The First Years Stars Water Filled Teether

The First Years Stars Water Filled Teether

Your little star will love this teether! It can be chilled for added comfort and features a bonus link and an easy-grasp design. We give it five stars!; From the Manufacturer; The tiny toys inside float and bounce when the teether is squeezed. Can be chilled, for added comfort. Features an easy-grasp design. It’s a good idea to own at least two cooling teethers, so one can always be kept in the refrigerator, ready when needed.

Main features

  • Water-filled teether to soothe baby’s gums
  • Chill for added comfort and relief
  • Easy to grasp shape for baby’s hands
  • Can be chilled for added comfort
  • Easy-grasp design

Verified reviews


Great product for little teethers!

My toddler loved this so much she bit through it to the ice.. we are on our third one….. little biter! LOL!!!

Millicent Howard, OH

Pretty good teether but quality control issues

Our daughter does like this teether and her first one she had for a month or two before she popped it. We had expected this based off of other reviews and were o.k. with it. However the 2nd one we got unfortunately wasn’t filled as much so she didn’t enjoy chewing on it. I ended up folding a circle in half and taping it so that the liquid would spread out and fill the other circles enough for her to enjoy chewing on it. Overall a good choice because it’s not too firm like some of the other liquid or gell filled rings that we’ve tried. It chills quickly in the fridge and the circles are just the right size for her mouth.

Theresa Woodsboro, MD

Just your average teether

NOthing special going on here with this teether. Its just your normal teether that you can buy anywhere. Its a little bulky.. But it does hold onto a freeze quite well. I wish I knew if I could sterilize it. So if anyone knows….. Please tell me

Cecile Ponchatoula, LA

is good for younger baby only

if you baby is past 5 months is going to be a forgetable teether for them, is flimsy and super thin. NOT SAFE FOR BABIES WITH TEETH because the plastic is super thin and can be puncture easily by their teeth and swallow the floating star inside or that liquid.I first put it on the freezer and my baby like it but then it melts quickly.

Ada Jamestown, OH

My son’s favorite!

My now 10 month old son loves this teether. He’s been chewing on it since he was 6 months old and he loves it more now even though he’s already got 6 teeth. He still loves to chew on it, but now he likes to watch us squeeze the teether and make the bubbles move around the ring and it’s good for learning colors as well. He actually chewed a hole in our first one and I immediately bought another because it’s one of the toys that instantly makes him calm.

Lynn Thompson, UT

I HATE this!!!!

I ordered one and my daughter had no teeth yet, and it popped within days, so, I ordered another one because I thought it was a fluke and she loved the first one, and it popped within days as well, I sure hope the liquid inside is non toxic!!!! What a waste of money!!! It is just plastic, probably was a dollar to manufacture, what a rip off!!!

Libby Pennsauken, NJ

Teether goo leaked

My son loved this teether but, when in a defrosted state (after being chewed on for quite some time) we noticed the goo was leaking out. Really unacceptable!! It’s garbage now – never to be purchased again.

Christa Nelson, PA

OK, But Edgy

So far our grandson doesn’t seem to mind the relatively sharp edges, a manufacturing byproduct, of this teether. It does cause us some concern though, and we don’t give it to him without supervision. The teether cools in the refrigerator and does seem to offer some relief for sore gums.Inside each of the six segments is a floating star. It’s a remote possibility, but if a baby bites down when a star is in a certain position, he or she could bit down on the edges of the firm star. I haven’t observed this yet, but it is a concern.So far this attractive, soft, teether has been functional, but we are always on the lookout for other options.As one may have guessed, this teether is made in China.

Emma Wahoo, NE