The First Years Soothing Breast Wipes, 30 Count

The First Years Soothing Breast Wipes, 30 Count

The First Years Soothing Breast Wipes are designed to help soothe sore nipples, as well as gently cleanse and refresh before and after pumping. Our unique formula contains essential milk proteins to promote faster healing of dry, cracked skin. All ingredients are safe and 100% food grade.

Main features

  • Trusted, hospital-distributed brand
  • Cleanse and refresh after pumping or breastfeeding
  • Ultra-soft for sensitive skin
  • Made with food grade ingredients
  • Made with organic aloe Vera
  • 30 wipes

Verified reviews



I thought these would be great to freshen up after pumping at work, but I don’t like them at all. They left my boobs feeling sticky. They are actually worse than not using them at all. I feel icky just thinking about them. I tried them a few times and just hated it.I’ve used my Target brand cucumber/melon pre-moistened face clothes for the same purpose and they are much better. I don’t actually use the wipes on my nipples, since I want the milk to dry on them anyway because that’s the ultimate protection for them. So no worries about my daughter getting what’s on those wipes in her mouth. I’ve also used the Johnson&Johnson; baby face/hand wipes, which I absolutely love for cleaning up my daughter on the go or when I’m in a rush, but they are very perfumed. I prefer either of those two things over these breast wipes, and both are cheaper. Who cares about it being “food-grade”, because you shouldn’t be wiping off your nipples anyway.

Elba Geismar, LA

Definitely good to have

I use these a lot with breast-pumping. I like the fact that they’re made from food-grade ingredients, and I sometimes use them to wipe my daughter’s teething toys when we’re traveling. My only complaint is that they leave a slight film (but I guess that’s to be expected, with food-grade ingredients). They also dry out easily, but are still definitely worth having.

Dayna North Scituate, RI

Best breast wipes for moms who pump frequently!!

I pumped for 6 months, 6-8 times a day and these were a lifesaver. I don’t agree that this becomes useless after awhile (as some reviewers have noted) because:Pros:+ I pump outside of the house/while traveling and always need these wipes afterwards+ I also use lanolin and using kleenex to wipe off each time felt a little rough after awhile, these wipes made it quick and easy clean up+ Smells great (fruity guava smell) and safe for babies (for those who are breast feeding directly). No chemical or flowery smell like other wipes+ I also use it to wipe my pump on the go when I run out of medela cleaning wipes+ saves time! at home I usually cleanse with a soft wet towel after pumping, but when things get busy I just reach for these wipes instead. If you pump a lot, you definitely need these!!Cons:- dries up easily, so make sure to close the latch tightly after each use.overall, no complaints.

Deanne Port Saint Lucie, FL

Does the job

These were the very first wipes I ever tried and I was happy with them. They smell nice and helps clean me up after each pumping session so they do the job, but I feel like they’re not moist enough. I like the clean feeling of slightly wetter wipes, so these just come up a tad short. They’re also a little bigger than I need them to be (your mileage may vary), so it just seems wasteful.I’ve tried other brands and while this may not be my first choice, I would still buy them again.

Claudia Plainview, TX

Good but same ingredients as pacifier wipes.

You can just buy regular pacifier wipes and don’t need to spend as much on these. But I liked them and they were definitely soothing.

Jaime Waco, TX

Nothing too special

I didn’t notice any additional moisturizing action than just a normal wipe unfortunately. You could get away with using other plain or lotion wipes.

Colette Waterford, CT

Sooooo nice to have

I love that these are made with food-grade ingredients so they are safe for your baby and your pump. Great for use both before and after feeding/pumping & really very soothing!

Francine Sandy Point, VA

Perfect for new breastfeeders

These wipes are refreshing and soothing for sore new mommies. I liked the all natural food grade ingredients. Even though I felt moisture was a constant battle in the beginning with milk coming in by the gallons (not really but sure felt like it) I never had any rash or yeast. I think use of this product helped with that.

Kerri Swaledale, IA

fruity smell but soothing

I used these just towards the end of our journey. They smelled a tad fruity and it reminded me of otter-pops. They were soothing which felt nice after a pump session. I don’t know if they really cleaned anything but the point was to sooth after using what i called “the torture device” and these worked great for soothing. I would highly recommend them. 🙂

Bridgette Houghton, IA

Wish I didn’t buy

These are ok, but not really needed. There are so many products out there- as a new mom it is hard to know which are helpful and which are not. I’d say you can pretty much do without these — save your money for the things you really will use!!

Gilda Burlingame, CA

Convenient when pumping on the go

These are great for a quick clean-up when pumping on the go. They smell nice & are soothing. I keep a pack in my pump bag at all times.

Gwendolyn Milbank, SD

Waste of Money!

So I bought this thinking it would help me. When in reality all it did was irritate me. The wipes are so dry instead of soothing my nipples this irritated them! The only thing this item is.. is a waste of money !

Fran Allentown, NY

Soothing, but not super moist.

These wipes do the job; I use them before and after breastfeeding to soothe and clean. They are not overly moist though, so I only give them three stars.

Kitty Parkers Prairie, MN


These wipes smell soo good! I actually tasted one too, and it is yummy! Instead of just wiping my breast, I fold them up and place them in my nursing pads for a few minutes, and I do notice a soothing feeling. It is nice knowing that they are food grade, and safe for my baby.

Malinda Kemblesville, PA

Ran out quickly!

These are fantastic for a new breast feeding mom. I use them to wipe my breasts after each feeding and clean up excess milk. The aloe really helps soothe sore nipples before I apply nipple cream. My baby was only about a week old before I ordered more of these.

Mae Wardtown, VA