The First Years Star Teething Blanket

The First Years Star Teething Blanket

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Main features

  • Colorful blanket with multiple surfaces for maximum teething relief
  • Features soft terry cloth, crinkly satin, and chewy soft textures
  • Lightweight and easy to grasp
  • Squeaker in one of the points for extra fun
  • Attached loop for on-the-go transport
  • Teething blanket
  • Multiple teething surfaces soft terry cloth, crinkly satin
  • Chewy soft textures
  • Attached loop for on-the-go

Verified reviews


buyer beware… not as pictured

The product I received is not the one pictured. It has completely different colors and the starfish is funky … which is NOT what I wanted. However, it is quite a bit larger than I expected, which is a plus I guess. But I am just disappointed I didn’t get what was being advertised and cannot return it as it was a gift. I know the baby won’t care… but it really is ugly.

Krystal Olancha, CA

My 4 month old likes it.

I bought this blanket for my 4 month old when she had teething symptoms but was not able to hold onto teethers. She liked the blanket right away. She bites on only the blue rubber corner and doesn’t use it while teething but she likes playing with it and the blanket keeps her busy.The blanket has a dark blue textured rubber corner..There is a red corduroy corner which squeaks when pressed.The corner with zebra pattern crinkles.The other two corner has a silky-satin feel. Among these the corner with multicolor has a slit and comes with a link to hang the blanket onto something. I used to attach the blanket to my baby’s bouncer seat before but now that she is older she can find it on her own.The center green star part also crinkles.It is a good addition to her toys. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 because it is supposed to be a teething blanket but my baby did not find comfort biting on any of the corners while teething. If you are looking for something just for teething, my recommendation would be to try ‘vullie sophie the giraffe’. I came to know of it after wasting a lot of money on teethers and that is by far the best. However, if you would like something to teach your baby different textures and have fun with bright colors,this is the blanket for you.Hope this helps 🙂

Kellie Underwood, ND

Perfect for a teething baby!

It’s got a fun squeaky noise (in the red), the yellow is terry cloth so it absorbs the drool, the dark blue is rubber that she loves to chew and the other tips of the star offer fun noises and different texture. And it folds up nicely into her diaper bag.A great toy for my baby! (I bought it when is was 4 months old and she uses it almost every day – she is now almost 6 months)

Etta Otley, IA

Much smaller than I expected

I thought the blanket would actually be a blanket but it’s so tiny, maybe it would cover a very tiny baby. My son hasn’t touched it since I bought it.

Marina Lentner, MO

Entertaining toy!

My son is now almost 10 months and doesn’t play with this toy as much, but when he was 4 months, this was his #1! It is about the size of a washcloth, so don’t be mistaken that it’s a blanket, it is just cloth material so that’s why it’s called that. He loved all of the colors & noises it makes! His favorite was the dark blue rubber corner of the star – he is always chewing on everything (he had 2 teeth at 3 months) so this toy was perfect. This toy was always perfect for playing peek-a-boo also! The zebra corner crinkles, and that always seemed to catch his attention.The one negative: The red corner is a squeaker. I’ve had to wash this toy numerous times (due to him spitting up on it, or just getting gross from him sucking on it) and after about the 3rd time, the squeaker stopped working. It’s not a huge deal, consitering when my son learned how to squeak it, the dog went nuts 🙂 Overall, it’s a great toy, and will definitely be passed on to our next child! Highly recommend!

Tanya Millersville, MD

Fun Distracting Toy

This toy is great – not only for teething but for distracting my son when he’s fussy. The crinkly aspect catches his attention, and he can grab it with his little hands and be entertained for…well, minutes.

