The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub

The First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub

Rub-a-dub-dub, here ‘s the perfect tub—with all the security, comfort and convenience that you and your growing baby need. Fitting both single and double sinks, it has a deep ergonomic design that holds baby better for bathing, accommodating newborns to toddlers. Plus, the mildew-resistant pads means you ‘ll spend less time cleaning and more time nuzzling your delicious-smelling baby.

Main features

  • Deep ergonomic design holds baby better for bathing
  • Grow-with-me design takes your baby from newborn to toddler
  • Fits in both single and double sinks
  • Mildew-resistant pads
  • Holds up to 25 pounds

Verified reviews


Unused Baby Tub

I really can’t rate this item, per se, because my grandson hasn’t arrived yet. But, from the looks of the product now that it has arrived, I think it will be great! I researched a lot of baby tubs prior to picking this one…I think it will be perfect for ‘Gabby’s’ house visits.

Manuela Monroe, ME

Looks comfy 🙂

Have not used yet for our newborn as he’s not ready for a full bath yet, however it looks like great quality and is comfortable. I appreciate the infant side AND the toddler side so it can be used for longer without needing to add another piece to it or take a piece out as he grows.

Denise Monon, IN

May be fine for some…

I just never got the hang of this tub, my big boy always winded up sliding around on the slick surface.

Dessie Shedd, OR

I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either

I received this tub as a hand-me-down from my sister-in-law, who only used it a few times (if at all) with her own daughter. She had a habit of not using a lot of things that were given to her, so I didn’t think anything of it. My baby disliked bathtime quite a bit when we first brought her home, since due to her attached cord she could only take sponge baths. Several weeks after her cord came off, I decided to give the infant tub a try. I thought she might enjoy her baths a little more if her body was actually submerged in water. She did! I, however, enjoy her bathtime a little less these days. I work full-time, and my husband is a stay-at-home dad, so I look forward to getting home in the evening and starting my baby’s nighttime routine with her which, every other night, includes a bath. Ever since I started using the infant tub, baths have gotten a little more complicated for me. I find that I have to hold her with one hand to keep her from sliding over the middle bump, while washing her with the other. My husband and I are planning to have at least 2 more children after this one, so I always knew that I’d have to be one of those moms who can multi-task well – feed one baby while vaccuuming the floor while folding laundry, that sort of thing. But if I don’t find a better tub, bathing my children will be a full-time job in itself! I have heard that the Bumbo is great for baths, so I’ll probably just bide my time until she can sit in one of those and just place it directly in the adult tub at bathtime.

Rachelle Tillman, SC

Ok for newborn. Unsafe for mobile babies. Tub tips over

My baby got outgrown of this tub when she was 1 yr old. She sat at the “toddler” side when she was about 3 months old. She is now 31 inches and can barely fit in there anymore. Her legs have to curled up when she is sitting in the tub. There is no space for her to kick the water for fun. She likes to turn around and reach for the faucet and when she does that, the tub tips over. We have to watch her closely and put one hand to support where she leans on or she would fall out from the tub. It is ok for a newborn but it is no ideal for a big baby, don’t mention a “toddler”.

Etta Doylestown, PA

Baby loves the bath

When I first used this tub. my baby was newly home from the hospital, and was having a hard time sitting in it. He’s not almost 8 weeks old and has loved his bathes so much. When he’s inconsolable, giving him a warm bath is one of the things that helps calm him. Since he’s been around 4 weeks old, he sits better in the tub. As he gets a bit older, he is able to sit in it much easier.

Bettye Cookeville, TN


This worked perfect for my 6 month old grandson. It has saved me from leaning over the tub and a lot of back ache. Perfect to put in the kitchen sink.

Lela Romayor, TX

I like this product.

I like this bathtub. I bought it when my 3 month old had outgrown the bath he was using. He is now 6 months old and loves his bath time. The thing I like most about this product is the two options it has for infants & toddlers. It gives you the option of seating the child upright or reclining him at an angle. If you are looking for a comfortable tub for your infant which you would like to last for use as a toddler, I would recommend this product.

Helen Miami, IN

love it

It’s a great product cuz it lasts a long time. I used this in the kitchen sink when my baby was a newborn and then we put it in the bathtub when he got older. I also really like the slots for the shampoo, etc… It’s big enough that my son could probably fit in it until he’s ready for showers. And of course it’s cheap.A couple of minor issues:I washed the hammock with the laundry and it shrank, so I guess I’ll have to find another one for the next baby.I wish this tub would fold, compact items are just so much better.I wish I could hang it up or something to get it out of the way-it just sits in our bathtub and is in the way when the adults go in to shower.

Shawn Playa Del Rey, CA

Great Infant Tub!

This was an excellent infant tub. I was so worried at first to wash my baby perfectly and this tub allowed me to do so, while allowing comfort to my baby. We used this tub for quite a while, until she was ready to transition to a full grown-up tub.

