The First Years Smartwarmer

The First Years Smartwarmer

The First Years Smart Warmer warms without guesswork, and prepares the perfect bottle every time. Last function memory for convenient repeat use. Fits wide, narrow, angled, and disposable bottles. Features a ready light and beep with automatic shutoff. The Smart Warmer even thaws breastmilk! Select the bottle type, contents, amount you are warming, and the starting temperature. The Smart Warmer preserves nutrients while bringing to an ideal temperature

Main features

  • Warms or defrosts breast milk, formula, and baby food safely and evenly every time
  • Requires only a once-a-day water refill
  • Easy-to-use control panel allows you to select the type of bottle or food you’re warming
  • Remembers your previous cycle so perfect warming is just a button push away
  • Last function memory
  • Fits wide, narrow, angled, and disposable bottles
  • Ready light and beep
  • Automatic Shutoff
  • Prepare the perfect bottle every time.

Verified reviews


What a dud!

I didn’t really do any research first and I should have. I wanted a different warmer but this was available at the store and I liked the reservoir and the flexible options. It worked really well for about 2 months. Then is started leaking and now you can tell the electronics are getting wet…the beeping is sounding funny. We are scared to use it now.Pro’s flexible, water reservoir is a plusCon’s leaks, loud beeping

Bethany Leroy, PA

Customizable Bottle Warmer

I did my research on bottle warmers and settled on the Baby Pro Smart Warmer. I love how it’s customizable and you only have to press one button after you set it up. The buttons are self explanatory and it heats the formula quickly. There is no need to refill water everytime you use it, just once in awhile. You do have to play around to find the best settings but after that, you just press one button.The only thing that is problematic is that the beeping is very loud, although there is an option to turn it off. I leave it on so I can know when it’s done when I’m in another room.

Chelsea Francitas, TX

Cracks Glass Bottles

I bought this on whim during a trip to Babies R Us without reading any reviews first-MISTAKE! It was $40, which I thought was expensive, but it also warms baby food jars so I decided we would be able to use it long-term–WRONG. First, the settings for each type of bottle and whether it’s room temp, frozen, etc. are totally inaccurate. We tinkered with the settings for a few weeks to finally find a set that worked for our 8 oz. refrigerated formula in glass bottles. The settings? Wide neck, frozen breastmilk. Even then, we sometimes had to reheat it several times. Other times, it was too hot. After cracking 3 of our glass bottles, we returned it. I later read reviews on BRU that indicated it melted some plastic bottles as well. This warmer is a total miss and waste of $$. We are now happily using an old-fashioned pan of hot water.

Rosetta Muscotah, KS

Convenient, smart

We like the convenience of this warmer. We actually already have 2 and still chose to purchase this one. The constant water supply (rather than having to fill the viles on the others) is nice. But this give you option to heat your bottles/jars specifically based on what you’re using (breastmilk, formula, big bottle, small, etc), which is nice. It doesn’t totally warm the bottle the same every time, but not sure if that’s the warmers fault (was one bottle colder than the next, etc). I don’t like that you have to press the button to turn it off, should be automatic. Beeping is loud, but can be turned off as well.

Celeste White Marsh, MD

One of the best warmers ive found

I did a lot of research and have had a different warmer before and it was a pain to use. u had to measuer the water everytime you heated a bottle. i love this warmer. its very easy to use! from other reviews if you have one that is leaking than it must be a faulty one. i have used mine for a 11 months now and i have had no problems what so ever!!! and i have packed it and it has traveled with me many times. i had even got it wet once on accident where the buttons are and u could tell that it was wet but there wasnt any problems with it! Great bottle warmer. i am purchasing this for a baby gift for someone else because i love it so much!

Sonja West Unity, OH

Has worked great for a year

From crazzeto’s wife:We bought this warmer after having a terrible experience with the Munchkin brand one. When our baby was little and only drinking a couple ounces of breastmilk or formula at a time the warming was sometimes inconsistent, but we found that it was not a problem with larger amounts of liquid (~4 oz. and up). Using purified water instead of tap water to mix the formula also helped because it would be heated from the same temperature each time rather than the varying temps of the tap. We use tap now that she drinks 8 oz. each time and it has not been a problem though.We also found that having the water reservoir that only needed to be refilled once a day was very convenient.Over all, we’ve been very happy with this warmer and would definitely recomend it to anyone else. It’s not 100% perfect, but it is so much better than anything else we’ve tried and it’s given us a year of good use and still going strong.

Janell Wagram, NC

Fantastic bottle warmer, no more guess work at 3 am!