Emilia Tombstone, AZ

Best teether & baby toy for infant less than 6 mths

I tried various teething toys for my baby – highly rated ones. However, this tops them all. If you are not sure what to buy as the first teething toy – this will be a good one for babies 3 months above. The other teething toys are hard for baby to hold. This teething (mini) blanket is very well designed – can be used as a toy (different texture at each corner), or teething toy (for biting). My only comment – as you open the package – you would first need to remove the “attachment plastic ring” – it is not small but it might become a hazard to the child – it is attached to the blanket by one of those white strip tag – meant for removal so that you can attach the mini blanket to any stroller bar etc (one of the edge of the stars has a small button hole to put in the attachment ring). Also, remember to wash it first in a pillow case. I threw mine in the dryer (low heat) as well. Overall – rated 5 stars for performance and quality !

Lori Castaner, PR

My son showed no interest….

I got this for my (at the time) 6 month old son’s first christmas… I figured he’d love it with all the different textures, and that crinkle sound the middle makes.. Nope, boy was I wrong. He wanted the free ‘link’ (plastic flower shaped linkable thing) that came with it, not the blanket itself. Although I found it quite neat, my son did not, and that’s the opinion that matters!

Ellen Honey Grove, TX

Pointless toy

My kid was never very interested in this toy, and I can see why. It is essentially a tiny blanket with a plastic corner and crinkle noises. Will end up in the Goodwill box and not be saved for future kids.

Carey Beebe, AR

It’s ok

My child never really got interested in this toy. It’s a cute idea I am just not sure it’s the perfect teething toy.

Stacy West Hempstead, NY

Five Stars

grandson really likes during the teething times,washes well and drys fast

Kim Harris, NC

5month old loves it

This is a hit with my baby. I hang it from her gym and she will play with it for a good while on her own. She likes to chew on the blue, and loves the crinkle.

Celia Berkeley, CA

Never showed interest

I purchased this for my son when he was two and a half months old- he never showed much, if any, interest in it.

Nettie Black Creek, WI

Baby loves it

He likes the drinking sound and likes to chew on the yellow corner of the star it’s many colors that are different textures

Nelly Bruington, VA

Okay toy, not the best

I purchased this toy for my six month old two months ago–she still has not shown much interest in it, and much prefers her various rattles and other teething toys. I think different babies have different toy ‘interests’-so if your baby loves softer teethers and blankets this might be the one. It does have very nice colors and textures for the baby to play with. If like mine they prefer rubber or plastic toys, sounds and activities, then this toy may go unused. Also, while it is called a teething ‘blanket’, be aware that it is not large enough to use as a blanket-more a lovey size item.

Estella Morrisville, NC

Grandson loved it right away!

My grandson quickly took to the Star teething blanket. The different textures on the points my six month old grandson found interesting right away. When I found out he was teething I told his Dad to dampen the cloth and put it In the freezers.Within a few minutes it was perfect, he loved it. It has been two months it cleans up well and he continues to love holding it, squishing it. Glad I purchased it.

Jesse Cottage Grove, TN

Adorable and functional

This was my son’s favorite but not for the teething aspect but for the textures that he could feel for his mouth,

Marissa Pep, TX

Great for young baby!

This was one of the first things my baby would hold and "play" with. He did chew on the teethers but the crinkling of the blanket was by far his favorite thing about it! Washes well (we always air-dried). We will be bringing this back out soon for baby #2 due in 8 weeks.

Lesa Elkport, IA

Great for on the go!

My son (3 months) loves this blanket. He chews on it, crinkles it in his hand and overall just likes looking at it and the bright colors. "Blanket" may not be the best description for the size, but its exactly what I was looking for and he loves it so not much more I can ask for!

Beverly Mantachie, MS

looks and feels OK to me, but my baby doesn’t like it somehow

I think it’s the rattling sound from the center star that scares him. He picks it up and throws it out of his crib quickly. Other than that, it does look and feel ok to me as the teether. but kinda useless now.

Cecile Windsor, NC

One of his favorite toys!

