The First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack

The First Years Spin Stack Drying Rack

Once you have a baby, you’ll notice that your counter space seems to shrink. The Spin Stack Drying Rack features a space-saving vertical design to use limited counter space while accommodating up to 16 bottles or a combination of items such as pacifiers, nipples and teethers. With two adjustable spinning levels, it drains directly into the sink and can be easily stored under kitchen cabinets or stored flat. Count on seeing your counters again!

Main features

  • Vertical design offers a large capacity while only using limited counter space
  • Two adjustable spinning levels
  • Holds up to 16 bottles
  • Drains directly into the sink
  • Can be stored under kitchen cabinets or stored flat

Verified reviews




Felecia Belington, WV


I’m a first time mom and thought this was something I needed. At first, it was good but then I realize that it wasn’t big enough for all my bottles and accessories. There are other issues with it too but I won’t go over it. Just stay away from this.

Zelda Eureka Springs, AR

Useless baby stuff

This is one of those useless baby items and I have bought many. I went with a container with a lid instead to hold my baby bottles.

Mara Prattsville, NY

Flimsy – collapsed with glass bottles

This thing is cheap and flimsy. The picture looked better, but I was disappointed when I put it together. It held up moderately for a couple of months. Now the top part won’t stay in place. Despite it falling apart on us, I just haven’t found it very easy to use. all the small parts wind up in the middle where it is harder to get to them. Of course, we use glass bottles so there is more weight on the parts than if we used plastic, but the top part is where we put the bottle tops, nipples, etc. That shouldn’t break it. Oh well, I am online shopping for a replacement now. This one just didn’t hold up for us.

Juliet Kendall, WI

Use it, but not impressed.

I use this item daily to dry my bottles, but that’s about it. Bottle storage.It’s super flimsy and even with the plastic bottles it knocks around easily. Also, the “spin” part of it, well, I just don’t really call that spinning. It’s easier just to pick it up and turn it IMPO.This is one of the few items I will probably toss out after my son is out of bottle and just get something better next child.

Elaine Garrison, KY

works as expected

easy to clean, holds 6 bottles plus additional items. swivel is a nice feature too. cleans easily (i just wash with soap and hot water).

Faye Exeter, CA

don’t know

haven’t used them. a gift. baby isn’t born yet. guess everything will hang on them just fine when it comes.

Beverley Glenwood Springs, CO

A must!

I bought it because it was at a low price but didn’t think I’d need it. Once I got it I don’t know how I could deal without it. A great way to keep the baby’s bottles, nipples, suckers separated from any other stuff while it airdries.

Ora Steedman, MO

Useless for glass but cant work that well even with plastic

I cannot believe this has been rated so well. Are people getting paid to rate it well? I can’t understand how else they would approve. It’s so flimsy and junky. The stand often collapses on itself and the sticks pull right out of place. It’s really really really not worth the purchase. Save yourself the hassle. I couldn’t give mine away for free.

Eliza North Powder, OR

Never Used.

Rated this a 3 out of 5 only because I ordered it and just never found a purpose. I don’t see why one really needs a drying rack. I didn’t use bottles a ton – just twice a day or so to give my daughter breastmilk while I was at work. I didn’t have a ton to dry I guess – although I did have all of the pump supplies to wash / dry. I don’t know, I just didn’t see the need.

Lynn Stockland, IL

Well used

This is great for drying all baby’s little food items and bottles. I really like how the top tier can be adjusted for height. I also like how each tier can spin around. Very useful and helpful item.

Audra Fremont Center, NY


I love this product. It is truly amazing. I dry my playtex nurser system, madela bottles and my breast pump parts.

Cortney Hydro, OK

Good Grief! Feel like I’m in a cartoon…

Good Grief! Feel like I’m in a cartoon…I put a glass bottle on, the peg falls off. The tiers collapse. The drawer is too small to hold anything. I am too busy with the baby to deal with the million parts. I just bought the OXO tot drying rack and although it will take more counter space, it doesn’t need assembly and I’ll be happy not to deal with all the constantly falling pegs and collapsing layers.

Brooke Mount Vernon, VA

Does the job

I put this drying rack on my baby registry when I was pregnant with my daughter, and I received it as a gift shortly before she was born. Just before I decided to write this review, I noticed one written by someone who said this drying rack is not good for glass bottles. I have been using EvenFlo classic glass bottles since my baby was born and I have not had any problems placing them on this rack to dry. The only word of caution I would offer is to balance the bottles so that all of their weight isn’t on one side of the rack or the other. I wouldn’t call it “flimsy” as the other reviewer did, but it is very lightweight plastic and will tip if you place enough glass bottles on a single side. The only other minor complaint I have about the rack is the difficulty I have changing the position of the top rack. The product uses little plastic notches to alternate the level of the top rack (higher or lower, depending on your need), and I sometimes find it tough to move it back and forth. I finally decided to leave it on the highest level and found a space where I could store it that way. Other than that, I really like this drying rack. My husband and I tend to wait until we’re almost completely out of bottles before sanitizing, and they all (about 15 bottles) fit on the rack when we’re done, nipples and all.

Jackie Mountain, WI

Good bottle rack; if you don’t dry bottles on it.

