The First Years Straw Cup, Take and Toss, 10 Ounce,, 8-Count

The First Years Straw Cup, Take and Toss, 10 Ounce,, 8-Count

Toddlers are busy people—so they deserve the perfect “to go” cup with a straw, just like mommy and her iced coffee. Take & Toss cups are durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables. Snap-on, valve-free, interchangeable lids are easy to clean, while the fast-flow straw helps keep liquid away from developing front teeth. We’ll “take” it!

Main features

  • Durable enough to use over and over, yet affordable enough to treat as disposables
  • Snap-on, valve-free lids with straws are easy to clean
  • Fun colors that you can see through so you know how much drink is left
  • Comes with a bonus travel cap
  • BPA Free; Phthalate Free

Verified reviews


Perfect for toddlers

Great cups perfect for toddlers. These are better than the same cups with the sippy spouts. The straws will wear out quickly if you have a child who likes to bite them but the straw holes are perfect size for flexible disposable straws.

Madge Refugio, TX

Nice value for the money, occasionally a spill hazard

We bought these to use as extra bottles to use for my 1-year old son, whether it be for milk or water, to help him break the habit of drinking from just normal baby bottle/nipple. These products are pretty much what you would expect for the money. They are thankfully dishwasher safe, and we’ve run them through many cycles with no problems or damage to the product. I’ve read in other reviews that the straws tend to wear out quickest. We’ve probably used these bottles well over 2-dozen times each (use, wash in dishwasher, repeat) with no visible degradation to the straws thus far.The only reason why I took the review down from 5 stars to 4 stars, is that the attachment between the lid and the cup is a very simple snap, which stands up well when my kid knocks it around on his tray or on the floor or table, but usually does not hold up well to any sort of drop. If he knocks it off of his tray when eating (which happens fairly frequently), the lid will occasionally detach from the cup at least partially when it hits the ground, and the contents will spill or splash out.For the most part though, there isn’t more one can expect from a product this economical. They get the job done and you can use them multiple times, and they are cheap enough that you can throw them away on occasion when convenient/necessary without too much of a loss. My son was able to quickly learn how to drink from the straw and he seems to like them. I’ll likely be buying them again in the future.

Maritza Saint Benedict, PA

Take, reuse, reuse, reuse…and recycle =)

These say take and toss, but they go through the dishwasher (top rack) time and time again with no issues. When you’re ready to toss you can recycle 🙂 These cups fit easily in all our cup holders too. If your kids chew up the straws or you misplace them, you can use regular store bought straws, not milkshake style, they fit just right. I am purchasing a new set for my 2 year old because we used them when our older kids were ready for the sippy cup to straw transition and they were awesome and lasted forever. They are much easier to clean than the $5 sippy cups that have complicated straw setups and still leak anyway. When my kids abused these until they cracked or left one at the park, it wasn’t a big deal given the value.

Estella Carteret, NJ

Cheap, reusable, awesome cups

My subject line says it all. They are cheap and BPA-free, and surprisingly sturdy. I wash and re-use them, but I’m not devastated if I leave one somewhere. They’re also great for vacations. We uy them before we go, and then just don’t bother bringing them home.Also, the lids snap on nice and tight, so even when dropped they (most of the time) don’t pop off.

Clarice Saint Peter, MN

Great cups for toddlers

These cups are great for toddlers. They do not spill and allow them to learn how to drink from a straw without a vent. Will order more as needed.

Jennie Overgaard, AZ

Take & Toss cups w/ straws

These are great cups. I ordered them for a 2 year old birthday party we were hosting, forgot to use them and decided to keep them for use at home. They really are spill proof. I’ve put them in the dishwasher to clean (top rack) and they come out just fine.

Edna Joyce, WA