My little guy loves this! It’s easy for him to hold on to, so he was able to start "playing" with it as soon as he was beginning to grasp things. He seems to like the crinkle sounds it makes when he grabs it. Great for teething- he can chew on it anywhere and it soaks up the drool. Highly recommended!

Terrie Holbrook, NE

Magic thing

I don’t know how something as simple as a colorful crinkly piece of cloth can make a baby so happy. He simply loves this thing! He can literally lay for an hour, just stare into space and crinkle on his new blanky. I am very happy with the purchase. Well made, fun, and most of all – baby-approved!

Jeri Paul Smiths, NY

Great mealtime staple

We use this to keep our son focused during mealtime. We crinkle "star buddy" up so you can’t see the face (he’s sitting in the bumbo facing us on the kitchen island) and snap stretch the star out so he gets surprised and sees his buddy. This has been the activity that recenters our son back to eating and refocusing.. and for having a good laugh.. for longer than any other toy we have (aside from the sleeping friends). I’m shocked actually. He also enjoys eating the edges. Not really so much into the textures, but does enjoy turning star buddy around and eating the different materials.

Jenny Clarksville, OH

goes everywhere with baby girl

We bought this when baby girl started to teethe (at about 3 1/2 months). She’s never really used this (we call it her starfish) as a teether, but loves it anyway. The starfish comes everywhere with us. Anytime baby girl (now 5 months) is in her carseat, starfish is too. I think the crinkle sound is what she likes so much about it. As a mom, I like that it’s easy for baby girl to hold onto and easy for me to stick just about anywhere when she doesn’t want to. And of course, it’s machine washable – essential for something that goes as many places as starfish does.

Angelica Indian Head, PA


I have every teething toy… I have bought dozens. Literally. And finally my baby boy enjoys this one, right out of the package! HOORAY!

Luisa New Richland, MN

We really like it!

I like it, because he likes it.I didn’t realize how large it was going to be when I ordered it. I expected baby washcloth size, and it’s more like a dinner plate size. It folds down/crushes easily, though, so this doesn’t interfere with stuffing it in a pocket or diaper bag. The bright colors make it easy to spot, too.This toy is all about the interesting textures. Terrycloth, embroidered satin, slippery satin, bumpy corduroy, scritchy broadcloth, smooth velour, piping… The firm rubbery star point is interesting sometimes, chewing on the squeaky point is definitely drool worthy (though unsqueakable for my 5 month old). The definite highlight for this one though is the crinkle. OH! how this child loves the crinkle. It is such an easy thing for him to do, to control, to learn what effects he can cause. There are two types of crinkle. Subtler crinkle in the body of the green part, and stiffer/louder crinkle in the corduroy star point. This has been a good, age appropriate purchase. He’s 5 months old now, has had interest in it for about 2 months now.

Lauri Barney, GA

Baby approved

My 4 month old nephew LOVES this thing. He always has it in his mouth. And I just found out it has a squeaker in the orange section of the star.

Rosalyn Ridgeway, NC

Son’s favorite toy!

This is, hands down, my son’s most favorite toy! He loves the crinkle sound, it’s really easy for him to grab and pick up, it’s got lots of different textures, and he can chew on it when he feels like it. His face lights up every time he sees it! Best purchase we’ve made!

Margot Dallas, PA

I Picked A Winner

I bought this for my son who is three months old because he is already teething. He has turned down most of the teething toys we have already given him, but this has gone off without a hitch. He LOVES the noises it makes and loves grabbing onto it and playing with it. He squeals in excitement when he is playing with it. I picked a winner and definitely recommended to other moms! I did, however, take the plastic green thing that it came with off (you can see it in some pictures here), it can be used to hang it up but I just don’t feel safe letting my three month old play with it. Anyway, the rest of the blankie is amazing.

Carolina Roland, AR

Great size and fun

This blanket was bigger than I thought. It was a great idea to have each corner do something different and keep my baby entertained. He likes the feel of it and like that it’s big enough to play peekaboo with.

Amber Lillian, AL