This rack works for the purpose for which I purchased it: to dry bottle parts, but not bottles.We use Playtex Ventaire bottles. The bottle bodies go in the dishwasher, and I wash all of the parts (nipples, nipple ring, bottom ring, caps, and silicone vent cover) by hand. I use this rack to dry just those parts. It is pretty flimsy — the vertical posts frequently come out and the top has collapsed when I’ve put too much weight on it. But it works for our purpose.If you want to dry bottles, don’t buy this rack — especially if you use glass bottles. Giving it 3 stars because it works great for my purpose, but wouldn’t work well for the purpose that it is advertised for (drying BOTTLES).

Lorena Mc Intosh, SD

Great product, works great and takes up little space

a friend recommended this to me and i am so glad that i listened. Great product. holds a lot of stuff, but only takes a little space. i also bought one for my sister-in-law, sure she will love it too.

Dessie Witmer, PA

Perfect for Dr. Brown’s bottles too… 🙂

After using another bottle rack for about 4 months, I bought this one hoping it would hold all of the Dr. Browns parts so they weren’t spread out all over my counter, and I couldn’t be happier! It easily holds 8 sets of bottles and parts and they are still easy to get to. The rack seems a little flimsy at first, but it’s not flimsy, just flexible. We have travelled with it using it in hotel rooms and family’s houses and it does a great job keeping things altogether and in their places. My neighbor has been using the rack Dr. Browns makes and likes this one better! It’s easier to get to the parts on the bottom level. Highly recommend it, especially if you’re using Dr. BrownsProsCompactDurableEasy To CleanEasy To Use

Zelma Roanoke, TX

Simply the best!

ALL bottles, nipples, containers, jars, teethers, small toys fit in this. Does not take much space.

Camille Collyer, KS

Simple and Cost Effective…What more is there?

A real space saver, this product is worth the $$ if you are washing baby bottles. I would not have any counter space at all if I did not have this!

Ashley Markleville, IN

space saver, takes little time to assemble

a space saver, suitable for small kitchens. it takes minutes to assemble, easy to clean. I like how I can use a lot of stuff on it.

Elaine Derwent, OH

Extremely useful!

As simple as it is it makes a difference when all your bottles and nipples are in one spot. You don’t have to go through your dish rack looking for the pacifier you know you just washed! Good design, easy assembly, time saver. Would recommend to any mom.

Colleen Mooresville, NC

Best money spend!

A year and half later, this item is still working hard for our family. We use it everyday, since the baby was born. Great design. It’s a must.

Charlene Nason, IL

I Didn’t Realize How Much I Would Need This

Before I had my baby, I didn’t think that I would need this item. However, I quickly realized after two days home that a drying rack was essential. I chose this one because it works all all types of bottles and I like the spinning feature. I also appreciate the two tiers and it doesn’t take up too much room on the counter. I recommend this bottle rack to all new moms.

Patti Tamms, IL

So much drying room — best drying rack by far!

Before purchasing this item I bought the Munchkin drying rack with fold down pegs and the Boon Grass drying rack. This is by far the best purchase out of the 3. The top rack is adjustable and can move up or down and it stores so many bottles / nipples / rings with ease! The Munchkin rack is too close together so I can only fit 4 bottles on it and the front part is pretty much useless and water gathers in there. This drying rack is tilted so all of the water drains into a handy little tray!The Boon Grass drying rack is great for small items (silverware, pacifiers, etc…) but doesn’t hold very many large items. It’s a great idea but not very practical.If you’re looking for something that’s not hideous on the counter and is efficient get the circular drying rack! You won’t be disappointed.

Estelle Limeport, PA

best drying rack for the money!

best drying rack around! fits on all counter tops! i have a very small kitchen and it fits nicely in the corner next to my sink. you can either have it drain directly into the sink, or you can have it drain in the collection tray. i have used this for almost 2 years and love it so much! i give it as a baby shower gift to other parents to be. easy to clean too!

Bonnie Smithfield, WV

One of most used baby items

Best drying rack ever. We have used it every single day for two years straight- bottles/nipples, pump parts, sippy cups, etc. It is a permanent part of our kitchen counter. It has even traveled with us because it makes drying/organizing so convenient (it collapses and cleans fairly easily). You can fit an insane amount of stuff on this thing due to the clever design. The top rack is finally starting to give out and slip down so I am buying a new one. I have even used this rack to dry the occasional champagne flute but it really isn’t meant for glass so I would be wary if you have glass bottles. My only warning is to be careful not to lose the plastic pegs (only a problem if you plan to move it/travel with it frequently).

Karen Grand Coulee, WA

Love it.

Best one out there for space and function. I returned all the others I bought (there were 3). Highly recommend.

Bernadine Campo, CA

good product

Bought for a friend. She loves it, it’s nice and roomy and a good price. Compared to the one me and my husband have we may buy another!

Ernestine Sumneytown, PA

Good price for something that breaks in 1st month

Bought this pump at Home Depot last month. The inside of the pump head is all plastic and broke in half within first couple weeks of use. Soap is now all over our granite counters. Might last longer for others (like 3 months) because we are currently washing baby bottles multiple times a day. Will return and purchase another brand. Reallllly like the option to plug the pump directly into the soap bottle under the sink via the tube connector. That was the main selling feature for us. Hope to find a better pump with that option.

Emilie Central Point, OR

works well

easy assembly and good for drying bottles. serves the purpose for the cost paid. The plate underneath it to catch the dripping water is a good idea.

Nora Winchester, ID