Justine Death Valley, CA

my baby loves it!

my baby loves it! it’s comfortable for him and he enjoys taking bath in it every single day. a baby is very well supported while a mom can wash him/her easily, without being afraid that the child may fall into the water or hurt him/her-self.

Barbra Ossining, NY

Love this tub!

We really love this tub. We opted to get the one without the hammock and we have not needed it. When bathing our newborn, I just had to keep one hand on his head to keep him from leaning too far onto one side. Now, at 4 months old, he’s almost ready to use the sitting up side of the tub. The tub is large and comfortable and the compartment on the side is great for holding the washcloth. I do wish they made a version that folds up for easier storage, but a friend of mine owns one that folds up and it leaks all over the place.

Nelly Canon City, CO

Love it!

I love this first years tub! i spent a lot of time looking at reviews on different tubs and i am glad that i decided on this one! it makes bath time very easy and fun. I loved the sling part when my daughter was tiny and now that she sits up on the toddler side, she loves it! Best baby bath ive seen and used!

Carlene Gilman City, MO

Love this tub

This tub is awesome. We bathed my daughter with the infant mesh part since two days old. It’s light, easy to clean, and works perfect. Even when you take the mesh out and use the tub there are the two sides (one tilted back and one sitting) which grows with your baby. We also loved the heat indicator, we never worried about bathing our little girl. The one negative we found was that at about 6 months our daughter outgrew it, wish I would have lasted longer!

Katherine Schuyler, VA

Soapy water gets caught trapped in weird plastic “pockets”

I like this bath because I can bathe my daughter without having to hold her up at the same time. My husband hates it because when we drain the soapy water to rinse it out with not soapy water (and she’s still in the tub), the water gets trapped in these little container like pockets up around the back rest. Also, it’s hard to get the soapy water out from around her bum as well. Compared to what’s out there for infant tubs, I’d say it’s ‘alright’.

Ilene Barnum, IA

holds water, until the flimsy plug fails

We got this and used it on our daughter from when she was a newborn. We only bathed her a couple of times a week for the first 2 months, then every other day until she was 6 months old, and now 5 times per week. However, the plug kept shedding rubber – pieces were coming off – almost every time I used it. It is now held together by a thin sliver of rubber, and removing it is a gentle wiggling process and pushing it out from the bottom. She’s just 10 months old.The setup is sort of awkward. The sling was the worst. If I had to go back to newborn, I’d never fill the tub with water, but use the sling just for sponging and rinsing with an external stash of water. For the rest, until she was heavier than 15 pounds and able to sit on her own, she kept stretching out and floating upward (and this is having her head on the toddler/child side, which props them straight up). There is a knob there that is supposed to catch their butts, but if the baby is too light I guess it doesn’t work. I had to fashion a sort of belt to hold her in until she got big enough. Now that she is big enough, she can wiggle around and splash and have fun.I’m not entirely sure what the reservoir behind her head is for. I stash the soap bottles and stuff there, but it often fills with dirty/soapy bathwater water. I’m not sure if it’s there for water or what. Actually, there are a lot of such places that hold water. There are grooves in the side that aren’t useful but are an artifact of the molding process. They are annoying to clean and are the first to feel gooky, so I guess they let me know when it’s time to scrub out the tub with bleach.This tub is for children, but there is a big warning that it contains small parts and isn’t suitable for children below 3 years. So what gives?Anyway, it holds water. Or it will until the plug is done breaking.

Marcie Seaside Park, NJ

Fits well; don’t trust the temperature sensor

Our baby has really liked this bath. Now that she’s sitting up its starting to get pretty messy, though. The bath fits well, and is small enough to store easily. The one big problem is the temperature sensitive plug. I filled the bath with very hot water to clean it out and the plug slowly changed color. I would not trust it at all. So if you ignore that “feature” it’s a great design.

Britney Altona, NY

Great tub, great price!

This tub works very well for us. The sling was great when he was a newborn, but he likes baths much better now being in the water. I like that the cushion is on the tub, he fits well on the seat, and I like the extra little tub for water. When the rest gets all soapy, I can use it for fresh water.

Gale Creston, IA

Great tub.

I purchased this tub for a friend but she really loves it so I guess I would recommend.

Petra Bessemer, MI

baby loves his tub!

We just got received this tub for our 2 month old son. His old tub was a foldable version by the same company, and he had already outgrown it and his feet were getting stuck. This one solved the problem, and for the first time he really enjoyed his bath! He has room to kick and play here, and I had a ball bathing him and watching him smiling and having fun. So glad I bought this!

Shauna Mc Clellandtown, PA

Using for my second

I first used this tub with my son and he loved it. When he was a baby the sling held him great and he always seemed very comfortable. after he outgrew the sling the tub held a generous amount of water so that he could play and i could add bubbles. he never slipped under or shifted from his upright position even when he couldn’t fully suppose himself. on the one side they can lay back and the other they sit up, so it grows with your child. i’m using it again for my second. highly recommend. it is everything you would expect from a baby tub @ a great price.

