The First Years Sweet Sleep Cocoon

The First Years Sweet Sleep Cocoon

Are you space challenged. If you like the convenience of a full size bassinet but don’t have the room, the Sweet Sleep Cocoon is for you. We designed this for your child’s comfort. For your newborn, the fold flat position is inviting and cozy for sleeping and rocking. As your child becomes more active, simply turn the seat and you have an upright play seat. The soft removable head support and cozy seat pad will snuggle your little one. The Sweet Sleep Cocoon has built in sounds, music and a soothing vibration.

Main features

  • Converts from sleep to play position
  • Two way rocking mode
  • Flip feet to convert to non-rocking mode
  • Removable head and body support
  • Built in speaker with vibration, nature sound and music

Verified reviews


Impossible to put together, but then works great

First off… this sleep cocoon was impossible to put together. I am not good at putting things together, but I still don’t think it should be this hard. It took me over 3 hours to get it together. The instructions do not make sense and nothing is marked. I actually had to take it apart twice, because I had the pieces put together wrong. For the price, you’d think they could give you an instruction manual that made sense and label the pieces or where they should go into. No batteries come with it and you need 3 AA batteries. As another reviewer said, I am happy that it uses AA instead of something like C, as I usually have these in the house. I also hate all the tags on it. I understand that many of these are probably required tags, as they say don’t remove unless you are purchaser. But there are probably 4 huge tags attached to the seat cushion and more on the head cushion. You basically have to remove them in order to use it. But you can’t completely remove them, so it leaves behind these unsightly white tag lines on both pieces.After I finally got it together, then I love many things about it. It is easy to clean, I just wiped it down with a damp towel. The buckles work well. It feels fairly comfortable, although I think the padding could be a little bit thicker. The vibration and music works nicely. There are 2 vibration modes. The higher mode is a little bit loud, but that is to be expected. In order to change it from bassinet to baby seat, then you put your foot on the bottom bars and use one hand to push in the button and swivel it. Works like a charm. It is easy to change batteries also.I am using it for a 3-month old. He sleeps in it at night, then can sleep/play in it during the day. He appears to be very comfortable and loves it. I like that I can move it from room to room with ease. It doesn’t appear to be “portable” as in I don’t think it’s possible to fold it up and put it in my car. That is disappointing, as I’d hoped that I could fold it down to fit under my bed or put into my car for traveling. I’m also disappointed that there is no way to attach a toy/mobile to use while baby is in bassinet or while using as a bouncy seat. The idea of getting it was so I didn’t have to get a bouncy seat also, but without any type of toys then it isn’t useful. It has a canopy which makes no sense to me, as I don’t know why it is needed and would think they would have put toys on it, instead of a canopy.Overall I like the product. But I would look for other products to see if I could find one that was easier to put together, that folded down for easy storage/traveling and that included an overhead toy for playing while in the seat or bassinet position.

Kelley Norwalk, CA

A few design flaws but great product

I don’t get much of a fuss from the little one when I lay her down to rest in this. If they add a rocking feature and tweak the locking mechanism for better positioning it would be a 5 star product. The fabric isn’t very soft but a nice blanket solves that problem. Would buy again

Miriam West Copake, NY

Wonderful sleeper/rocker for newborn.

This is really a great, modern version of the cradle for baby. It is safe and protects the baby, and allows the versatility to rock in both directions by just swiveling the unit. I would have given it 5 stars, but there are a couple of things they could have done better. First, it took a couple of hours to put together because the instructions were so poorly written, that we almost gave up on it. Once together, we were happy that we took the time to do it, as it is sturdy and comfortable. The other negative is that the inner lining and fabric is not machine washable, which, with a young baby, is a must have. I noticed one reviewer did try putting in the machine with some success, but, to me, this is poor design on the manufacturer’s part. Otherwise, it is a great product and would make a great gift for new parents. The pattern is nice and neutral, so it works for either a baby boy or a baby girl.

Terrie Mc Henry, MD

First Year Sweet Sleep Cocoon

I see this as a fancier bouncy chair for it’s price. I received this when my baby is already 15 lbs. , I have a feeling it would have worked better if we got it when she was a newborn preemie at 5lbs, she would have been cocooned nicely in it… Just like the other swings and chairs in our house, this buys me about 15 minutes of time to do a chore or have a meal… Three stars for something who’ s function I think could be offered by a less expensive alternative.

