The First Years Soothie Teething Pacifier

The First Years Soothie Teething Pacifier

Soothie is a brand recognized by moms as trusted by hospitals, and we have used the same medical-grade silicone in both our pacifiers and bottles. Features: Medical-grade silicone Great textured surface to soothe babies’ sensitive gums One-piece material, so no crevices for germs to collect.

Main features

  • Soothie is a brand recognized by moms as trusted by hospitals, and we have used the same medical-grade silicone in both our pacifiers and bottles.
  • Medical-grade silicone
  • Great textured surface to soothe babies’ sensitive gums
  • One-piece material, so no crevices for germs to collect

Verified reviews


Weird and heavy

Unfortunately, i did not like this pacifier. It was just too big and heavy for my newborn newborn…and frankly just weird shaped, not ‘ergonomic’ for my baby’s face. I recommend MAM pacifiers personnally.

Myrtle Little River, SC

No Bigger Than a Normal Soothie

Maybe they re-did this pacifier, because it isn’t much heavier than a Soothie and it’s the same size as a normal Soothie, just with handles added to it, so I don’t understand the “it’s so big” reviews.My son never really took a pacifier, but on the few occasions that he did he would only take a Soothie, so I was glad to find this teether. I like that he can put any angle/side of this in his mouth and it’s okay. There is not a part that isn’t meant to go in the mouth.My only complaint is the handles are connected to the middle however in the product image it looks open. The gaps between the Soothie part of the teether and the handles are miniscule making it hard for my 3 month old son to grasp this teether.

Rosetta Erving, MA

Too heavy as a binky

As a nibbler, this would be good, my son who’s a sucker not a nibbler did not like it since it was too heavy comparet to his traditional binky. He sucked it once and did not want it.It seems to be well made so as something to bite and nibble, probaby 4 stars, as a paci, 1 star

Erma Alma, IL

Great for teething

My little one just loves to chew on this nice big soothie pacifier. The textured bumps and nubbies makes it feel nice on her gums.

Michaela Rock, KS

Good product, but maybe too much for small babies

My baby loved her soothie pacifiers but since she starting teething has shown little interest in doing anything but chewing on her fist! She liked the pacifier part just fine, as it’s the same as the regular soothies. But the teether is very wide, thick and heavy, and she can barely fit even a corner of it in her mouth. Now she’s a preemie, so for bigger babies this may not be a problem. I like that is’s only one solid piece so less chance of her gnawing it to bits. I’m going to keep it around until she’s better able to keep a grip on it.

Melisa Tunnelton, IN

Infant likes to chew on this even thou she didn’t prefer this brand of pacifier.

I was given a soothie pacifier in the hospital and my little one was completly disinterested. When she began teething, I was looking for a variety of chewy toys and thought I would give it a try. I had read a lot of reviews about other models falling a part and becomming choking hazards so a one piece product was a must for me. Turns out that she really likes it. She will chew on all the different parts and it is easy for her to hold by herself. I would give it a try for your teething baby…provided a little releif for everyone in my house. 🙂 (She is getting another round of teeth now so I am crossing my fingers that is does its job a second time around. )

Tia Phippsburg, ME


I see some people complaining about the size/having difficulty keeping them in their infants mouth. While the pacifier will fall out easier than others, I find that as long as you attach it to something it stays in fine. I use a Paci Plushie (you can buy them online, they are like a Wubanub but you can use any pacifier in them, including these) and it works great. The stuffed animal keeps it in place. If you do buy a Paci Plushie they used to have a coupon code “PACI” for 1/2 off that still might work.Overall these are great and is my son’s favorite pacifier for use in Maximus (the name of his monkey Paci Plushie.

Carrie Bloomsburg, PA

Great for the Casual Pacifier User…

My little guy had turned his old, barely-used Soothies into teething toys recently and we’ve caught him shoving the whole darn thing in his mouth. And while I’m not concerned about choking, it was clear he needed something ‘more’.As soon as I received this, he happily took to it.He seems to enjoy the extra material for holding onto it while he moves it around his mouth.It isn’t the teething golden grail of a toy I was hoping for, but it seems to be a nice addition to his chewing-things collection.

Annie Springfield, OR

great teether

This is the next natural step from Soothie pacifier to teether. Great idea! I noticed that my daughter was starting to pull her Soothie pacifier out and chew on the sides when she was 3-4 months old. I saw this on Amazon, and thought it made sense.It’s a great, tough, solid piece teether that she can use as a back- up pacifier!

Amie Tsaile, AZ

Great teether/pacifier, easy to clean!

These are great pacifiers because they don’t roll as much as the regular soothies. They are also great for a teething baby to suck on. I like how easy they are to clean, too.

Jody Peckville, PA

Great teether!

My son loves this as a teether, but it’s a little heavy so when he uses it as a pacifier he has to suck pretty hard and it often falls out of his mouth. We got this since all he wants when it comes to pacifiers are the soothies. The rubber on this is a little firmer than on the pacifiers which makes it a great teether

Elva Highland, CA

Sturdy paci for babies

This is a nice paci for babies who are outgrowing the regular soothie pacifier. It is pretty big, but made out of the same materials and the nipple is the same as the regular soothies. My baby sucked on it more than he chewed on it, but at least he wasn’t able to shove the whole thing in his mouth like his old ones.

Katrina Newry, SC


My 5-month old daughter love it. It’s small, fit my petite girl perfectly. She can grab it and chew everywhere she likes. Good teether for small size babies.

Katheryn Alexandria, TN

Too expensive. Not as good a pacifier as the original

My baby will only use the soothie pacifier. He rejects all teethers and chews on the sides of his pacifier instead. So I thought this was the obvious solution. Problem is that it’s too heavy for him to hold in his mouth unless he is sucking vigorously so it just drops out and he moves on. I tried to avoid spending 25$ on a teether and I’m disappointed this didn’t work out for us.

Edythe Bartow, GA

large, bulky, and heavy

This product is really large (takes up my 4 month olds whole bottom half of her face), really bulky, and really heavy (which makes it tough for her to hold onto or keep in her mouth). I wouldn’t recommend it for early teething babies. We may try again in a few months.

Dollie Hurley, VA