Josephine Pampa, TX

Love this little tub

We’ve loved this little tub! We used the sling insert for the first few weeks, then moved our new baby girl to the infant side. The non-slip coating on the infant ramp and “bump” in the bottom of the tub kept her safely upright while I washed her. She quickly discovered how much fun a bath can be! When she was able to sit up on her own, we moved her to the “toddler” side of the tub so she could sit upright. Baths became even more fun (and the kitchen even more wet!). I’ve recently retired this tub and moved our now 1 year old to the big bath tub and I must say I miss how much easier it was to bathe her in this tub.

Deborah Greenway, VA

Very nice tub

This is a good tub for transition between newborn to toddler. Plenty of room for my little guy to play around with his rubber ducky and splash a bit. I use it in the bottom of the bathtub. It would take up too much space using it in the kitchen sink. If your like me you have drying racks for dishes and baby bottles there and this just won’t fit. But it sits great in the tub and doesn’t slide around.

Latisha Leominster, MA

So far so good

We got this tub as a hand me down when our baby was born, but due to all the craziness that goes along with having a newborn and all the hand me downs that we received and had to sift through, we didn’t start using this tub until after baby was a month old. So we never used the hammock/sling that came with it.What I love about the tub is that it fits perfectly in our kitchen sink which is the perfect height for washing baby standing up. I’ve always seen others wash their babies in a tub on the floor or in the bathtub. I’ve tried that, and bending over or even sitting on a little stool to do so was cumbersome and not very comfortable at all. So far so good. I don’t really have any complaints about the tub. We’ll see how it goes as baby grows. We’re still using the reclining infant side for our 3 month old.

Evelyn Rockport, WV

Pretty good seat

I bought this seat for my 17 month old daughter after she had 2 strokes and cant sit up unassisted. As you can imagine, shes way too long for this seat but I had to get something for her. I put a towel under her head so the edge doesnt hurt her. She slides down a lot especially now as shes getting more movement back. Im sure for a newborn this seat would work much better. And hopefully she can sit on the toddler side soon and hopefully that will work better. Ive always used different seats with my girls, but those would def be way too small for her so I went with this one. Im sure this review wont help many ppl but I thought it might help someone.

Adriana Albany, GA

Very nice

We bought it with an idea for using it for a baby and toddler, however we find it is already a little small and our baby is only 6 months old. It is very affordable and easy to use (carry, pour the water in and out). We also wish it had more of the rubber/foam for extra support/friction – not only for the back of the baby but also under the bum and vice versa for the toddler.

Edwina Simon, WV

Happy Bathtime

I received this tub as a baby shower gift when I was pregnant with my son. My husband and I were so excited to finally use it when our baby’s cord stump fell off. We didn’t use the hammock part, we just put him in the infant seat in the tub so he would be warmer. He loves the bath and I feel secure using it. He fits in it perfectly and I don’t worry about him slipping around in it. The tub has little places to put your soap and wash clothes. It also has a little plug on the side to drain the tub, although, honestly, I just flip the thing over and dump it out in the bathtub. We set it in our master bathroom bathtub and I sit in the empty space left over. I don’t worry about splashes or filling it. I highly recommend this tub to all new moms.

Sylvia Capon Springs, WV

Great tub

I’ve used this tub for three months now and love it. We started with the Summer Infant Newborn-To-Toddler Fold Away Baby Bath to try to save space; which it really didn’t save all that much space. Plus, it was not very sturdy to hold my son up because he kept slipping down on the tubular bottom. I found that I needed to use two hands to keep him safe in the tub, therefore had troubles washing him because I could not hold him sturdy with one hand and wash him with the other. With the First Years Sure Comfort Newborn to Toddler Tub, my son is able to be supported and have a great time splashing away. It has a little compartment to hold your shampoo and soap, so you don’t have to reach or turn your head away from the baby. I place this tub in our standard tub while washing him and just turn it over to dry it out when we are finished with it. I would highly recommend using this tub for its sturdiness and ease of use.

Tommie Henrietta, NY

Don’t love it…

I thought this was a model that I had purchased many years ago fro my last child, and it turns out to have changed. It is awkward to place in the kitchen sink, and is odd to place the baby in. My daughter is still quite small, so it may get better the larger she becomes, however, in comparison to other tubs that I have owned, this is by far the worst.

Marla Saint Francis, MN

I love this tub!

This tub is great because I was able to bathe my son without using both hands to hold him and I felt very secure about him not falling into the tub.I did use the attachable sling for his sponge bath and just made sure the room was warm and he was covered . Once he was big enough, I used the infant side and he rested his back perfectly fine against the reclined area. You DO have to watch your baby from moving to the side of the tub in case they hit their head, but it depends on how much they move during their bath.You can easily rinse their hair and body without really having to hold them, and the space for storing shampoo, towels, or rinse water does come in handy. The tub is easy to clean with a simple wash cloth,too.The only problem w/this tub is that if you want to perch it on your tub, it will not fit all tubs, but that is a minor detail. All in all, I highly recommend this tub.

Misty Brooklandville, MD