The First Years Stacking Up Cups

The First Years Stacking Up Cups

Classic toys like nesting cups are all-time favorites because they offer all kinds of fun. Children love to fit them together, to stack them up to build a pyramid, to put things in then take them out, to turn them over and hide things underneath. Cups have large numbers embossed on the base so an older child can practice counting and begin building number recognition skills. Dishwasher-safe.

Main features

  • 8 brightly colored cups stack together
  • Large numbers embossed on bottom of cups to practice counting & number recognition
  • Multiple ways to play!

Verified reviews


BPA free

The label states this product was tested for lead and BPA. Since there is no regulation for these things who knows how accurate this is. But the cups are well made and the colors are vibrant. cute simple toy.

Kitty Lake City, SD

A long-lasting favorite

My son is 20 months old, and we got these cups well over a year ago. They’re still one of his favorite toys!When he was little, we’d build towers out of them, and he’d knock them down. When he was a bit older, he’d yell into them or bang the cups together. Now he can nest and stack them on his own. He puts other things inside them, under them, etc. I love to see all the way he can come up to play with such a simple toy! (I’m really big on toys that don’t “do stuff” but encourage kids to use their creativity.)We also use them to teach him about colors (“can you bring mommy the green cup?” etc.), about “big” and “little,” etc.

Hallie North Metro, GA

safe toy – good price

I wanted to buy the Green Sprouts stacking cups but Amazon offered them w/ free shipping one day and then the next it would be sold by a different vendor without the free shipping. When I saw these stacking cups in the baby store, I put them on my registry instead because they were made w/ safer plastic like the Green Sprouts toys.The label on the learning curve stackers and other products indicate: no PVC, no bpa, and no Phthalates….it’s important to me that we have as many safe toys as possible for our baby so I was thrilled to find these.I like this stacking toy because the cups fit nicely in one another and have enough of an edge that they stack nicely on top of one another. They also have tiny holes in the bottom of the cups – each in a different shape as well as numbers on the bottom too.Our daughter is 6 1/2 months old and I put a few of the cups out on the blanket for her to clutch and play with during belly time as well as other toys. Last night she had a cup in each hand and was waving them around. I know she’ll like to play with them as she gets older and was glad she already showed an interest in them at this time too.

Hilda Terryville, CT

A must have toy for babies!

My daughter really loves these stacking cups. She can easily stack up and nest them with ease and they can be played with both in and out of water. I love them because they are super sturdy, can be washed when needed, take up little space, and are bright. But most importantly, I love these stacking cups because my child can actually stack them without them tipping over, unless she wants them to. Some stacking cups are not steady and it causes toddlers great frustration when they are trying to stack a tower and it falls midway. The First Years Stack N Count Cups are really one of the best stacking cups out there and I highly recommend them if you are looking for a simple toy that will provide multiple options of play and will last for many years to come!

Meagan Milford, VA

Great simple toy

My 1 year old loves these “stackers,” He plays with them each and every day for long periods. He nests them inside one another and inside out and stacked up. He likes to clank them together as well. They are BPA free and the colors (although not as pictured) are nice and bright. These are fabulous, I have 4 kids and I have purchased a few sets now. My original set from the 90’s still looks like new. I put mine in the dishwasher on the top rack and they clean up very well.

Olive Muncy, PA

Lots of fun

Tons of fun for a tiny tot

Reva Capron, VA

My son loves these

Our son loves us stacking them down across the room, crawling over to them and knocking them down. I feel like he could do this all day. Another plus is being able to take them into his inflatable tub so he can play with them while we give him his bath and he loves watching the water come out the little holes in the bottom of each one. Cute little toy for him to play with.

Elizabeth Providence Forge, VA

Simple yet favorite toy of my 12 month old!

My son has enjoyed these stacking cups since age 6 months and still at 1 year they are one of his favorites! They are so simple but he loves them!

Willa Denton, NC

Simple and inexpensive

These are great stacking cups! Especially for the price! There are tiny holes in the bottom to allow fluids, etc. escape.

Ericka Lismore, MN

awesome stacking cups and bath toys!

