The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue

The First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn To Toddler Tub, Blue

The Sure Comfort Deluxe Newborn to Toddler Tub with Sling is a mommy favorite! In fact, it was voted BEST bathtub in BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks 2014 awards. The tub’s deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing, with a mesh sling and padded headrest to provide extra comfort and support to cradle newborns. The form-fitting netting provides security, making bath time less stressful for both parents and baby. Once baby grows, they can sit up comfortably and have room to play on the toddler side. No wonder moms love it so much!

Main features

  • Voted BEST bathtub in BabyCenter’s Moms’ Picks 2014 awards
  • Deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing
  • Features a mesh sling and padded headrest for extra support and comfort
  • Grows with your child from newborn to toddler stage
  • Mildew-resistant pads; netting is machine washable and dry-able

Verified reviews


The only tub to buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t get anything else!!

A friend of mine suggested this tub because of the "hammock feature." Your baby is cradled in a "hammock" that attaches to the tub, making it super easy to bathe your newborn. The pads in the tub are soft and they are mold-resistant. It fits in any sink you put it in, single or double, and it will save your back, not having to bend over your own bathtub. I also like how it has a built in bath caddy to put baby’s shampoo/soap/toys/washcloths whatever. My only two complaints are that the plug DOES NOT change color when water is too hot. When we used those little floating rubber ducks that have the word HOT on the bottom that turn white when the water is too hot, the plug didn’t turn white. One day I filled it with scalding hot water (without my baby in it, of course) to see if it would change color and it didn’t. I guess it doesn’t matter anyway since you should ALWAYS check the water temp before putting your little one in it, but I thought it would have been a cool feature had it actually worked. My other complaint is that is is bulky and big and if you live in a little house like we do there is no room for it. However, I would still not recommend any other tub but this one.

Jasmine Minerva, OH

Top Tub

The included sling was perfect when my baby was newborn, the inclined side was great from 2 to 5 months and now that he’s 5 months and sits up with support, the seat side works great, too.Lots of room for my 27″ inch long baby to kick and splash (I just started putting the tub on the kitchen floor with a towel underneath and let him splash as much as he wants). It fit great in our single sink when he was smaller, too.The insides and edges are smooth, and the “spongy” pads inside help with slippage; I keep my hands on the baby at all times, but when you’re rinsing a wiggly baby’s hair, holding on to him one-handed, you’ll appreciate this feature.I only wish the “fresh water” basin was bigger or that there were 2, one at each end.

Vickie Bowling Green, VA

Forget it and buy a sponge

We found this to be useless…not because it’s a bad product but rather why waste the money when a bath sponge will do. My baby loves to bathe and lays very calmly in the bath. But she gets cold easily so we bought a big bath sponge instead. We lay her on it and she stays much warmer. The best part is that the sponge is less than $4 and you can use it anywhere- the kitchen sink, tub, etc.

Celeste Dayton, OH

Makes bath time happy time!

Here’s a tub that makes both baby and parent feel secure at bath time.We got this tub about two years ago for our son. We used it for about a year with him. Now we are using it again for our newborn daughter.This tub has two outstanding features. First, the hammock holds a newborn or infant snugly. This makes the baby feel secure and gives you the ability to have a hand free. Thus, it’s possible for one person to bathe the baby solo without worrying that the baby will fall into the water.Second, because the hammock has adjustable straps, it can be raised or lowered. This allows you to have baby out of the water for a sponge bath prior during the first few weeks when they’re not supposed to be submerged. Once their cord stub falls off, you can lower the hammock so that they are in the water as little or as much as you want.As the baby grows, you remove the hammock. Baby can lie against the inclined side until he or she has the strength to sit up. Then, once sitting well, they can use the straight-backed side. Because the tub is small, it’s easier to keep baby upright even when they haven’t mastered sitting up. Also, another advantage over a bath seat that goes on the floor of the bathtub is that this little bath doesn’t require so much water to fill, making bath time simpler and quicker.Some reviewers have complained that the tub does not drain completely when you open the drain plug. This is absolutely true; however, I think the drain plug is merely intended to drain out the vast majority of the water — which it does — so that you can turn the tub over to rinse it and drain it completely. Without this drain feature, the filled tub would be incredibly heavy, making it nearly impossible to turn over to pour the water out (not to mention the mess you’d probably make trying to dump all that water down the sink!).