Sarah Lisbon Falls, ME

Room for Improvement

In an attempt to soothe and calm a borderline colicky newborn, my household amassed an arsenal of soothing tools – a couple bouncers, a swing, a rock n play, and a bassinet stroller – all of them worked to varying degrees. When I saw the sleep cocoon, I thought this would be the perfect blend of the things that I loved about all the other items: the rocking option on the Rock N Play, the lay flat sleep positioning of the bassinet stroller, and the vibrating feature of my swing and bouncers. While it did have all these in theory, it didn’t quite pan out the way I had hoped.The instructions for assembly are cumbersome and confusing – it took a solid hour to put the thing together and figure out what the instructions were describing.Once assembled, we discovered that the instructions and tags say that the fabric is spot-clean only. I think that most people with little babies would like the option to wash materials once before use and be able to wash bigger messes later down the line. Since I definitely don’t let my baby sleep on stuff without a wash or a protective layer, I figured I’d take the risk and throw it in my machine on delicate – it survived and you couldn’t tell the difference. I hung it to dry and was satisfied that any factory smell was gone.Our baby didn’t really take to this right away. The first problem was that the "lay flat’ position isn’t exactly flat. It’s more of a soft U shape. When we first tried it, he was just coming up on 10lbs and when the cocoon was in the "lay flat" position, he’d sort of slump over into the bottom of the U shape with his legs at about the same level as his head. It didn’t look comfortable. I was able to put some blankets underneath the padding to get it to be more flat and he napped in there on occasion, but not as soundly as he did in his Rock N Play. Now that he’s a little over 13 lbs, he fits into this much better and while there is still some slumping into the U shape lay flat position, he’s able to keep his head closer to the intended pad and he looks more comfortable than when he was smaller.This thing is definitely big and not a space saver if you’re in a small place, unless you’re using it as your only bassinet before moving into a crib. It’s low lying, but wide and heavy so it’s not exactly portable for travel or even moving between upstairs or downstairs.What I did like about this was the really strong vibrating feature, the side to side rocking option, the nature/music sounds, and the swivel from bouncer play seat to bassinet. There’s room for improvement here and while this model may not be the next big baby craze, with a few adjustments and tweaks perhaps a future model will be able to replace all the other baby seats I’ve invested in.

Araceli Elizabeth City, NC

Easy to clean (although difficult to assemble)

For our first baby, we used (and loved) theFisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer, which costs nearly 2/3 less than this cocoon. That bouncer could vibrate and play music, and most importantly could operate like a foot-powered rocking chair that magically soothed a cranky baby long enough to let us eat a hot meal.This cocoon can also rock, either front to back or, by turning the orientation of the seat, from side to side. The rocking is not as easy to do with one foot as the Fisher-Price model, though, since that one relied on the spring tension of the legs (you could push down, and it would bounce back, and it was easy to get a good rhythm going).This has a few advantages over the Fisher-Price bouncer, that may or may not justify the dramatic increase in cost. Its material is easy to wipe clean with a cloth (the Fisher-Price was absorbent and needed dis-assembly and machine-washing), it can recline farther back for sleep and farther upright for playtime, and includes a canopy for shading a sleeping child (although this isn’t likely to be as necessary for an essentially indoor product).As others have noted, this is a challenge to put together, but since you should only have to do that once, it isn’t too big of a deal. The price is a bit high, however, for what it is, and I would still prefer the Fisher-Price even if they cost the same.

Emilie Danube, MN

Perfect for grandparents house

It was frustrating to put together. The directions could have been a lot more clear and parts and holes could have been labeled. It was pretty much trial and error putting it together. Once put together though, it is a great looking product and should be great for my granddaughter to sleep in when she comes to visit. The material is similar to that of a pack and play. It’s neat how it transforms into play position, but I don’t really see it being used for anything other than sleeping in.

Jacklyn Mainland, PA

Very Versatile!

I gave this to my niece for her newborn, and here is her report:This is amazing. Basically, it is a vibrating chair (bouncy) on steroids and a condensed swing. Very versatile. I would give it a great review. It has all of the functions of a swing regarding movement but doesn’t take up as much space. It can also be used a bassinet and vibrating chair. A positive attribute is that it has sides so as the baby gets a little older they can move around without risk of falling out. The other vibrating chairs that I have don’t offer this feature and it always concerns me that they will just bounce right out. I am so excited for the baby to try it out. The only negative comment I can think of is the pictures in the directions were hard to follow which made it difficult and time consuming to put together.

Eunice Zebulon, GA

Must have for any infant!

Great easy to use baby product. Can easily take the place of bassinet without taking up so much space. Easy to transition infant from sleep position to upright play seat. Material is very soft and cozy for baby to easily be comfortable.(ddB)

Sophia San German, PR

Expensive to not replace a swing.

Maybe I would like this better if I had it from the start and gotten used to doing things with a rock n pay / bouncy seat / swing? I have never been a fan of the vibrating bouncy seat and this is more like that to me. I like the rock n play because it’s higher up and I don’t have to bend over so far. Plus, my cat seems too interested in this thing and not interested in the rock n play because it’s taller. this isn’t exciting enough to replace a swing. It is better than the bouncy seat. I would rather have it than the bouncy seat, but the bouncy seat I bought for $20 . . .

Katheryn Morning View, KY