Our son plays with these all the time in our bath tub. At his grandmas, he plays with them as regular toys… he loves to “throw” them and chase them around her hard wood floors. Highly recommended!

Liza Howard, SD

My little girl loves these.

We bought a set for the bathtub, and one for the playroom and my little girl really gets a lot of enjoyment out of these.

Reba Hayneville, AL

Nice set of stacking/nesting cups. They don’t appear to be BPA free though!

I remember my grandma having stacking cups like these at her house when I was little. When I had my daughter who is now 9 years old, we would go over there and she would play with the same stacking cups. No matter what other fancy toys were around she went to the cups first to play with. I saw these on Amazon and had to order them for my little son. They are a great little set of cups. They nest inside each other or stack when turned upside down. They also have numbers 1-8 printed on the bottom. Each cup has holes in the bottom, the number of holes corresponds to what number the cup is. For example the #1 cup has one small heart hole, #4 has 4 small squares and the #8 has 8 small circle holes. That’s a nice little addition to them.I am marking them down a star for either not being BPA free or not listing they are BPA free. I checked the tag and there’s nothing on there about BPA. I will not be letting my son put these in his mouth and shame on the company for not making BPA free products. My only other very tiny gripe is there are 2 yellow cups, it would be nice if there were no repeating colors. That’s definitely not a big deal, but it seems like they could’ve done a dark purple or teal or something other than repeating a color. There are two picutres on the Amazon page of cups that are 2 different color schemes. The set we received is: yellow, pink, light blue, dark blue, green, yellow, orange and purple. Other than those two issues, this is a very simple and enjoyable toy.

Shirley Torrance, CA

Great classic toy

My 7.5 month old daughter enjoys these cups. She loves mouthing them and banging them together. The cups easily fit into one another. The cups can also be stacked into a tower, but not securely. The cups are numbered on the bottom and have small holes (each cup has a different shape hole…star-shaped, etc). Each cup is a different color and all the cups are easy for my daughter to hold. My package came with a free plastic link, which was great to attach certain toys to the infant car seat. However, the link cannot be attached to any of these stacking cups! Oh well. I still like free things!My daughter enjoys simple toys, such as these. She doesn’t like toys that play music, have blinking lights, wiggle, or talk. If your baby seems to enjoy classic style toys or you’re not sure, then you should get this toy (or any type of stacking cups/blocks). My husband found a great way to entertain our daughter. He would line up the cups, do some spirit fingers over the cups, quickly place the cups into one another and then give a “ta-da!” She always laughed 🙂

Alexis Bowlus, MN

Wonderful, An Asset for Babies

This set is used so much by my kids. The sizes and weight are great. The colors are a little unusual – not useful in a pattern and not standard primary colors -but no problem, really. I found these at Kohl’s for a similar price, but I could not find anything similar to this at other retail stores around me. I think this is a perfect baby shower gift!

Isabella Buffalo Gap, TX

They are cups

Cute cups for the kids to play with. Make great bath toys. Colors are nice. I would buy as a gift in future

Ruthie Allenspark, CO

An essential baby toy

My 8 month old absolutely loves these cups. This seems to be his favorite toy. He is too young to stack them but he loves watching me stack them and then knocking them over. He also loves banging them together, banging them on other things, dumping them out of a bucket, pulling them apart (when nested inside each other), chewing on them, and playing with them in the bath. I love that they compactly nest inside each other so they are easy to bring along in a diaper bag. I recently brought these to a baby play group and all the other babies dropped their toys and picked up these cups and started playing with them instead! They are so simple, but really the ultimate baby toy.Note: the colors are different than the ones pictured.

Rachael Raymond, IL

easy clean and big hit

These cups are a favorite in my house. dishwasher safe and colorful- so we always have a couple on hand to keep my son occupied, even during mealtime since they can be cleaned easily

Cecilia Grafton, NE


I cannot tell you how many hours a day my baby sits on the floor and plays with these cups. These were a last minute stocking stuffer and i’m so glad i bought these!!! Even taking 1 or 2 of these to the Dr.s office or to play with while we eat dinner….just 2 is entertainment enough! These are a MUST for the toy collection. These are also good bathtime toys.