Graciela Chatsworth, GA

OK bath tub

I thought this would be the perfect bathtub for my infant son. Well, it is okay, but definitely not perfect. However, I am not sure there is a perfect one out there. This tub does have a lot of nice features. It has 2 built-in positions, one that is reclined for infants, and one that is upright for older babies and toddlers. It also comes with a sling that can be used for sponge bathing newborns, however I never used it. It fits in any size sink (single or double). The drain turns white when the water is too hot. My biggest problem with the tub is that my 3-month-old son hates to sit in the reclined section, but can’t sit up well enough on his own to be in the upright section. I can’t give him a bath by myself b/c I need my husband to hold my son up for me while I wash him. If you have a baby that is content to be reclined than you will probably really like this tub.

Mara Allentown, PA

Cheaper at walmart

Still waiting for the tub to arrive but it cheaper at walmart. But can’t really rate it thus, 3 star. Being neutral.

Fran Inglefield, IN

Tubs really are not needed.

I bought this tub, but rarely used it. As an infant my son was mostly washed while he was lying on the bed and I used a basin of water. By the time he was really ready to be in a tub, we placed him on the teddy bear sponge you place in the bottom of a regular tub, which he enjoyed much better.

Fay Duncan Falls, OH

Tub of our Dreams!

My 6 week old loves her tub time! The thing that first attracted me to this particular tub was the infant cradle/sling. It is a machine washable netting complete with headrest that extends the length of the tub. It is great for those beginning sponge baths and continues to be useful as your little one learns to completely control their head and neck. No more bathing with one hand as you try to keep the baby upright with the other hand. This tub also has an added safety feature, a drain that begins to turn white as the water gets hotter. This makes it so much easier to gage wether the temperature is too hot for your precious baby. There is also a spot on the front of the tub where you can sit baby bath, washcloths, etc. I am so happy with our decision. This is a wonderful tub and I would recommend it to anyone.

Traci Umatilla, FL

Unneeded Product

The quality of this product is fine but we only used it 2 or 3 times and now it’s just taking up a lot of space. It was comfortable for Baby but baby bath tubs in general are a hassle to set up and clean up and store. We find it easier to simply have Baby bathe with Mommy or Daddy. This was something we certainly could have done without. If you’re on a budget, we’d recommend asking around for a safe baby bath tub like this one to borrow as we suspect most folks don’t use them very long.

Marisol Kingsley, PA

its a OK tub…

My Sister used this tub when she was in her apartment.. they bearly used it… its gently used and well they liked it in there apartment but he out grew it to quicky! its a good buy if you have a small house/apartment!! we liked it for the first few time he got a bath…once he out grew the tub he was placed in the big boy bath tub and he loves it!! and he loves to splash water every where and there’s no one to keep him in this toddler tub its a great buy… and we loved it at the beginning of his bath times!!

Cheri Onego, WV

not as great as I thought!

The hammock was a waiste! Tried to use it, threw it out. The seat is not deep enough, my 4 months old is not even close to being covered by water, when he’s on the "infant side", but the other side is too upright for babies that already sit with no problems. I don’t know if that actually works, he’s not big enough yet. The tub doesn’t really fit in either single or double sinks, we’ve tried both.I wish I knew which tub is better, so I could get it!

Kaye Lisle, NY

Didn’t work for us.

I bought this tub after reading all the great reviews, and was very disappointed. The newborn mesh helped somewhat to keep the baby above the water, although she seemed quite uncomfortable in it. Now, that we use it as a toddler tub, it is a nightmare. The “hump” that is supposed to keep the child from sliding down, is useless. She slides down. And last night she leaned forward, fell out of the tub, and the tub toppled on top of her. Will not be using it again.

Gertrude Mount Hood Parkdale, OR

Not that great

I feel like by daughter is sliding down in the infant section. The “hammock” attachment just seemed unsafe to me.

Sonya Palau, PW

Great for newborns

I got this tub party because I thought I would use for my newborn and when he got older. It didn’t exactly work out that way, but I am still glad I bought this tub. The best feature about it is the NEWBORN HAMMOCK. It clips on both ends of the tub and helps newborns to feel secure and helps parents to wash the baby easier. Since you know they are secure in the hammock, you don’t have to worry about them slipping under water or slipping out of the tub. Now that my son is older (7 months) we have upgraded to a bath ring. Once he started sitting up, the tub seemed too confining. But if you have a child that is scared to be in the ‘big tub’ this tub would be a good transition tool. The BEST tub for newborns and that to me makes it worth buying. Also the hammock can be put in the washing machine and the foam pads on the tub are mold resistant.

