The First Years Soothie Transition Bottle – 1 Pack

The First Years Soothie Transition Bottle – 1 Pack

The First Years Soothie Transition Cup eases the transition from bottle to cup by keeping the familiar Soothie bottle nipple on the cup. The easy grab handles make holding and positioning the cup easy for beginners. When baby is comfortable using the cup, introduce the soft spout. The texture of the spout is more familiar to baby and eases the transition to cup.

Main features

  • Medical-grade silicone
  • Includes Soothie nipple and soft spout top
  • Eases transition from bottle to cup
  • Removable handles for easy tipping
  • Bringing the hospital-distributed Soothies brand to transition cups

Verified reviews



Yup, it leaks. Even when I screw the top on without the handles, it leaks.

Debbie Callaway, VA


This sippy cup has an air hole on the opposite side of the spout baby drinks out of and it leaks if baby turns it around and tips it – also, baby likes sticking his finger in that hole which makes it worse.

Aisha Pelzer, SC

Great sippy cup!!

This product is great! It has been the easiest cup for my daughter to use, as we’ve been transitioning to a sippy from the bottle. The only cons I have with it are the sippy nipple is tougher than other brands (i.e. Nuby), causing some resistance to switching. It also stinks that there are no ounce markings, making it hard when measuring out water for formula. Otherwise, it has been the easiest trainer cup (and we have tried many brands) for my daughter!

Agnes Hartford, WI

Love them!

My son has only liked the Soothie bottles which are hard to find here where I live so when I found the Soothie training cups I was excited. The handles are thin and easy to use by my son. The trainer spout is a bit hard but he is doing fine with it. They are also very easy to clean!

Lenore Key Biscayne, FL

the best!

I did my research on sippy cups, and read a lot of reviews. i ordered the Playtex sippy cups and the liquid poured out. I also bought the Soothie cup at the same time. it is amazing. it comes with a nipple top and a sippy cup top. but it has handles, so my son, who is 6 months old, can hold it himself, and feels like a big boy. the sippy cup top doesn’t drip. they are so awesome, i founsd them at Marshalls and bought 2 more. this is the product i recommend!!!!!!

Lindsey Fayette City, PA