The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Premium Sound Machine

The First Years Sounds for Silence Nursery Premium Sound Machine

Every new parent will tell you: a good night ‘s sleep is everything. The Sounds for Silence Nursery Premium Sound Machine quickly soothes crying babies with two sound settings: calming sounds or white noise. When tested with crying babies, the sound machine had a success rate of calming more than 90%. Sound machine features six Mozart melodies and an MP3 hookup for custom music. Also includes custom sounds developed by Pediatrician Dr. Harry Zehnwirth, along with Dr. Zehnwirth ‘s Baby Settling & Health Guide. Your “good night ‘s sleep” solution!; From the Manufacturer; An innovative good night sleep solution for baby and parent, The First Years introduces the Sounds for Silence Sound Machine. Unique to this product, the machine features custom sounds developed by Pediatrician Dr. Harry Zehnwirth. Tested with crying babies, the sound machine continuously achieves a 90% success rate in soothing babies. When baby cries, Mom turns on the machine and quickly the sounds soothe baby’s crying. Easy to use, it includes two sound settings, calming sounds or white noise, an MP3 hookup for custom music, an auto-off timer and Dr. Zehnwirth’ s Baby Settling & Health Guide.

Main features

  • Sound machine soothes crying babies with two sound settings: calming sounds or white noise
  • Custom sounds developed by Pediatrician Dr. Harry Zehnwirth
  • Six Mozart melodies and an MP3 hookup for custom music
  • Nightlight and auto sleep timer that turns off in 60 minutes
  • More than a 90% success rate with crying babies- Based on a study conducted by Okidokie LTD
  • More than a 90% success rate with crying babies*- *Based on a study conducted by Okidokie LTD

Verified reviews


Lightweight, Simple to Use, Good Travel Companion

I like the added night light on this product however, the standard tunes it comes with are pretty annoying. We only use the white noise so it really doesn’t matter. It is easy to travel with and has an ipod adapter so you can play your own tunes.

Leah Richland, SC

Obvious loop

I have been looking for a sound machine that has both white noise and the womb. This one had heartbeat instead of womb so I considered it. I had someone open one up at a store so I could test it out. The sound quality was terrible for the heartbeat. It had an obvious loop. It played the heartbeat for about 5 seconds, then replayed the same 5 seconds over and over again. Not impressed. I also listened to “sound sleeper” by dex products and the womb was very clear with no loops (but it doesn’t have a white noise option)

Jenny Superior, NE

The only sound machine we found that plays real music, not just lullabies!

I was searching for a sound machine that would play real classical music, not just the lullabies and crazy noises, and this was the only one I could find. We used it a lot, and my son loved it. He still (at the age of 15 months) smiles when he hears it. It is also very durable.

Jami Pierson, MI

Nursery machine for newborn

I love the size and shape of this thing, looks great in the nursery. the timer is great, but I just leave it on all night and all nap times which is awesome. Also the volume is great, it can get really loud! There are just a couple things that I wish were better. 1 – the options for white noise, these are all really annoying except for a couple that sound like rain. there are lots of options but like I said they are annoying. I only use 2 that sounds like rain and one like a muffled vacuum. 2 – the music is so loud and way too upbeat. they should have used more classical music with lower tones in it. With those to annoyances being noted, this is by far the best noise machine I have had. I have the munchkin one with the projector and the sound on that one breaks all the time and I have to shake it to get it to work again. I also have the homopedics nursery one which is great except there is no true white noise on that one. there is a heartbeat, ocean, and rain. the heartbeat it terrible sounds like drums and the other two make me want to pee my pants all the time. out of the 3 i have tried this is the best.

Ladonna West Kill, NY

Great sound machine

Exactly what we wanted. 6 white noise options – we prefer 2 of them, I even like sleeping to it – it’s very calming. The Mozart is pleasant during the day. A sleek design. Great night-light which casts enough light to let me know if baby is awake. Highly recommend this if you’re looking for white noise machine

Judi Ranchos De Taos, NM

A Must Have For Newborns

I did a ton of research on sound machines and finally ended up purchasing this one. I am VERY happy I did. It has so many more options than other sound machines and I absolutely love that it runs continuously. This was the only thing that kept my son asleep the first few months of his life. I know some people think that the heart sound isn’t what a heart sounds like, but they are wrong. The heart beat is what they hear in the womb, not what we hear outside of the womb. I highly recommend this item. The battery option allowed us to use it anywhere, and the cord was great to use in his nursery. Totally in love with this machine.

Delores Casa Blanca, NM

Doesn’t last and not soothing…

I bought this for my baby boy’s room because he is such a light sleeper. There is only ONE sound that is even remotely soothing; all the others just made him toss and turn. I kept the machine because really, one is all you need. Well, after a few nights, I could hear a slight ringing sound in the background. It wasn’t much and honestly, as a full time working mom, I didn’t have time to call First Year’s customer service and mess with a return and such. Now the ringing is so loud that you can BARELY hear the actual white noise and it is with all the sounds, not just the one I use! I’m worried it is hurting his little ears so I’ve turned it off and use the fan instead. When I looked at the box for the customer service number, I found out that the warranty is only 90 days! yikes, that sucks. I’m now at 99 days…what a bummer that I just missed out on returing this piece of poo. How sad that the company will only back up their product for 90 days…to me, that says they don’t expect it to last either. Don’t waste your money!!!

Nita Safety Harbor, FL


This was great for playing while my son was trying to go to sleep. He like the noise and it was nice to be able to adjust the volume.

Pam Williston, TN

Irritating, not soothing

The static and space noises are irritating. I like the fact that I can play an iPod on it. The piano music is ok but I will be searching for another one that sounds more like a fan or something soothing.

Carmen Vesta, VA

Poor excuse for a sound machine

This sound machine had some of the worst white noise possible for a newborn. It was very scratchy, loud and obnoxious sounding. We couldn’t deal with it, our newborn didn’t seem to like the generated noises and we instead bought the conair sound machine which our newborn loved.

Dionne Princeton, MA