I hesitated to buy this warmer based on some reviews and comments here but I could always return it, right? I had the Firstyears bottle warmer model before this auto one. Measuring the water with a little vial each time was a pain in the rear! Having the water tank on this model is very convenient. Some reviewers said the beep alert was loud – they must have bionic hearing! The beep alert is just 8 chirps, and if I’m not in the room, I can’t hear it at all. It’s the same type of chirp/beep as an old 80’s style digital watch. I really like the exact settings – ounces, starting temp (room, fridge or frozen), bottle type (standard, wide like my Medela bottles, disposable, and jar food) and type of milk or food; formula, breastmilk or jar food. When I had the other warmer I was always concerned with how much heat was used as breastmilk needs to be warmed slowly to preserve the antibodies. While it can take 5-6 minutes for a 5 oz bottle to warm up it’s by steam so bottles aren’t submerged in hot water and no worries of overheating. In standby mode the center button is solid and the selection buttons flash. 3 clicks of the on button are needed from this stage to start the heating – directions weren’t clear on this. I don’t touch any buttons at the conclusion of a cycle btw – so 3 clicks and it’s on if the settings are the same. It comes with a basket to lower jar food and a top ring over the chamber to keep the steam in and bottle centered – only wish it could be tightened as sometimes it pops off when removing my wide bottles. Overall, I am very happy with this warmer! It’s compact, holds enough water for 2 days of bottle warmings, and is quite reliable. Only improvements could be a longer cord and maybe a count down screen so you know exactly how long the wait is; I’d pay more for that feature. This warmer will definitely grow with us when solid foods are introduced with the jar setting! DO give this one a try if you need a compact warmer with specialized settings that won’t break the bank! 😉

Susie Spencer, VA

this machine has a mind of its own, works fine tho.

I love the idea of an automatic bottle warmer, and this one has worked just fine for us, BUT the automatic settings on it don’t work like they should. For example, in order for a 6 oz bottle to be room temperature, to slightly warm, you have to put it on the 9 oz setting. A 9 oz or more bottle needs to be heated on the 9 oz setting (which is the highest setting) and then again on the 2-3 oz setting. It works, you just have to figure out it’s system. Also, amazon is WAAAY over charging for this puppy. We had ours on our gift registry at Babiesrus, and I remember it being closer to 20ish. Shop around if you really want this one. It really does work fine for the money, but like I said, you just have to play it’s game for it to work for you. Hah.

Dominique Mayo, SC

I don’t like it at all

This thing is a joke. The settings are a joke. What I should look for next time is something with a continuously variable dial for “short time” to “long time”. As far as I can tell, you can’t pause it or stop it mid-cycle. If you can, it’s probably a pain to set up. The beeping is really loud, you can’t turn it off. It takes too long. For all the stress new moms must face, this is one of the big ones. Many times we would make a fresh bottle just so we wouldn’t have to deal with it. Really, really bad product.

Margot Bevier, MO

Pretty good if you have time to wait

We have been using this warmer since our daughter was born, and she’s 5 months old now. I like this warmer a lot, but it has some downsides.PROS -+ Customizable: I love that I can choose the size of the bottle, frozen or fridge, etc. I also love that it can heat baby food, which works great for the frozen food cubes we make+ Even Heating+ Low Maintenance: just make sure the reservoir has water in it, push a button or 2 (depending on whether anything has changed from the last warming) and then walk away – the beep tells you when its done! My daughter has learned what the beeping means and gets excited when she hears it!CONS -+ Volume: like others have said, the beep is almost as loud as a fire alarm, and lasts a bit long for my tastes, but its nice that I can hear it from another room+ Time: It feels like this warmer takes forever, which isn’t a problem when you can distract the baby in another room, but feels like hours when you’ve got a screaming child in your hands – there are a number of times that I have given up and taken it out mid-warming cycle because I couldn’t wait any longer+ Quality of Heating: It did a GREAT job with small volumes of formula/breastmilk (I did both), but doesn’t seem to do as great of a job with larger volumes

Hollie Carmel, IN

Good, but can be better

I originally tried the First Years warmer with the water measuring vial. It was inconvenient because I had to refill the vial everytime. So I bought this one because it’s got a great concept of only refilling the vial once in a while. Here are the pros and cons:Pro:1) The heating is very even and heats slowly rather than steaming the milk scorching hot very fast. With the other warmer, I had to constantly shake the milk to make sure the heat was distributed evently.2) Not having to refill the vial each time.Con:1)I move the warmer upstairs in the evening, so everytime I plug it in to the electrical outlet, the previous setting is lost, including the beeper deactivation. So now I just let it beep, which is kind of loud. I wish there can be a permanent setting for this so I don’t have to deactivate the beeper everytime I plug it in.2) I think in order for this warmer to work effectively, the water level is suppose to be below the basket (which means the water never touches the milk bottle but rather just use the steam heat to heat the bottle). This is not a problem if you don’t move the unit excessively. But I notice that everytime I move the unit between upstairs and downstairs, the motion would cause more water to go into the warmer, which creates ineffective heating the next time I heat the milk. To fix this, I have to pour out the excess water and reload the water reservior after I move the unit.Overall, I would recommend this product if you don’t plan on moving it around a lot.

Kelley Broken Arrow, OK