup, for a 4 oz bottle, I go to the first big water line (about half way up the “scale”). That is for refrigerated milk. Plus, this warmer doesn’t take up a lot of space. It’s just what you need, no more or less. It says you can do baby food in it too, but I’m not that far yet. I defintely recommend this warmer.

Merle Benton, IA

A cup of warm water is easier

I bought this for my 2nd baby, thinking it’d be easier than warming a cup of water to warm the bottle. Nope. I could never get the amount of water and time right. I just went back to a cup of water and this thing is sitting in a box.

Lenore Maxwell, NE

Works fine

Works great if you follow the directions. My husbands not so good at that so the results weren’t always consistent, but is never had a problem 🙂

Ida Liberty Center, OH

Very durable

Very durable and easy to cleanWarms up milk in about 2-3 minThere’s no indicator that shows exactly how warm your milk will be but using common sense and maybe your fingers…. Should be enough

Leigh Trenton, MI

great great great

EXCELLENT product – – VERY VERY useful while traveling (there are electric plug points in all restaurants, hotel rooms and at airport gates etc).very useful at home too.

Winnie Pomeroy, OH

Great warmer

Personally, I love this bottle warmer. It has worked perfectly since the moment I started using it. You need to watch how much water you put in it; however, because if you put too much water in it and are only making about 2 ounces, you will end up making the water in the bottle too hot for baby to eat. My husband has done this a few times and has had to put the bottle in the fridge or freezer for a few mins to cool the water down before adding the formula. This of course is not the products fault but the fault of the person using the warmer. I am considering purchasing another one so we can have one in our room (instead of getting up and going to the kitchen for late night feedings) and one in the kitchen for daytime feedings.

Earline Louisville, GA


My husband and I use this product daily. I had to pump for most of the time I nursed and we had to warm bottles for each feeding. The water measurer isn’t the greatest, it’s hard to fill without going over the MAX line or spilling out. So I just measured about how many tablespoons of water we needed and kept a glass of water next to the machine. Just scoop out what you need, turn on the machine, and get your baby to stop screaming for food that much quicker. We’ve had the product for 7 months and it’s still working great. I would recommend cleaning it out every so often to get rid of hard water build up and such, but it’s great!

Keri Finleyville, PA

Convenient quick bottle warmer

We bought this for warming milk bottles for our baby, cold ones from the fridge and room temp water for formula. It is a very good product.Pros:- Quick and easy to use- Warms liquid uniformly- Fits bottles of all sizes, including the odd shape Tommee TippeeCons:- The steam is very hot and picking bottle out during heating can cause burns if not done carefully- No temp control, and thus getting the right temp is a hit and miss and requires trial/error everytime- Once the heater switches off, need to wait for 5-10 mins before using a second time (we did find a workaround of pouring cold water to let the element cool which allows immediate reheating)A must have for every nursery and mom whether warming formula or preserved breast milk from the fridge

Rhea Grand Saline, TX

Very unpredictable!

Like other reviewers, I have had nothing but problems with this thing! The instructions for how much water to add are not right at all. You have to figure out on your own how much water to use, and then, you can do the exact same thing twice and one time will still be ice cold and the other time burning hot. There is a little ring piece, which is not attached, and if you lose it, the thing does not work AT ALL since all the steam just escapes! Ours stopped heating consistently after two months of use. It gets a brown build-up in the bottom, and you can not fit your hand in there to clean it out. The instructions say to wipe with vinegar periodically, which I have found you actually have to do every day or else you will never get the build up out. We are switching to Munchkin brand bottle warmer now that this one has quit working.

Ramona Garden City, UT

Originally liked it but…..

I requested and received this bottle warmer as a baby shower gift. Pros: It is simple to use and you can operate it with one hand. If you want to heat up a bottle for three minutes, you just fill up the water tube to the 3 minute line and pour it in the warmer. The warmer will shut off automatically after 3 minutes. Heats bottles quickly. Cons: The bottles are extremely hot to the touch and you have to let them cool before comfortably holding them. Getting the bottles warmed to the right temp is a guessing game and seems to change each time. Unfortunately after just three weeks of light use (only feeding baby a bottle when she was still hungry after nursing) the bottle warmer got stuck to the on position and would not shut off causing it to be unusable.

Etta Bethesda, MD

Wonderful warmer!

This warmer has lasted us through hundreds of bottles and jars of food – I had no idea it would be so useful when I bought it!It’s small, easy to use, and heats bottles and food exactly the way my son likes them, because I can add whatever amount of water I need. This is much more water-conserving than heating water in the microwave and then putting the bottle in it – the warmer only uses a few teaspoons. And it heats FAST!This makes a very economical and thoughtful baby gift – I have already purchased two for friends.

Angelia Aurora, MN

can’t get it just right

I find that I have trouble getting each bottle to the perfect temperature. It either under or overheats about half the time. But it is convenient and compact and it does do it’s job even on the wideneck bottles. Wish it came with a travel pouch/carry handle b/c I take it with me for overnight traveling

Ann Branchton, PA