Rosemarie Mesick, MI

good tub

This fits perfectly in our double bay sink. I did not really like using the sling so I just put less water in it and had him sit in it.

Enid Lyons, KS

A Great Baby Tub

We weren’t sure what to get when I was pregnant since this is our first baby, but this seemed like a good idea. We are so glad we chose this tub. It fits perfectly in the kitchen sink. The newborn sling is great, especially since our baby was only 5 1/2 pounds when she was born and would have gotten lost in the tub without it. Once she got bigger, and could hold her head up, we took the sling out and used the tub in one direction. Now that she can sit up on her own, she sits in the tub in the other direction, so it has grown with her. There is padding on the bottom to help prevent slipping, and the plug changes color if the water is too hot. I know other mommies who have stated that they wished they had gotten this tub instead because of all these features.

Lena Amanda, OH

there are only 2 features i didn’t like…

I picked this for my daughter… the only 2 things I didn’t like are1) the “hammock” for a newborn hangs to high, it was ackward for her as a new born, it didn’t cradle her enough she she startled at every little movement.2) it does NOT fit every sink! It was to wide for my sink so we had to use it on the counter top. Plus the drain plug is right in the middle of the base, this made it difficult to drain from the counter,Otherwise this worked well once she was big enough to prop on the infant side, the hump/bump in the middle kept her bottom in place. Once she could sit alittle we moved to the other side so she could sit and splash. She is tall, so she out grew it at about by 9 months old plus she began trying to standup in it.I still recommend this one because of the shape of the bottom is the most convent for a 1 month old to a 8 mo old

Lynda Dunnell, MN

Not worth it

After reading many good reviews, we registered for and received this product while expecting our first child. After she was born, however, it became apparent that it was a waste of money. She slid down the hammock constantly so we had to hold her up and keep her from having her head submerged, meanwhile, the hammock kept most of her body OUT of the water so she was cold. Perhaps some parents might be drawn to it because it will last them until their children are “toddlers.” Good luck keeping a toddler in this thing! Perhaps if you have a shower only…but I think a bucket or deep try would work just as well and be a lot cheaper. After two or three baths I gave it away to a friend who was expecting and wanted to give it a try. We ended up using a towel on the bottom of the bathtub as a cushion until our daughter was old enough to sit up in the tub. When our second daughter was born we purchased a $6 infant bath sponge. It keeps her comfy, warm, and she loves it (and it dries a heck of a lot faster than the towel ever did). Skip this item all together.

Sheri Smithmill, PA

Waste of Money!

I’m sure this is a great tub if you were to use it. We never did. Baby slip around too much.

Bertie Creighton, NE

For Sponge Baths only

My baby hated this tub (with and without the sling) as did I. At most you can use it for sponge baths but you have to do it quickly or keep the baby covered with washcloths/towels because baby will get cold. I much prefer a tub where the body can be more submerged in warm water. The other thing is that if you plan to use this on a flat surface (like in your own bathtub), the outlet will be plugged so the soapy water doesn’t run out. Why let your kid sit in the soap & grime you just washed off? The worst part about this though is that if you plan to use it low to the ground, it’s such a hassle. My back and knees were constantly in pain. Plus lifting this thing full of water was bad for my carpal tunnel. I do love that the sling is machine-washable.I ended up happily using the baby diego deluxe bathinette. It’s high up off the ground, it has a built-in changing table and drawers for towels, bath toys, etc. It has a hose that lets dirty/soapy water run out while you’re still in washing mode but it can be plugged up for fun playing mode. My baby still did not find this one very comfortable until she sat up by herself. I may have even tried the sling from this tub in the baby diego tub.

Pearlie Phenix, VA

Can’t find a better buy!

This is the best bathtub out there trust me! You don’t even have to use the sling unless your child is very small. Our son can’t hold his head up but he sits in it perfectly. The back cradles our son and his head perfectly. Don’t waste your time and money on any other tub!

Kerri Norco, CA

Better than the Primo Bath. Does it’s job!

Okay, I bought this and didn’t love it. Then, I bought the Primo bath so my baby doesn’t slide around so much….well, she just wasn’t comfortable laying in a molded position. Anyways, switched back to this tub. It’s lighter and smaller, so it’s easier to work with too. The only complaint is that your baby’s arm may get stuck to the side of the inclined seat. Be cautious. Didn’t happen to us since our baby is still small but I overheard a woman mention it at the store. Otherwise, worth the price!And the infant mesh net didn’t work well for us….

