The First Years Sponge Mate Bottle & Nipple Brush

The First Years Sponge Mate Bottle & Nipple Brush

Bottle cleaning brush. Designed for easier and gentler bottle cleaning. Two sponges make it easy to clean bottle rims and bottoms. Soft handle. Stands upright, staying clean and dry. Nipple cleaning brush stored in handle. Made in China.

Main features

  • Bottle cleaning brush
  • Designed for easier and gentler bottle cleaning
  • Two sponges make it easy to clean bottle rims and bottoms
  • Soft handle
  • Stands upright, staying clean and dry
  • Soft bristles won’t dull bottles
  • Swivel-out nipple brush conveniently stores in the handle
  • Brush stands upright, staying clean and dry
  • Dishwasher safe; BPA Free

Verified reviews


Bottle brush

This bottle brush works just fine. It’s not amazing but it’s gets the job done, And the price was good.

Susanne Ingraham, IL

Old style better, but still a good bottle brush

The sponge on these brushes is great. It is superior to other bottle brushes we’ve used. We use it on Dr. Brown bottles and it fits perfectly – better than the Dr. Brown brush! However, we liked the old handle design better. The large bulb on the end of this handle is not comfortable to hold and the handle seems a little shorter now than it used to be. Still our favorite, but I would love to see the old handle back!

Camille Claxton, GA

Fell apart

I purchased this so I could manly clean my breast pump shields because of the soft top. Well after about 4 washes it pulled apart and I was left with the metal loop in the middle.I occasionally use it now but it has been put to the side of my sink.

Jan Menlo, WA

Very nice brush!

I received one of these as a baby shower gift and liked it so much I gave it as a gift to another expectant mom! There is a little nipple brush in the handle which comes in super handy! I had previously used a Dr Brown brush that started falling apart after a few uses. And constantly having to track down the little nipple brushes was a pain. This brush is wonderful! It fits perfectly into the Dr Brown bottles and the two sponges get everything clean.My only complaint is that it topples over easily. It would be nice if there was a little weight added to the handle to help keep it upright.

Angelina Benson, AZ

Cheaply made!

This didnt last two weeks and it scratched my bottles which I was so upset I threw it out! Very poorly made and poor quality

Rosario Howells, NY

Best bottle brush I’ve found

I’ve tried a whole lot of different brushes and this one is the best so far. The sponge part feels like it will actually hold together for awhile. (others fall apart after several uses). It fits the bottles well and I like that it can stand on its own, although a little wobbly. Also like that the nipple brush is a part of it and can be hidden although I don’t use it because I found an OXO nipple brush that works better. Overall a great product.

Selma Lemoyne, PA

It’s broken already…

No, I wouldn’t recommend this product. After washing about 3 bottles a day for a couple weeks, the brush started to bend at the base until it was so flimsy that it broke in half.

Dominique Washington, WV

I want to like it.

Pros:-It’s black, not some hideously bright baby color.-It has a sponge.-It’s inexpensive.-It has a nipple cleaner attached.Cons:-I bought this because I liked the double sponge, but my son is breastfed and therefore hasn’t (& won’t) move up past a 5oz bottle. The sponge closest to the handle doesn’t really fit in the bottle and is therefore useless.-The wire is NOT STRONG. My son only takes 3 bottles a day, 5 days a week when he’s at daycare. So we wash fewer bottles than a formula-fed baby, or baby getting exclusively pumped breastmilk. My previous bottle brush lasted 5 months before the wire broke. With this one, upon first use I could tell it wouldn’t last NEARLY that long. If your baby drinks breastmilk from a bottle, you know how it can get film from the ring of fat at the top when the milk separates. This is why the sponge was so important.I can tell this will need to be replaced before my son is a year old (in four and a half months!), and I will NOT be purchasing this one again. Again, maybe the faults I find in this brush are due to the fact I am using it to clean breastmilk residue from 5oz bottles. Perhaps this is a brush better suited for 8oz bottles filled with formula.

Marian Peck, ID

Great combo

I like this brush the bottle brush at the end is convenient. I would however have liked it to have a rope at the end of it to hang it on something but I decided to store it where the bottles go after washing for now.

Dixie Williams, AZ


Fell apart within the first week of use. Inferior to all other bottle brush brands that I have used. Won’t be buying again…

Jody Galena, MO

OK, stands on it own, sometimes, flimsy.

The thing worth noting is sometimes this stands up on it’s own and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s bipolar scrub brush. I like the design, the sponge might not hold up too long though, it looks iffy. The built in nipple brush was the feature I bought this for, I tried another like this and hated it, by far this brush offers the best built in nipple feature of the 4 other brands I’ve tried.EDITED After using it awhile.OK, so..I gave it awhile and I can say my opinion changed, I took a star off making this two stars. It lasted a few months but it broke easily. I really liked the nipple end of this, but the entire top half is held on with a wire, and in the regular process of washing bottles everyday, it wore thin and snapped in half. Not impressed. It’s just too flimsy and cheap. It made a great first impression tho.So, some worthwhile good advice? I say try thePhilips AVENT BPA-Free Bottle BrushWe use first years breastflow bottles with soothie nipple, one tiny wal mart bottle and the rest are playtex ventaire which I love. This brush works well on ALL the parts, and if you’ve used ventaire you know you have 4 things to wash with each bottle. The thing with this advent brush is the brush itself is REALLY nice and sturdy, no flimsy crap there and weirdly the end is twisted with ridges for nipple cleaning, when I first saw it I was very much hesitant to think anything without bristles would clean nipples, but this thing works. Please, I’ve bought SO MANY DAMN Brushes!! Just save time and buy the advent one. IT’s WELL MADE and so much less stress, I think it actually helps me clean faster too.

Josefina Nolan, WV

it does the job

its a bottle brush…it gets the job done. I like how it stands. the part that’s supposed to clean the rims will pull off after a while but with the motion used to clean it would on any brush with sponge.

Felicia Newburg, MD

Good Brush Good Design

Like the brush, but wish it had a soap dispenser and then it would be perfect!!! Not sure how long the sponge will last but it’s a nice addition.

Elena Staffordsville, KY