The First Years Straw Cup, Pink Take and Toss, 10 Ounce, 4-Count

The First Years Straw Cup, Pink Take and Toss, 10 Ounce, 4-Count

Toddlers are busy people—so they deserve the perfect “to go” cup with a straw, just like mommy and her iced coffee. Take & Toss cups are durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables. Snap-on, valve-free, interchangeable lids are easy to clean, while the fast-flow straw helps keep liquid away from developing front teeth. We’ll “take” it!

Main features

  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Snap-on, valve-free lids with straws are easy to clean
  • Fun colors that you can see through so you know how much drink is left
  • Comes with a bonus travel cap
  • BPA Free; Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


love the color

Very sturdy. Havent used them yet since they are for a xmas gift but will review again when they are used

Ida Earleton, FL

Functional but not quite as advertised

They work fine and we have used these types for a while now, but there is only one real pink in the entire set. The rest are all purple. Annoying since I bought this set for the color.

Dorthy Vandalia, MO

Works great, fun to use

My daughter loves to use these cups in these fun colors. The straws are sturdy and fit tightly in the lid, so the liquid does not spill very easily. The lid is also tight so that it does not come off easily. The size is perfect for little hands. It is a great purchase for the price and the quality. The only caution is that my daughter likes to play with and chew on the straw, so some liquid does spill out if she is left unattended and the straw can get bite marks on it.

Dollie Amherst Junction, WI

for light usage

I took these on an international flight for my toddler. I made the mistake of putting juice in here and then putting in into a side pocket of my carry-on bag. Well my little one didn’t finish the juice, so I put it in the bag for later. During the 11-hour flight, I spent a lot of time removing and "re-stuffing" the bag under the seat in front of me. Eventually the juice came out all over the inside of my bag. It either came out of the hole in the top or the straw. I would use something more durable, that has a seal for future flights.These are good for light usage though. The lid snaps on and the straws are hard plastic. They can be washed and reused or recycled. I like the idea of keeping a couple in the car or stroller for use while out. It’s nice to have something that I wouldn’t worry about should it be lost.

Sheri Bays, KY

Easy to Use

Good sturdy cups for her juice and Water. Easy enough for my 1 year old to hold. Definitely will order more.

Nadine Methow, WA


Okay, so everyone knows what they are getting with these. They are cups, lids, and straws. What I didn’t expect was for these cups to be so lovely. The colors are absolutely gorgeous! Most kid products are primary or pastels but these are vibrant purple, raspberry, and lavender hues. A few people have even stopped me to ask me where I bought my daughter’s cups from! I’m telling you, these are worth the money (especially considering they don’t cost a bit more than the not so attractive ones do!)!!

Carissa Pungoteague, VA

Best straw cups for home use

We have tried several straw sippy cups and these are my favorite. They’re super easy to clean, and they’re cheap enough that when the straw gets chewed up, I don’t feel bad buying new cups. The best thing about them is that my daughter can get every last bit of milk/water from the bottom of the cup. The straws in some other cups don’t even touch the bottom or the bottom of the cup is shaped in such a way that you waste the last bit of liquid at the bottom of the cup. This cup is very easy to use – my daughter easily got the hang of using it after just a few tries when she was just 9 months old.These are best used at home since there’s no way to close it to prevent it from spilling. When we’re away from home, we use the Foogo stainless steel straw cup for milk (because it’s insulated) or the OXO straw cup for water (because it’s small and lightweight). Those are also both great straw cups that have worked great for us.

Hilda Fort Cobb, OK

good seal, fun colors, reusable

This is meant for a bigger child, but we were able to use it even at one year. The only problem with a very young child that we found was that she’ll remove the straw occasionally, and that can be a problem for several reasons, so you should supervise your kid closely if you start young on these.I’ve found it’s a good thing to put in an early weaning rotation, so she doesn’t just re-attach to another kind of cup. She actually liked this a lot better than some sippies.

Lorena Whitewater, WI

Great inexpensive straw cups

These don’t leak as long as the straw is inside the lid- when your kid yanks out the straw the liquid can drip out of the hole in the lid. The colours are super pretty- especially for my little girl. She likes to chew on the top of the straws though and so they are marked up. But these are a great cheap addition to our Nuby straw cup and actually easier to clean than the Nuby straw.

Anna Malabar, FL