Francesca Jay, FL

Not sure about the sling feature

My daughter is 6 weeks old so I cannot comment about the use of the tub for an older baby. Using the sling for an infant can be challenging/dangerous because it does not really craddle the baby. My daughter slips down, her feel fall over the sides, and there is not enough give in the fabric for the slind to cup her in. While I always have my hands on her while she is in the tub, it would be nice to have the sling make her more secure in the torso area so I could have more freedom to actually bathe her. I found my daughter almost fell out of the sling, and would have if my hand was on her torso. My daughter is a big newborn (10.8lbs) so her size may have something to do with the lack of safety of the sline, but she is not mature enough to sit up in the tub yet. Just be very careful with the sling and your newborn.

Ola Poplar Ridge, NY

best tub i ever used

i received three different bath tub as gifts for my baby shower. i disliked all three but had to pick one for my baby’s use. i always wanted to register for this tub because of its hammock feature, which i believe would cradle my newborn the best. at that time, my only concern was for my newborn’s comfort. i was so thankful to get this tub a month later when i gave birth to my son. my hubby wanted to return this and exchange for much more needed baby supplies since we already have a tub in hand already. but i was happy to have kept this one because my son, now 5 months old still enjoy bathing in this tub using the hammock. i never had problems bathing him in this tub except when i take out the hammock feature. i guess he was just not ready to immerse himself in water yet. the caddy works well with me too because it holds everything i need to bathe him. i believe, i had NO REGRETS using this tub. just the perfect one for every babies.

Louella North Pembroke, MA

Buy a tub thermometer too

As most of the other reviews said, this is a great tub. Only thing I have to add is that you should also buy a tub thermometer. The rubber stopper on the tub is supposed to change color if the water is too hot for baby-but the water has to be way too hot before it changes noticeably (it does change slightly, but you can’t tell through the water). Otherwise, this tub has been perfect for us.

Rae Davisboro, GA

its okay, but not the best

I have a different one at home, but when I was over my mother in law house they had this deluxe tub. My son was not confortable in this one, he likes the one at home the regular normal bath tub that just bump free (it had a shower button but never use just use the tub). My son is about 5 months when we were on Thanksgiving week. He cried for the first time for bath time. I had no choice so I tried to make him comfortable as possible, by putting that sling so that the bump wont touch him. He likes it laying down and bump free.

Monica Lowell, MA

Cute tub

I received the tub in the specific time frame. Haven’t been able to use it since baby isn’t here yet but will revise my review if problems arise. Like the fact that it converts to toddler ages. But wish that it came in other gender neutral colors.

Lula Saint Charles, VA

foam in tub gave my son a rash

I’ve had this tub for a little over five months. At first I loved it – I was ready to give it 5 stars but decided to wait on writing a review until I had it for a little longer. The sling worked great while my son was an infant and he loves bath time. Well – he got too heavy for the sling and I started using the tub. Well after about 1.5 months of used w/o the sling, I noticed some bumps on my son’s bottom and back. At first I thought it was diaper rash, but then I began to suspect the foam on the tub. I did a before and after inspection of my son and sure enough no rash before the bath and after bath a big rash!! So, I’m now buying a tub that is all plastic. My belief is that the foam is collecting some sort of mold. I guess it’s not good enough to just rinse and let it air dry? as a parent I don’t have time to disinfect this with clorox and triple rinse every time it’s used. 2 stars instead of 1 because it was useful during infancy.

Ernestine Osage, WV


es perfecta porque tienes la opcion de utilizarla facilmente en un recien nacido,tambien tienes espacio para agua limpia,o lo que tu desees..y a medida que el bebe vaya creciendo tiene espacio suficiente para el.I love it !!

Kathi Burlington Junction, MO

Wish I would have bought a different tub…

My husband and I purchased this bath at Target because it was on sale for $15. At first I was excited but after using it for a month I’m pretty disappointed. The wedge in the middle of the tub that is suppose to support the baby’s bum makes washing my 3 and 1/2 month old son pretty difficult. His feet already reach the other side of the tub so I don’t see us using it much longer. We never used the sling either because our son would have barely touched the water in it.UPDATE: I didn’t like this bath before but now I hate it even more. It’s been about a month since I reviewed this and my son is now 4 1/2 months old, about 16 pounds and 24 inches long. He has become too big for the infant side of the tube, his back and bum can’t sit comfortably on the wedge/bump in the middle of the tub and he can’t sit up yet so the todler side is a no go.

Trudy Mekoryuk, AK