Rhoda Hannacroix, NY

Stack and count

I was excited to get this. I love this and so do the children. It washes up nicely on the top rack of my dishwasher. This is played with everyday.

Francesca Perryville, MD

Don’t actually stack up well

For a toy that is supposed to stack up, these cups are very hard to stack and don’t stay stacked up. Can’t get my mind around a stack-up toy that a child cannot stack.

Clara Folsomville, IN

Baby loves these

Baby loves to nest and stack and throw these cups. He likes to put other toys in them and dump them out. These are a dry toy for us, but note that the bottoms all have little cutouts to drain and won’t hold water very well for tubby play. I have a set for the diaper bag, and can pull them out for play or to hold dry snacks. Great value. Only downside is there is no strap to keep them all together in a bag or toy box, so i use a fat rubber band. Hold up fine in the dishwasher.

Angelique Martinsburg, IA

Stack N Count Cups

I bought these sturdy cups for my grand-daughter, age one year. This age and beyond love to explore with objects that can be stacked, nested, and rolled. They also have holes and are fun for water play.

Claire Nichols, NY

Great bath toys!

My daughter loves playing with (and chewing on) these when she plays with her toys on the floor, but she likes plaing with them in the bath even more. It doesn’t say so in the product description, but each cup has holes in the bottom (the same number of holes as the number on the cup, and each cup has differently-shaped holes–e.g., seven stars, 6 squares, etc.), so in the bath my daughter can fill these with water and watch the water come out the holes in little waterfalls. She LOVES this, and it’ll keep her busy for a long time. She also uses them in her wading pool to the same effect. Great product!

Kathy Gipsy, MO

Great toy!

My 8 mo old loves these. She mostly just knocks them down and bangs them together, but she does actively play with them. They have tiny holes in the bottom that are die cut in different shapes, so you could use them in the tub, count the holes (they correspond with the stacking order of the cups). They are durable, colorful and they stack well. The set we received had colors that were different from the pictures, but I actually like the colors we received more.

Josephine Cimarron, KS

Great toy

Great toy! The cups are durable, the colors are nicer than shown online, and they stack well. This is one of my daughter’s favorite toys.

Eva Kansas, AL

A Simple and Inexpensive Delight.

What a simple toy! At first I couldn’t visualize how a baby (my first) could find a set of stacking cups interesting and enjoyable. Well, at first all he did was scatter them about. Then he started banging things with them. Then he started holding them in his hands and walking around with them as if he had hooves. Finally, he started to study them and spent a lot of time at this activity.At the present time, our boy is 15 months old. Now he takes the stack apart, arranges the cups on a flat place, goes back to get them and put them back together in the proper order. I sometimes mix them up on his flat place and turn a few upside down. He immediately goes to the pile and sorts them out in the proper orientation and order and rebuilds the stack. Then he smiles at his accomplishment. It’s rather amazing.He seems to find the cups endlessly fascinating. When he’s whiny or grumpy, I give him the stack and that immediately grabs his attention. We take them everywhere. In the bath. In the car. It’s a simple and inexpensive delight.Gary Peterson

Polly Rush Hill, MO

Best stacking cups

Love these…. different colors, the bottoms have a number on them and the holes match the number when possible (3 is a triangle, four is a square, etc…) also, the number of holes matches the number on the cup… this toys will grow with my LO and has a small enough footprint that it can travel with us easily!

Cathy Paw Paw, IL

Baby loves these

My baby loved these the first time I put them out! Sometimes it takes a few times before she likes something, but these stackers were fun right away! They are bright and colorful and fun!

Pat Thermopolis, WY

Easy and entertaining

They stack inside of each other and also stack as a tower.They have holes in the bottom to prevent suction. The number of holes and the shape side counts match the numbers on the cups. So 3 has three triangle holes, 4 has four square holes, etc.

Tanya Smithville, OK

Great toy

my 9 month old son love these cups, the quality is very good and the colors are beautiful, he plays with these everyday.

Sherri Stearns, KY